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Careers with a Spanish Degree by fwc74812


Careers with a Spanish Degree document sample

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									Welcome to the College of Arts and
    Sciences Parent Session
       Bill Watts – Assistant Dean for Advising Services
 Sunil Narumalani – Associate Dean for Academic Programs

    "I have really developed my own voice and style of leading -
         both in and out of the classroom - because of all the
     opportunities available to me at UNL. That has by far been
                      the most rewarding for me."
       - Justin Shilhanek current Psychology & Spanish Major
What We’re Going to Cover
•   Value of A&S degree
•   Opportunities beyond the classroom
•   Components of an A&S degree
•   Student advising today and in the future
•   Contacting us

                         A&S Connections to Careers
                                         Irene Rosenfeld
                           Chairman and CEO, Kraft Foods
                         Undergraduate major: Psychology
Value of A&S degree
• Largest and most diverse college at UNL
  – Over 50 major and minor programs
  – 16 pre-professional programs (pre-medicine,
    pre-law, pre-dentistry)
  – 4500 students, 350 faculty
  – Over half of UNL’s teaching
• Mission: To offer a comprehensive education
• Preparation for a wide range of careers
Value of A&S Degree -Majors
•   Humanities
     - Classics - English              - French      - German
     - Greek      - History            - Latin
     - Philosophy           - Russian                - Spanish
•   Social Sciences
     - Anthropology         - Communication Studies - Economics
     - Geography            - Political Science      - Psychology
     - Sociology            - Speech Pathology & Audiology
•   Pre-Professional
     - Health     - Law

A&S Connections to Careers
Anne Mulchay
Chairman, Xerox
Undergraduate major: English
Value of A&S Degree -Majors
•   Natural Sciences
     - Actuarial Sciences - Biochemistry     - Biological Sciences
     - Chemistry           -Computer Science & Engineering
     - Geology             - Mathematics & Statistics
     - Meteorology/Climatology      - Physics and Astronomy
•   Interdisciplinary Studies
     - Environmental Studies        - European studies
     - Film Studies                 - Great Plains Studies
     - Individualized Program of Studies     - International Studies
     - Latin American Studies       - Medieval and Renaissance Studies
     - University Studies           - Women’s Studies

                                          A&S Connections to Careers
                                                              Alan G. Lafley
                   Chairman, President and CEO, Procter and Gamble Company
                                                Undergraduate major: History
Opportunites Beyond the Classroom
•    Undergraduate Research
      – RUTE
      – UCARE
      – Available in all A&S majors
•    Student Organizations
      – Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Board
      – Ambassadors
      – Major specific opportunities
•    Study Abroad
      – Through Study Abroad office – students can go ANYWHERE
      – Through partner programs– learn with UNL faculty at institutions
                                   Student Voices
    “Cedar Point and RUTE have given me the opportunity to think critically,
      analytically, independently, and work with others to solve problems that
      have not been answered before.” - Ken Shum BS 2009 Biochemistry &
Components of an A&S Degree
•   Minimum 125 total hours/credits for graduation
•   30 hours Achievement Centered Education
•   19-25 hours College Distribution Requirements
•   ~ 30-39 hours Major Coursework
•   ~ 18 hours Minor, pre-requisites, ancillary requirements
•   Electives
•   16 credits average - per term to graduate in 4 years

                                                       Student Voices
    "I would love to…maybe try something completely different like
        Teach for America or the Peace Corps…but who knows? In
             life you end up meeting people who lead you down an
               entirely different path, so I'm kind of expecting that to
                     happen." - Megan Berg – Current History Major
Student Advising - Today
• Professional and faculty advisers
• Students will
   – receive an Advising Handbook
   – learn about degree requirements
   – select courses with assistance from the adviser
   – learn the MyRed system to register for classes on-line
• Advisers will discuss total hours, work, extra curricular
  commitments and course selection

 Student Voices
 "I have really developed my own voice and
 style of leading - both in and out of the
 classroom - because of all the opportunities
 available to me at UNL. That has by far been
 the most rewarding for me." - Justin Shilhanek
 current Psychology & Spanish Major
Student Advising - Future
•   All students assigned a Chief Adviser
     – Faculty
     – Professional Staff
•   Students will need to make appointments to see their advisers
     – Office hours/phone/e-mail
•   Advising Center available for assistance
     – Appointments daily M-F 8-5, and some walk-ins
     – Pre-Professional Advising
     – Achievement Centered Education & College Distribution
     – Assistance with bureaucracy
                                        Student Voices
                     "Digital archiving technology is becoming increasingly
                   important in a lot of history departments," he said. "We are
                  moving away from dated notion that historians spend hours
                  in dusty archives looking at books; we’re taking research to
                    the modern age, using the technology we have to make
                  history more accessible." - Michael Dozler BA 2008 Political
Tools for your Student and Questions
                Advising Tools on the Web
  - Undergraduate Bulletin         - MyRed
  - MyUNL/Blackboard               - DARS

                         Contact us:
                        Advising Center
                 College of Arts & Sciences
                            Bill Watts
                        Sunil Narumalani
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