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					                            N E WS
                            The      Hawthorne                         Valley                School

 Fe b r u a r y, 2 0 0 4

                                                                              WA L D O R F
                                                                             F O R H E A D,
                                                                                H E A R T,
                                                                             AND HANDS

                                The generation graduating from high school in
      EMBRACE                   this post-millennial era is a group unlike any of
Socially Responsible                                    its predecessors. They are
                                                        the first generation to have
     BUSINESS                   grown up since the Internet became the global
                                conduit of information. And they are coming of
                                age in a time of unprecedented globalization—one
                                marked by global conflict, environmental worries,
                                and economic uncertainty.

     I n s i d e
              Letters 2
        In the Grades 3
         School News 7
   Compassion in War 10
      Parents at HVS 12
    Events of Interest 13
            Classified 15

                                       SERIOUS GLOBAL ISSUES. THROUGH THEIR STUDIES OF A DAM SMITH,
                                      K ARL M ARX, AND RUDOLF STEINER, STUDENTS LEARNED ABOUT THE

Hawthorne Valley School News

Yet many of this generation receive            be overwhelmed by it. My goal with
little opportunity during school to            this course is to give them enough
                                                                                                     Resources for
consider how they could help solve             knowledge of mainstream economic                      further Study
some of these urgent challenges.               structures and alternatives so that they
Studies have shown that this group,            can begin to understand what is going              FAIR TRADE
dubbed by pollsters as the “e-                 on and feel that they can eventually             Alternative Trade Organizations are
generation,” is imbued with important          make a difference in the world.”                      commited to work directly
qualities: optimism, confidence,                                                                  with indigenous peoples and to
and high values regarding civic duty,                 I THINK ABOUT IT                             market their products directly
morality, and diversity. As they face                                                                    to end consumers.
                                                         EVERY DAY
their college years or the prospect of                                                         EQUAL EXCHANGE ~ This worker-
entering the workforce directly, they
are interested in making a difference.
      This situation inspired Gary Lamb,
                                               T     he students worked together in
                                                     groups of five to create their
                                               business plans, which they presented
                                                                                               owned cooperative pioneered Fair
                                                                                               THE FAIR TRADE FEDERATION ~
a high school teacher at Hawthorne             to an audience of faculty, parents,             The FTF works to educate cus-
Valley School in Columbia County,              and others in the school community.             tomers about the importance of
to develop an intensive course in              All the students found the course               fairly traded products. www.fair
economics that focused not just on             invigorating and eye-opening.         
how to be productive but also how to               “Most people don’t get to learn             GLOBAL EXCHANGE ~ This Inde-
be socially responsible in the process.        this side of economics in school,”              pendent non-profit works to edu-
For four weeks this fall, the students         said Stephanie Hartka, whose group              cate and advocate work around
at this independent Waldorf school             developed a business plan for the               international social justice issues.
investigated the main features of              “Rise Up Café,” a combination café,   
capitalism and socialism, and then             music shop and bookstore with space             TRANSFAIR USA ~ This non-profit
looked into emerging alternative eco-          and programs for young and old to               third party fair trade certifier
nomic movements such as fair trade             attend concerts, discussion groups,             authenticates that coffee has been
distribution, community supported              art exhibits, and lectures. Their               purchased in accordance with FLO
agriculture, community land trusts,            proposed environmental policy for               standards.
associative economics, and socially            the enterprise includes provisions
responsible investment. They visited           for the installation of solar panels on              COMMUNITY-
a local factory, heard guest speakers          their building to generate renewable                  SUPPORTED
on alternative business models, and
created business plans for socially
                                               energy and the use of recycled paper            AGRICULTURE
                                               products whenever possible. The café
responsible enterprises including a            would favor local farmers and fair              AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST
windmill manufacturer, community-                                                              A public policy research center
                                               trade suppliers for its ingredients.
                                                                                               jointly created by American Farm-
building restaurants and coffee shops,         The Café’s profits would go partly to           land trust and Northern Illinois
an advertising agency, and a stringed          a donor fund to support arts programs           University in 1991 helps to protect
instrument manufacturer that trains            in public schools, scholarships for             America’s agricultural lands and
and employs socially disadvantaged             students who attend private schools,            to encourage healthy farming
individuals.                                   and tuition support for employees and           practices.
     “Students who are about to grad-          patrons who attend college.                     ROBYN VAN EN CENTER FOR CSA
uate are often equally apprehensive                 “Before this course, I thought             RESOURCES ~ This organization fac-
and excited,” said Mr. Lamb. “They             economics studies sounded really                ilitates connections to further the
are very attuned to both the good              boring,” said Ms. Hartka. “But it isn’t         success of CSA’s. www.
and bad in the world, and as a                 at all! I’ve become so conscious of
consequence, sometimes there is                                                                LOCAL FOOD WORKS fosters
                                               how and what I consume, and how                 sustainable local food systems
tension in their souls as they struggle        important it is to know what you                through the development of local
to understand the social problems              are fueling or supporting as a daily            food networks. www.localfood
they see and to figure out what they           consumer. Economics is every-day      
can do about them. They can easily             life. I’ll definitely study it in college, if

