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Television Advertising for Attorneys by mcf89458


Television Advertising for Attorneys document sample

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									I/we, _______________________________________owner or purchaser of _______________________________
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Hereby agree to the following terms and conditions for the “SHARE IT TODAY” television show advertising

The “share” package consist of a 30 second commercial, airing on Saturday & Sunday for 16 to 18 weeks on
Comcast channel 190 at 12 o’clock (noon) Suburbs and 3 o’clock Detroit for the amount of $225.00 a month.

Terms & Conditions

   1. I/we understand that I/we are responsible for providing “Share it Today”, with necessary photos, images and
      or logos for my television commercial.
   2. I/we understand after the television commercial, credit commercial and/or web listing for my business or
      organization is completed by “Share It Today” (unless otherwise I/we have my own media). I/we are allowed
      to view the draft and make one set of adjustments, corrections or changes (examples may include new phone
      numbers, spelling errors, etc.) After the adjustments, corrections or changes I/we specify during the first set of
      corrections are completed by “Share It Today”, I/we understand I/we will be charged a twenty five dollars per
      hour fee for any additional adjustments, corrections or changes not specified by myself during the first set of
      changes. Commercial cost by “Share It Today” starts at $100.00. Price is subject to change based on travel,
      material, content, and equipment.
   3. I/we understand that this contract is a 16 to 18 weeks arrangement between my business or organization and
      “Share it Today”. The fee for the first month is two hundred and twenty five dollars per month, plus any
      additional charges for media done by “Share It Today”.
   4. I/we understand that if I/we cancel out of the contract at anytime before the duration of the 16 to 18 week
      agreement, I/we will be charged a cancellation fee of three hundred and ninety-nine and ninety-nine cents
      and my television commercials, credit commercials and web listing will be removed immediately.
   5. I/we understand that if a check(s) I/we write to “Share it Today” does not clear and the funds are unavailable,
      I/we will be charged a thirty five-dollar fee.
   6. I/we understand that “Share it Today” currently airs on Comcast Leased Access.

I/we agree to indemnify and hold harmless “Share it Today” and its affiliates their respective officers, directors and
agents against any liability, damages or other expenses (including attorneys’ fees and costs) arising from my use for the
Service (including, without limitation, my dissemination of any information on the services)

  I/we need media and content for a commercial        Signature: _____________________________________

  I/we have my own commercial media                   Date: _________________________________________

                my/our commercial to start:           Phone: ________________________________________
                                                      Alt #: _________________________________________

                                                     Website: ____________________________________

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