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					Ann Marie Fleming‟s

        Gender, Memory and Survival
 The  Films We‟ve Watched
 For the Students

 For Director Fleming
1. Stickgirl & Female Artist:
 great expectations. (1997)
 amf„s tiresias (1998) 動畫
 i love my work (1994)
 drumstix
2. Desire, Life and Survival
 you take care now (1989)
 new shoes: an interview (1990)
 Pleasure film (ahmed„s story) (1995)
 blue skies 2002 (2002)
 buckingham palace (1993)
3. Memory and Family (see last
 week’s outline)
 waving

 Pioneers of X-Ray Technology
     Questions for the
1. Stickgirl & Female Artists:
 In revising the story of Tiresia, what
  does the film say about different
  genders‟ experience of sexuality?
 How do the films such as Great
  Expectations, Drumstix and I Love My
  Work, present female artists?
     Questions for the
2. Desire, Life and Survival
How is “pleasure” defined (Pleasure film) ?
  How are accidents survived (you take
  care now & blue skies )?
How is reality contrasted with fantasy
  images? Why does the interview have to
  be finished in five minutes?
          Questions for
       Director Fleming
 At the end of “Buckingham Palace,” does the
  Executor get to kill the Perfect Western Man?
 Your interviews are not just interviews; you
  tend to mix them with some other images and
  words (animations, some narration and some
  other footage). That’s why for me these films
  present a central theme, but then also several
  related ideas. In “New Shoes” when did you
  come up with the idea of media voyeurism?
  Before or after the interview? How about
  “Pioneers of X-Ray Technology”?
           Female Artists
 “Great
       Expectations”—frustrations and
          Female Artists
 “I
   Love my Work”—burdens in daily life
   rejected by painting the door
          Female Artists
 “Drumstix”
 Women  do have better sex, but there is
 no other benefit to it.
 Cassandra   gets a better vision and
 loves it.
                You Take Care
    Two parts: about a rape and an accident, with
  some repetitions of words and images
 Mental and Disparate Visual Images of intrusion,
  male violence and lost dignity:
                 You Take Care
   Repetitions: Images of women
                You Take Care
  Survival:                    End of Part II: „And you
“Whatever it was, Alice fell      wonder what you ever
   quickly through it.”           did to get raped and run
 ending of Part I: „. . .Your     over in one lifetime.
   friend from the train is       And you realize that
   there, and asks you how        there is only one.‟
   your day was? You say, "I
   had a really bad day, a
   really bad day? But then
   you look down at yourself,
   and you are all in one
   piece, and you think, at
   least I'm still okay.‟
                  You Take Care
 Memory and Representation (2):
Part I: “So, you take a picture of yourself so that you can
  remember what the Mona Lisa looks like when she
  realizes Leonardo is just another letch. “
              You Take Care
 Memory and Representation (2):
Part II: Ross takes a picture of you. You lie there, small
  and helpless and black and white. And it looks like

And you think, wow, pictures don't tell you anything.
             Pleasure Film
  life –unexpectedly changeful:
“Happiness is so elusive
Its nature's so abusive
that the moment things start swinging right
Apprehension wraps you tight.”
 desire –cannot be kept, or not what one
   needs (Ahmed’s story)
           Blue Skies 2002
       of surviving trauma and
 Ritual

Acceptance of difference cultures.
                 New Shoes:
         Reality vs. Fantasies
 Reality:

-- how different people deals with breaking
   up differently. This woman cannot
   remember the lover‟s name, but her ex-
   boyfriend seems to be obsessive and
-- Her memory: quite detailed.
               New Shoes:
        Reality vs. Fantasies
 Fantasies: 1) cannot go home; 2) birds
 flying up when she was shot and faced
 the sky
 Pre-Evaluation

 The  Novels
 Next week‟s readings: Handouts
  (“Tricks with Mirror” “CanLit” “This is a
  Photograph of Me” “Cape Breton is the
  Center of Thought Control”) and Decline
  of the American Empire

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