                                                                                       Hawthorne Valley School News

                                       there is somewhere where I can learn            at fair prices that really support
        SOCIALLY                       this kind of economics.”                        them and their families, usually far
       RESPONSIBLE                         According to the Global Entre-              above market levels. He also spoke
INVESTMENT                             preneurship Monitor, more than 1500
                                       four-year universities and colleges
                                                                                       to us about their worker-owned
                                                                                       cooperative structure of the business.
       & BUSINESS                      now offer entrepreneurship classes,             The students really like to meet and
                                       compared with only 450 such course              hear about creative people doing
THE RUDOLF STEINER FOUNDA-             since 1997. But, apart from ethics              innovative things out of a concern for
TION  creates social benefit through   classes, there is little available on           others rather than merely working out
global services that include philan-   alternative economic and business               of self-interest.”
thropic management, community
investment, lending, grantmaking,
advising, and educational programs.        Mr. Lamb is aware of this                     CREATING A PERSONAL                   and, consequently, is working on                  RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN
                                       developing college-level courses and                 WORKERS AND
ASSOCIATIVE ECONOMICS NET-             programs in alternative economics.
WORK offers seminars, publications                                                           THEIR WORK
and courses, and research into         He is discussing possible courses with
the nature and tasks of modern
economic life.
                                       colleges both locally and in Central
                                       America. “My students often want
                                       to continue learning about alternative
                                                                                       F  or Hawthorne Valley senior Jonah
                                                                                          Thomas, the process of deciding
                                                                                       what business to create grew easily
SOCIAL INVESTMENT FORUM ~ This         economic approaches when they go                out of the creative inspiration the
national nonprofit membership          to college.” he said, “But I am finding         course provided. His group devised
organization promoting the con-        that most business and economic                 a stringed-instrument manufacturer,
cept, practice and growth of soc-      courses are not really up to date with
ially responsible investing. www.      the new and innovative activities                       happening right now. They seem to
BUSINESS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSI-          focus on what worked in the past, not
BILITY (BSR) is a global organ-        what is needed for the future.”
ization that helps member com-             Drawing upon 25 years in business
panies achieve success in ways         and not-for-profit administration,
that respect ethical values, people,   Lamb also gives workshops on global-
communities and the environment.       ization for adults interested in learning                            about sustainable development and
                                       socially responsible business.
                                           Lamb believes that we need to
IN THE VALLEY                          examine new models. “They exist,”
HAWTHORNE VALLEY ASSOCIATION           he explained. “Creative companies
& HAWTHORNE VALLEY FARM ~              like Equal Exchange, a $13 million
HVA promotes cultural renewal          company that pioneered the Fair Trade
through education, agriculture,        movement, are proving that new
and the arts. www.hawthornevalley      economic models can be both socially                               responsible and economically viable.
GARY LAMB ~ Associative eco-           One of their staff came to speak to our
nomics consultant, teacher, author.    high-school class about how fair trade           Guest speaker Kevin Hollender of Equal
Email:         distributors are purchasing coffee                Exchange, explained the Fair Trade
TUROSE GIFT SHOPPE ~ Offers            from farmers in developing countries            movement that his company helped create.
Fair Trade gift items from around
the world. 518-672-0052
                                             “IN SO MANY BUSINESSES TODAY, THE WORKER HAS NO
                                               PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP TO THE WORK THEY DO.”
                                                              JONAH THOMAS, HVS SENIOR

