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					                          Society of American Military Engineers

                                Denver Metro Post

                                                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2009

        February 2009                      Member Meeting:              Thursday, February 19, 2009 • 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
         Newsletter                                                      Red Lion Hotel Denver Southeast
                                                                         3200 South Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014
                                                                         (303) 695-1700 (Corner of I-225 & Parker Road)

                                           Small Business Speaker: Iron Horse Architects

                                           Main Speaker: Matt Wigle - USACE

                                                                     D ESIGN -B UILD E XECUTION            IN   I RAQ :
                                           THE MOSUL DAM AS A CASE STUDY OR “GUNS, CALCULATORS, AND CONTRACTS”

                                           Mr. Matthew Wigle is a USACE Proj-                   Mr. Wigle will present on the chal-
                                           ect Manager stationed in Northern                    lenges and opportunities associated
                                           Iraq. He is responsible for manage-                  with execution of Design-Build proj-
                                           ment of over 30 projects associated                  ects in Iraq using Mosul Dam as a
                                           with reconstruction and capacity de-                 reference.
                                           velopment. Notably, Mr. Wigle is the
                                           Project Manager for two construction                 Following the DMP members meet-
                                           projects associated with the Mosul                   ing, Mr. Wigle will also be available
          In This issue                    Dam, a key piece of infrastructure                   to discuss with members issues re-
                                           located north of Mosul. The Mosul                    garding contracting opportunities in
February Member Meeting ....1
                                           Dam is ranked as the world’s highest                 Northern Iraq, as well as USACE em-
President’s Message .............2
                                           risk dam with respect to probable fail-              ployment openings in the Gulf Region
Commemorative Coin ............3           ure by USACE and other professional                  North.
January Meeting Photos ........4           organizations.
Scholarship Applications .......5
Professional Development .....6
Join SAME .............................6
Presentation Opportunity .......7
SAME Events Calendar .........7
G. Rasmussen Joins LATA ....8
A. Larson/Fellow Citation.......8
R. Berglund Promotion ......... 9
A&C Camp ........................... 10
MathCounts ......................... 11
8-on-8 Event ........................ 12   Water rushing out one of the chut spillways at the    The Mosul Dam holds back upwards of 12
New Officers ........................ 13    Mosul Dam. The concrete-lined chute exits to a ski    billion cubic meters of water for the arid western
                                           jump section for energy dissipation.                  Ninewah Province, while creating hydroelectric
Next Board Meeting ............. 13                                                              power for the 1.7 million residents of Mosul.

                                                                                                 (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos.)
                                                  Denver Metro Post
                                                         Mt P  Po
                                                       Society of American Military Engineers

                                      Letter from the SAME DMP President

                                The Denver Metro Post                   Award for yet another year. The individual award nomina-
                                started off 2009 with a                 tions were for Elizabeth Meyer, PE, who was nominated
                                bang! We had what may                   for the Young Member Award; and John Coats, PE, who
                                have been a record crowd                was nominated for the new-this-year Post Service Award.
                                for a DMP General Mem-                  Both are well-deserving candidates; now the waiting be-
                                bership Meeting, which                  gins to see who the winners are.
                                was co-sponsored by
                                CMAA and included 30
                                attendees from federal                  As I mentioned in my announcements at our January
                                agencies such as the Na-                general membership meeting, the Denver Metro Post is
                                tional Park Service, Fish &             actively involved in a number of community outreach ac-
                                Wildlife Service, US For-               tivities again this year, some of which are discussed else-
                                est Service, and GSA; all               where in this newsletter. I hope you will take time to read
    Jon H. Holbrook, AIA        of whom wanted to hear                  about these opportunities and make time in your busy
                                what Mr. Lee Evey, Presi-               schedules to reach out and help others that can benefit
dent of DBIA, had to say about design-build. By the re-                 from what you can offer.
action of the audience, I would say everyone enjoyed his
informative and captivating presentation and discussion.
                                                                        I’d like to call your attention to our Denver Metro Post
                                                                        Commemorative Coin Design Competition, discussed in
Our February general membership meeting, scheduled for                  detail elsewhere in this newsletter. This coin will have
February 19th at the Red Lion Hotel on the northeast cor-               special significance for this post for many years to come.
ner of I-225 and Parker Road in Aurora, should be every                 This is an opportunity to show off your creative side, so
bit as interesting, only we’ll be looking at design-build from          please consider submitting an entry.
a different perspective. Matt Wigle, who is on leave of ab-
sence from Kleinfelder while serving in the Army Corps of
Engineers, is going to talk about a design-build project in             In closing, I’d like to thank all of you for your member-
which he has participated in Iraq. I am personally looking              ship in our Denver Metro Post. It is your membership that
forward to hearing his presentation as I’m sure it will be              makes our post what it is, and I truly appreciate your sup-
filled with exciting and interesting stories of his first-hand            port. I look forward to seeing you at our February General
experiences.                                                            Membership Meeting; until then, take care.

