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									                                              PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                                                                   CSI “Come See IASFAA” on the
                                                                   IASFAA website www.iasfaa.com and
                                                                   in periodic emails from Joan. For those
                                                                   who like to plan ahead, IASFAA’s
                                                                   Spring Conference is scheduled for

                                                                   March 30th and 31st 2006. Location is
                                                                   the Downtown, Des Moines Marriott.

                                                                    IASFAA’s Leadership Symposium is
                        It is with this article I wish that each of back on the calendar for the 2005-2006
                        you has sustained the aftermath of our      year and already has a full compliment
                        own little hurricane, and accordingly       of participants. Thank you to everyone
                        were not affected directly by the natural (committee and participants) who are

                        disasters that recently devastated our      involved in this program. The Leader-
                        country.                                    ship Symposium has been a proving
                                                                    ground for the great leadership IAS-
                        As most of you know Reauthorization         FAA has experienced in the past. It
                        is on the board, and will prove to be as will be exciting to see these faces in
                        confusing as usual. It is in these years    our future. This year will prove to be
                        that we have Reauthorization, that I        another great year for IASFAA. School
                        feel it is important our fall conference    Relations is planning the fall High
                        provide an opportunity to enlighten our School Guidance Counselor Training,

                        membership on the topics, concerns          Community Out Reach is busy putting
                        and important notices to be considered together their programs and by the time
                        for the upcoming year. Matt Brown,          this newsletter is printed will have par-
                        Chair of our Federal and State Issues       ticipated and assisted with the Gover-
                        has arranged for Brett Leif, President of nors Cup Walk / Race. As you can tell,
                        NCHELP to highlight the Reauthoriza- a number of Executive Council as well
                        tion issue at the fall conference.          as members have been busy already
                                                                    this year.

                        Everyone will be glad to know com-
                        mittee’s have been busy planning and        Most of you may realize that Iowa will
                        organizing events, activities and pro-      be Host to our regional Associations
                        grams for the 2005-2006 year. The ex-       (MASFAA) annual conference a year
                        ecutive council met May 25 for a one
                                                        th          from now (October 2006). A number of
                        day retreat. The retreat gave a chance to IASFAA member are already busy in
                        discuss some immediate issues, as well planning and organizing for this grand
                        as direction and service to the IASFAA event which will take place in Des
                        membership.                                 Moines, coincidently at the same loca-
  published by the
                                                                    tion as IASFAA’s spring 2006 confer-
 Iowa Association of
                        The fall conference venue is Dubuque. ence. Our own Debbie Scholz, College
Student Financial Aid
                        Joan Meyer and committee have been          Planning Center, and Roberta Johnson,
                        hard at work orchestrating what I’m         Iowa State University, are chairing the
                        sure will be an entertaining and infor-     Site and Program Committees respec-
    October 2005
                        mative program. Watch for clues and         tively.
                        announcements related to the theme
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 CSI Dubuque
 - Joan Meyer, Program Committee

If you’re not at the Fall Conference,    Financial Literacy & Debt Manage-        Laughing Mystery Players will be on
CSI: Dubuque, (Come See IAS-             ment including Credit Scoring and        hand to present an evening of murder,
FAA) you better have a darn good         Computer Security. General sessions      mystery and laughs. Thursday night
alibi because there will be no excuse    will include the ICSAC Update,           at our President’s reception, our own
accepted for missing this one. Ev-       Students Right to Know, Federal Is-      Ron Schardt and his 5-piece brass
idence in the case is piling up and      sues/Reauthorization by Brett Lief,      band will provide the entertainment.
we have every intention of work-         NCHELP, Things that Make you Go
ing around the clock until the crime     . . . HMMMM??? and a motivational        You will all be notified by e-mail
is solved and those responsible are      session by Bob Kann, professor at the    when the website is available for your
brought to justice. You won’t want to    University of Wisconsin. This is sure    on-line conference registration with
miss knowing how it all plays out so     to be one conference you will all want   details of all the sessions. You can
mark those calendars now for             to be caught in the act!!                contact the Holiday Inn in Dubuque
November 9-11.                                                                    at 563-556-2000 anytime to make
                                                                                  your room reservations and they have
We’ve been sworn to secrecy and                                                   extended the reservation date to Oc-
have even been forced to put some                                                 tober 25th. The price will be $69 per
committee members in the witness                                                  night and you don’t forget to mention
protection program, but since they                                                the code “AFA” to get this rate!
haven’t found all of us, we thought
it would be safe to share the top-                                                 The Program Committee is working
ics of the interest sessions with you.                                            hard to provide a conference that is
They will be: a Newcomer session on      Something new that you won’t want        educational, informative and enter-
FA101, VA Benefits, College Savings      to miss will be a Murder Mystery         taining with a little bit of something
Plans/529s, EFCs (Proration/Recalcu-     Dinner Theatre, which will be our        for everyone. Please CSI: Come See
lation), Staffing Models, Supervisory    Wednesday evening’s entertainment.       IASFAA!!
Skills-Delegating and Motivating,        Inspector Clues and his cast of Die-

Fall Conference Sponsorship
- Connie Jensen, Sponsorship Chair

Many of us are anxious to attend the IASFAA Fall Conference to be held No-
vember 9-11 in Dubuque.

