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									4Ps                                                                                                                                          1040EZ Tax Form

Directions : A 1040EZ Tax Form must be included in your Senior Portfolio. Refer to the
Overview, Timeline and Assembly Handout to determine where to place this form. You may
include a personal, real 1040EZ Tax Form or you may use this form to obtain info rmation to use
when filling out the tax form. Read all directions on the actual tax form carefully. Use black or
blue ink on your final copy. Completely and accurately fill out the tax form.

Here is information you can use to fill out the 1040EZ Tax Form.

Assume you are single with no children. Here is last year’s W-2 form that was given to you by
your employer. You worked in sales part-time at a local retail store. Besides the wages, you
earned $122.74 interest on savings in the bank.

Using the following W-2 form, file a 1040EZ income tax return for yourself and place it into
your senior portfolio. Rather than using your “real” SSN, use the once indicated below.

a Control number                                     Void            For Official Use Onl y 
                              22222                                  OMB No. 1545-0008
b Employer’s identification number                                          1 Wages, tips, other compensation                            2 Federal income tax w ithheld

       91-8512589                                                                  15,000.00                                                      1,275.32
c Employer’s name, address, and ZIP code                                    3 Social security wages                                      4 Social security tax withheld

                                                                                   15,000.00                                                      1,012.36
       Macy’s Department Store                                              5 Medicare wages and tips                                    6 Medicare tax withheld

       123 Capital Mall Boulevard                                                  13,643.92                                                      289.24
       Olympia, WA 98502                                                    7 Social security tips                                       8 allocated tips

d Employee’s social security number                                         9 Advance EIC payment                                        10 Dependent care benef its

e Employee’s name (first, middle initial, last)                             11 Nonqualified plans                                        12 Benefits included in box 1

       Student Name
                                                                            13 See Instrs. for box 13                                    14 Other
       Student Address
       City State Zip
                                                                            15 Statutory Deceased Pension Legal                  942 Subtotal Deferred

                                                                                 Employee               plan       rep          Emp           compensation

                                                                                                                                          
f Employee’s address and ZIP code
16 State    Employer’s state I.D. No.   17 State wages, tips, etc.          18 State income tax     19 Locality Name     20 Local wages, tips, etc.    21 Local income tax


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