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Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan
Lisa Hannigan Former members Damien Rice Notable instrument(s) Vocals, harmonium, guitar, melodica, banjo, piano, thumb piano, tambourine.

Lisa Hannigan in Temple Bar, Dublin

Background information Birth name Born Origin Genre(s) Occupation(s) Years active Label(s) Associated acts Lisa Hannigan February 12, 1981 (1981-02-12) Kilcloon, County Meath, Ireland Folk, indie, plinky plonk rock[1] Musician 2001–present Barp/ATO Records[2] Vyvienne Long, Tom Osander, The Frames, Mic Christopher, David Kitt, Herbie Hancock, Paul Noonan, David Geraghty, Bell X1, The Cake Sale, Gary Lightbody,[3] Cathy Davey,[4] Jason Mraz,[5] Mick Flannery.[6][7]

Lisa Hannigan (born 12 February 1981) is an Irish singer, songwriter, actress and multi-instrumentalist. Her music has led to much success, critical praise, airplay and award nominations in her native land and, more recently, in the United States. Hannigan is best known for having accompanied the highly successful singer-songwriter Damien Rice. Since leaving him, she has begun her own career, with her 2008 debut album Sea Sew spawning the hit single "Lille", a Choice Music Prize nomination, two Meteor Music Awards nominations and praise from fellow musicians, and, later, Britain’s Jools Holland and US television host Stephen Colbert, the latter of whom is not renowned for his endorsement of musicians. Hannigan’s non-musical pursuits include acting, for which she has established her own theatre company. She is known for aiding charities such as Oxfam and her "Some Surprise" duet with Gary Lightbody featured on the US television series Grey’s Anatomy. As part of an advertising campaign for fair trade the singer permitted herself be covered in melted chocolate. Hannigan has performed and been associated with musicians such as Cathy Davey, Mic Christopher, Mick Flannery, David Kitt and members of Snow Patrol, The Frames and Bell X1 and has performed at the Glastonbury Festival with Damien Rice.

Hannigan emits "a moan of delicate strength, and stirring warmth and humanity", describing her style as that of "plinky plonk rock", a genre coined by a friend.[1] She performs using "broken-down, wheezy old instruments", assisting her band members in the transportation of this equipment.[1] Her blog



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posts are noted for containing recipes for baking cakes.[1]

Lisa Hannigan
that "it wasn’t my record".[1] However Rice had as difficult a relationship with Hannigan, as he had with other band members, and in one rare interview with The Independent he suggested their different styles of song writing were incompatible and to blame for the inadequacies he felt about the co-written "Unplayed Piano".[15] Hannigan’s duet with Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has featured on the U.S television series Grey’s Anatomy.[16] Prior to Hannigan’s official release of solo material in 2008, some of her live recordings and covers performed on tour were made available through trading networks or on various radio shows. Such covers included a mix of traditional folk and more contemporary songs such as: "Willy" by Joni Mitchell, "Be My Husband" by Nina Simone (from the 1965 album Pastel Blues), "Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin and "Love Hurts" by Roy Orbison.[13] Hannigan also performed live with her own band, called The Daisy Okell Quartet although no recordings are known to have been released.[13] She then performed a solo set at the Electric Picnic music festival in Stradbally, County Laois in 2006.[13][12] By this time she had contributed guest vocals on a number of recordings by other artists, including Mic Christopher, The Frames and Herbie Hancock, on whose track, "Don’t Explain", she performed alongside Damien Rice on the album, Possibilities.[13] “It was upsetting, but worse things have happened. For everybody it was coming to the end of its cycle. I think Damien was getting a bit sick of us as a group.” — Hannigan is not bitter about her split with Damien Rice.[1]

Early life
Hannigan was born on 12 February 1981,[8][9] and comes from Kilcloon in County Meath.[10] She was "quiet and bookish",[10] attending primary school at Scoil Oilibhear Naofa in Kilcloon where she first sang as a six-year-old fairy on top of a Christmas tree in her school play.[11] She developed her singing through other avenues such as providing the backing vocals to her mother’s front seat Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone when she was being driven to West Cork on summer holidays.[11] She also sang and danced to the first tape she bought, Michael Jackson’s "Bad".[11] Hannigan later attended secondary school at The King’s Hospital in Palmerstown and, at the age of eighteen, became a student of art history at Trinity College, Dublin. She met Damien Rice in Whelans, a pub that is popular with up and coming musicians, during her first week of college. She bumped into him a few times after that. He told her that he was a musician looking for a female backing singer and Lisa timidly told him that she was a singer. He came to listen to her when she was singing in a classical concert and liked what he heard, resulting in the start of their musical partnership.