IASFAA’s Associate Member Friends are an integral part of this fine organiza-
tion. These friends provide much needed financial and in-kind support. IAS-
FAA would like to express appreciation to conference sponsors and exhibitors.
Our Associate Member Friends also provide helpful knowledge and services to
colleges and students alike.

Financial or in-kind contributions totaling $2000 or more are Gold Sponsors.
Those contributing $1000 to $1999 are at the Silver level. The Bronze level
of contribution is $200 to $999. Exhibitors also provide support through $250
exhibit fees.

IASFAA members would like to express their appreciation to those members
providing financial and in-kind support to our organization. Be sure to let
them know how much we welcome their support all through the year.

We are excited about our upcoming conference in Dubuque. See you there!
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IASFAA F.O.O.L.S - Financial Aid Officers on the Loose!

 Chris Keahi, a.k.a. “Dancing Qeen” attemps to charm the judges (Julie
   Dunn, John Beneke, and Robin Fisher) during the karaoke contest

                                                                         Valerie Norma - Graceland Univeristy, Amy Gaffney - Iowa
                                                                          Student Loan, John Meyer - La’ James College, and Lora
                                                                           Juhl - Buena Vista University entertain the crowd with

    Gretchen Zimmeramn - Grinnell College, Dave Kecy - ICSAC and many IASFAA colleagues
              enjoy the food, fun, and comradery at the lender sponsored dinner
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Associate Members -Rebecca Feldman, Associate Members Chair
Associate Members (AM) met on Au-            We are also getting ready for our        event, such as playing off of the enter-
gust 29 via conference call to review        charity event for the fall IASFAA        tainment in the form of buying guess-
committee’s plans for the year. Our          conference. The program committee        es to solve the ‘Whodunnit’ mystery
first event of the fall is the Governor’s    suggested funds raised go towards a      dinner. More details to follow! The
walk/race for Dollars for Scholars,          local charity (Downtown Neighbor-        committee has also been busy review-
set for October 2. IASFAA will be            hood Association, in Dubuque). The       ing the John Moore Award timeline
managing the registration process and        Associate Members committee is           and discussing whether there would
staffing the registration desks. Infor-      open to this as we are still assisting   be any interest in creating an award
mation has been mailed to all schools        with and contributing to the Dollars     for Associate members specifically.
in hopes to have a good IASFAA               for Scholars event. We have discussed
representation.                              many options for our fall charity

Federal and State Issues
- Matt Brown, Federal and State Issues Committee Chair

The Federal and State Issues Committee is working on the following projects for the academic year:

1. Brett Lief, President of the National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
(NCHELP) will be providing an update on Reauthorization and other federal issues in
Washington at IASFAA’s Fall Conference in Dubuque.

The most recent development related to Reauthorization occurred on September 20 when
the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday approved The Higher Education Extension
Act (H.R. 3784). Set to expire on September 30, this legislation extends student finan-
cial aid and postsecondary programs under the HEA for three months through Decem-                Brett Lief, NCHELP President
ber 31, 2005. This shortened extension—an amendment from the six month extension
period proposed in the bills introduction last week—puts pressure on Congress to pass
the HEA reauthorization this year.

2. Constitution Day:

So far twelve different Iowa colleges and universities have provided the Federal & State Issues Committee with sum-
maries of how they celebrated Constitution Day on their campuses. We hope to have the summaries organized into a
“best practices” reference guide available to attendees at the Fall Conference in November. We will also post this guide
on the IASFAA website when it becomes available.

3. Visit the Hill / Legislative Day 2006

Please mark your calendars for Visit the Hill / Legislative Day, which will be Wednesday, February 8, 2006 at the
State Historical Building in Des Moines. The day is coordinated with the IASFAA Drive-in Workshop on the 7th.

This year the planning committee is hoping for more student involvement this year through a collaboration with the
Iowa College Student Aid Commission’s Student Assistantship Program. Student Assistants will be encouraged to
attend the event & recruit other students from their campuses to attend as well. They will also be asked to provide
testimonials of how financial aid has affected them and what challenges they have seen in other students through peer
financial counseling. You won’t want to miss it!
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Community Outreach News - Kristi Fuller, Community Outreach Co-Chair
                                                        College for a Day was success-        fices, each college that participated
                                                        fully held in Des Moines on           did a wonderful job in making this
                                                        Thursday, September 22, 2005.         day informative and fun for the high
                                                        The day is designed to let the        school students. Thank you to Iowa
                                                        high school students partici-         State University, DMACC, Drake
                                                        pating in this event know that        University, Grand View College, and
                                                        college can be a possibility for      Hamilton College for assisting in this
                                                        them after they complete high         event by hosting students on their col-
                                                        school. The Committee made            lege campuses.
                                                        a decision this year to host this
                                                        event in the fall rather than the     Our next event, Make High School
                                                        spring and to take high school        Count, will take place on Thursday,
                                                        sophomores rather than fresh-         November 17 at Upper Iowa Univer-
 Participants stop for a picture during the campus
           tour at Iowa State University                men to the various colleges.          sity. Fayette and surrounding area
                                                        Although the fall is an extremely     seventh and eighth grade students,
                                                        busy time in the admissions of-       along with their parents, will have the
                                                                                              opportunity to attend this free event.

