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					Building a society in which everybody counts
     Use the dot points below to help you write your own letter
     Please make sure your letter is no more that 150-200 words or it will not get published.
     Remember that the more varied the letters are, the more likelihood they will be published
     Provide your name, postcode and phone number
     Send your letter to your local newspaper/publication or to the Advertiser

Dear Sir / Madam,

     With a Federal Election on August 21, I write as a concerned citizen to call for the interests
      of all Australians to be at the centre of this election - and those with little political sway not
      forgotten or ignored.

     You may want to include a sentence on your personal experiences and concerns on the
      need for action for your cultural group / community.

     You may like to mention that you are a supporter of Anglicare SA.

     In the lead up to the Federal Election rather than our politicians being continually adversarial,
      I would like to see our political leadership adopt a politics of hope: to appeal to the generosity
      and the thoughtfulness of the Australian people, and commit to investment in a society that
      really includes everyone, no matter what their health, circumstance or background.

     Australia should aim to be a fairer and more equal society.

     The focus of the August 21 election campaign must put the people doing it tough in our
      community at the top of the agenda.

     The basics shouldn’t be out of reach. Many people – your next door neighbour, ageing
      parent, working families with children – are struggling to cover the basic costs of living, let
      alone pay for health and medical costs or afford to go out.

     The future government needs to commit to an adequate income for all people who rely on
      benefits to help them achieve the basics: food, shelter, child care, schooling, being a part of
      the community.

     What we need to remember is that many people in the community get some sort of tax
      benefit or allowance from the government.

     The right to a decent standard of living is a basic human right.

     Rates of payment and other benefits (such as supplementary payments and concessions)
      should reflect the relative needs of household types, with maximum assistance targeted at
      the most disadvantaged.

                                                                                   The
      payment and other benefits package should be benchmarked and indexed to changes in
      living costs and to broader community standards of living. A budget standards approach
      based on a basic basket of goods and services (tailored to particular household types) to
      setting the baseline should be investigated as a mechanism for meeting this criterion.
   The system needs to be more flexible. Research shows that the inflexible rules surrounding
    income support, tax and public housing interact to create perverse outcomes, making paid
    work not only unattractive but simply not an option for many income support recipients
    (Bodsworth, 2010).

   Research shows that it is extremely difficult for those on benefits to access housing. Despite
    receiving Rent Assistance, most Newstart Allowance recipients found it extremely difficult to
    access affordable private rental accommodation due to the scarcity of private rental property,
    insecure tenure and high private rents (Bodsworth, 2010).

   We believe that everybody counts – everyone should be able to fully participate in the
    community. The big problem with welfare isn’t rorting but the fact that for too many people
    there just isn’t enough to live on.

It’s time to take this seriously. Whoever wins Government on 21 August, we need action that
says Everybody Counts.

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