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					                                            CHEROKEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                Office of Supervisor of Purchasing
                                                      201 Mountain Brook Court
                                                      Canton GA, 30115
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Vendor Contact Information?

                                            Vendor Contact List Application
Complete a vendor application form and submit via email to to be placed on the
Cherokee County School District Central Purchasing Department's Vendor Contact List. Handwritten, scanned and
faxed duplications are prohibited and may not be accepted. Once this process is complete, you will be added to the
contact list for the items marked on the CCSD Commodity/Services Category Register. The vendor contact list is utilized
for competitive price quotes, requests for proposals, bids, etc. that originate from the CCSD Central Purchasing
Department. By submitting this application you understand that this is a vendor contact application only and does not
make you and/or your company an "approved" vendor for doing business with any CCSD facility. This application does
not authorize contact with the schools directly for sales.

                                                       Company Information
Name of Company:

Phone:                                                                 1-800



                              (Street Address)                                        (City, State, and Zip)

How long have you been in business?

Do you currently do business with Cherokee County Schools?

If yes, in what capacity?

List other school systems you currently service:

                                                          Contact Information

Do you have a local representative in the Atlanta, GA area?

Primary Contact Name :                                                  Title:
(Person Responsible for receiving Request for Proposal)

                              (Street Address)                                        (City, State, and Zip)
Phone:                                                                 1-800

Cell:                                                                  Email:

Secondary Contact Name:                                                 Title:

                              (Street Address)                                        (City, State, and Zip)
Phone:                                                                 1-800

Cell:                                                                  Email:

It is the Vendor's responsibility to notify and update CCSD of any address, phone, email, and/or contact personnel
changes. CCSD will not be held responsible for missed correspondence or failure to receive future solicitations due to
changes in contact personnel information not provided to CCSD prior to submittal of correspondence and/or future
                                         CCSD Central Purchasing Department
                                         Commodity/Services Category Register
This form must be submitted along with the CCSD Vendor Contact List Application utilized by CCSD Purchasing Department.

                       Commodity Description                                                    Commodity Description
     Air Filter Service for Heating & Air Conditioning                         Fuel-Diesel and Regular
     Appliances                                                                Furniture for Offices & Classrooms
     Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Washers, Dryers,                  Administrative, Student, and Teacher Desks, Filing Cabinets,
     Stove/Oven Combos, Commercial Washers and Dryers                          Storage Cabinets, Fireproof Cabinets, Office, Teacher and
                                                                               Student Chairs, Folding Chairs, Computer Tables, Lunchroom
                                                                               Tables, Folding Tables, Media Furniture, Science Lab Tables,
                                                                               Bookcases, Classroom Boards, Dry Erase and Cork Boards,
                                                                               Kindergarten Furniture, Study Carrells, Benches
     Architectural Firm to Develop Prototype Schematics                        Geotechnical, Material Testing, & Lab Services
     Art Equipment/Supplies/Clay                                               Graphic Design Services
     Auditorium Seating and Supplies                                           Grounds & Athletic Field Maintenance
     Auto Parts & Accessories                                                  Gym Wood Floor Refinishing
     Filters, Bulbs, Wet Batteries, Bulk Oil Gallon&12/1 Qt., Gear
     Lubricant, Transmission Fluid, Chassis Grease, Power Steering
     Fluid, Brake Pads, Brake Lining, Anti-Freeze, New Tires, New              Human Resource/Payroll Management Software Systems
     Tubless Tires, Bulk Cleaning Chemicals
     Automated External Defibrillators                                         Ice Machines
     Blinds/Window Coverings                                                   Kilns
     Business Card Printing                                                    Land Surveying
     Card Access Control System                                                Light Bulbs
     Chemical Disposal/Waste Removal                                           Media Audio Visual Equipment & Repairs
                                                                               Carts, Overhead Projectors, Cassette Recorders, Wall Screens,
                                                                               Televisions, VCR/DVD, Camcorders, Headphones & Jackboxes,
     Clinic Supplies                                                           Language Masters, Wall Mounts, Projection Lamps, Laminators,
                                                                               Laminating Film, Media Equipment Repair
     Coffee Equipment - Brewer/Decanter                                        Media Print
                                                                               Jobber, Pre-Bound, Preview/On-Site Preview, Selection
     Communication-Cellular Services/Two-Way Radios/Pagers
                                                                               Service/Review Service, Single Source Titles Only
     Communication-Long Distance Service                                       Metal Shelving/Racking/Lockers
     Communication-Telecommunication Systems                                   Music Equipment/Cabinets
     Containers-Plastic/Glass/Metal                                            Musical Instruments/Band Supplies
     Copiers & Fax Machines                                                    Natural Gas
     Copy Paper                                                                Office, Classroom and Miscellaneous Supplies
     Custodial/SFS/Misc Supplies and Equipment                                 Office/Print Equipment Repair
     Brushes, Mops, Brooms, Cans and Liners, Chemicals Cleaning,               Fax Machines, Typewriters, Document Folder, Cutter, Driller,
     Dispensers and Paper, Soap, Floor Pads & Supplies, Floor Wax,             Joggers and Binding Equipment
     Floor Mats, Gloves, Custodial Equipment, School Food Service
     Supplies, and Miscellaneous Custodial Supplies
     Die-Cut Equipment/Supplies                                                Pallets
     Early/Speciality Learning Products and Supplies                           Parking Permits/Decals
     Electrical Services For New Sites                                         Partition Walls/Cubicles
     Electronic Document Management System                                     Pest Control
     Employee Physicals                                                        Physical Education Supplies/Equipment
     Complete Physical, TB Skin Test, Chest X-Ray                              Piano/Electric Keyboards
     Flags and Accessories                                                     Playground Equipment

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                                           CCSD Central Purchasing Department
                                           Commodity/Services Category Register
This form must be submitted along with the CCSD Vendor Contact List Application utilized by CCSD Purchasing Department.
X                     Commodity Description
     Portable Classroom Buildings
     Postage Meter Equipment/Mail Slots
     Print Shop Equipment - HighSpeed/High Volume Printer
     Printer Cartridges
     Printing Services
     Propane Gas Supply
     Radio/Bus Cameras and DVRs for Security
     Portable Walkie Talkie Radios, School Base Station Radios, Bus
     Radios, Bus Cameras and DVRs for Security
     Recycling Programs
     Refuse Collection
     Roofing Replacement/Repairs
     School Activities Accounting Software
     School Bus Bodies & Chassis
     School Food Services Kitchen Small Equipment
     School Food Services Software
     Science Lab Chemicals, Equipment and Supplies
     Security/Intrusion Alarm Systems
     Sewing Machines
     Shipping/Hauling Services
     Shipping/Packing Supplies & Equipment
     Stage Curtains-Cleaning/Repair
     Stage Curtains-New
     Student Support Contract Services
     Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist

     Surplus Property Auctioneer Services
     Surplus Technology Equipment
     Surplus Textbooks & Media Center Materials Property
     Travel Facilitation (Agent) Services/ Field Trips
     Uniform & Dust Mop Services
     Employee Work Uniforms,Dust Mops and Floor Mats
     Cars, SUV's, MiniVans, Trucks, Utility Vehicles, Heavy Duty
     Delivery Trucks w/Liftgate
     Warehouse Equipment/Supplies
     Pallet Jacks, Fork Lift, Hand Trucks, Dollies, Hand Tools, Ratchet
     Straps and Safety Equipment
     Water Cooler Rental Service
     Wax Application For Tile Floors
     Weather Radios
     Wrecker/Towing Services

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