Site Committee
-Chris Keahi, Site Committee Chair

 We’re just a few short weeks away
 from this year’s fall IASFAA confer-
 ence. It is scheduled for November
 9-11 in Dubuque at the Holiday Inn.
 We’ve not been in Dubuque for a
 number of years and with autumn’s
 beautiful colors and the hotel’s scenic                            Community Outreach Committee members with the fall
 river views we should be in for a treat.                                  2005 College for a Day participants

 The Marriott Hotel welcomes IAS-
 FAA back to downtown Des Moines
                                                     Upper Iowa University to Host
 as the host for our spring conference               Make High School Count
 scheduled for March 30-31, 2006.                    -Jobyna Johnston, Community Outreach Committee
 The staff at the Marriott are quite
 excited to host our conference and                  On Thursday, November 17, 2005, Upper Iowa University will be host-
 hope to preview their facility as it is             ing Make High School Count beginning at 5:30 p.m. They will be inviting
 the host site of next year’s MASFAA                 area seventh and eighth grade students along with their parents to attend the
 conference. Keep in mind that be-                   fun, informative evening. The program will consist of a College Fair from
 cause Iowa is hosting the 2006 MAS-                 5:30-6:30 in which students and their parents can ask questions and request
 FAA conference we will not have a                   information from various colleges and universities, a free supper from
 fall IASFAA conference.                             6:30-7:30 p.m., and three half hour sessions on Guidance, Leadership and
                                                     Activities, and a Student Panel. Students will have multiple opportunities
 And for those of you long-term plan-                throughout the evening to win door prizes donated from various institutions.
 ners, we’ve begun looking at sites for
 the Spring 2007 conference. We’ve                   Students may register by calling (800)553-4150, option 3 then 0 or by log-
 visited a couple of hotels in the Cedar             ging onto www.uiu.edu. This program is presented as a community service
 Rapids area and will soon be seeking                by the Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators in coop-
 proposals.                                          eration with Upper Iowa University.
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Getting to Know the Associate Members
Carolyn Halgerson - Citibank
-Shea Seeber, Newsletter Committee

Carolyn Halgerson, with Citibank,        her family and pay for her schooling.    rector of Financial Aid. She held this
has lived in and around Montrose,        This did not leave very much time        position for 8 years. Carolyn is now
South Dakota for her entire life. She    for extra activities! Carolyn actually   at Citibank and has been for the past
is the oldest of 3 children; she has a   began working in the Financial Aid       7 years. When asked what led her to
younger brother and sister. Carolyn      Office at Dakota State the day after     where she is today, Carolyn says it
was in kindergarten when she met her     her high school graduation!              is pure “dumb luck”! She was in the
husband, Rion. They began dating                                                  right place at the right time.
in high school and were married 1-½      After attending college full time for
years after high school graduation.      1 year, Carolyn began working full       To anyone out there who would one
Carolyn and Rion have been mar-          time and attending college part time.    day like to become a Financial Aid
ried for 31 years and have 2 children;   After 4 years Carolyn was named the      Director, Carolyn says the best advice
Jeremy, 22 and Kyle, 17.                 Director of Financial Aid and held       is to find a mentor, become involved
                                         that position for over 8 years. After    in IASFAA, and to ask LOTS of
Carolyn attended Dakota State Uni-       that, she worked for the South Da-       questions. Although Carolyn is busy
versity in Madison where she re-         kota Board of Regents as an end-user     she enjoys watching High School
ceived a BS in Business Administra-      trainer during the Student Information   sporting events, reading, crocheting,
tion. Then, Carolyn attended the Uni-    System implementation in the South       and counted cross-stitch.
versity of South Dakota in Vermillion    Dakota University system. Carolyn
where she received her MBA. Caro-        did this for 4 years and then she went   Carolyn thanks for letting us get to
lyn worked very hard throughout her      to Southeast Technical Institute in      know you.
college career to both help support      Sioux Falls, South Dakota as the Di-

What’s Happening at the Iowa College Student Aid Commission?
The Commission’s budget proposal has been presented to the Governor’s office. A summary follows:

 Iowa Tuition Grant Program              $52,653,990
 Vocational Technical Tuition Grant      $3,533,115
 College Work Study                      $300,000
 Iowa Grants                             $1,029,784
 National Guard Program                  $3,800,000
 Osteopathic Forgivable Loans            $100,000
 Physician Recruitment                   $346,451
 Teacher Forgivable Loans                $285,000
 Internships for Iowans in DC            $76,400

