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   VOL. 20 NO. 2                Founded 1990                       February 2008

                                               PRESIDENT’S LETTER
          NEW                                  Well, January is fast coming to an end! We
                                               have had a good start to 2008. The auction
       PACUG WEB                               brought $230 to the club treasury. $100 of that
        ADDRESS                                will go toward a scholarship for a Zephyrhills
                                               senior in the spring. This is important for us to                          maintain our non-profit organization status.

                                               Back to more normal classes and general meet-
                                               ing in February. As you look at the classes
                                               coming, you will notice that Shirley Finefrock
                                               is going to teach a class on Turbo-Tax the end
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                             of the month. What a great time to learn this
                                               program, just before taxes are due.
Calendar                    2
                                               At the general meeting, we are going to talk
Microsoft Streets & Trips   3
                                               about digital cameras how they work and the
Club Photographer           4                  memory chips that we use with them. Also,
                                               there will be coffee, cookies, and a bunch of
Helpline                    4
                                               door prizes. Microsoft’s One Care and a Smart
FACUG Conference            5                  Computing subscription will be two of those
LightShop                   6 Tip #777     6                  Please remember, if you are planning to attend
                                               the FACUG spring conference in March, make
Vista Tip                   7
                                               sure to go to and register.
Use WinXP’s Taskbar         7                  Only two hundred people are going to be al-
                                               lowed to attend and there have been quite a #823         8
                                               few sign-ups already.
Internet Security Class     8
                                               I would like to have your thoughts on another
                                               cook-out this year. Let your board members
                                               know your thoughts on this. We had a good
                                               time last year and enough food to feed a small

                                               Have a great month and see you later.

  PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                                       Page 2

                                                  Information About Club
                    CLUB OFFICERS                 Vivian Barnard                  (352) 567-3373
                                                  Marie Vesta                     (813) 782-2015

President—Marie Vesta              813-782-2015
                                                  For Membership Application
                                                  Janet Brandon                   (813) 780-7335
Vice President—Shirley Finefrock   813-788-1884   Virginia Stunkard               (352) 567-7241
Secretary—Nancy Smith              813-782-0123
                                                             What will it Cost?
Treasurer—Virginia Stunkard        352-567-7241   Regular membership          $25.00 per year
                                                  Associate or Student member $15.00 per year

       Board Members-At-Large                     Make checks Payable to PACUG.
Judi Betz                          352-458-9537
                                                  For more information—go to web
Janet Brandon                      813-780-7335
Ruth Ray                           352-523-2947

                                                    PACUG WEB ADDRESS

                                                         E-MAIL ADDRESS

            CALENDAR FOR                                    CHAIRPERSON
             February 2008

   Feb. 5—Board Meeting at 6:30 PM
   Classes begin at 7:00 PM
     7 Beginners/Intermediate
    14 GM Digital                                  Ruth Ann Ray who is the PACUG Sun-
                                                   shine Chairperson, needs to hear if anyone
    21 Word                                        needs to have a greeting card sent due to
    28 Turbo Tax Presentation                      illness, death, or just needs a hug. Please e
                                                   -mail her at and put the
                                                   word “sunshine” in the subject line.
   PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                                             Page 3

                                                      starting address and destination address, and any
                                                      address or point of interest where you would
                January                               want to stop in-between. You do need the actual
                                                      street number, as intersections are not recog-
              DOOR PRIZE                              nized.
                                                      When requesting directions, you can select the
               Ginger Carr—50/50                      quickest or shortest route or you can select your
             Shirley Finefrock—50/50                  roads if you want to avoid Interstates and toll
                                                      roads. Turn-by-turn detailed information and
                                                      mileage calculation is provided. You can also
                                                      request reverse directions if needed. Highway
                                                      construction details can be included in the direc-

                                                      The program also includes a GPS Receiver. This
                                                      system is useful when driving alone as you can
             MEMBERSHIPS                              plan your route and alternate routes to get to
                                                      your destination. You can change your route if
     A hearty welcome to these members who            you need to because of an accident or other traf-
    recently renewed:                                 fic problems.

                  Ruth Beresten                       The GPS Receiver is plugged into a USB Port.
                   Donald Carr                        There is a USB extension cord with a suction
                   Ginger Carr                        cup that allows you to attach it to the dashboard.
                 Harry Finefrock                      In the GPS pane you need to go to “Configure
                 Shirley Finefrock                    GPS”, click SCAN, select the unit and click OK.
                  Goose Gosselin                      A blue light on the receiver indicates the power
                 Marianne Lareva                      is active. When GPS is enabled and you enable
                   Nancy Smith                        “Guidance”, a pane opens up at the bottom of the
                 Marg Wanamaker                       map with directions. When “GPS Tracking” is
                                                      enabled in the task pane, the receiver locks into
                                                      your current position and is shown on the map.

