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									                                            2011 Weerama Festival
                                    Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                                    DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                          Watton Street, Werribee


                               Weerama Festival Committee Inc
                                       P.O. Box 490
                                    Werribee Vic 3030

                             For more Information:
                                                     (03) 8734 5447

                                                APPLICANT DETAILS
     Applicants Name:

     Business/Community Group
     ABN (if applicable)

     Daytime Phone:

     Mobile Phone:



     Postal Address:

                                                  STALL DETAILS

     Description of Stall
     (Please provide details of what you will
     be selling or displaying)

                                                   SITE DETAILS
No. of Sites

   Length                                       Width                    Height

Structure to be used on
(Tent / Caravan etc)
Power Requirements                  Amps                    Appliances Operating
(Please note that power supply is   or                      (Ref rigeration, microwave
limited)                            Phase                   etc)
                                2011 Weerama Festival
                        Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                           DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                 Watton Street, Werribee

 Will you be using an open fire / BBQ / LP Gas?                                            Yes 
  No 

  Please list usage

NOTE: All LPG systems must be set up and comply with the Code of Practice for The Safe Use of
LPGas at Public Events in Victoria.
 Are all of your electrical appliances tested and tagged?                                  Yes 
  (This is compulsory for all food vendors)

  If no, please

 Do you require access to water
  Yes  No
  (Please note water access is limited)

  Please list usage

 Do you have fires extinguishers and fire blankets with current test tags?                 Yes 

  If no, please explain_____________________________________________________________

Please Note: There may be a registration fee payable by food vendors to obtain a Wyndham City
Council Temporary Food Permit. Where applicable, this is the responsibility of the vendor.

Please find the Temporary Food Permit application form at the Wyndham City Council,
Environmental Health Services website

                              REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION
Please attach the following documentation on the checklist, to your completed application form

Checklist (please tick):

□       Commercial food vendors – a copy of ‘Food Act Registration Certificate’ (from your
local council)

□       Non-commercial food vendors – a copy of the ‘Temporary Food Permit Application’
that has been submitted to Environmental Health Services for approval (if applicable)

□      Proposed menu and approximate price schedule

□      An image/photo of your set-up

□      A copy of your public liability insurance Certificate of Currency – valid up to and
       including Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 February 2011
                                                         2011 Weerama Festival
                                                 Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                                                  DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                                        Watton Street, Werribee

                                                                       PAYMENT DETAILS

       All applications will be reviewed after 30 November 2010 and confirmation will be issued to
       successful applicants. Payments will be processed within 4 weeks after confirmation. Receipts
       will be provided.

       Payments to be made to "Weerama Festival Committee Inc." (fees include GST)
         Number of sites required          $250.00 plus GST per           $
       COMMERCIAL/FOOD                     commercial site

            Number of sites required                                              $40.00 plus GST per                                      $
                  COMMUNITY                                                       community site

       COMMERCIAL                                                                 $100 plus GST per site                                   $

     □              Cheque or money order

     □              No charge for community group static displays

                                                               PRINCIPALS INDEMNITY
     The applicant agrees to abide by all terms and conditions attached and to indemnify and to keep indemnified the Principal, its servants and agents,
     and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses, penalties, demands and damages whatsoever which may be
     brought or made or claimed against them, or any of them, arising from my performance or purported performance of its obligations and directly
     related to the negligent acts, errors or omission by the applicant and their involvement with the 2010 Djerriwarrh Festival

     Signature                                                                                                                      Date            /        /2010
     Privacy Statement: The personal information requested on this form is collected for the use of Council reference and identification. To ensure confidentiality ,
     the information collected from this form will only be used to prov ide access to facilities and opportunities. In accordance w ith our priv acy policy we will not
     prov ide this information to a third party , institution or authority except where required to by law or other regulation.