January 2009 proved to be an active month for the post                                          Best regards,
as we completed our SAME National streamer and award
nominations. I’m pleased to announce that all four of our                                       Jon Holbrook
streamer nominations and two individual award nomina-
tions were completed and submitted on time. Hopefully                                           (303) 221-7275
National will recognize all of our achievements in 2008                               
and award the Denver Metro Post the Distinguished Post

                                                              PAGE 2
SA M E DEN V ER M ET RO PO ST                             eligible for consideration. They should be submitted
COM M EMOR AT I V E COI N                                 in a sealed envelope with an identification code of
                                                          your choice (but not your name or company name) on
DE SIGN COM PET I T ION                                   the back of the entry (8 ½”x11” piece of paper). This
                                                          code, along with your name and contact information
T    he Denver Metro Post is conducting a
     Commemorative Coin Design Competition! Yes,
the DMP is going to have its own special coin that will
                                                          should be entered on a separate piece of paper and
                                                          placed in a separate mailing envelope that contains
                                                          both the design entry envelope and your identification
be given to its special guests, award recipients, and
                                                          information. That way the design jury will not have
on any other special occasions that the Post President
                                                          knowledge of who submitted the entries at the time
deems worthy of special recognition. The pictures
                                                          they judge the entries. Any Post Officer, Fellow, or
below show the coin used by the Rocky Mountain
                                                          Director who submits an entry shall disqualify him/
Regional Vice President on similar occasions, and
                                                          herself from being on the jury.
our coin will be very similar in size and quality. The
front side will have the SAME National logo, just as on
                                                          All entries are to be mailed to the SAME Denver
the RVP coin; however, the back side will be unique
                                                          Metro Post mailing address to be received no later
to the Denver Metro Post.
                                                          than Friday, February 27, 2009:
The criteria for the design are as follows:               SAME Denver Metro Post
  1. The coin will be no larger than 2” in diameter;      Coin Design Competition
                                                          P. O. Box 13224
  2. The words “Denver Metro Post” must be on the
                                                          Denver, CO 80201
     face of the coin somewhere;

  3. The graphics should reflect what the Denver           The winner will be announced at our March 19, 2009,
     Metro Post stands for, whether it be its             General Membership Meeting. The award is really
     geographic location in the Mile High City            special: a custom-mounted/framed DMP SAME
     of Denver, the Rocky Mountain Region, or             Commemorative Coin, along with an individual free
     something totally different, creative, and           full-day registration to the SAME DMP 2009 Small
     unique.                                              Business Industry Day / 8-on-8 event on June 4,
All designs must be received by the Denver Metro Post
no later than Friday, February 27, 2009, in order to be

                                                    PAGE 3
                 Photos from January 22, 2009
            SAME Denver Metro Post Member Meeting
                   Welcome New Officers

             Joint Meeting between SAME and CMAA
Speaker: Lee Evey, President of the Design-Build Institue of America

                              PAGE 4
                                     Denver Metro Post
                                            Mt P  Po
                                           Society of American Military Engineers

                  Denver Metro Post — SAME Scholarship Applications
                         Applications Due February 20, 2009!