In addition, the Commission just finished regional training. We appreciated the hospitality extended by AIB College
of Business, Des Moines; Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City; St. Ambrose University; Davenport;
and Hamilton College, Cedar Falls. The response from college and university officials was very positive. The Client
Service Representatives will provide materials and one-on-one training to college and university officials who were
unable to attend the training. Please contact the Commission at 800-383-4222 for more information and to schedule an
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Mentoring Task Force
-Chad Olson, Mentoring Task Force Committee Chair

The IASFAA Mentoring Task Force
will once again be holding a New-
comer’s Welcome Breakfast during
the IASFAA Fall Conference. This
will occur on Thursday morning and
all IASFAA newcomers are invited.
As usual, we will be pairing up a
newcomer with a mentor, so if you’ve
never mentored before, this is your
opportunity to welcome someone to

We will also be conducting Regional         First time IASFAA conference attendees
Networking Lunches in late January           pose for a picture after the newcomers
and early February in multiple loca-         breakfast at the 2005 IASFAA Spring
tions around the state. New mem-                    Conference in Mason City
bers and inactive members will be
invited to meet IASFAA colleagues
and attend a Professional Develop-
ment Workshop. Dates and locations
will be announced following the Fall                                                  IASFAA Executive Council members welcome and
Conference.                                                                             entertain the crowd at the newcomers breakfast

ICN Financial Aid
Training                                     NASFAA Training
-Natalee Girardi, School Relations Chair     -Pam Perry, Professional Development Committee Chair

The School Relations Committee                NASFAA Training will be held in
has been busy planning the annual            Dubuque on Tuesday, November 8th
ICN Financial Aid Training for high          and Wednesday November 9th prior
school guidance counselors. This             to the Fall IASFAA Conference.
year’s training will be held on No-          The topic of the training this year is:
vember 3, 2005 from 8:15 to 12:15            Administrative Capability: Campus-
and will be broadcast to 34 different        Wide Compliance. Lois Mulbrook
ICN locations across the state. The          from Mount Mercy College and
training topics will include the finan-      Janice Cordell from Luther Col-
cial aid basics, the FAFSA and an            lege will be the trainers. The train-
update from the Iowa College Student         ing presents compliance in the
Aid Commission on their state aid            context of a campus-wide effort. It will focus
programs. Currently there are 130            on developing strategies to ensure and strengthen the cross-campus commu-
registrants and more keep arriving           nication necessary to demonstrate Title IV administrative capability.
every day, so it’s bound to be another       Registration information on the IASFAA web page. We look forward to see-
huge success for IASFAA.                     ing you there!
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Heather Doe                                welcomed the early                             13 oz. and was 20 inches
                                           arrival of their son,                          long. Alexander and big sister
in the Know                                Samuel Crews Doe                               Emmersen are doing great!
Promotions                                 on April 20, 2004.
Tim Kremer has been promoted to            Sam weighed 2 lbs.                            Gena Schmidt, Assistant
Dean of Student Financial Planning         11 oz and was 14                              Director of Financial Aid at
and Scholarships at the University of      1/2 inches long.                              Northwestern College, and
Dubuque.                                   Sam spent 2 months                            her husband Matt welcomed
                                           in the NICU at                                the arrival of their son, Gage
Welcome                                    Blank Children’s                              Matthew on August 29, 2005.
Amanda Dunn started a new position         Hospital in Des                 Sam          Gage weighed 9 lbs. and was 23
as Assistant for the College Planning      Moines. Sam is home                          inches long. Gage and big sister
Center on May 22, 2005. Amanda             and thriving with his big brother Jack.   Gabby are doing great!
had been a student at Central College
in Pella where she worked for Jean         Shawna Beaubien, iLink Service            Farewell
VanderWert as an intern.                   Center                                         Crystal Filer Ogden, former
                                           Representative,                                Director of Financial Aid at
Melissa Kos started a new position         and her husband                                Iowa Wesleyan College has
in July at Grand View College              Kirk, welcomed                                 accepted a new position at a
as a Financial Aid Coordinator.            the arrival of their                           college on the east coast. Her
Previously, Melissa has worked for         son Jace Adam                                  last day at Iowa Wesleyan was
Vatterott College and the Federal          on April 8, 2005.                              September 21, 2005. We all
Student Aid Information Center.            Jace weighed                                   wish Crystal much luck with
                                           8lbs. 5 oz. and                                her new endeavors.
Chris Traetow started a new position       was 21 inches
as an Outreach Representative with         long.                                            Sympathy
the College Planning Center in July,                                                        Leonard Keahi, father of
2005. Chris had previously been the        Chris Bowser,                 Jace                Chris Keahi, Associate Vice
Assistant Director of Admission for        Outreach                                          President of Student Lending
Coe College.                               Representative                                    with Regions Bank, passed
                                           with the College Planning Center, and     away on August 28, 2005 in LeMars
Weddings                                   his wife Jaimie welcomed the arrival      Iowa following a quick, but difficult
Debbie (Craig) Scholz, Project             of their daughter, Annaliese Sue, on      battle with cancer.
Coordinator with the College               July 10, 2005. Annaliese weighed
Planning Center, married Greg              8lbs. 4 oz. and was 20 inches long.
Scholz on April 14, 2005. She and
Greg were married by Greg’s best
friend, Pastor Dale. It was a beautiful                                               Make sure to register
setting - a spring flower garden in full                                                for the IASFAA
bloom. Greg and Debbie reside in
Mitchellville.                                                                         Fall Conference:
Sara (Skahill) Lehman, Assistant
                                                                                       CSI Dubuque on
Director of Student Financial                                                           November 9-11
Planning at the University of                            Annaliese
Dubuque, was married on July 2,
2005 to Greg Lehman.                       Jane Haughland, District Coordinator             Registration is
                                           for Eastern Iowa Community
Babies                                     Colleges, and her husband Dwight,               available online
Heather Doe, School                        welcomed the arrival of their son,
Communications Specialist at Iowa          Alexander Clemence on August
Student Loan, and her husband Rob,         11, 2005. Alexander weighed 7lbs.
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Getting to Know Bev Hickman
- Heather Doe, Newsletter Committee