Damien Rice collaborations
Hannigan began singing as a lead vocalist with Rice’s band at a concert in the Temple Bar Music Centre in Dublin in early 2001,[12][13] collaborating with him for six years.[14] She featured on Rice’s debut solo album O, first released in 2002, and sang on the majority of his tracks. The singer became a frequent companion of Rice during his live performances as a vocalist, and on occasion as an electric guitarist or bassist.[12] At the Glastonbury Festival in 2003, Hannigan played the drums on one track.[13] Hannigan went on to contribute to one more Damien Rice album 9, released in 2006, on which was included a lead vocal on "9 Crimes", the first single taken from the album.[13] She has been dismissive of her role on the Rice records, telling The Daily Telegraph in 2009

On 26 March 2007, Damien Rice announced that his professional relationship with Lisa Hannigan has ended, saying the relationship "has run its creative course" and that Hannigan would leave the band immediately to pursue a solo career.[14] Hannigan had been in Munich, Germany with Rice’s tour when she had learned that she was no longer needed and returned to Dublin immediately to begin work on her solo career.[7][10] The singer later said of the split: "I suppose it was coming for a long time. I had become pretty outspoken about my frustrations at the direction the band was going in, and I’m sure he was starting to find me a pain."[10] She was comforted by members of The Magic


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Numbers and has not spoken to Rice since the incident.[10]

Lisa Hannigan
Dineen.[10][1] The presenter also requested his viewers to buy Sea Sew, an unusual happening considering his portrayal as a "gormless, right-wing blowhard".[10] Colbert even quizzed Hannigan on her sewing of the album’s cover, asking if she had sewn the instruments as well – Hannigan is reported to be sewing Colbert a note of thanks for asking her to perform on his show.[10] The singer later described The Colbert Report as an "amazing experience" and "the best thing ever", referring to the fact that Colbert invites very few artists to perform, and even this is usually limited to well-known acts such as R.E.M. and Neil Young.[10] On 12 May 2009, Hannigan made her debut on the BBC’s Later... with Jools Holland,performing "I Don’t Know" during the sixth episode of the show’s thirty-fourth season.[29][30][31] She was reported to have been excited about the appearance and hoped her co-performers on the episode would include Tony Bennett.[1] Sea Sew rose through the UK charts following this appearance.[31] Hannigan will perform at Electric Picnic 2009.[10][32][33][34][35][36]

Solo career
Lisa Hannigan’s debut solo album, titled Sea Sew, was released in Ireland on 12 September 2008. The lead single, "Lille", was made available as a free download on on 25 August.[17] The sleeve featured needle-work knitted by Hannigan.[4] She had previously previewed tracks "Lille", "Pistachio", "Some Surprise" and "Sea Song" on her MySpace page with the message: "I’m in the middle of making my first record and I want it to come out as soon as possible so I can sing in venues more socially acceptable than Superquinn and the Luas Station."[18] The album was a critical success, earning rave reviews and being named by some music critics amongst the best Irish albums of the year.[19][20] Sea Sew garnered airtime on American radio station KCRW and earned early praise from that country’s press, including the Los Angeles Times, which called it "charmingly idiosyncratic" and The New York Times which described it as "exquisitely ethereal".[21][10] Lead single "Lille", released on 25 August 2008, became an airplay hit on Irish and American radio stations.[7] Hannigan went on to perform at Electric Picnic 2008.[22] The admiration of Jason Mraz led to Hannigan supporting the Grammy-nominated Californian singer-songwriter on a 42-date U.S. tour which began on 8 October 2008.[5] She lent her vocals to the charity album Even Better Than the Disco Thing, on which she performed a cover of Diana Ross’s "Upside Down",[23] and on 5 December 2008 she performed a duet of Mick Flannery’s new song "Christmas Past" with Flannery on Tony Fenton’s Christmas Special on Today FM.[6] Hannigan has signed with ATO Records in the U.S., where her album was released in February 2009.[24] Sea Sew was then nominated for both the Choice Music Prize,[25] and Best Irish Album at the Meteor Music Awards in January 2009.[26][27] On 9 March 2009, Hannigan was interviewed by Stephen Colbert and performed the song "I Don’t Know" from her Sea Sew album on the television show The Colbert Report.[28] Colbert allegedly saw a YouTube video of Hannigan performing the song in a Dingle pub which had been shot by Donal

Side projects
Further information: Side projects of Lisa Hannigan

Other pursuits
Hannigan has a history of theatre performance, having auditioned for musicals as a teenager but remaining largely unsuccessful except for being cast as Second Urchin in her school’s production of My Fair Lady.[10] She went on to start her own theatre group called "The Cowardly Lion Theatre Group".[13] Hannigan appeared in a Jessamyn Fiore play titled The Mysterious World of Birds in September 2003; the play received performances in Dublin and Galway.[13] As part of an advertisement for Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign she allowed herself to be drenched in melted chocolate.[13] As part of the same campaign, she made major contributions to the Irish musical collective The Cake Sale,[12] with lead vocals on the tracks "Some Surprise" (a duet with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol[3]) and "Last Leaf".[37][38] Hannigan has also spoken of her intention to run the Dublin Marathon one day.[10]


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Year Nominated work 2009 Sea Sew Year Nominated work 2009 Sea Sew 2009 Lisa Hannigan Award Irish Album of the Year 2008 Award Best Irish Album Best Irish Female

Lisa Hannigan
Result Nominated Result Nominated Nominated

Further information: Discography of Damien Rice • Sea Sew (2008)

Choice Music Prize
Hannigan’s debut album, Sea Sew, was nominated for the Choice Music Prize in January 2009.[39] The award was won by Jape for the album Ritual on 4 March 2009.[40][41][42][43][44][45][46]

Meteor Music Awards
Hannigan and her work was nominated in the Best Irish Female and Best Irish Album categories at the Meteor Music Awards in 2009.[47] She was the only solo artist nominated in more than one category at the awards. She lost to Imelda May and The Script’s self-titled album respectively.[48]

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Lisa Hannigan
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