Denver Metro Post SAME Scholarship applica-              1. High school seniors must be children of an
tions are due by February 20, 2009. Winners will            SAME Denver Post member or currently en-
be announced by March 17, 2009. Scholarship                 rolled in a Jr. ROTC program. All high school
awards will be paid to the educational institution          applicants must be intending to enroll in engi-
and applied to the 2009-2010 academic year. For             neering or an engineering related curriculum at
children of SAME members, some preference will              a four-year college or university.
be given to students attending or planning to at-
tend Front Range schools.                                2. Current college students must either be chil-
                                                            dren of a current SAME Denver Post member
Application forms on are the Denver Metro Post              or currently enrolled in an ROTC program.
website, WWW.SAMEDMP.ORG.                                   These applicants must also be pursuing a de-
                                                            gree program in engineering or an engineering
The scholarships are open to high school seniors            related field.
and college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors
who meet the following requirements:                                                Thank you,
                                                                                    Mike Langley

  TestAmerica will be sponsoring an update on field and laboratory procedures for Multi-Increment
  Sampling and explosives testing featuring Method 8330B. Speakers include Alan Hewitt of
  United States Army Corps of Engineers.
           LOCATION: TestAmerica’s Denver Laboratory • 4955 Yarrow Street • Arvada, CO 80002
           DATE: February 18, 2009 (10 a.m.–2 p.m.)
           Q&A: 918-671-2922

                                                    PAGE 5
Know Someone Who Wants to Join the                                 Fill it out and sent it in
SAME Denver Metro Post?                                            with a credit card number
                                                                   or a check to SAME
Individual Membership:                                             National Headquarters.
The fastest and easiest way to become a SAME                       Rates vary depending
Post Member, is to go to and click                    on the size of the office interested in joining the
on JOIN SAME in the upper left corner of the                       Post. A Sustaining Membership grants five (5)
home page. As an Individual Member, they also                      memberships (one must be a Young Post Member,
get membership in two Posts. For example, when                     someone 35 or younger). More than five can
filling out the application, they should indicate                   be purchased when you sign up. If your firm is
Denver Metro and Pikes Peak as the two local                       already a Sustaining Member of another SAME
posts. The application process only takes about                    Post, the rates are about half of the first Post rates.
20 minutes. If using a credit card, they will receive              Many firms in Colorado join both the Denver Metro
a confirmation and membership number when                           Post and the Pikes Peak Post, as markets are
finished. If paying by check, they may download                     similar.
the Individual Member application form (.pdf) and                  All new members should send an e-mail to a
fill it in by hand; then mail it to national with a check           Membership Co-Chair person immediately (see
as instructed.                                                     below) to ensure their name has been added to the
                                                                   Denver Post distribution list, so they may receive our
Sustaining Membership:
                                                                   monthly e-mail notices and the DMP newsletter.
If your firm has five (5) or more people wanting to
join, they can become Sustaining Members of the                    Chuck Jones           CWJONES6@AOL.COM
Post. To join, go to, click on the                    Derek Ulehla, PE ULEHLADJ@CDM.COM
JOIN SAME in the upper left corner of the home                     Bob Kitchell, PE      R.P.KITCHELL@USA.NET
page. Go to the Sustaining Memberships Section
and download the (.pdf) file for the application.

  Reminder to current members: If your e-mail address changes, please inform Chuck Jones immediately.

                                           Denver Metro Post
                                                  Mt P  Po
                                                Society of American Military Engineers

                       “NEW AND EXCITING FOR THE DMP”
      Are you a SAME Denver Metro Post member looking for professional development training? Are
      you considering taking additional college courses to further your career? Are you wondering why
      you should stay a member of the SAME Denver Metro Post?

                 Please visit the “Professional Development” Section on the SAME
                           Denver Metro Post web site:
                    for PD guidelines, grant information, and application form.

