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									Family Summer Vacation Planner
Note: You can insert or delete rows or columns from the various sections in this template to customize it.
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If you're staying at home...

Done?                                            Activity ideas

            Invite family and friends to a picnic or barbecue party
            Organize a swim party
            Organize a camping trip
            Go to the zoo
            Search the Internet for family crafts and games
            Plan hiking trips or nature walks
            Go to an art museum, science exhibit, or state fair
            Teach your kids to cook or bake
            Set up sports activities for your kids (tennis, basketball etc)
            Give adult friends a break by offering to look after their kids for a few
            hours, and get them to return the favor

If you're going out of town...

Done?                                            Before you go

            Arrange for pet care or boarding: be sure pets have required shots, and
            boarding facility has your emergency phone number
            Hold incoming mail and newspapers, or ask a neighbor to take them in
            each day (give the Post Office enough notice to stop delivery)
            Give a neighbor a phone number to reach you or a family member in case
            of emergency
            Be sure that you will have enough prescription medicine
            Pay upcoming bills that can’ wait
            Record phone numbers for reporting lost or stolen credit cards or debit
            cards and put them in a location other than your purse or wallet

            If you plan on being away for an extended period of time let a local police
            department know so they can make periodic checks by your home
            Mow your lawn just before you leave
            Double-check reservations

            As you're leaving...
        Turn off AC/Heat
        Lock all windows and doors
        Remove trash from home
        Set timers to turn lights on and off
        Update voicemail and e-mail at work with Out of Office messages

Done?                                    Car trip

        Remember to have tire pressure, battery, spare tire, oil, coolant and wiper
        fluid checked before a long trip
        Print trip directions
        Bring an insulated bag with ice packs to hold snacks and drinks
        Pack small toys, books and games separately and dole them out one at a
        time to keep children busy

        Bring plenty of supplies to make the journey more comfortable: plastic
        trash bags, batteries, hand wipes, paper towels, small pillows etc.
        Pack a first aid kit
        Check auto insurance policy

Done?                                   Plane trip

        Enroll in frequent flyer mileage program
        Request in-flight meals for special dietary needs
        Purchase or arrange to borrow guidebooks and phrase books for
        Ensure passport or visa is current
        Check medical insurance policy for coverage of out-of-town needs
        Get appropriate innoculations for destination
        Put name and destination phone number or destination address in
        luggage - Don’ put the address of your vacant home
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