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									English III

 Mrs. Spriggs
     Parent/Guardian E-mail List
   A parent/guardian e-mail went out last Friday
    with a recap of the week. If you did not
    receive this e-mail and would like to, please
    complete the information on the clip board.
   SPAN- As of 3rd period, I finally figured out
    the missing “Post to Parent” button, so grades
    are available online.
              Daily Schedule
-Bell Ringer/Journal-Students have 10 minutes
  to write a response to a journal that relates to
  our unit of study. Journals are collected every
  10 entries. Worth 100 Points.
-Word Parts: In preparation for the SAT, we
  write down five word parts per day. We have
  a test after each set of 25 word parts.
-Grammar: We have a brief “grammar” review
  each morning consisting of Power Points and
  online games.
           Daily Schedule Cont.
   Free Rice: An online SAT tutorial that actually
    provides “free rice” to poverty-stricken
   Literature Packets: Active Reading
    Worksheets. These are collected randomly for
    a classwork grade.
                 Web Page
   Calendar/Homework
   Contact Information
   Google
   Unit Resources
   SAT Practice
   We are currently reading Scarlet Letter
   We will also read The Crucible, The Catcher
    in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, and various
    selections from the text. All novels are
    available at GHHS. Additionally, I will
    always try to include links for online texts and
    free audio recordings.
              Research Paper
   We will complete a three page research paper
    during the 2nd quarter. The topic will be a
    controversial issue that relates to American
   We will complete the majority of the research,
    planning, and typing in class (dependent upon
    on computer lab availability)

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