                                                        PAGE 6
           Presentation Opportunities for Upcoming DMP Meetings

The DMP is searching for “interesting and informative” presentations for our member meetings in
2009. There are a wide range of general presentation topic areas in which the DMP is interested in
scheduling; however, all topics relevant to the SAME mission would be given priority consideration.
These general topic areas include:
   •    Combat Engineering (e.g., USAF Red Horse, USN Seabees, and Army Combat Engineering Units)
   •    Emerging Technologies
   •    Efficient Design and Construction
   •    Small Business Programs
   •    Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship (including green building design considerations)
   •    Facility and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management
   •    Corporate Information Management (e.g., GIS, GeoBase, other Knowledge Management programs)
   •    Water Resources Planning and Management, including water and wastewater
   •    Readiness (Emergency Preparedness or Response) and National Security
If you, a member of your firm, or someone you know would be interested in making a presentation at
an upcoming meeting, please contact either Neal Parker (DMP Programs Chair), or Dan Lane (DMP
Education, Training and Professional Development Chair).

                                           Please contact Neal or Dan:

          Neal Parker, P.E.                                          Daniel C. Lane, P.E.
          CDM, Inc.                                                  CH2M HILL, Inc.
          555 17th Street, Suite 1200                                9191 South Jamaica Street
          Denver, CO 80202                                           Englewood, CO 80112
          Phone: 720-264-1116                                        Phone: 720-286-0339
          e-mail:                                   e-mail:

                                    SAME 2009 Calendar of Events
       Jan. 21-23 ........ Design Build Workshop — Pensacola, FL
       Jan. 22-23 ........ SAME Transition Workshop & Job Fair — Grapevine, TX
       Feb. 4-6............ Penninsula Engineer Conference — Seoul, South Korea
       Feb. 24-26........ Pacific and Northwest Regional Conference — Honolulu, HI
       Mar. 26 ............. Business Forum and Federal Agency FY10 Program Briefings — Arlington, VA
       Mar. 27 ............. SAME Academy of Fellows, Golden Eagle Awards Dinner — Arlington, VA
       Apr. 13.............. SAME USAFA Engineer Dinner — Colorado Springs, CO
       Apr. 14.............. 2009 SAME / AEA / USMA Engineer Dinner — West Point, NY
       Apr. 30.............. SAME / U.S. Coast Guard Engineer Dinner — New London, CT
       May 12-15 ........ SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo — Salt Lake City, UT

                                                      PAGE 7
                                 George Rasmussen Joins LATA
“George Rasmussen Joins LATA, Will Head Energy Management/Sustainability Business”

Aurora, Colorado (January 13, 2009)

Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc. (LATA) is
pleased to announce that George Rasmussen, PE,
has joined the firm as Vice President-Energy Man-
agement. Mr. Rasmussen will expand LATA’s energy
management and sustainability business through stra-
tegic industry partnerships and full integration of LATA
core strengths in electrical engineering and process
control and automation with energy management plan-
ning, implementation, and operations.
Mr. Rasmussen is a recognized leader in the power in-
dustry and has led the development and commercial-
ization of innovative energy and environmental tech-
nologies. Under Mr. Rasmussen’s leadership, LATA’s                          George Rasmusen, PE
energy management services will include energy audits,
energy efficiency design, and renewable and sustain-         can Military Engineers Academy of Fellows, and the
ability energy system design and operating services.        holder of multiple U.S. patents in the energy field.
Mr. Rasmussen was most recently the Chief Operating
                                                                         About LATA
Officer of Pacific Western Technologies, Ltd., respon-
sible for environmental management, facility manage-        Founded in New Mexico in 1976, Los Alamos Techni-
ment, energy management and sustainability, and IT          cal Associates is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned
services. He was formerly President & Chief Execu-          Small Business offering diversified engineering, envi-
tive Officer of Energy & Environmental Solutions, Inc.,      ronmental, and technical services to a worldwide client
where he provided strategic business planning and           base including federal agencies, state governments,
marketing leadership to entrepreneurs with innovative       municipalities, and a broad range of private sector in-
high technology products in the power, energy, environ-     dustrial clients. LATA comprises just over 300 profes-
mental, and transportation sectors.                         sionals, with office locations in Los Alamos, NM (HQ),
                                                            Albuquerque, NM, Denver, CO, San Antonio, TX, Og-
Mr. Rasmussen is a graduate of St. Olaf College and
                                                            den, UT, Richland, WA, Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH,
the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a licensed Pro-
                                                            Buffalo, NY, and Washington, DC.
fessional Engineer, a member of the Society of Ameri-

