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					                              Ministry of Agriculture                   Reporting Year: 2009                MAL Ref. #:
                              and Lands
                                                                       Licencee Name:

                              Ministry of Environment                  Land File #:
Annual Aquaculture Statistical Report                                  Legal Description &
Confidential within the provisions of the Freedom of Information       Location:
and Protection of Privacy Act

                                                                        Grand Total Sales $                                     -

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the collection and analysis of production statistics for the provincial aquaculture
industry. This information is collected via the Annual Aquaculture Statistical Reports (AASR). All aquaculture licence holders
are required to complete the AASR under Section 20(1) of the Fisheries Act (RSBC). The completed forms are due no later
than January 25, 2010.

Instructions for Completing the AASR
►Complete all sections (1 through 5) on this form.
►The completed form may be faxed toll free to 1 888 356-0358 or mailed using the postage-paid envelope provided. An
electronic version of the form may be downloaded from and
completed and submitted via email to
►For enquiries toll free calls can be made through "Enquiry BC" - from the Vancouver area 604 660-2421; or outside the
Vancouver/Victoria area 1-800-663-7867.

Section 1 - Harvest For Food Market Sales                                  If nil, please check here:
          Species                            Volume                                   Units                          Value

                                                                   -                                    $                           -

                                                                                                        $                           -

                                                                   -                                    $                           -

                                                                   -                                    $                           -

                                                                   -                                    $                           -

                                                                   -                                    $                           -

                                                                   -                                    $                           -

                                                                            Total Food Market Sales $                               -

Section 2 - Processing Information                             If not applicable please check here:

►Who processed your marine plants?

►Did you own the marine plants after processing and sell to market (i.e. have your marine plants self- or custom-processed)?
    No       Yes, all of it       Yes, a portion of it. Provide Details:
MARINE PLANTS - Annual Aquaculture Statistical Report - 2009                                            Ref#

Section 3 - Sales of Live Seed                If nil, please check here:

            Species                 Total Number                      Units                Total Value ($)
                                                                                    $                        -
                                                                                    $                        -
                                                                                    $                        -
                                                                                    $                        -
                                                                                    $                        -
                                                                 Total Seed Sales   $                        -

Section 4 - Stock On Hand and Future Plans

  ►Was any stock brought on-site during the 2009 calendar year?               YES          NO

    If YES, what species?

  ►Did this site have any stock on hand on December 31, 2009?                 YES          NO

    If YES, what species?

  ►Will this site be operating next reporting year?             YES           NO

  ►Additional comments on site activity?

Section 5 - Declaration
I have read all information contained on this report and it is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  Name (please print)                        Signature                              Date

  Position in Company                        Email address                          Phone #

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