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									       2008-2009 Youth Resources Annual Report
Dear YR Supporters, Volunteers, & Friends:
                                                                                                        Youth Resources
The 2008-09 school year brought many            Why is YR’s evidence-based programming                 Board of Directors
exciting developments for Youth Resources       important? According to a new study by the
programs! As the president of the board it      National Research Council, “The quality of        PRESIDENT
has been very gratifying to me personally to    relationships with adults comes up again and      Eric Williams
volunteer with the programs that are making     again as a critical feature of youth programs     VICE PRESIDENT
such a fantastic and positive impact for area   that have a positive impact. Positive relation-   Nancy Koehler
youth. As Youth Resoures enters its 23rd year   ships with youth workers provide an environ-      SECRETARY
of engaging youth in leadership development     ment of reinforcement, good modeling, and         John Bohls
and community service we are proud that we      constructive feedback for physical, intellec-     TREASURER
have not wavered from our original mission!     tual, psychological and social growth.” The       Jeff Smith
The YR board seeks quality over quantity with   research goes on and on about the return on
regard to our number of programs offered;                                                     DIRECTORS
                                                investment in YR’s programming for current
                                                                                              Don Apple
yet we’ve seen a dramatic increase recently     donors, potential donors and the youth we     Vincent Bertram
in the number of students involved in our       serve.                                        LaDonne Craig
evidence-based programs.                                                                      Gayle Derringe
                                               I am proud of this organization, my fellow     Jan Elsea
As I’ve watched my own children grow and       board members, YR’s team of youth workers, Bob Jones
develop through YR’s programs it gives me      and most importantly the youth we serve. If Jack Pate
great confidence that our future is in good    I can answer any questions for you relative to Kathryn Kornblum-Zelle
                                                                                              Jonathan Parkhurst
hands as your children and grandchildren also YR’s programming please don’t hesitate to
                                                                                              Stephanie Roland
experience this positive programming. My       contact me.                                    Reed Schmitt
favorite part of volunteering in YR’s programs                                                Karyn Sproles
is building long term relationships with the
youth over time. Regardless of whether I       Sheriff Eric Williams                              YOUTH DIRECTORS
serve this organiztions’ board, I would still  YR Board President                                 Sammi Burnworth
                                                                                                  David Korb
volunteer with YR’s youth as I get more out of
                                                                                                  Sarah Krampe
working with them than they receive from my
influence in return!                                                                              HONORARY CLASS
                                                                                                  H. Lee Cooper
                                                                                                  Phyllis Kincaid
                                                                                                  Marcia Kreyling

                                                                                                      Youth Resources of
                                                                                                     Southwestern Indiana

                                                                                                  (812) 421-0030 Phone
                                                                                                  (812) 422-9143 Fax
                                                                                                  P.O. Box 3635
                                                                                                  Evansville, IN 47735-3635


