Eleanor Verwers by chenshu


									•Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine (1996) • Hebei Province, PRC (1983) • Stavropol Krai, Russia (1988)•
        •Taiwan (1989) • Terengganu, Malaysia (1987) • Veneto Region, Italy (1997)•
              •Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan (1960) • Yucatan, Mexico (1965)•

Eleanor Verwers, President
There is GOOD news and BAD news! The Bad News was the economy! Reductions in
corporate donations and cuts in our funding from the State meant deep cuts in our budget.
The fantastic Good News is our progress in solving the problem. The Executive Team did an
exemplary job finding and implementing grants to fill the deficit in the amount allowed for
programming. Due to their hard work, there was an unusual 43% increase in total assets,
328% increase in net income over budget and a 179% increase in net income—all due to
successful grants!
My personal “Thanks” goes to the many Outstanding Volunteers who have spent hours working
on the Resource Development Committee, the Public Awareness Task Forces, the Program
Review Committee and the eight Country Committees. Some high points were:
• A Phone-A-Thon last spring that helped with our fund drive and to clean up our volunteer
   mailing list
• A four level mechanism of conducting a public awareness program that has been developed
   and will be implemented in the coming year.
• Bids from four companies to develop our website so it will be more professional and
   functional for our whole organization, and
• A well attended retreat for the country chairs that addressed many issues such as updating
   the Role of Country Committees and Role of Chair of Country Committees to meet current
The energy expended this past year has catapulted ISS into next year with exciting
opportunities for projects throughout the world. It is my hope that this is just the beginning of
new and exciting relationships developed between Iowa and our neighbors around the world.

Phil Latessa, Executive Director
This past year was an ambitious one for Iowa Sister States as it continued its mature
relationships with Yamanashi and Yucatan, while developing new programs in Cherkasy and
Veneto. The SARS epidemic disrupted plans for many activities commemorating the 20th
anniversary of our Iowa-Hebei relationship. All of these have been rescheduled for 2004.

Our projects are described more fully later in this report, but three are worth noting here. The
Yucatan committee conducted an integrated series of projects designed to help our sister state
recover from Hurricane Isidore. Rebuilding small scale agriculture, restoring poultry and

livestock production and controlling wildfires were the purposes of these projects. Funding
from the U.S. Department of State led to two exchanges of high school students and teachers
from Iowa and Cherkasy. Thirdly, a grant from the Library of Congress brought 10 delegations
of Young Russian Leaders for eight-day visits to eight different Iowa communities.

What makes all this happen is what has always been the key to Iowa Sister States—our
volunteers. They continue to be generous with their homes, their donations and their time. ISS
staff has dedicated itself to making it easier for people to volunteer. We use phone
conferencing or the ICN for our meetings and E-Mail for rapid communication. We will improve
and enhance our website, www.iowasisterstates.org. We are committed to strong programming
throughout the state. We invite you to join us—and bring your friends.

A delegation of educators from Hebei Province visited Iowa in November, 2002. The 13-
member delegation consisted of 11 principals of Hebei high schools. Heading the delegation
was Qiang Xinxhi, principal of Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School. He signed an official
agreement with Phyllis Staplin, Director of Curriculum at Valley High School in West Des Moines
to initiate further exchanges. Dr. Janice Friedel, of the Department of Education, and Dory
Briles, the Senior President of Development at DMACC met with the educators to discuss the
Iowa community college system. After a tour of the State Capitol, they participated in a forum
about educational issues at DMACC Urban Campus. That afternoon, before c
+atching a plane to Washington, D.C., the group met with Maureen Korte, Education
Coordinator at the Civic Center in Des Moines. Cyndi Chen and Will Zhang coordinated the
delegation's visit. Kathie Watts and Bob Utter helped coordinate the visits to Valley High School
and Frank Affannato volunteered to drive the delegation's van.

While the unfortunate outbreak of SARS forced ISS to postone its' May trip to Hebei, a "Working
Delegation" visited Iowa from March 22nd to the 26th, 2003. Led by Zhao Xue Jun, Director of
the North and South Americas, Division of the Hebei Foreign Affairs Office, the delegation
featured several senior members in the departments of Agriculture, Planning, Personnel and
Training, and Finance and Trade. They met with Michael Blouin, Director of the Iowa
Department of Economic Development, Kathy Hill, IDED Team Leader for Domestic and
International Markeiting, and Tom Rial and staff of the Greater Des Moines Partnership about
business and investment opportunities. The group also met with Patty Judge, Iowa Secretary
of Agriculture to discuss trade and agricultural research, Dr. Yogesh Shah, Deputy Director of
the Mercy/Mayo Residency Program in Family Medicine, and Robert Richard, CEH of People's
Memorial Hospital of Buchanan County. Charlie and Naro Zheng hosted the delegates in
between their busy schedule. The delegation also wished to explore the possibility of a "sister
university." They met with Allan Hoffman, Dean of Health Sciences at Des Moines University
and ISS Board Member; Burce Ellingson, Associate Dean of Faculty at Buena Vista University;
David Maxwell, President; Ron Troyer, Provost; Pat Heaston, Dean of the College of Business;
and Salina Shrofel, Dean of the School of Education, all from Drake University. Steve Dickinson,
of the Iowa Bar Association and ISS board member, and David Wornson, of the Iowa
Department of Natural Resources, and Mark Schlenker, also from the IBA, met to discuss a legal
training and a future exchange between Hebei and Iowa. Iowa Sister States hosted a reception
for the delegation at the Botanical Center and a dinner at the Iowa Beef Steakhouse.

