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					          Broker News
                                            January 2010

 Broker News To                      Steven C. Fleischer Joins Delta Dental as
 Go Electronic                       Vice President, Sales and Marketing
 Starting with the next              Steve Fleischer brings a solid resume and rich industry experience to his new
 issue, Broker News will             role as our new Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
 become an all-electronic
 publication, e-mailed               As a sales and marketing leader at Aetna U.S. Healthcare and Block Vision, he
 quarterly right to your             had successfully increased market share, launched new products, expanded dis-
 computer.                           tribution channels, and improved market awareness. But his passion lay in
 This is the final print             dental benefits. Prior to that, he served as Director of Sales for Delta Dental of
 version of Broker News.             New York, and he always hoped to eventually return to a Delta Dental member
                                     company. He has a passion for the brand, the product, the program, and Delta
 To make sure you don’t
 miss out on important
                                     Dental’s singular focus on dental benefits.
 news from Delta Dental,             When the opportunity opened at Delta Dental of New Jersey, Fleischer knew it
 sign up for the online              was a perfect fit. “I’m a Jersey guy born and bred,” he says. “I grew up here. I
 version of Broker News              know the marketplace and the business. This is where I belong.”
 today. Just go to              Broker News recently asked Fleischer about the value of dental benefits, the
 brokernews and enter                advantages of Delta Dental, and what brokers can expect from him and Delta
 your e-mail address in              Dental in the coming year.
 the subscription box.
 That’s all there is to it.          Broker News: You’ve called yourself “a true   BN: Why should companies choose Delta
                                     believer in oral health and wellness.” Why    Dental over other dental benefits providers?
 You’ll also begin receiv-
                                     should organizations offer dental benefits?
 ing periodic updates                                                              SF: Delta Dental is the premier stand-
 about new products and              Steve Fleischer: There’s a strong associ-     alone dental benefits provider. The fact
 services, our dental                ation between oral health and overall         that we focus only on dental is signifi-
 network, sales and                  health, and dental benefits contribute to     cant. Some insurance companies
 marketing materials to              both. Dental benefits are a cost-effective    attempt to bundle dental with other
 support your sales                  way of helping to keep employees              products, but this can be a mistake.
                                     healthy and are prevention-oriented by        Dental benefits are very different from
 efforts, and more.
                                     design. Our focus is on early interven-       medical benefits and are best managed
 Keep Broker News com-               tion, which reduces treatment costs.          independently. Our philosophy is to
 ing by subscribing today!           Dental premiums are a fraction of the         help members maintain oral health
                                     cost of medical and really help to con-       through preventive care such as regular
                                     tribute towards employee wellness. They       cleanings. Many medical benefits com-
                                     are strongly desired by employees, and
printed with 100% renewable energy   deliver great value for the benefit dollar.                           (continued on page 2)
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Steven C. Fleischer Joins Delta Dental as                                                Broker News
Vice President, Sales and Marketing                                                      A publication of
                                                                                         Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc.
(continued from page 1)
                                                                                         Phone: (800) 624-2633 (NJ)
                                                                                                (860) 633-9200 (CT)
panies offer dental as an add-on and                                                     Fax:     (973) 285-4139 (NJ)
don’t deliver the same oral-health com-                                                           (860) 633-3265 (CT)

