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					Date: April 13, 2010

Call to Order: 6:30 PM

New Business:
   I - Oncology Nursing Month - The gift will be ONS grocery tote bags. One will be
      to each attendee at the May meeting. It was decided to order 50 bags.
  II - Reviewed ways to Celebrate 15th Anniversary.
      April - Two $15 gift cards to Borders Book Store (Mary C)
      May - Grocery Tote Bags (Mary C)
      June - Undecided
      July - Invite past presidents. Perhaps list them on the web site.
      August - Compile a list of 15 items that can be donated by members to a
              charitable cause. (Mary D)
  III - Equipment Needed -It was decided that we will not purchase a cordless
      microphone because most facilities / speakers can provide them. We will continue
      to persue the possibility of purchasing a laptop.
 IV - Program Committee - Carol reviewed the list of speakers and venues for the months
      remaining and she is working on March / April / May of next year also. At this
      point, it appears that June, August, September, and October will be at the fittness
      center. Marylou informed us that she had stopped at the fitness center on her way
      tonight and found that they had double booked our meeting room for April. Marylou
      still had the Barrington Library meeting room booked. She will confirm its
      availability and then alert members as to the change in location for next week'e
 V - Our next Board meeting will be held on June 8th at The Assembly in Hoffman
      Estates. (On Barrington Road just north of Higgins) We'll meet at 6PM and be
      before 7:30. I'd like to finalize the programs for this year, especially see what
      needs for the Vendor Fair. I'd also like us to start discussing officers for next year.
      Bring your ideas!

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