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					      Chapter 13

The Roaring Life of the 1920s
• 18th Amendment
• Difficult to enforce
  – Many people were determined to break the
  – Insufficient funds were provided for
  – Many law enforcement officials took bribes
    from smugglers and bootleggers
        Prohibition continued
• Speakeasies – illegal bars
• Organized Crime – facilitated use of illegal
  – Al Capone – Chicago – bootlegger - gangster
       Science and Religion
• Fundamentalism – belief in literal
  interpretation of the Bible
• Tennessee passed law making it illegal to
  teach evolution
• John Scopes – Biology teacher in Dayton,
  TN took the challenge from the ACLU to
  teach evolution
• Scopes “Monkey” Trial
          Scopes continued
• Trial was over evolution and the role of
  science and religion in public schools and
  in American society
• Clarence Darrow – defense attorney
• William Jennings Bryan – prosecutor
• Scopes found guilty, fined $100, and
  Tennessee Supreme Court overturned
  ruling on a technicality
          Twenties Woman
• In the Workplace
  – Assembly line jobs open to women
  – Jobs that had been previously men-only were
    available to women
  – Women remained a smaller part of the
    workforce - 24%
  – Paid less than men for the same job
         Twenties Woman
• At Home
  – Children expected to attend high school
  – Women could take advantage of ready-made
    clothes and food
  – Divorce was considered less shameful than
    earlier generations
             Mass Media
• Number of newspapers published in the
  20s decreased due to a switch from local
  papers to large chains

• Radio – most powerful communication
  medium in the 20s
            Sports Heroes
• Babe Ruth – New York Yankees – 60
  homeruns in 1927
• Jackie Robinson – 1st black player in major
  league baseball
• Red Grange – running back University of
  Illinois – “Galloping Ghost”
• Gertrude Ederle – 1920 – 1st woman to
  swim the English Channel
          Charles Lindbergh
• 1st nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic
• “Spirit of St. Louis” – plane
• New York to Paris
         Theater, Music, Art
• George Gershwin – American composer –
  combined jazz and classical music
• Georgia O’Keeffe – painter – painted
  things as she thought they felt not as they
        Writers of the 1920s
• Lost Generation – famous writers who
  were critical of American culture
• Sinclair Lewis – 1st American to win Nobel
  Prize in Literature
• F. Scott Fitzgerald – coined term “Jazz
• Ernest Hemingway – expatriate author
     African-American Goals
NAACP – tried but failed to get Congress to
 pass anti-lynching laws
Marcus Garvey – Universal Negro
 Improvement Association
    Back to Africa Movement – separate
 nation for blacks -
        Harlem Renaissance
• Rebirth of African-American culture and
  – Literary and artistic movement

  – Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, and
    Countee Cullen – poets
        Harlem Renaissance
• Jazz Musician

  – Louis Armstrong – trumpet player – single
    most important and influential person in jazz
    music history
  – Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington – jazz
    pianist and composer
  – Bessie Smith – blues singer – 1927 highest
    paid black artist in the world

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