mitment Delta Dental does.
                                                                                         MARKETING STAFF
At Delta Dental, we believe that dental is                                               Steven Fleischer
too important to be an afterthought, and                                                 Vice President, Sales and Marketing
we are heavily invested in this special-                                                 John Gumkowski
ized single line of coverage. Our sales                                                  Director, Sales and Marketing
and service team are truly dental benefit                                                Don Hickey
                                                                                         Director, Marketing Services
experts with years of experience. In
addition we are able to offer the nation’s                                               Allan Berkin
                                                                                         Manager, New Business Development
largest dental network and complement
                                                                                         Kim White
it with a full array of products to meet                                                 Senior Account Executive (New Jersey)
most price and benefits points. There’s                                                  Ed Maloney
a lot more to us than a 100-80-50 plan                                                   Account Executive (Connecticut)
design. We can provide multiple net-                                                     Kristin Gallagher
works and flexible plan design options.                                                  Account Executive (New Jersey)
We also recently developed several           lion every year to support dental educa-    Tina Sparrow
optional plan enhancements, such as          tion and oral health in communities         Account Executive (New Jersey)
Carryover MaxSM (members carry over          throughout New Jersey and                   Diane Baquero
part of their unused standard annual                                                     Sales Associate (Specialty Products)
                                             Connecticut. We take great pride in
                                                                                         Pat Barton
                                             making oral health accessible not only      Luhra Ebarle
                                             to our members, but also to the under-      Lisa Karney
“At Delta Dental, we believe that            served. At Delta Dental, we believe         Jacki Miller (Connecticut)
                                                                                         Jackie Wright
dental is too important to be an             everyone deserves good oral health.         Service Coordinators
afterthought, and we are heavily             BN: What can brokers expect from you        Lena Kristoff
                                             and Delta Dental in 2010?                   Marketing Analyst
invested in this specialized single                                                      Mary Anne Miller
line of coverage.”—Steve Fleischer           SF: We will continue to look for ways to    Marketing Coordinator
                                             strengthen our relationship with you.       Peyton Aiello, Secretary
                                             These include rolling out new tools to      Kelly Bork, Secretary
                                             help you better serve your clients and      Monika Szymanska, Secretary
maximum in one year to increase bene-        expanding our broker communication          (Connecticut)
fits for following years) and the Oral       program to include more online com-         Mary Ann Rosamilia
Health Enhancement Option (allows            munications. We will continue to devel-     Senior Clerk Typist
members with periodontal disease to          op new products and product enhance-        Diane Belle
receive up to four dental cleanings          ments that benefit your clients and their   Editor
and/or periodontal maintenance               members. We remain committed to ful-
procedures per benefit period).              filling our mission to provide accessible   e-mail:

If you haven’t talked to us in a while,      dental benefit programs of the highest
                                                                                         In Connecticut, Delta Dental
you haven’t seen the whole picture.          quality, service, and value.                Insurance Company writes dental
                                                                                         coverage on an insured basis and Delta
There’s something else, too: We are a        Also, I want you to know that if you
                                                                                         Dental of New Jersey administers self-
local company. Like you and your             have questions, please feel free to call    funded dental benefit programs.
clients, we are based in New Jersey and      (973) 285-4027 or send me an e-mail at
Connecticut and support the local econ- My door
omy. Also, the Delta Dental of New           is open for you, and I look forward to
Jersey Foundation contributes $1 mil-        working together.
                                                                                              Broker News       |    3