     Anita Larson Voted into the SAME Academy of Fellows, October 2008”

Anita Larson, Principal Program Manger with Tetra           Program Manager at Tetra Tech where she is a co-
Tech, was voted into the Society of American Military       leader of the firm’s Army Strategic Marketing Initia-
Engineers (SAME) Academy of Fellows in October              tive and serves on the company’s SAME leadership
of 2008. Her elevation to rank of Fellow recognizes         committee. She has actively supported the Society of
her effort over the years on behalf of SAME and the         American Military Engineers since 1996, serving as
military engineering profession. She will be formally       an Officer, chairperson of numerous committees, and
inducted into the Academy of Fellows at the 2009            supporting many events.
SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference in Salt
Lake City, Utah, in May of 2009. Anita is a Senior

                                                        PAGE 8
               Burglund Promoted to Manager of Facilities,
       Science & Technology Business Unit at Merrick & Company

Aurora, Colorado (January 26, 2009)

Robert A. Berglund, RA, a vice president of Merrick
& Company, a $75 million professional engineering,
architecture, construction management, surveying,
and geospatial solutions firm (,
has been promoted to business unit manager of the
firm’s facilities, science, and technology business
unit, it was announced by Ralph Christie, president
and chief executive officer of the firm. In this role,
Berglund will be responsible for the management
and profit/loss of the business unit and its four market
sectors which comprise approximately 75% of the
company’s total workload.

Berglund’s 34-year career has focused on the
defense, energy, and space markets where he has
specialized in advanced technology research and
development, national security, and non-proliferation
projects. His expertise in these fields leverages and                     Robert A. Berglund, RA
expands Merrick’s defense and national security
                                                          storage, and other large U.S. Department of Defense
portfolio and contributes to the firm’s perspective in
                                                          and U.S. Department of Energy weapons complex
addressing client needs.
                                                          projects. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas
Berglund’s current work includes business-unit level      and a registered architect in several states.
oversight and development of projects including
                                                          Merrick & Company serves domestic and international
the planning and design of a new high containment
                                                          clients in the government, energy, life sciences,
national bio-agro defense facility, an advanced
                                                          infrastructure, and geospatial/mapping markets.
technology uranium processing facility, a leading-
                                                          The firm’s work is concentrated on highly technical
edge biomass to energy project for an alternative
                                                          projects in the fields of renewable energy, nuclear
energy company, and upgrades to over 500 U.S.
                                                          power, government facilities, research laboratories,
missile launch, maintenance, and training facilities.
                                                          water resources, public works, and high precision
Berglund joined the firm in 2006 as vice president         mapping. Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, the
of the firm’s strategic federal programs. His prior        employee-owned company maintains seven offices
experience includes senior marketing and project          in the U.S. as well as offices in Canada and Mexico.
management positions with Bechtel National, Inc.,
and officer or directorevel positions with Black &
Veatch and Holmes & Narver. His background
includes involvement in bioweapons proliferation
prevention projects, fissile materials handling and

                                                     PAGE 9
                                  Society of American Military Engineers and
                                       United States Air Force Academy
                                  2009 Engineering and Construction Camp
                                      Friday, June 27 – Thursday, July 2