                                                                                                                                     Date                        Initial
                                 Office Use Only

Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency – e xpiry date                               Yes          No
Food Act Registration Certificate - e xpiry date checked                                        Yes          No
Copy Temporary Food Permit Application - e xpiry date                                           Yes          No
Successful Application
Successful confirmation letter sent                                                             Yes          No
Total pa yment received                                                                         Yes          No
Payment at CSU- Ledger #8252.900.918                                                            Yes          No

Temporary Food Permit Application Approved by                                                   Yes          No
Environmental Health
Receipt of payment sent to customer ( 1x attached to form)                                      Yes          No

Unsuccessful Application
Unsuccessful letter sent                                                                        Yes          No

                                                          TERMS AND CONDITIONS
                                     2011 Weerama Festival
                             Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                              DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                    Watton Street, Werribee

                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.    Sites will be available on Saturday & Sunday 26 and 27 February 2011.
2.    Trading hours on Saturday 26th February is 3pm-9pm. Sunday 27 February is 10.00am –5.00pm
      (Thes e times may be subject to change)

3.    All applications are subject to a selection process with applications closing 5pm Friday 30
      November 2010. Notification to successful applic ants and final payments will then be made within
      4 weeks. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified wit hin this time

4.    In regards to fees, a commercial/ food vendor is an individual and/or business, which sell
      goods regularly or occasionally through which generat ed profits are used for personal or
      business gain.
      A community food vendor is an organisation selling goods where profits or proceeds generated are
      used for charitable fundraising purposes

5.    It is the vendors’ responsibility to provide all e quipment & facilities necessary

6.    Note that vendor sites may be situated on a grassed or gravel / paved area

7.    All sites must clearly display prices and pric es must not be heavily inflated. All items must be well
      presented and must remain within the boundaries of your site

8.    Food vendors must at all times comply with all laws, regulations and requirements of local
      Government and ot her statuary authorities

9.    The vendor must not trans fer, sub -let, assign or in any other manner or form dispose of its space
      leased from the Festival. No vendor will be permitted to operate within the Festival precinct
      without prior arrangement with the Festival Committee

10.   The Festival will not accept any responsibility for the safety of any article or product of any kind
      brought by the vendor into the Weerama Festival

11.   The vendor hereby indemnifies the Festival and holds the Festival harmless in respect to all costs,
      claims, demands and expenses to whic h the Festival may in any way be subjected as a result of
      any loss or injury to any person or company including members of the public, the staff or
      authorities, the Festival or Stallholders, employees, servants, agents and invitees hows oever
      caused as a result of any act, neglect or default by the vendor. Vendors with staff must have the
      appropriate WorkCover policies in place

12.   The Festival shall not be responsible for any loss or any nature including monies paid to the
      Festival, suffered by any vendor from any restrictions or conditions which prevent the construction,
      erection, completion, alteration or dismantling of any stall or exhibit or for the setting or removal of
      any products, exhibits and/or van or for the failure of any services available to the vendor, or for
      any cancellation or restriction in opening hours at t he Weerama Festival as a result of any
      circumstances not within the direct control of the Festival

13.   The vendor must at all times conduct their Display/Stall and/or V an so as not t o interfere with any
      other vendor. Any decision of the Festival in this regard shall be final and binding. The Festival
      reserves the right to remove the Stallholder and its exhibition at their cost

14.   The vendor may not conduct lotteries, raffles or c ompetitions without the consent of the Festival

15.   The dis play, sale or distribution of counterfeit or illegal goods is not permitted nor is the display,
      sale or distribution of religious or political material

16.   The Festival reserves the right to alter the layout, plans and positions of the displays vendor and/or
      van sites if, in its opinion, any alteration is desirable for the benefit of the Weerama Festival as a
                                     2011 Weerama Festival
                             Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                              DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                    Watton Street, Werribee

17.   The Weerama Festival is an alcohol free event

18.   Without the written consent of the Festival, the vendor shall not use any microphone , sound
      amplification or musical instrument and if allowed, noise levels will be subject to and/or set at the
      Festivals discretion

19.   The Festival shall have the right to postpone or amend the time for t he holding of the Weerama
      Festival to any other time which, in the opinion of the Festival, is more suitable for the Weerama
      Festival and will not be res ponsible for any loss occasioned thereby. The failure of any electrical
      generating and/or other equipment and/or vans at any and all times during the course of the
      Weerama Festival, the Festival shall not be held responsible and will not be responsible for any
      loss occasioned thereby. The Festival shall further have the right to alter the opening times,
      closing times duration of the Weerama Festival and will not be responsible for any loss occasioned