                                           Bev were inseparable during high          the queen of the house. Remington
                                           school and decided to get married         makes sure everyone knows that she
                                           while they were still young.              is the house diva. She even has her
                                                                                     own bedroom!
                                           After graduating from high school
                                           and getting married, Dan and Bev          In her spare time Bev enjoys spend-
                                           lived in several towns: Huxley, Iowa      ing time with her two grandbabies,
                                           Falls, Norwalk, and then Indianola.       Payton who is 3 and Cooper who is
                                           They call Indianola home and have         9 months. Payton already has her
                                           lived there since 1977. During this       grandma’s fashion sense. She is
                                           time Dan and Bev had two beautiful        Bev’s little shopping buddy!
Many of us know Bev Hickman as             daughters, Carrie and Casey. Bev
an affable person we can’t wait to see     stayed home to raise the girls un-        Without kids at home, Dan and Bev
again at the next conference. As she       til Casey, the youngest, was in first     are finding more time to spend on
begins her term as our IASFAA sec-         grade. Bev then decided to work out-      their hobbies. Dan is an avid mo-
retary, you may just learn something       side of the home on a part time basis.    tor-head and they both enjoy taking
new about this vivacious person.           She worked as a customer service          their corvette out to car shows. You
                                           representative at Midland Bank (now       will also see them cruising through
Bev Hancock grew up on farm in             Commercial Federal Bank) and loved        Porky’s in Des Moines on a Saturday
Lucus County, Iowa. Although she is        the challenges it brought.                night in their corvette.
one of six children, she is the young-
est and was raised more like an only       As the girls grew up, Bev felt that she   Bev also enjoys running. She finds
child. In fact, her oldest sibling         was ready to work outside the home        running to be the best stress reliever
graduated from high school the year        on a full-time basis. It was about this   and she mainly does it for fun. While
that she was born. The sibling closest     same time that she heard that Simp-       she doesn’t plan to run a marathon
in age to Bev is still ten years older.    son College was looking for some-         any time soon, she always makes sure
So it shouldn’t be too surprising to       one in the financial aid office. Bev      to run in the Race for the Cure. One
hear that all of Bev’s siblings would      had some experience with student          of Bev’s sister’s is a breast cancer sur-
agree that she was spoiled and had         loans from working at the bank, but       vivor so the race holds a special place
her parents wrapped around her little      other than that, she didn’t have any      in her heart.
finger. Bev says that isn’t true, her      financial aid experience. Bev didn’t
parents just saved the best for last.      let that stop her and the rest is his-    Bev says that she has made some
                                           tory. Bev has been helping students       wonderful friends through IASFAA
When it was time for Bev to start          with financial aid at Simpson College     and she has always found IASFAA to
school, she went to the big city of        since 1989.                               be a tremendous resource. “IASFAA
Chariton. Bev was an honor roll                                                      members provide a wealth of informa-
student and enjoyed school. She was        Dan and Bev are now experienc-            tion. There are no competitors when
not able to get involved in too many       ing the empty nest syndrome. Both         it comes to help. I can pick up the
extracurricular activities since she       Carrie and Casey graduated from           phone and call Clare at St. Ambrose,
lived in the country and didn’t have       Simpson College. Carrie now lives in      Jean at Central or Robin at Luther to
a way to get back and forth to events      Council Bluffs with her husband and       get their opinion on something. It is
and activities.                            two children. Casey and her husband       great to know that I always have that
                                           live in Iowa City while her husband       resource available.”
In junior high, Bev met Dan Hick-          attends graduate school at the Uni-
man. Although they were friends,           versity of Iowa. However, they do         Thanks Bev, we couldn’t agree more!
they didn’t start dating until they were   still have Remington at home. Rem-
sophomores in high school. Dan and         ington is their Weimaraner and she is
page 10
Leadership Symposium
- Catherine Remakel, Professional Development Committee - Leadership Symposium Chair