MICROSOFT STREETS &                                   When traveling alone, if you need to check the
                                                      map at anytime, it is necessary to get off the road
TRIPS 2008 WITH GPS LO-                               as the screen is very difficult to read in bright
CATOR                                                 sunlight.
Review by Shirley Finefrock
                                                      One thing you will need is an adapter for your
The program was very easy to install. The tuto-       laptop to run from the car instead of battery,
rial was a big help in determining all the features   since battery time is limited, especially on a long
available.                                            trip.

The main toolbar offers Icons for saving and          The entire program provided all necessary direc-
printing after you have established your route        tions to arrive at the predetermined destination,
and destination.                                      without problems. The program with the GPS
                                                      Receiver is priced at $99.95. If you use your
Using the route planner, you simply type in the       laptop on trips and need to know where you are
                                                      at all times, then this is the program for you.
 PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                                  Page 4

PACUG HELPLINE                                    CLUB PHOTOGRAPHER
Marie Vesta                   813-782-2015
                                                  Bonnie Olendorf is
                                                  the new PACUG
Shirley Finefrock             813-788-1884
                                                  Taking pictures is
                                                  one of her passions.
Word Perfect or Word
                                                  Please give her a big
Virginia Stunkard             352-567-7241
                                                  smile whenever you
                                                  see her pointing her
                                                  camera your way.
David Akers                   352-523-1412

Digital Imaging
Marie Vesta                   813-782-2015

Janet Brandon                 813-780-7335
                                                  NEW WEBMASTER
George Varney        Dave Gerber, former
                                                  President of FACUG,
Call Virginia Stunkard or Marie Vesta to add      writer of Dave’s Bytes,
your name to the list or make changes.
                                                  and an all around nice
                                                  guy has agreed to take
                                                  over PACUG website as
                                                  webmaster. He has the
  SMART COMPUTING/TODAY                           knowledge to make our
  Magazine Offer                                  website one of the best! Thank you
  Sandhills Publishing, publisher of Smart        Dave, we all appreciate your willingness
  Computing and PC Today will provide a           to help our club.
  complimentary 12-issue subscription for every
  five paid subscriptions received from PACUG
  members. Smart Computing is definitely
  recommended for beginners and Today is
  great for the small business and the home
  Contact Janet Brandon for forms. To
  qualify, renewals and new subscrip-
  tions must include the club ID#5351
  O n l i n e         A T :       h t t p : / /—OR—Call:
  (Mon. – Fri. 7 AM – 8 PM, Sat 8 AM – 4 PM
  PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                        Page 5

        Join us, come to the FACUG spring con-
ference March 7, 8, & 9, 2008
We have scheduled the finest program for our members in years. See our web-
site for the whole scoop.

The FACUG Spring Conference is getting closer. The early bird prices are cur-
rently in effect; this will end Feb. 10, 2008. Don’t miss the finest computer
event of the year. We have many vendors returning.

Look at the program, look at the new events, they are wonderful. This will be a
fun packed, yet highly educational event. We have instituted many new proce-
dures; we even have a new venue. We will have wonderful tech sessions along
with our leadership development program. Go to the website, register and make
your hotel reservations while the price is right.

 $50 (member rate) allows you to attend the Friday Night event, which will pro-
vide light finger foods and beverages, and be enthralled once again by Dave
(Doc) Dockery’s vision of the future, and enjoy playing some trivia for great
door prizes.

Spend Saturday attending our sessions. Hear from Jay Ferron, APCUG presi-
dent and Sam Wexler and Thiel tell of their proven strategies for improving
membership and receive meals to boot.

Sunday gets you breakfast and lunch and more door prizes. Is this the bargain
of the year? Those of you coming from out of state can register for the same
$50 that in-state member’s pay. Now you have no excuses but to register now.
  PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                                              Page 6

LIGHTSHOP v.2.O                                        WORLDSTART.COM COM-
Review by Bonnie Olendorf                              PUTER TIP #777
LightShop is another AKVIS program. It lets
                                                       The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R by
you add light effects to your photos or just
sharpen and brighten them up. You can use it as
a stand-alone program on your desktop or use it
                                                                 s DVD recording comes of age and the
with your photo-enhancing programs. I used the
                                                                 prices come down, more of us will
stand-alone and also used it with my Adobe 6.0.

Installation was very easy. I put in the CD and
                                                       A         likely be adding DVD writers to our
                                                       computers. But what gives with these dueling
                                                       formats? Anyone who was around twenty years
started using the program right away. Ten days
                                                       ago might remember the battle between the two
later I was prompted to put in the registration
                                                       video tape formats: VHS (Victor Home System)
                                                       and Betamax (Sony). Fast forward to the twenty
                                                       -first century and we have a similar battle of the
The help was a simple question mark that took
                                                       formats with DVD. The disks are pretty much
you on-line for answers. I printed off the control
                                                       the same, but the writing process is different.
panel directions, so I could refer back to them as
                                                       DVD+R is a bit more advanced, but the disks
I learned the program. They were very clear and
                                                       often cost more than the DVD-R format. An-
easy to understand. On line they gave two dif-
                                                       other thing to consider is what your DVD re-
ferent effects that you could follow, using your
                                                       cording software works best in. I had a friend
own pictures. I found that very helpful. There is
                                                       that couldn’t get his software to work and it
a space at the bottom of the screen that shows a
                                                       turned out he deeded to use DVD-R.
hint of anything that you point your arrow on.
This way you know at all times what everything
                                                       My suggestion? Pay the extra bucks for a writer
                                                       that supports both formats or wait until the dust
There are many ready-to-use effects that come
with the program that can use as is or modify.
You can name and save them all. I put sparkle
in my grandchildren’s eyes, swirls in their toys,
and lightning in the skies. It was great fun.