20.   Vendors acknowledge that all rights in relation to any photographs, films, videos or sound
      recording of the Weerama Festival, or any part thereof including the entertainment stage(s) or
      performers, are the exclusive property of t he Festival and t hat wit hout the written consent of the
      Festival no vendor is able to make any photograph, film, video or sound recording. Vendors
      hereby consent to and authorize the Festival to make and use any photograph, film, vi deo or
      sound recording of the Weerama Festival or any part thereof, including any part of any vendor’s
      display, demonstration, stall and/or van

21.   Any vendor c ausing any damage to the environment and/ or any building surroundings will be fully
      liable for any costs incurred. . Strictly NO use of stakes/ tent pegs will be permitted to secure
      marquees, canopies or any other infrastructure

22.   Any vendor causing damage and/or loss to and of any part of the stall signage or infrastructure
      supplied by the Festival and/or any of t he Festivals s ponsors, stall frame and/or c overing material
      or to any furnishings and/ or electrical equipment provided by the Festival through the appointed
      equipment hire company/electrical cont ractor will be fully liable for any costs incurre d for the repair
      and/or replacement of the damaged and/or lost equipment

23.   The Festival is not responsible for any warranties, promises or agreements made by vendors in
      relation to vendors or their products

24.   The Festival reserves the right to reject any application
                                     2011 Weerama Festival
                             Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                             DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                   Watton Street, Werribee

Electrical Supplies
 All electrical requirements and usage must be listed on your application form.
 Only tagged and tested appliances and leads are allowed (non tagged and tested leads may be
  confiscated and returned after the event)
 All leads must be off the ground using appropriate devices
 Any electrical installation must be checked by the Festivals qualified electrical contractor. Stallholders
  are responsible for any possible damage used by any break in power supply
 No extra generators are to be used unless discussed in advance and appro ved with the Festival
 Readily inflammable materials are not to be used in the decorating of your site or in the construction of
  same and all fire safety rules must be followed and no toxic waste of fumes should emit from your site

         The following table will give you an indication of typical power usage per

 1 kilowatt = 4.2 amps
        Amps = Watts divided by 240 Type Amps                                     Needs Dedicated Socket
        of Equipment
        Fans                             1-2                                      No
        Small Urn                        4-5                                      No
        Average fridge                   5                                        No
        Small Bain-marie                 7                                        No
        Large Bain-marie                 10                                       No
        Large metal urn                  10                                       No
        Microwave                        10                                       No
        Large fridge                     10-12                                    No
        Chest freezer                    11 - 12                                  No
        Deep fryer                       15                                       Yes
        Espresso Machine                 15                                       Yes

                 **Please note that this is an average estimation of power usage; please refer to
                  the label on the back of the equipment for a more accurate figure**

                 Standard site allocation: 2 x 15 AMP (7.14 kilowatts) single phase outlets.

                 Extra sockets booked prior to the festival are charged at $40 per socket.

                 Extra sockets required on the day that have not been booked prior to the
                  festival will be charged at $100 per socket.

Requirements for Gas Usage
 All Mobile Cat ering vehicles using gas must have a valid Energy Safe Victoria c ompliance plate or
  interstate equivalent
 Stallholders using gas cylinders are required t o comply with Energy S afe Victoria’s Code of Practise for
       the Safe Use of LP Gas at Events and must complete the Gas Safety Self-Check list for Caterers,
       Food Outlets and Others at Major Events (Energy Safe Victoria) prior to the start of the Festival
                                     2011 Weerama Festival
                             Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                             DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                   Watton Street, Werribee

Plumbing Requirements
 The Festival will supply access to water if requested and available. Stallholders must notify the Festival
  of wat er requirement prior to the event.      All non c ontaminated water must be disposed of in t he
  Festival’s nominated waste water area. No oils or contaminated product s should be disposed of on site