This year’s Leadership Symposium            standing of others.                             This year’s participants include:
marks the seventh year that IASFAA                                                          Pam Smith - Drake University
has invested in its members by offer-       The retreat continued with discus-
                                                                                            Jennifer Sharar - Hamilton College
ing the Leadership Symposium.               sions and activities that built on the
                                            MBTI foundation. Time was also                  Clare Campbell - St Ambrose
All IASFAA members have the op-             spent on sessions “Making Your                  University
portunity to participate in the Leader-     Mark” and “Leadership Motivation”,              Tammy Hansen - Iowa State
ship Symposium by simply apply-             which made people think about how               University
ing on the IASFAA website – when            and why they can make a difference.
                                                                                            Duane Polsdofer, Jr - Waldorf College
announced - by the deadline. Every          Part of what participants get out of
person that applied to the program          the program is that they not only take          Ellen Gukeisen - Wartburg
was accepted. This year will mark           away a great feeling about giving               Theological Seminary
the largest group to go through the         time to the organization, they also             Chris Bowser - College Planning
program at one time. We had 16 ap-          meet people, whom they now can call             Center
plicants apply and all were accepted        friends.                                        Jeannie Barness - Upper Iowa
– one has since had to back-out due to                                                      University
medical reasons.                            As in the past, each participant is
                                            tasked with working on a Personal               Debra Steinbronn - Cornell College
This year’s first meeting of the Lead-      Development Project. The next two               Ann Heisler - Clarke College
ership Symposium took place October         sessions: December 5, 2005 and                  Valerie Norman - Graceland
5th and 6th at Camp Hantasa in Boone,       March 29, 2006 will partially be spent          University
Iowa. The program replicated the            with the participants giving the group
previous years, in that, everyone was       updates as to what they selected and            Justin Davis - Hamilton College
asked to take the Meyer’s Briggs            why and where they are at with meet-            Gary Adams - Iowa Student Loan
Type Indicator test. Part of the first      ing their defined goal.                         Natalee Girardi - Iowa Student Loan
day was spent reviewing the results of      This year’s Leadership Symposium
                                                                                            Rebecca Feldman - Iowa College
these tests. Participants walked away       Planning Committee includes, Debbie
                                                                                            Student Aid Commission
from the session knowing more about         Scholz, Kristi Fuller, and Catherine
themselves and having a better under-       Remakel.

Electronic Services                    - Nancy Ankey, Electronic Services Committee Chair