Hawthorne Valley School News                                                               HAWTHORNE VALLEY SCHOOL NEWS
                                                                                           330 ROUTE 21C, GHENT, NY 12075
                                                                                                Published monthly for our students,
                                                                                             parents and grandparents, and for faculty,
                                                                                                  alumni, and others interested in
                                                                                                 staying abreast of the mission and
                                                                                               activities of Hawthorne Valley School.
                                                                                                 Hawthorne Valley News strives to:
                                                                                             1. Enhance understanding of Waldorf
                                                                                                education at Hawthorne Valley School
                                                                                             2. Expand interest in and understanding
                                                                                                of the School’s mission and governance
                                                                                             3. Provide practical information about
                                                                                                School activities, needs and goals
                                                                                             4. Publish examples of work of students,
                                                                                                faculty, alumni, and others associated
                                                                                                with the School
                                                                                             5. Recognize and encourage community
                    Students produced and presented business plans                              volunteerism
                        for five socially-responsible businesses,                            6. Give voice to the talents within the
                      and drew their own logos for each company.
                                                                                             Editor: Janet A. Cross 518-851-3580,
                                                                                           Art Director: Jan Melchior, 845-642-3720
City Strings, based in Oakland, CA.            see the end product and be proud of       
The business centered on recreating            it. In so many businesses today, the         Committee: George Riley, Development
a modern version of European guilds,           worker has no personal relationship          Director, Regine Shemroske, Enrollment
                                                                                             Director, Richard Caro, Development
where inner-city individuals without           to the work they do.”                       Associate, Candace Bachrach, Faculty Chair,
many employment opportunities could                According to Thomas, Lamb’s                   Naomi Klavun, Faculty Liaison,
gain employment as apprentices and             introduction to capitalist and socialist       Bonnie Bell, Assistant Faculty Liaison
become true craftsmen and women,               economics were good grounding for                    SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:
producing violins, violas, cellos,             an exploration of new and creative           Hawthorne Valley News is published the
                                                                                            first week of each month, September
basses, and guitars, mostly from wood          alternatives. At the end of the course       through June. We invite readers to submit
produced in a City-Strings-owned tree          block, the students were hungry for          articles for consideration that relate to
farm. The business would be windmill-          more.                                        school activities and events. Hawthorne
                                                                                            Valley School reserves all editorial rights,
powered and would recycle heavily,                 Fellow student, Aiola Komenda            including the right to reject any material it
right down to wood scraps transformed          agreed. Her group devised a con-             deems unsuitable for publication. Editorial
                                               sulting and advertising agency called        and advertising submission deadlines for
into children’s building blocks.                                                            Winter-Spring 2004 are as follows:
Employees and their families would             Open Your Eyes, whose mission was to
                                               educate the public about the socially       RELEASE DATE        ADS DUE      EDITORIAL DUE
participate in cultural field trips, and                                                     February 5       January 19    January 19
long-term employees would eventually           conscious companies it serves. Its              March 4       February 19    February 23
share in the ownership of the firm.            out-of-the gate client roster included           April 1       March 19      March 19
    “The idea of what the firm                 City Strings, Rise Up Café, and the other        May 29         April 19     April 19
                                                                                                May 27          May 12      May 14
would build was secondary to our               student creations from the course.
                                                   Ms. Komenda, who intends to              All submissions are due by the deadline at 9
intent to elevate the consciousness                                                         am. They should be typed and delivered in
of the workers and offer them the              major in social work and minor in            hardcopy and on floppy disk or CD in the
opportunity to participate in a                foreign languages when she enters            Publications Mailbox at Hawthorne Valley
                                                                                            School, or via email to jcross@crossworld
cultural atmosphere they otherwise             college, thought that economics    
would not readily have access to,”             would not interest her. She discovered
                                                                                            Display and classified advertising reservations
said Thomas, who is himself a                  otherwise. “I didn’t think I would like      should also be made by contacting Janet
classical violist who is training at           economics,” she said. “But I really          Cross at 518-851-3580 or via email. Ad
                                               enjoyed it. We had very lively debates       materials can be submitted as hardcopy (high
The Manhattan School of Music. “We                                                          quality laser output), or as PDF, Quark,
wanted to create a business where the          and came up with wide-ranging                InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or Word
workers could produce something                solutions to problems that are part of       files. They must be received by the deadlines
                                                                                            noted above. Send materials via email to
from start to fi nish, where they could        the world we live in.” B


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