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					                              Application for the American Express Corporate Card
                                   Yale University - Business Travel Use Only


                     NAME: As you would like it to appear on the Corporate Card - Maximum 20 characters including spaces

                     BILLING ADDRESS - Maximum 20 characters, including spaces                        HOME         OFFICE

                     CITY: Maximum 17 characters including spaces                                 STATE         ZIP

                     HOME ADDRESS: If different from Billing Address

                     CITY: Maximum 17 characters including spaces                                 STATE         ZIP

                     SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER

                     BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER                                                        HOME PHONE NUMBER

                               Enter your Organization number here (6 digits - sample: 621200).
                                               If unsure of number, contact your business office. COST CENTER NUMBER

                     EMPLOYEE (APPLICANT) SIGNATURE                                                             DATE
                     By signing above, I indicate my acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
                     Please read the agreement below before signing.

   All applications require a signature (name & title) of an authorized Company Progam Administrator to issue a Corporate Card.
   Company and the Applicant (a) request that a Corporate Card be issued to the Applicant on the Company's account, (b) authorize
   the receipt and the exchange of credit information on the Company and the Applicant, (c) agree to be bound by the Agreement sent
   with the Card and the Agreements covering Corporate Card related programs in which the Applicant is enrolled, and (d) agree
   that the Corporate Card will be used for business or commercial purposes only. Applicant (a) authorizes American Express to
   notify the Company if this application is declined or if spending restrictions are applied to the Corporate Card and (b) agrees
   to be liable for payment to American Express of all amount charged to the Corporate Card.

FAX completed form to Yale's Program Administrator: (203) 432-5536.
If approved, card will be mailed to your billing addresss in 2-3 weeks, in an unmarked envelope.


                            3782         - 7
                     BASIC CONTROL NUMBER (must be completed by Program Administrator)                          CONTROL

                     YALE UNIVERSITY
                     COMPANY/INSTITUTION NAME

                     AUTHORIZING SIGNATURE                                                                      DATE

                     PRINT AUTHORIZER'S NAME                  TITLE                                             PHONE NUMBER

                       Corporate Services 1998 American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. - Yale University

    10/1/99                                                                                                               Excel for Windows

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