We have just completed the member-          Did you know you can change your                If you have questions or suggestions
ship renewal process for 2005-2006          password for the IASFAA web site?               for the IASFAA web site, please con-
via the IASFAA web site. IASFAA             Go to www.iasfaa.com and click on               tact Nancy Ankeny at 877-272-4692
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membership is not complete until            hand menu. Sign into your member-
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Iowa Dollar for Scholar’s and Golden Circle
                                                                                   Hurricane Katrina
College Fair                       - Debbie Scholz                                 - Jen Sharar, Regional Loan Counselor,
                                                                                   Kaplan Education
The Governor’s Cup Race/Walk for Dollars for Scholars and the Golden Circle
College Fair were held in Des Moines on October 2, 2005. Sunday morning           Everyone has been touched by the
                                          started at 9:00 a.m. with over 650      way lives have been devastated
                                          people who raced, ran, or walked        by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
                                          to raise scholarship dollars at Ter-    Immediately we think about ways
                                          race Hill. Governor Tom Vilsack         that we can help to provide sur-
                                          and First Lady, Christie Vilsack        vivors with items that they need
                                          started and participated in the         such as food, clothing, and shelter.
                                          race/walk. Students at all levels,      While these things are extremely
                                          DFS members from the 113 Iowa           vital to relief efforts, there are also
                                          chapters, college presidents, staff,    other things that we, as financial
                                          and families helped raise $70,000       aid professionals, can do to help.
                                          for college scholarships.               Several websites have chosen
                                                                                  to provide links to information
The following DFS Collegiate Partner colleges and universities offered            relevant to hurricane survivors
scholarships totaling $16,000: AIB College of Business, Capri College, Des        educational needs.
Moines Area Community College, Graceland University, Indian Hills Com-
munity College, Iowa State University, La’ James International College, Loras
College, Mount Mercy College, North Iowa Area Community College, North-           The Department of Ed provides
east Iowa Community College, Simpson College, Southeastern Community              contact information such as phone
College, University of Iowa, Waldorf College.                                     numbers and email addresses for
                                                                                  students, parents, schools, lend-
Many colleges offered door prizes: Buena Vista University, Clarke College,        ers, and guaranty agencies on
Des Moines University, Drake University, Grand View College, Grinnell Col-        their website (http://ifap.ed.gov/
lege, Iowa Wesleyan College, Luther College, Northwestern College, Univer-        eannouncements/katrina.html).
sity of Northern Iowa, Upper Iowa University, and Wartburg College                NASFAA’s website is also set up
There was a full bus load of participants from the Decorah area representing      with a lot of helpful information
six DFS chapters. The Iowa State University Drum Corps provided a rousing         including policy guidance, news
start to the event and entertained spectators. They even got the governor and     from schools affected by Katrina,
first lady to share their drum skills. College mascots helped cheer the runners   schools helping schools and stu-
and walkers. Des Moines University students provided manipulations after          dents, and non-Federal sources of
the race/walk. Children under 6 ran in the tot trot to win ribbons and cookies.   assistance announced for Katrina
Students painted pumpkins to decorate the Terrace Hill property. The Drake        victims (http://www.nasfaa.org/
Jazz Ensemble entertained while runners and walkers enjoyed a pancake             linklists/Katrina.html).
                                                                                  While here in Iowa we have far
Race winners were presented medals and trophies by the Governor and then          less of a role to play than colleges
scholarships were presented by the First Lady. It was a great morning for         and universities that are located in
students in Iowa.                                                                 the effected states, we still need
                                                                                  to be prepared and informed in
Golden Circle College Fair
                                                                                  the event that a hurricane survivor
Also, on October 2, starting at 12:30, the 15th annual Golden Circle College      ends up on our doorstep. Thank
Fair hosted 158 colleges at the Des Moines Convention Complex. Estimates          you to NASFAA, the Department
of 2,500 – 3,000 students along with their family attended the college fair.      of Ed, and all of the other finan-
This was their opportunity to speak with college representatives and to obtain    cial aid organizations that chose
information for college selection.                                                to provide us with the information
                                                                                  needed to help these students dur-
Both events were so successful that organizers plan to offer this “Day for Edu-   ing their time of need.
cation” next year on October 1, 2006. Be sure to participate in both events.
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Getting to Know John Beneke
                                              He attended Iowa Central Com-             is 10 and in the 4th grade.
                                              munity College and graduated from
                                              Buena Vista with a degree in Business     John and sons like to hunt, fish, and
                                              Administration with an emphasis in        golf - not necessarily in that order.
                                              accounting. While finishing school he     Kellie enjoys getting the house to
                                              worked full time 11:00 p.m. to 7:00       herself or shopping with friends when
                                              a.m. as a night auditor. When did you     the men are gone. John also likes to
                                              have time to sleep John?? As he remi-     build and construct. He has done the
                                              nisced, he said, “It is similar to the    finishing work on the last two homes.
                                              amount of sleep he is getting now go-     His last house construction was fin-
John Beneke is our 05-06 IASFAA               ing through a conversion.” He worked      ished around Thanksgiving 2004.
president, financial aid director at          as a youth program director at the
Iowa Lakes, husband, father, is going         Spencer YMCA after graduating from        John appreciates IASFAA most for
through a computer conversion with            Buena Vista. He was working for an        the support members give each other
Datatel and dreams of enjoying the            accounting firm in Spencer when he        and the learning experiences it pro-
home he built less than a year ago.           moved to academic life to work in         vides. Anyone who has plans on mak-
One thing about conversions, they             economic development. He has been         ing financial aid a profession needs
do take a lot of time! He continues           working for Iowa Lakes Community          to be involved in this association.
to have a very busy and challenging           College for 14 years and has been         The network of insight the member-
year.                                         their Financial Aid Director for the      ship holds is valuable to anyone, but
                                              last six years. He admitted he did not    especially someone who is aspiring to
John was born in Fort Dodge on June           have much (any) financial aid experi-     d more for themselves and the profes-
15, 1963 - the same day as his dad’s          ence, but he has come a long way.         sion.
birthday! He is a 1982 Palmer High
School graduate with a graduating             He and Kellie have been married           Thanks John for letting us get to
class of 17! He was Student Council           for 19 years. They were home town         know you. We all hope you see the
President and Homecoming King and             sweethearts whose parents live less       light at the end of the tunnel in your
jokingly admits there were only seven         than two miles apart. They have three     conversion process.
men in his class. He was very athletic        sons: Nick who is 18 and is attend-
and went out for all of the sports:           ing Iowa Lakes; Reid who is 14 and a
Basketball and Baseball.                      freshman in high school and Lee who

Getting to Know Associate Members - Erin Gjerde
- Shea Seeber, Loan Coordinator at Grand View College