Online Eligibility Submissions Launches                                                  Delta Dental
New, Improved Version                                                                    Plans Association
                                                                                         Member Company
Our enhanced online Eligibility                 the first and last name fields have
Submissions application makes it easier         been expanded. Hyphens can now           Statistics
than ever for benefits managers to add          be included, as well, and we added a
                                                                                         Delta Dental Plans
and make changes to members’ enroll-            drop-down list of name suffixes
                                                                                         Association member
ment information.                               (such as Jr.).                           companies serve 54 mil-
“We did far more than add some               I Dependents can be listed by their         lion Americans with den-
quick fixes to our old online Eligibility       actual last names. Users can now         tal coverage.
Submissions screens,” said Bruce                enter different last names for a         I Delta Dental PPOSM:
Silverman, Senior Vice President,               member’s spouse and dependents.             30 million
Claims and Customer Service. “This                                                       I Delta Dental
                                             I A simpler logon process. We moved
is a complete relaunch of online                                                           Premier®: 12.4 million
                                                the login box to the Home Page.
Eligibility Submissions, which includes                                                  I DeltaCare® (DHMO):
powerful new capabilities for eligibility    I Enhanced security to ensure confi-          1.6 million
administrators.”                                dential information remains private.
                                                                                         I Other members:
                                                New security safeguards have been           9 million
Online Eligibility Submissions includes:
                                                incorporated into the application.
I An enhanced “search” feature so                                                        Delta Dental member
                                             I Full cross-browser and cross-plat-        companies provide den-
   administrators can quickly find a
                                                form compatibility. Online Eligibility   tal coverage to 89,000
   member’s profile online. Users no
                                                Submissions is both PC- and Mac-         groups nationwide.
   longer need to have the member’s
                                                friendly. Plus, it’s fully functional    I Delta Dental Premier:
   exact ID number and date of birth to
                                                with most browsers, including               49,600
   access eligibility information online.
                                                Internet Explorer and Firefox.
   Instead, they can just type in the                                                    I Delta Dental PPO:
   member’s last name or ID number.          Whatever computer system your clients          33,900
   Plus, last and first name fields are      use, submitting eligibility changes         I DeltaCare (DHMO):
   “wild card enabled,” so users can         online to Delta Dental of New Jersey is        2,877
   insert an asterisk (*) for missing        easier than ever for them. If you have      I Other groups: 1,800
   letters.                                  questions about the new system, please
                                             contact your service coordinator.           Delta Dental member
I People’s names can be entered fully                                                    companies have the
   and without being truncated. Both                                                     largest dental networks
                                                                                         in the country.
                                                                                         I The Delta Dental PPO
                                                                                            network has more
  Benefit Option Lets Members Carry Over                                                    than 71,200 dentists
  Unused Benefits to Next Year                                                              practicing in more
                                                                                            than 130,900 dentist
  When groups sign up for the Carryover MaxSM benefit option, their members are             locations.
  able to carry over a portion of their unused standard annual maximum benefit limit     I The Delta Dental
  into the next year—and beyond. Carryover Max is an option for all fully insured           Premier network has
  and self-insured groups in New Jersey and self-insured groups in Connecticut.             more than 131,800
                                                                                            dentists practicing in
  This benefit feature enables members to save some of their benefits to cover              more than 210,500
  more expensive dental procedures—such as bridges, crowns, and root canals—                dentist locations.
  in later years.
                                                                                         I The DeltaCare net-
  For more information about Carryover Max for your clients, visit our Web site at          work has dentists, click “About Us,” “Products,” and “Carryover MaxSM.”               practicing in more
  Or, call our Marketing Department at (800) 624-2633 and ask to speak with                 than 23,390 dentist
  your account executive.                                                                   locations.
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Enhanced Benefits Offered for Patients                                                    Online Risk
with Periodontal Disease                                                                  Assessment
We offer a new option that enables eligi-    based on the group’s claim experience.       Tool Launches
ble members who have been previously
                                             Groups must sign a rider to add the          Delta Dental has devel-
treated for periodontal (gum) disease to
                                             Oral Health Enhancement Option to            oped an online tool to
receive up to four dental cleanings
                                             their dental benefit programs. (The          help individuals assess
and/or periodontal maintenance proce-
                                             option is not automatically added.)          their risk of dental
dures per benefit period.
                                             The option may help those at risk of         disease.
The Oral Health Enhancement Option is
                                             periodontal disease better manage both       Available online at
available to groups with 100-plus employ-
                                             their oral health and overall health.
ees on a fully insured or self-funded
basis in New Jersey, and on a self-funded    For more information about the Oral          (click “risk assessment
basis only in Connecticut. For fully         Health Enhancement Option, visit our         quiz” in the “Welcome”
insured groups, adding the Oral Health       Web site at; go        area of the Home Page),
Enhancement Option to the current plan       to “About Us” and click on the products      the nine-question survey
will not increase the monthly premium        link. Or contact your account executive.     requires only a few
rates. Any future rate impact will be                                                     minutes to complete,
                                                                                          but offers a wealth of
New Oral Health and Wellness Portal Debuts                                                oral health information
                                                                                          for your clients’ employ-
Members have oral health and wellness        Oral Cancer, and Harvard Health. Each        ees to share with their
questions. Delta Dental has the answers.     category is divided into subsections.        dentists.
Delta Dental’s new Oral Health and                                                        Educating members
                                             The articles are written by a highly
Wellness portal (at;                                                about their personal risk
                                             skilled team of medical and registered
click “Oral Health” on the left navigation
                                             nurse writers and vetted by Delta Dental     factors can help them
bar) offers a robust search function to
                                             Plans Association’s National Scientific      understand their suscep-
make finding answers and information
                                             Advisory Committee (NSAC).                   tibility to oral health
                                                                                          problems, methods to
                                             Encourage your clients and their
Users have the resources of 400 articles                                                  reduce their risk, and
                                             employees to rely on the trusted oral
at their fingertips. The articles are                                                     the importance of taking
                                             health leader for oral health and wellness
grouped into four main categories:                                                        care of their oral health.
Pediatric Oral Health, Adult Oral Health,

                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                      W. CALDWELL, NJ
                                                                                                      PERMIT NO. 111

Delta Dental Plaza
1639 Route 10
Parsippany, NJ 07054

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