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									R. James ‘Jim’ Stevens,
 Court Form Provider and Preparer

 PO Box 3162
 Zephyrhills, FL 33539-3162
 Tel: 813.862.2777
 eMail: suprgrnt@hotmail.com

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   Who is ‘Jim’ Stevens
Born in Youngstown, Ohio in mid-1941 to Herbert E. Stevens and Helen Elizabeth Dunkle-Stevens.
    Graduated from Chaney High School in June of 1959. In July of 1959 Jim was on Paris Island,
    SC as a boot Marine. Following boot camp and ITR at Camp Lejeune, NC his first assignment was
    Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The time in Cuba also covered the Bay of Pigs Invasion in April of 1961.
    Following 18 months in Cuba came Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC.
    With this assignment, a 6 month Mediterranean Cruise was part of the journey. Also, a training
    period in South East Asia of 100 days. Jim was part of the Sept 1962 Cuban Blockade, with
    almost 2 months aboard a converted WWII aircraft carrier, the LPH 4 USS Boxer, that served
    as a Landing Personal Helicopter assault ship carrying a battalion of Marines and 62 helicopters.

After 4 years on active duty with the United States Marine Corps, Jim returned to Youngstown were
    he participated with the reserves for 2 years and went to Youngstown University. He worked in
    the mill midnight turn and school during the day. However, Jim had gotten married and children
    came along. There are 3 wonderful and very successful off spring that he is very proud of. Now
    4 grandchildren that he is just as proud of.

To better provide for his children, when the mill closed due to a strike, Jim went to work for McLean
    Trucking Co. as a line haul driver to wait out the strike. In 1986 the trucking company went
    bankrupt, almost 16 years had past. Now there were no children at home all were in colleges.
    Jim moved to Florida, went back to school and worked for Gene Fogarty of Fogarty Van Lines of
    Tampa. Then in 1992 having met an attorney that needed help with teaching his staff
    Wordperfect 5.1, Jim went to work for him part time. Then it all started with the legal end of
    Jim’s life. See ‘Experience’ for a continuation of his life.
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An experienced senior citizen offers more to a firm then any other. No benefits required,
   no paid vacation or personal days and just because of the amount of experience, it does
   not mean that the income has to be out of sight – reasonable.

I retired 3 years ago and miss the contribution I have to offer. My wish is not to work full
    time, as I do enjoy the leisure part of retirement. Part time is what I would like.

To be a contributing team member where my abilities and experience in the legal
   assistance area can be a significant factor.

Throughout my career I have been known as a quick learner, self-starter, and a dedicated
   worker. I have demonstrated my ability to handle a variety of tasks effectively and
   deliver on deadlines. Although I work well independently, I am equally comfortable
   working as part of a team.

My areas of expertise are debtor/creditor bankruptcy, debt collections (in accordance
   w/Fair Debt Collections Practices Act), and divorce.

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Beginning in March 1992; Overton & Associates, P.A., Epperson & Associates, P.A.,
      Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & Wein, P.A., Mason Law, P.A. and Independent Paralegal.

Bankruptcy Dept. Coordinator for a major firm. Managed 2 satellite offices for law
     firm. Research, prepared all documents for the Litigator, coached attorneys,
     performed initial consultations, reviewed questionnaires, conducted final
     signings, and oversaw office general operation.

Debtor and Creditor Bankruptcy, Foreclosure action, Collections, Small Claims,
     Creditor Violations, Personal Injury, Divorce, Standard Wills, Living Wills,
     Power of Attorney, all from beginning to end.

Proficient in the use of MSWord, MSOutlook, MSPower Point, MSAccess, Windows,
      Top Form, Lenstar, Case Tracking and other computer software programs.

Present - Independent Paralegal and Non-Attorney Court Forms Provider and

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Continuing education seminars through Stetson School of Law and
  Trustee’s in the areas of Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Wills thru law
  firms and/or attorney’s.

Youngstown State University                         St. Petersburg Jr. College
 Youngstown, Ohio                                    St. Petersburg, FL
Communication’s and accounting                      Computer science and

Fish Philosophy; Mason Law Dept. Coordinators Training Program

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Co-Chairman of a team that successfully petitioned the State of Florida to
   produce a specialty license plate with the United States Marine Corps
   logo. All revenue received applied to college scholarships and the Marine
   Corps Jr. ROTC programs in the State of Florida

Authored the bill for the above mentioned specialty license plate that passed
   the Florida State Legislature. (Bill was amended on the floor).

Wrote initial consultation worksheets and questionnaires for personal injury
  cases (auto accident. medical malpractice, soft tissue, slip & fall),
  bankruptcy, divorce, and wills. Prepared templates for standard legal
  documents for word processing programs.

Establish firm procedure and authored this proceed in MSPower Point for
   training proposes.

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A. Edward Overton, Esq., 7239 SR 52, Hudson, FL 34667, tel: 727.819.0780
Randell C. Heipi, Esq., Chapter 7 Trustee, 980 Tyrone Boulevard North, St. Petersburg,
      FL 33710, tel: 727.381.2300
Joel R. Epperson, Esq., Epperson & Associates, 1719 Kennedy Blvd., W, Tampa, FL 33606,
      tel: 813.258.0550
Henry O. Stephenson, 6406 Congress St., New Port Richey, FL 34653, tel: 727.815.8888
Susan Bostanche, Esq., Shapiro & Fishman Attorneys, 4505 Woodland Corporate #B,
      Tampa, FL 33614, tel: 813.880.8888
Laurie A. Dart, Esq., Mason Law, P.A., 17757 US 19 N., Clearwater, FL 33764, tel.
      727.538.3800 ext. 2072
William R. Fischer, Esq., Mason Law, P.A. ., 17757 US 19 N., Clearwater, FL 33764, tel.
      727.538.3800 ext. 2037
Clay A. Holtsinger, Esq., Mason Law, P.A. ., 17757 US 19 N., Clearwater, FL 33764, tel.
      727.538.3800 ext. 2310

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