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									                               Crosswalk for Be Real Game Jobs and Career Cruising Occupations

Role               1st Job                    Career Cruising Occupation(s)                      2nd Job              Career Cruising Occupation(s)
   1    Customer Service Agent              Customer Service Representative,         Import/Export Co-ordinator       Importer-Exporter
                                            Airline Customer Service Agent
   2    Sales Representative                Sales Representative, Retail             Buyer                            Retail Buyer
                                            Salesperson, Fashion Retailer,
                                            Technical Sales Representative
   3    Systems Analyst                     Business Systems Analyst                 Information Systems Manager      Business Systems Analyst
   4    Telecommunications Engineer         Electrical Engineer, Computer            Technical Sales Representative   Technical Sales Rep
   5    Professional Transport Driver       Truck Driver, Bus Driver                 Transport Truck Owner/Operator Truck Driver

   6    Insurance Adjuster                  Insurance Claims Adjuster                Claims Manager                   Insurance Claims Adjuster
   7    Translator                          Translator, Interpreter                  Freelance Translator             Translator, Interpreter
   8    Sales Assistant International       Sales Representative, Technical          International Sales              Sales Representative, Technical
        Trade                               Sales Representative, Importer-          Representative                   Sales Representative, Importer-
                                            Exporter                                                                  Exporter
   9    Textiles Mill Worker                Manufacturing Machine Operator,          Plant Supervisor, Textiles       Clothing Manufacturer
                                            Clothing Manufacturer
  10    Graphic Artist, Industrial Design   Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer,   Graphic Design Technician        Graphic Designer
  11    Cook's Helper                       Cook                                     Cook                             Cook
  12    Food Service Counter Server         Fast Food Worker                         Food and Beverage Server         Waiter, Bartender
  13    Laboratory Assistant                Biological Tech, Medical Lab Tech        Laboratory Technician            Biological Tech, Medical Lab Tech

  14    Orderly                             Hospital Service Worker, Home Care Research Microbiologist                Microbiologist
  15    Automotive Mechanic                 Automobile Mechanic                Heavy Equipment Mechanic               Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  16    Heavy Equipment Operator            Heavy Equipment Operator           Heavy Equipment Contractor             General Contractor, Heavy
                                                                                                                      Equipment Operator
  17    Mechanical Engineer                 Mechanical Engineer                      Mechanical Engineer              Mechanical Engineer
Role                1st Job               Career Cruising Occupations                 2nd Job              Career Cruising Occupations
  18    Service Technician             Industrial Machinery Mechanic      Technical Service                Technical Sales Rep
  19    Graphic Artist, Advertising    Graphic Designer, Illustrator      Freelance Graphic Artist         Graphic Designer, Illustrator
  20    Daycare Worker                 Early Childhood Educator           Performing Artist                Actor, Dancer, Musician
  21    Electronic Production Worker   Electronics Assembler              Microelectronics Operator        Electronics Engineering Tech
  22    Product Tester                 Quality Controller                 Quality Assurance Technologist   Quality Controller

  23    Production Coordinator         Project Manager                    Project Manager Software         Project Manager
  24    Computer Software Engineer     Computer Engineer                  Computer Software Engineer     Computer Engineer
  25    Production Assistant           Film and TV Crew                   Key Grip                       Film & TV Crew
  26    Veterinary Assistant           Veterinary Technician              Veterinarian                   Veterinarian
  27    Library Technician             Library Technician                 Archivist                      Archivist
  28    Outreach Worker                Community Worker                   Social Worker                  Social Worker
  29    Newspaper Reporter             Print Journalist                   Videographer                   Camera Operator, Television and
                                                                                                         Radio Reporter
  30    Gerontology Nurse              Nurse                              Nurse Practitioner             Nurse Practitioner
  31    Geomatics Technologist         GIS Specialist, Survey Tech        Geomatics Consulting Associate GIS Specialist, Survey Tech

  32    Administrative Assistant       Administrative Assistant           Executive Assistant              Administrative Assistant
  33    Paralegal                      Paralegal                          Articling Lawyer                 Civil Litigator, Criminal Lawyer,
                                                                                                           Corporate / Commercial Lawyer,
  34    Information Clerk              Receptionist / Information Clerk   Town Planner                     Planner
  35    Environmental Technologist     Environmental Tech                 Hazardous Waste Management       Environmental Tech,
                                                                          Specialist                       Environmental Engineer
  36    Biochemist                     Biologist, Chemist                 Biochemist, Research             Biologist, Chemist
  37    Apprentice Optician            Optician                           Licensed Optician, Business      Optician
  38    Print Shop Assistant           Printing Press Operator            Print Technician, Business       Printing Press Operator
  39    Horticulturalist               Horticulturalist                   Self-Employed Horticulturalist   Horticulturalist
  40    Aerospace Engineer             Aerospace Engineer                 Aerospace Design Engineer        Aerospace Engineer

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