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Types of jobs                                   

Arts administrator                              
Civil Service administrator                     
Civil Service fast streamer                     
Community arts worker                           
Company secretary                               
Diplomatic services operational officer         
Education administrator                         
Health services manager                         
Intelligence analyst/officer                    
Local government officer                        
Office manager                                  
Personal assistant                              
Theatre manager                                 

Advertising, marketing and PR                   
Advertising account executive                   
Advertising account planner                     
Advertising art director                        
Advertising copywriter                          
Market researcher                               
Marketing executive                             
Media buyer                                     
Media planner                                   
Public affairs consultant                       
Public relations account executive              
Public relations officer                        
Sales promotion account executive               
Animal and plant resources                
Agricultural consultant                   
Amenity horticulturist                    
Animal nutritionist                       
Commercial horticulturist                 
Farm manager                              
Field trials officer                      
Fish farm manager                         
Fisheries officer                         
Forest/woodland manager                   
Horticultural consultant                  
Land-based engineer                       
Plant breeder/geneticist                  
Soil scientist                            
Veterinary surgeon                        

Charity and voluntary work                
Charity officer                           
Charity fundraiser                        
International aid/development worker      
Volunteer coordinator                     

Construction and property                 
Architectural technologist                
Building control surveyor                 
Building services engineer                
Building surveyor                         
Commercial/residential surveyor           
Consulting civil engineer                 
Contracting civil engineer                
Engineering geologist                     
Estate agent                              
Facilities manager                        
Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer
Housing manager/officer              
Landscape architect                  
Planning and development surveyor    
Quantity surveyor                    
Rural practice surveyor              
Site engineer                        
Structural engineer                  
Town planner                         
Water engineer                       

Creative arts and design             
Ceramics designer                    
Exhibition designer                  
Fashion designer                     
Fine artist                          
Furniture conservator/restorer       
Furniture designer                   
Glass blower/designer                
Graphic designer                     
Industrial/product designer          
Interior and spatial designer        
Jewellery designer                   
Make-up artist                       
Medical illustrator                  
Museum/gallery conservator           
Press photographer                   
Production designer, theatre/television/film
Textile designer                     

Adult education lecturer             
Early years teacher                  
Educational psychologist          
English as a foreign language teacher
English as a second language teacher
Environmental education officer   
Further education lecturer        
Higher education lecturer         
Learning mentor                   
Primary school teacher            
Private music teacher             
Secondary school teacher          
Special educational needs teacher 

Engineering, manufacturing and production
Aeronautical engineer             
Automotive engineer               
Biomedical engineer               
Chemical development engineer     
Communications engineer           
Control and instrumentation engineer
Electrical engineer               
Electronics engineer              
Maintenance engineer              
Manufacturing engineer            
Manufacturing systems engineer    
Materials engineer                
Mechanical engineer               
Naval architect                   
Production manager                
Quality assurance manager         
Technical brewer                  
Technical sales engineer          
Telecommunications researcher     

Energy engineer                   
Energy manager               
Environmental consultant     
Environmental manager        
Marine scientist             
Nature conservation officer  
Recycling officer            
Waste management officer     
Water quality scientist      

Financial management and accountancy
Accounting technician        
Chartered accountant         
Chartered certified accountant
Chartered management accountant
Chartered public finance accountant
Corporate investment banker  
Corporate treasurer          
Financial manager            
Financial trader             
Investment analyst           
Operational investment banker
Tax adviser                  
Tax inspector                

Health care                  
Adult nurse                  
Art therapist                
Clinical embryologist        
Clinical psychologist        
Community pharmacist         
Dance movement psychotherapist
Diagnostic radiographer      
Exercise physiologist     
Forensic psychologist     
General practice doctor   
Health promotion specialist
Health visitor            
Horticultural therapist   
Hospital doctor           
Hospital pharmacist       
Learning disability nurse 
Mental health nurse       
Music therapist           
Nutritional therapist     
Occupational therapist    
Paediatric nurse          
Speech and language therapist
Sports therapist          
Therapeutic radiographer  

Hospitality and events management
Accommodation manager     
Catering manager          
Conference centre manager 
Event organiser           
Fast food restaurant manager
Hotel manager             
Public house manager       
Restaurant manager         

Human resources and employment
Occupational psychologist  
Human resources officer    
Recruitment consultant     
Training and development officer

Information services       
Academic librarian         
Careers information officer
Government research officer
Heritage manager           
Information officer        
Information scientist      
Museum education officer   
Museum/gallery curator     
Museum/gallery exhibitions officer
Patent attorney            
Patent examiner            
Politician's assistant     
Public librarian           
Records manager            
Regulatory affairs officer 
Social researcher          
Trade mark attorney        
Trade union research officer