I would recommend this program to my friends
that like to do fun things with their pictures. I do
think the program is pricey at $117.00, but there
is a free 10-day trial to see if you like it or not.

      New PACUG web page!                                    Be sure to save your                                      empty ink cartridges
                                                              for our fund-raiser.
  PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                                                Page 7

VISTA TIP                                                 USE WinXP's TASKBAR
You can create a backup copy of your contacts. If         ADDRESS BAR (DG)
you have a problem with the contacts in the future,
you can restore your contacts from the backup copy.       Many users overlook WinXP's ability to keep an
                                                          open Address bar in the Taskbar. Right-click the
The usefulness of the Windows Vista Contacts folder       Taskbar, select the Toolbars menu, and click Ad-
ext5ends far beyond e-mail. For each contact, you         dress. This will add an Address bar to your Task-
can also store data such as his or her home and busi-     bar that looks and acts like the Internet Explorer
ness addresses, phone and cell numbers, spouse and        Address bar. If the full bar is not visible, just
children’s names, birthday, and more.                     double-click Address to expand it. You can type
                                                          in URLs to launch the browser directly into this
If you rely on the contacts folder to store data about    destination. If you have several IE windows
the people you know, then you must ensure that the        open, the Taskbar Address bar will control the
data is safe. Unfortunately, contacts is just a folder,   window in the foreground.
and if that folder becomes corrupted, you could lose
all your contact data. You can protect that data by
regularly creating backup copies of your contacts

1. In Windows Mail, click File
2. Click Export
3. Click Contacts—the export windows contacts dia-
    log box appears
4. Click CSV (comma separated values)
5. Click Export—the CSV export dialog box ap-
6. Type the location and name of the exported file -
    Note: Be sure to add.csv to the end of the ex-
    ported filename
7. Click next
8. Click the check boxes for each field you want to
    include                                                  “Never put both feet in your
9. Click Finish—Windows mail exports the Address
    Book data to the file                                    mouth at the same time be-
10. When the export is complete, click OK                    cause you won’t have a leg to
11. Click Close
                                                             stand on.”
TIP: If you have a problem with your contacts folder
- for example, if it does not open or does not display
your contacts - you can restore it by importing the
back-up copy. In Windows Mail, click file, import,
and then Windows contacts. Click CSV (comma
separated values), and then click import. Type the
location and name of the exported file from step 6
and click next. Click finish.
 PACUG NEWSLETTER, JANUARY 2008                                                             Page 8

WORLDSTART.COM COM-                                 Using the pull-down menu, you can select double-
                                                    space or whatever you like, there are several
PUTER TIP #823                                      choices.
WORD: Double spacing by Erin                        Once you’ve made your choice, click on the OK
        y default, MS Word documents are single
        -spaced, which is great for most of what    What is that you say? You aren’t very fond of the
B       we do. But, what about that small per-      menus and all the subsequent windows? Ok, then
centage of documents where you need things dou-     this is for those who prefer to use the keyboard –
ble-spaced?                                         you can quickly turn on double spacing with ctrl+2.
                                                    To go back to single space use ctrl+1.
Now as I’ve said before, I’m a teacher. I have a
lot of opportunities to see how people (both stu-   Next logical question: What if I’ve already typed
dents and staff) are using their technology. I’m    everything, how do I double space?
always amazed when I find someone using the         Answer: Simply highlight the entire document
enter key to double-space their writing. What a     (ctrl+A) and then follow the instructions to double-
nightmare! Ever try to edit a paragraph when        space the test.
you’ve hit the enter key at the end of each line?
Not a pretty sight. (Not to mention the extremely   That’s it – all the space you could ever want and
large headache it gives you).                       then some!
So, for those of you who haven’t found where to
get the double-spacing set, let’s end your night-   INTERNET SECURITY CLASS
                                                    We were very fortunate to have June Wentworth
Double spacing is set through the format menu,
                                                    from Betmar Computer Club come and gave a fun
paragraphs option.
                                                    and educational presentation on internet security.
                                                    We all enjoyed her presentation, and came to the
In the middle section of the Paragraph window
                                                    conclusion that it was one worth attending. We
entitled spacing, you will find the line spacing
                                                    hope she will be back before the end of the year with
option on the right side.
                                                    another subject presentation.

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