 TEENPOWER * Teen Advisory Council * Teen Court * Make A Difference Grants
      Committed to Youth
                                                        Youth Resources Programs
Since 1987, Youth Resources of
Southwestern Indiana has involved                   Teen Advisory Council                          Vanderburgh County
over 141,970 young people in more
than 2,450 service projects. The youth          •  82 high school Teen Advisory
                                                                                                       Teen Court
directly served amoung all of the pro-          Council (TAC) members from Vander-
                                                                                              •  137 youth volunteers completed
grams range in age from 6 to 18 and             burgh and Warrick counties completed
                                                                                              762 hours of community service, and 31
represent the                                   2,460 service hours and served over 40
                                                                                              youth offenders completed 377 hours of
socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural            local non-profit agencies
                                                                                              service through their dispositions.
diversity of the region.                        • TAC members consistently report
                                                                                              • 100% of adults and youth volunteers
                                                through ongoing evaluations that
                                                                                              reported they are satisfied or extremely
Youth Resources supports its work               they gain confidence, self-esteem, a 
                                                                                              satisfied with their Teen Court experi-
through contributions from individuals,         supportive friendship network, and
businesses, corporations, foundations,          leadership skills from being actively
                                                                                              • 75% of youth respondents agreed
and local and state government grants.          involved in YR’s TAC Program.
                                                                                              that Teen Court helped them become
We are pleased to publish this financial
                                                                                              more responsible and strongly disagreed
report on the agency’s activities for
                                                                                              that they would commit the offense
youth during the 2008-09 fiscal year.                                                         again if they knew that they would not
                                                                                              be caught.
  Statement of Financial Position
       as of June 30, 2009
 Current Assets       $164,549
 Other Assets         $302,804                                “TAC has made me a
                                                               more confident and
 Property & Equipment $15,095                                   assertive leader.”                        “I learned to listen and
 *Less accumulated depreciation
                                                                                                          talk better, be respon-
 Total Assets                     $482,448     The Youth Resources Teen Advisory                            sible, be a good role
 Current Liabilites               $53,685      Council continued its focus on servant                      model, and obey the
                                               leadership during the 2008-2009 school                                law.”
 Net Assets                       $428,763
                                               year. Their passion and dedication for
 Total Liabilities & Net          $482,448                                                   In the 2008-09 school year, Youth
                                               service was evident in the wide variety
 Assets                                                                                      Resources’ Vanderburgh County Teen
                                               of service projects they designed and
                                                                                             Court program implemented new options
                                               implemented with local community or-
                                                                                             for offenders and in-depth training for
         Statement of Activities               ganizations. YR’s TAC Service Committee
                                                                                             youth volunteers. The program has estab-
           as of June 30, 2009                 was able to plan a healthy and substance
                                                                                             lished partnerships with other agencies in
                                               free event in the community for local
            Support & Revenue                                                                the area to provide both educational and
                                               high school students. Our 1st Annual
 Contributions              $219,294                                                         treatment options for the wide variety of
                                               Sand Volleyball Tournament engaged
                                                                                             offenses entered into Teen Court. Due to
 Grants                     $144,219           over 200 local teenagers in a productive
                                                                                             the large growth in the youth volunteer
 Program Revenue            $119,073           activity which served as a fundraiser and
                                                                                             base, Youth Resources has offered more
                                               recruiting effort for the council. Not only
 Net Realized               $(30,731)                                                        in-depth training sessions for student
                                               are these youth learning about leader-
 Investment Loss                                                                             attorneys so they can advance their skills
                                               ship and community service, they are
 Net Unrealized             $(29,143)                                                        in the court room.
                                               also gaining a sense of responsibility
 Investment Loss                               and passion for implementing projects
                                                                                             Additionally, the Teen Court program
 Other                      $22,047            which truly make a difference in healthy
                                                                                             expanded an extensive evidence-based
 Total                      $444,759           adolescent decision-making throughout
                                                                                             evaluation process for youth volunteers
                                               our local area.
                   Expenses                                                                  and offenders. Through these evaluations,
 Program Services           $275,837    61%      “TAC has shown me                           Youth Resources has learned that both
                                                  that even though                           the youth offenders and their parents are
 General                    $51,311     11%                                                  learning a great deal about their offense
                                                  I am young, I can
 Fundraising                $126,165    28%      make a difference!”                         and the legal system. This is a proven,
 Total                      $453,313    100%                                                 life-changing program for many partici-
                                                                                             pants and we are now able to measure
 Change in                  $(8,554)
                                                                                             the effect on every individual who actively
 Net Assets
                                                                                             participates in this restorative justice
                                                                                             based process.
                                                    www.youth-resources.org                                                         2
 Make A Difference Grants                                                              vention skills, increasing knowledge
                                                 “It has greatly impacted me!          about alcohol, tobacco, and other
  •  650 youth were directly involved           It has added to my character.          drugs, building self-esteem, providing
  in the Make a Difference (MAD) grant                Community service                leadership training, and planning pre-
  projects                                        projects just make me feel
                                                                                       vention community service projects.
                                                  good. Helping out others is
  •  19 MAD projects were
                                                   beneficial to both the ones
  completed and funded through YR               being helped and the helper.”          The 2009 Youth Staff determined
  with a total of 4,471 hours served to                                                this year’s camp themes which were
  the local community through these                                                    “TEENPOWER Makes the Cut!” for High
  youth-led projects                                                                   School camp and “TEENPOWER is Out
  • Each young person involved                                                         of this World” for Middle School camp.
  completed an average of 9 hours of                                                   This year’s many presenters included
  community service through his/her                                                    keynote speakers Keith Hawkins of
  project                                                                              Sacramento, California; Chris Bowers &
  • Of those youth involved in these                                                   Ryan Moran of Indianapolis; the
  projects, 29% were minorities and                                                    Evansville Fire Department; and the
  46% were economically                                                                Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s
  disadvantaged.                                                                       Department. TEENPOWER participants
                                                       TEENPOWER                       attended workshops and participated
   “I learned the importance                                                           in a Family Groups where they
   of taking initiative. Every-                • TEENPOWER 2009 directly               debriefed their TEENPOWER
  one knows there are people                   served 293 youth and 55 adults,
   who dearly need help, but
                                                                                       experience. The 2009 Youth Staff also
                                               which is a 53% increase from 2008.      hosted a Teen Panel discussing
  this project taught me that
   I can be the first to get up                • Students from 16 different towns      substance abuse and other important
           and do it.”                         and in 7 different counties were        teen issues. TEENPOWER 2009 was
                                               reached.                                packed with great evening
                                               • 181 middle school students, 85        teambuilding activities as well!
                                               high school students and 26 Youth
                                               Staff were directly involved in TEEN-
                                               POWER!                                     “Thank you everyone who
                                               •  8 prevention based projects              helped with this week. I
                                               were completed and funded through           am leaving with a feeling
                                               YR with a total of 3,241 hours served     that can’t be explained and
Youth Resources’ Make a Difference             and $4,822 awarded in prevention             a strength that can’t be
Grants experienced an extremely suc-           grants.                                    shaken by any substance!”
cessful year in 2008-09! The grants
allowed for community needs to be
met through the service projects of
Tri-State youth. A few of YR’s projects
this past year included disaster kits
being made for low-income families; a
special education class making blan-
kets for nursing home residents; a
holiday program that provided gifts
to teenage mothers, fathers, and their             “I had a great time here, it
babies; and a repair blitz of homes for           was very life-changing and I
                                                  could never have asked for a
                                                                                       For more information on Youth
those economically and/or physically
challenged. Every part of YR’s MAD                better week! This was one of         Resources programs please visit
grant process continues to be youth-                the best times of my life!”                 our website!
led -- from the initial project idea to the
completion of pre/post surveys and            2009 marked the 18th High School            www.youth-resources.org
final reports. A highly trained panel of      TEENPOWER (held June 2-6th at the
high school students from the Teen Ad-        University of Evansville) and the 8th
visory Council also serves as the grant       Middle School TEENPOWER (held June
screening committee to determine              22-24th at the University of Southern
which projects receive funding. At the        Indiana). TEENPOWER has empow-
end of year, a banquet was held for all       ered over 1,896 teens to date to make
grant recipients to share the accom-          a difference in their community by
plishments of their projects.                 strengthening prevention and inter-
                                                  www.youth-resources.org                                                 3
                                                         Evansville, IN 47735
                                                         P.O. Box 3635
 PERMIT NO. 2873
Evansville, IN 47708
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                           Youth Resources
                       Annual Report 2008-2009

TEENPOWER * Teen Advisory Council * Teen Court * Make A Difference Grants

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