T   he Society of American Military Engineers and the
    United States Air Force Academy are sponsoring the
10th Annual Engineering and Construction Camp for se-
                                                                Information about the camp and registration forms are
                                                                now available at the SAME web site A
                                                                link to the camp video is also available at the SAME web
lect high school sophomores. The camp offers an oppor-          site. Additional information about the camp and pictures
tunity for 60 students from all over the United States and      from the camp are available on the camp web site at
the world to learn hands-on engineering skills and other The 2009 schedule will be
group activities at the United States Air Force Academy in      posted to this web site when it becomes available, but will
Colorado Springs. The 2009 camp will be from Friday, 27         be similar to the currently posted schedule.
June to Thursday, 2 July 2009.                                  The total registration fee for the camp is $550. The stu-
The SAME Denver Metro Post is recruiting campers for            dent is responsible for paying half of the registration fee
the 2009 camp. To qualify for consideration, students           ($275). Checks should be made out to the SAME Denver
must meet the following criteria:                               Metro Post. The Denver Metro Post will pay the remain-
  • Student must be a U.S. Citizen.                             der of the fee.

  • The student must have completed at least their              For additional information about the Denver Metro Post’s
    freshman year of high school.                               sponsorship please contact John Coats. Applications and
                                                                related paperwork/checks must be submitted to arrive no
  • The student must still be enrolled in school at the time    later than April 1, 2009. Please send applications to:
    of the camp.
                                                                        John Coats
  • Be on a high school track that will provide a basis                 Pacific Western Technologies
    for attending an accredited engineering college or                  11049 W. 44th Avenue, Ste. 200
    university (i.e., taking appropriate math and science               Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
  • Have an expressed intent to pursue a degree in                      Voice: (303) 274-5400 Ext 26
    architecture, engineering or a related field.                        Fax: (303) 274- 6160
  • Have demonstrated leadership characteristics
    through participation in extra-curricular activities,
    sports, and/or community activities.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0
    GPA scale.
  • Be physically fit and healthy (not have any physical
    limitations including, but not limited to the following:
    A requirement to take mandatory medication that
    requires special handling; sprained joints; or, neck,
    shoulder, or back injuries).
  • Be of high moral character.
  • Student must have an expressed interest in applying
    to a Service Academy or ROTC Program (this does
    not include JROTC).
  • If the student has completed the junior year of high
    school (rising senior), they must provide proof of
    application for entry to a Service Academy or ROTC.
    Rising seniors who have not met this qualification will
    not be considered for camp. Proof includes: A letter
    from the service academy or recruiter referring to the
    student’s application.
  • Students who have attended a SAME Engineering
    and Construction Camp prior to this year will not
    be eligible for the same camp.
  • Students must be sponsored by a local SAME Post.

                                                            PAGE 10
  MATHCOUNTS COMPETITIONS                                          MATHCOUNTS Q & A
                                                        What is MATHCOUNTS: MATHCOUNTS is a national
                                                        math enrichment, coaching and competition program
                                                        that promotes middle school mathematics achievement
                                                        in every U.S. state and territory. Celebrating its 25th
                                                        anniversary, MATHCOUNTS is one of the most
                                                        successful education partnerships involving volunteers,
                                                        educators, industry sponsors and students.
                                                        The MATHCOUNTS Mission: To increase interest
SAME has been supporting the MATHCOUNTS                 and involvement in mathematics among all middle
Competitions for over eight years. This year there      school students in order to assist in developing a
will be four regional competitions in the Denver area   technically literate population essential to U.S. global
that need volunteers to proctor the exam and/or to      competitiveness and the quality of life.
score the exams. Competitions usally start around
8:30 a.m. and finish up around 1 p.m. This year’s        How does the MATHCOUNTS program work? In
dates are as follows:                                   Colorado, the program is made possible by the
                                                        Professional Engineers of Colorado. Schools register
Regional Competitions                                   with MATHCOUNTS and receive coaching and testing
                                                        materials and begin in September preparing for
 Friday, February 6                                     regional competition that is held in February.
 Jefferson, Colorado School of Mines
                                                        What are the topics covered and are they really
 Saturday, February 7                                   appropriate for seventh and eighth graders? Topics
 Boulder, Seagate Technologies, Longmont                include algebra, probability, approximation, geometry,
 Saturday, February 21                                  and statistics. Problems fit in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
 Metro Denver, Denver University                        curriculums across the country. Problems are designed
 Saturday, February 21                                  to accelerate students’ interest and achievement in
 North Metro Rocky Top Middle School, Thornton          mathematics.