Many of you may already know Erin             student at Concordia, Erin received       In June 2004 Erin married her hus-
Gjerde with Wells Fargo. Erin was             financial aid and had a workstudy job.    band Bill. She has 2 stepchildren,
born in Amery, Wisconsin, where she           First, she worked in the Development      Jessica and Aaron, who are grown
was the youngest of three children.           Office and then as a Student Manager      and out of the house. Erin is excited
During high school, Erin enjoyed par-         in dining services.                       to travel to Anchorage, Alaska in
ticipating in the band, choir, and pom-                                                 February 2006 for the birth of her
pom squad. After high school, Erin            So, how did Erin get where she is         first grandchild! Another large part
attended Concordia College, home of           today? Well, Erin began at Hertz          of Erin’s family are her two very
the Cobbers. The mascot was a corn-           Rent-A-Car immediately after gradu-       large Anatolian Shepherds, Tasha
cob and was actually voted the “Silli-        ating. She stayed there for a year and    and Duke. Erin is an avid golfer and
est Team Name”! The team got their            then moved to a career in financial aid   tennis player. She also enjoys read-
name because the football field stood         where she stayed a few years. When        ing and singing in her church choir.
where a cornfield once had. Erin par-         Erin heard of an opening in Iowa at       Thanks to Erin for sharing her history
ticipated in concert choir and Spanish        Wells Fargo in the student loan area,     with us. I am sure many of us would
club and received her Communica-              she jumped on it. Erin has now been       love to travel to Alaska! Got room in
tions degree from Concordia. As a             at Wells Fargo for 9 years.               your suitcase?
                                                                                                                            page 13

NASFAA and Partners Announce College Access Marketing Web Site
NewYork, N.Y. (July 1, 2005) - The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) and the Pathways
to College Network announced today the availability of a new online resource to improve communication campaigns aimed at
encouraging students and families to pursue college opportunities. The Pathways Network is managed by The Eduction Resources
Institute (TERI), and comprises 30 partner organizations, including lead partners NASFAA, the College Board, and the Southern
Regional Education Board (SREB).

Named College Access Marketing, the Web site is designed for schools, programs, organizations, and government agencies that
provide students and families with support and guidance about going to college. The site explains how to use marketing tech-
niques to reach students with messages that resonate, and emphasizes the importance of investing in good audience research and
solid evaluation. It also features a multimedia gallery of examples from past and current campaigns, including TV, radio, print, and
other materials.

While college access marketing is still a young field, the use of marketing techniques to promote positive behavioral change has
been a well-accepted practice in the public health sector for decades.

NASFAA President Dallas Martin applauded the site, saying “This is a great resource for NASFAA members and others commit-
ted to college access. It takes what we are already doing and makes it more effective. Ultimately, this is about the students. Are
they hearing what we are trying to say? If not, what do we need to do differently? This site helps people find constructive answers
to those questions.”

“The College Access Marketing site is really breaking new ground,” said Ann Coles, Director of the Pathways to College Network
and TERI senior vice president. “It links what research shows is effective in communication to the goal of improving college ac-
cess in a very practical way.”

College Access Marketing is available free of charge to all users at: http://www.collegeaccessmarketing.org.

2005 NASFAA Fall Training to Address Adminis-                        NASFAA’s LearnStudentAid.org
trative Capability: Campus-Wide Compliance                           Washington, DC - LearnStudentAid.org, the first learning
                                                                     community on the Web created by financial aid administra-
Washington, DC - NASFAA has announced the topic for its              tors, celebrated its first anniversary during the annual NAS-
2005 Fall Training Workshops, “Administrative Capability:            FAA conference this past July.
Campus-Wide Compliance.”
                                                                     In this first year alone, 230 participants completed 786 cours-
What. The focus of the workshops will be developing strate-          es. Feedback has been very positive. Marilyn Krump, from
gies to ensure and strengthen the cross-campus communica-            the University of Wisconsin Colleges wrote, “The technology
tion necessary to demonstrate Title IV administrative capa-          was great. I signed up for the course so that I would know
bility. Administrative capability is at the heart of the Title       what I was supporting when I was encouraging others on the
IV regulations, encompassing many of the measures of an              staff to also take the courses. It is a great economical way to
institution’s Title IV eligibility. Effective cross-campus com-      receive good training.
munication is, therefore, key to achieving compliance with
federal regulations.                                                 “I was surprised at the detail in the information and the
                                                                     quizzes,” noted Patty Harris, a course mentor and Director
Who. The workshop topic is most appropriate for those re-            of Financial Aid at William Mitchell College of Law. “This
sponsible for administering the Title IV programs, including         technology has the potential to present financial aid concepts
financial aid administrators, admissions officers, bursar’s per-     in a consistent format that becomes a ‘starting point’ for any
sonnel, registrar’s personnel, as well as those who determine        new financial aid staffer’s understanding of their own institu-
institutional policy in the areas of admissions, enrollment,         tion’s policies and practices.”
and academic program offerings, and school administrators
with responsibility for coordinating student services.               The four courses currently being offered, which are part
                                                                     of the Financial Aid Fundamental series, were updated for
Where and When. Workshops will be held at sites throughout           the 2005-06 by NASFAA’s team of technical staff member.
the country in October and November 2005. For a complete             Courses that begin September 1 will included the updated
list of sites and dates, go to:                                      material, as well as other improvements suggested by course
http://www.nasfaa.org/falltraining.asp.                              participants.

                                                                     For more information, course descriptions, and to register for
                                                                     courses, please visit www.LearnStudentAid.org.

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