 Vendors are not permitted to bump out earlier than official trading hours. Times will be confirmed
 Stock can only be wheeled to your stall during the festival operating hours. There is no direct
  access to vendors by vehicles. Bump in and bump out times will be provided at a later stage
 Vehicles passes will be provided to vendors

Safety and Staffing
 Vendors must have in place appropriate occupational health, safety and risk management procedures
  throughout the event, and must ensure any products comply with relevant Australian Standards.
  Vendors must ensure that the stall is properly staffed and maintained for t he duration of t he advertised
  operation hours of the E vent. The Festival will not be res ponsible for the loss of any goods or cash
  throughout the Festival

 Commercial food vendors must provide a copy of their ‘Food Act Regi stration Certificate’ with their
 Non-commercial food vendors must apply for a ‘Temporary Food Permit Application’ through
  Environmental Health Services at Wyndham City Council, if applicable. Contact Felicity Sodomaco on
  9742 0775 for advice

 It is compulsory for all vendors to have their own P ublic Liability. A copy of your Certificate of
  Currency must be provided with your application. (Not less than $10 million) Applicants will not be
  considered if they do not have the required insurance cover

 Council has adopted a Less Waste and Litter policy and therefore requires all food vendors to support
  this policy. Please refer to the attached less waste and litter information

  You must manage your own waste. We prefer that you take all waste (such as packaging boxes) away with you.

 □ I have read and understand the information on Less Waste and Litter attached to this
 application form

 □ I am unable participate as a Less Waste and Litter Stall Holder
                                          2011 Weerama Festival
                                  Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 February 2011
                                   DISPLAY/FOOD STALL APPLICATION
                                         Watton Street, Werribee

                                     LESS WASTE AND LITTER EVENT

Dear Vendor

We are constantly working towards minimising the environmental impact of our community events.

Our research and evaluation has shown that the majority of waste and recycling is generated from food and
drink purchased and consumed on site at events.

Therefore we ask for your commitment to assist us with better serving our environment by reviewing the
packaging you supply.

Below is a list of alternative products we would suggest are used. Please tick what items you will be using
or describe other alternatives below and return with your application form:

 Food and       Less Waste Alternative        Tick     Food and              Less Waste Alternative         Tick
  Drink on                                   Usage   Drink on sale                (Recyclable)             Usage
    sale                                             Fruit Salad         PET Cup (code 1)
Drinks: Hot    Paper Cup with handle                 Ice-cream /         Edible Cone
               Wooden stirrer                        frozen yogurt
Drinks: Cold   Plastic Code 1,2,3,4, 5,6,7                               Serviettes (recyclable)
               ?/Can                                                     PET Cup (code 1 plastic)
               Paper Cup (recyclable)                Kebab               Wooden Skewer in Paper Bag
               Refillable Drinking                                       (recyclable)
               No Plastic Straws                     Falafel             Serviettes (recyclable)
               Paper Straws (recyclable)                                 Paper bag (recyclable)
Food           Paper Plate (recyclable)                                  Foil
               Paper bag (recyclable)                Pies                Paper bag (recyclable)
               Serviettes (recyclable)               Pizza               Cardboard Pizza Box Paper bag
Hot Chips      Paper Cup (recyclable)                                    (recyclable)
               Paper bag (recyclable)                Baked Potato        Cardboard Clam Paper bag
Cutlery        Corn Starch Cutlery                                       (recyclable)
Plated Meals   Paper Plate (recyclable)              Sausages            In bread or Serviette Paper bag
               Card board Noodle Box                                     (recyclable)
               (recyclable)                          Sandwiches          Serviettes (recyclable)
Fairy Floss    Wooden Stick                                              Paper bag (recyclable)
Fish and       Paper Plate (recyclable)                                  Grease Proof paper
Chips                                                                    (recycable)
Hamburger      Paper Clam (recyclable)                               (
Hot Dog        Paper bag (recyclable)                                    PET (Code 1 plastic) Containers
                                                     Sausage Rolls       Paper Bag (recyclable)

Please provide your other packaging details…………………………………………………………………………

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