State Competition
 Saturday, March 21
 Denver University

If you would like to come out and help run these
competitions and see great kids doing great things,
please contact Chuck Jones at or
(303) 949-9774. If you have any questions regarding
the competitions, please do not hesitate to contact
Chuck Jones.
We have a few volunteers for Friday, but no one for
Saturday to date - Please help us out!

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                         2009 Annual Small Business Industry Day
                               8 on 8 Federal Agency Event                                                                                  DAR
                                                                                                                              R CA
                                               Thursday, June 4, 2009
                                                                                                                     K YO

                                                                         Red Lion Hotel
                                                                         3200 South Parker Road
                                                                         Aurora, CO 80014
                                                                         (303) 695-1700

         This year’s 8 on 8 Federal Agency Event will be held at the Red Lion Hotel.
      It is conveniently located in the southeast Denver metro region and adjacent to
               beautiful Cherry Creek State Park. More information to come!

Directions from north Denver area:
Take I-25 to I-270 east, then I-225 south, exit at Parker Road. Merge onto Parker Road south, and stay in the far right lane. You will exit on
Vaughn Way. (Turn right onto Vaughn Way.) Pass under the bridge and Red Lion Hotel will be on your immediate left.

Directions from south Denver metro area:
Take I-25 to I-225 north. Exit at Parker Road. Merge onto Parker Road south and stay in the far right lane. You will exit on Vaugh Way. (Turn
right onto Vaughn Way.) Pass under the bridge and Red Lion Hotel will be on your immediate left.

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                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2009

                                                       2009 SAME-DMP OFFICERS:
        2009 UPCOMING
                                                    President      Jon Holbrook, AIA – PBS&J
                                                    1st VP         Jeff Montera – CDM
        (11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)                   2nd VP         Bill Lipsteuer – ETI Professionals, Inc.
         Tuesday, March 3                           Secretary      Tracy Lynn Jackson – Sun Microsystems, Inc.
                                                    Assist. Sec.   Jessica Graul, EIT – Parsons
      AECOM Technical Services                      Treasurer      Ron Costello – Contract Support Services
     5575 DTC Parkway, Suite 200                    Past Pres.     John Shaler, PE – AECOM Technical Services
     Greenwood Village, CO 80111                    Reg. VP        Julie Timmons – Farnsworth Group, Inc.
                                                    Fellows AB     Dave Sprenkle, PE – Merrick & Company
          (Host: John Shaler)                       Fellows AB     John Bright, PE – Consulting Engineer
                                                    Fellows AB     Chuck Jones, PE—CWJ Consultant Engineers

SAME is a nonprofit professional engineer association, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with chapters
(called Posts) worldwide. Founded in 1920 to engage military and federal government engineers with those
in private life for the purpose of improving the engineering potential of the United States. The Society today
has some 25,000 members from industry, the military, government, and academia.
                                                                                                         $$$ with n!
                                                                                                     Save gistrati

You may use PayPal and RSVP for member meetings and board meetings at

Standard Registration (thru COB, Wed., 2/18/09) – Early Registration (thru midday, Mon., 2/16/09):

              • Military and Public Agencies (Early $10; Standard $15; Walk-in $20)

              • SAME Members (Early $20; Standard $25; Walk-in $30)

              • Non-members (Early $25; Standard $30; Walk-in $35)

            Regardless of method of payment, please RSVP for the February meeting by
                              sending an e-mail to:
                                                   Thank you!

    Please send your company                                                     Denver Metro Post
                                                                                        Mt P  Po
                                                                                       Society of American Military Engineers
    news (include photos/logos)
    to: MERRICK & COMPANY                                                          P.O. Box 13224                                                       Denver, CO 80201

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