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Second largest city in Orange County

Population projected to be 150,00 by 2030

Median household income $60,656

79% Homeownership
Municipal Tax Rate Comparison
    within Orange County
              Budget - % Change



2005   2006       2007   2008     2009   2010
             Gross Taxable Value




  2005         2006         2007         2008         2009
City Limits - Acres               20988



  19433   19434

  2005    2006    2007    2008    2009
City Limits - Square Miles



  30.36   30.37

  2005    2006    2007    2008    2009
                                                               40,280   40,406   40,500

 Population Growth                           37,253





 2001     2002     2003     2004     2005     2006     2007    2008     2009     2010
       Licensed Businesses
                 2813   2818
2738                           2735

2005     2006    2007   2008   2009
         Home Ownership             79.00%



                           39.00%                     Renter



     State        Orange County         Apopka
            Educational Attainment

                                            High School or Higher
                                            Bachelor Degree or Higher

State          Orange County   Apopka
          Median Household Income


  State            Orange County     Apopka
                      Permits Issued



   0   6      0   7         0   8      0   9      1   0
20         20            20         20         20
             Value of Construction




     0   6        0   7        0   8        0   9        1   0
  20           20           20           20           20
Certificates of Occupancy Issued



                     127    136

   6      7      8      9      0
200    200    200    200    201
        Inspections Performed




    6       7       8      9      0
 200     200     200    200    201
        Building Webpage Visits

4410     4446


                                  2117    2163

   06       07         08            09      10
20       20         20            20      20
        Targeted Businesses




   Research and Technology

   Corporate Headquarters/Professional
    Jobs Growth Incentive Program

Cash incentive program available to targeted industries

Targeted industries must satisfy specific criteria, including
minimum job creation amounts, salary levels and a job
retention period.

Incentive is inducement to relocate or expand

JGI funds may be used to reduce impact fees, costs, offset
expansion costs or offset relocation costs

Performance Bond and Performance Reports required
         Jobs Growth Incentive Program

Must be a Targeted industry

Non-Targeted industries my be eligible if within the targeted
areas: CRA, South Apopka HUBZone

Minimum Job Creation Schedule:
    New/Start-up - 3 jobs
    Relocating - 5 jobs
    Expanding - 10% increase over current employment
         Jobs Growth Incentive Program

Minimum Salary Requirements
    New or Expanding - 80% of Orange County Average
Wage    ($32,328)
    Relocation -115% of Orange County Average Wage
    Relocation or Expanding to “targeted area” - 80% of
Orange County Average Wage ($32,328)

Consideration given to applications that propose construction of
new facilities or additions to existing facilities as well as
applicants willing to hire and employ Apopka residents.
                              Local Incentives

City of Apopka
Qualified Target Industry Program (QTI): The City of Apopka contributes a local match to make
up the total QTI award.

Fast Track Permitting: This program expedites the planning and review method for site plan and
building permits. It saves companies time and money in getting projects off the ground.

Progress Energy
Infrastructure Development Grant: A grant to companies to fund building infrastructure. Only
applicable for Progress Energy served sites, in which there is a competitive situation. Amount
not able to be determined at this time, as it is based on estimated load factor.
                              Local Incentives

Orange County

Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program (QTI) Local Match: Orange County
contributes a local match to make up the total QTI award.

Enterprise Zone Jobs Tax Credit: Allows a business located within an Urban Enterprise Zone to
take a corporate income tax credit for 20 or 30 percent of wages paid to new employees who
reside within an enterprise zone.

Enterprise Zone Property Tax Credit: Businesses located in an enterprise zone are allowed a
credit on Florida corporate income tax equal to 96% of ad valorem taxes paid on the new or
improved property.

Community Contribution Tax Credit Program: Allows businesses anywhere in Florida a 50%
credit on Florida corporate income tax or insurance premium tax for donations to local community
development projects.
                              Local Incentives

Orange County
Credit Against Sales Tax for Job Creation in an Enterprise Zone: Businesses located in a
Florida enterprise zone, who collect or pay Florida sales and use tax, a monthly credit against
their tax due on wages paid to new employees who have been employed by the business for at
least three months and are residents of an Orange County enterprise zone area.

Sales Tax Refund for Building Materials Used in an Enterprise Zone: Refund is available
for sales taxes paid on the purchase of certain business property (e.g. tangible personal
property such as office equipment, warehouse equipment, and some industrial equipment and
machinery), which is used EXCLUSIVELY in an enterprise zone for at least three years.

Sales Tax Refund for Business Machinery and Equipment Used in an Enterprise Zone:
Refund is available for sales taxes paid on the purchase of building materials used to construct
or rehabilitate real property located in an enterprise zone.
US 441 and SR 436
33 acres
Commercial & Residential
                Town Center Project

Discovery Period

Draft market overview of downtown Apopka and existing
proposed Town Center Site completed

Project team has been collecting information related to the
project and the study area through stakeholder interviews
and public workshops.

Preliminary market study and parking demand analysis and
due diligence report in progress
Expanded Regional Airport
                   Four Proposed Scenarios
Alternative Plan #1

Alternative Plan #1This concept proposes the expansion of the Orlando Apopka Airport to
handle increased aviation needs. A new 6,000 foot runway with a north south orientation is
proposed adjacent to the existing runway as part of phase one. The plan shows a
proposed Aviation Museum, businesses supporting aviation, and parking (park and ride)
for the future commuter rail station.

In phase two, a commercial center is proposed within a short walk of the rail station. This
area and the adjacent office/ professional development may also be conveniently
accessed by a proposed frontage road. These developments are strategically located
between the commuter rail station and a trade/business incubator in order to support both
key features.

The trade/business incubator would complement a trade school in this area. Multifamily
developments on both sides of Jones Avenue would provide housing for students as well
as employees of adjacent businesses. The industrial and warehouse/ distribution
developments around the existing Orlando North Airpark would be serviced by Jones
Avenue as well as multiple proposed rail spurs off the existing freight line.
Alternative Plan #2

This concept also proposes the expansion of the Orlando Apopka Airport to handle increased
aviation needs. A new 6,000 foot runway is proposed perpendicular to the existing runway.

Alternative Plan #3

Alternative Plan #3The land uses and features of this concept are the same as the plan 2
with one main exception: the proposed runway at the Orlando Apopka Airport is north of the
existing runway to take advantage of the more level topography in that area. The proposed
east-west orientation maximizes the windbased landing possibilities.

Alternative Plan #4

This concept explores the possibility of expanding the Orlando North Airpark. The runway at
the Orlando North Airpark would be paved and lengthened to 6,000 feet. A second runway,
perpendicular to the improved runway, would maximize the wind-based landing possibilities.
The proposed extension of Ponkan Road will create a truck route to this improved airport as
well as a connection to the existing Orlando Apopka Airport. This proposed truck route will
relieve additional truck traffic on US 441. An internal frontage road is proposed to connect the
future commuter rail station, the trade/business school campus, and the light industrial
development proposed north of the Orlando Apopka Airport.
Small Business
            Apopka Westside Research Park

Located on the west side of Apopka at the confluence of SR 429 and CR 414, adjacent to the University
of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Research Center.

Home to three (3) business park nodes and the future site of the City of Apopka’s Agri-Business and Bio-
Technology Small Business Incubator.

The Apopka Westside Research Park area in its entirety is over 486 acres in size and can accommodate
over 6,000,000 square feet of mixed-use development.
Apopka Business            Apopka Business Incubator
Incubator                  Conceptual Node & Access
Conceptual Land-Use Plan   Diagram

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