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					                     PILOT POINT

                                         Mission Statement
The Mission of the Pilot Point Economic Development Corporation (PPEDC) is to use funds received
from the half-cent 4B EDC sales tax to encourage and foster new business development and business
retention for all aspects of our local industries through a managed program that adopts the following
principles as our basis for economic development:

      Business Retention – the first segment of the PPEDC mission statement is to retain and expand
      existing businesses through local business and governmental partnerships that target areas for
      potential joint ventures and promotion of the benefits of Pilot Point and our surrounding area, and that
      uses development incentives to expand or enhance local business, and utilizes a marketing plan that
      promotes our local businesses, industries, workforce, and our quality of life as a lake side community.

      Business Attraction – the second segment of the PPEDC mission statement is to attract new business
      and industry that complement our existing business operations through relocation and business
      development incentives that target specific businesses and industries that create a climate of business
      diversity within our local economy, and that promotes training and education of our local workforce
      to serve emerging business development.

      Quality of Life – the third segment of the PPEDC mission statement is to annual dedicate a portion of
      the 4B EDC funds to enhance the quality of life in Pilot Point by expanding existing recreational
      facilities, through development of a park master plan that provides for development of new park
      programs and recreational facilities, that promotes the use of grant funds to be leveraged against our
      local 4B funds to improve our quality of life, and that encourages tourism development through
      promotion of our rich history, the Pilot Point Commercial Historic District & Square, our numerous
      historic building and home sites, and Lake Roberts.

4B Sales Tax Funding Creation and Guidelines
The Pilot Point Economic Development Corporation (PPEDC) is a non-profit corporation created for the
purposes of attracting and retaining companies that diversify and expand the local tax base, that
encourage local job creation, that expands growth in the local sales tax, and funds local projects that
improve the quality of life for residents in Pilot Point, Texas. The Corporation was established in
accordance with the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979, Article 5190.6, Section 4B Texas Rev.
Civil Statutes Annotated, as amended, and Pilot Point Resolution No. 211-96 adopted by the City Council
on the 26th day of August, 1996.

The registered office of the Corporation is located at 102 E. Main, Pilot Point, Texas 76258, whose
mailing address is P. O. Box 457, Pilot Point, Texas 76258-0457.

The     Registered   Agent for the Corporation is the EDC Secretary, Lisa C. Henderson.

Both the Pilot Point Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors (PPEDC) and the Pilot Point
City Council must approve all expenditures of 4B fund. All incentive based contractual actions of the
PPEDC are subject to the Development Corporation Act of 1979, and final approval of the City Council
of the Pilot Point, Texas. The Corporation is city-chartered and governed by a city-appointed board of

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