Information technology     
Applications developer     
Database administrator     
Games developer                               
Geographical information systems officer      
Information systems manager                   
IT consultant                                 
IT sales professional                         
IT technical support officer                  
IT Trainer                                    
Multimedia programmer                         
Multimedia specialist                         
Network engineer                              
Software engineer                             
Systems analyst                               
Systems developer                             
Technical author                              

Insurance and pensions                        
Actuarial consultant                          
Chartered loss adjuster                       
Insurance account manager                     
Insurance broker                              
Insurance claims inspector                    
Insurance risk surveyor                       
Insurance underwriter                         
Pensions adviser                              
Pension scheme manager                        

Law enforcement and protection                
Armed forces logistics/support/administrative officer
Armed forces operational officer              
Armed forces technical officer                
Armed forces training and education officer   
Emergency planning/management officer         
Environmental health practitioner             
Health and safety adviser                     
Health and safety inspector 
Immigration officer         
Occupational hygienist      
Police officer              
Prison officer              
Trading standards officer   

Legal profession            
Barrister's clerk           
Commercial solicitor        
Legal executive (England and Wales)
Licensed conveyancer        
Non-commercial solicitor    
Solicitor, Scotland         

Leisure, sport and tourism  
Cinema manager              
Fitness centre manager      
Holiday representative      
Outdoor pursuits manager    
Sport and exercise psychologist
Sports administrator        
Sports coach/instructor     
Sports development officer  
Theme park manager          
Tour manager                
Tourism officer             
Tourist information centre manager
Travel agency manager       

Management and statistics   
Financial risk analyst      
Management consultant                 
Operational researcher                
Risk manager                          

Media and broadcasting                
Broadcast engineer                    
Film/video editor                     
Lighting technician, broadcasting/film/video
Location manager                      
Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video
Radio broadcast assistant             
Radio producer                        
Runner, broadcasting/film/video       
Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video
Television camera operator            
Television/film/video producer        
Television floor manager              
Television production assistant       

Mining and land surveying             
Drilling engineer                     
Geological mapper                     
Geophysical data processor            
Geophysicist/field seismologist       
Hydrographic surveyor                 
Land/geomatics surveyor               
Minerals surveyor                     
Mining engineer                       
Petroleum engineer                    
Quarry manager             
Seismic interpreter        
Wellsite geologist         

Performing arts            
Broadcast presenter        
Theatre director           
Theatre stage manager      

Publishing and journalism  
Broadcast journalist       
Commissioning editor       
Editorial assistant        
Magazine features editor   
Magazine journalist        
Newspaper journalist       
Press sub-editor           
Print production planner   
Publishing copy editor/proofreader
Publishing rights manager  
Science writer             

Retailing, buying and selling
Call centre manager        
Cash and carry manager     
Commercial art gallery manager
Customer service manager   
Dispensing optician        
Financial adviser          
Industrial buyer           
Medical sales representative                      
Retail buyer                                      
Retail manager                                    
Retail merchandiser                               
Sales executive                                   

Scientific services                               
Analytical chemist                                
Animal technologist                               
Audiological scientist                            
Biomedical scientist                              
Clinical biochemist                               
Clinical cytogeneticist                           
Clinical molecular geneticist                     
Clinical research associate                       
Clinical scientist, histocompatibility and immunogenetics
Clothing/textile technologist                     
Colour technologist                               
Food technologist                                 
Forensic scientist                                
Medical physicist                                 
Physiological scientist                           
Product/process development scientist             
Radiation protection practitioner                 
Research scientist (life sciences)                
Research scientist (maths)                        
Research scientist (medical)                      
Research scientist (physical sciences)            
Scientific laboratory technician                  
Teaching laboratory technician

Social care and guidance work 
Adult guidance worker         
Advice worker                 
Careers adviser/personal adviser
Careers consultant            
Child psychotherapist         
Community education officer   
Community development worker  
Counselling psychologist      
Higher education careers adviser
Probation officer             
Race relations officer        
Social worker                 
Youth worker                  

Transport, logistics and distribution
Air cabin crew                
Air traffic controller        
Airline pilot                 
Logistics and distribution manager
Freight forwarder             
Merchant navy officer         
Passenger transport manager   
Transport planner             
Warehouse manager             

Last updated: 13/08/10
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Animal, plants and agriculture
Banking and finance    
Business and management
Charities and voluntary work
Creative arts and culture
Energy and utilities   
Engineering and manufacturing
Environment and conservation
Health and social care 
Hospitality, tourism and sport
IT and information services
Marketing, advertising and PR
Property and construction
Public sector          
Recruitment and HR     
Retail and sales       
Science and pharmaceuticals
Teaching and education 
Transport and logistics

Last updated: 13/08/10
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