Will Zhang, Committee Chair
        In the fall of 2003, the ISS-Hebei Committee will be focused on education exchanges
with Hebei Province of China.
        From September 22 to 24, the Hebei Educational Delegation, which includes four
university presidents/vice presidents in Hebei and four other officials at the universities, the
provincial department of education, and the provincial foreign affairs office, will visit Iowa. The
delegation will meet representatives from Drake University, Des Moines University, Buena Vista
University in Storm Lake, and St. Ambrose University in Davenport. They will also meet the
people in charge of International Exchanges from the three Regent Institutions.
        The Drake Delegation, headed by President David Maxwell and Provost Ron Troyer, will
visit Hebei from October 12 to 19. ISS and Hebei will also send representatives Cyndi Chen and
me to join the delegation. In Hebei, the delegation will meet the presidents of Hebei Teachers
University and Hebei University of Economy and Business and other officials at the two
universities and the provincial government. Both sides are currently trying to discuss details of
their interested issues and hope to lay foundations for future, closer ties on several projects,
such as insurance certificate/degree programs in Hebei, an English teacher project, and other
potential exchanges. While in Hebei, I will also meet the key officials of the Bureau of Culture
of the Municipal Government of Tianjin City to plan the visit of the children's singing and
dancing ensemble to Iowa in September 2004.

In September 2002, Penny Dickey and Sandy Smith traveled to Cherkasy to present workshops
and programs at the Cherkasy Women's Center. Penny Dickey is Vice President of Patient
Services at Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, and Sandy Smith is the State Domestic
Violence Coordinator and Family Violence Center Volunteer Coordinator of Children and Families
of Iowa Family Violence Center. They spoke about such topics as: The Dynamics of Domestic
Violence, Working with Domestic Abuse Perpetrators, Domestic Violence Women's groups,
choosing partners for healthy relationships, birth prevention, AIDS, sex education, prevention of
sexually transmitted diseases, and mid-life health problems. These programs were hosted by
the Cherkasy Women's Center, which is run by John and Victoria Masura. Penny and Sandy
were also able to travel to a small village 1.5 hours from Cherkasy and give their presentations
to the Lily Club-a professional women's organization that gathers to discuss women's issues.

From March 17 through April 4, 2003, twelve Iowa high school students and six teachers
traveled to Cherkasy to visit with students and teachers
that had come to Iowa in October 2002. Funded by the        This was a "life-changing
Youth Programs Division, Office of Citizen Exchanges of     experience." --Monty Freeman
the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US
State Department, this three-year grant has connected students in Urbandale and Marshalltown
with Cherkasy Schools #17 and #27. The Iowa delegation focused on water quality. They
toured the path water takes from its source to homes and visited the Cherkasy Water Canal.
The students and teachers had the opportunity to meet the new Mayor and his Cabinet,
including the Deputies of Education and Ecology. The group stayed with host-families and went
to school with high school students in Cherkasy. They also visited museums, the national
circus, the ballet, cathedrals, and monuments dedicated to WWII and the Cossacks.

Monty Freeman, Committee Chair
       This year we completed year two of a three-year grant for student and teacher
exchanges between schools in Iowa and schools in Cherkasy. Unfortunately, current world
events have diverted funds from our grant to other areas. As a result, our exchange has been
canceled. The exchange made a lot of progress this year and all participating schools were very
excited and enthusiastic to make the third year even better. We are discussing in our
committee the feasibility of continuing the exchange through alternate funding.
       Another project that our committee is working on is further support for the Women’s
Center in Cherkasy. The Women’s Center is set up as a support group, which holds seminars
on family issues, and provides continuing education for women. We are involved in helping
them teach local women computer skills necessary for employment. The Women’s Center, our
committee, and School #17 in Cherkasy have a relationship in which School #17 provides a
classroom and ISS helps to supply computers. We are in the process of raising funds to replace
some of the older computers in the computer lab. We are looking forward to another year of
working with the citizens of Cherkasy.

Janet Heinicke, Vice Committee Chair
         Activities for the Iowa Terengganu committee have taken an unusual form, diverging
from the typical pattern of quarterly committee meetings in which planning occurs. Though the
committee has not met with regularity, several projects have emerged. They will continue
throughout the year and promise much for the future.
         The traveling exhibition of Malaysian art and artifacts, which was launched in 2002,
continued its tour throughout the state. The reception of the work, given to Iowa by the State
Historical Museum of Terengganu, has varied from community to community. At Grinnell, where
the Municipal Art Gallery hosted the work, a walking tour of the work was conducted and the
local television station taped and re-broadcasts the comments connected with the walking tour.
When the show was at the ISU Memorial Union, I gave an evening lecture, hosted by the
Union. In Marshalltown an evening workshop in batik was conducted for interested adults and
young people of the community. In each instance the community gained a new knowledge of
our partners in Malaysia. In September, the exhibit will move to West Burlington.
         ISS provided technical assistance to the Iowa Amateur Athletic Association as it sought
and gained funding for a proposed exchange in the area of athletic management between the
Athletic Association in Iowa and a comparable organization in Malaysia. An orientation session
was provided by the Terengannu committee for members of the Iowa athletic delegation as
they prepared for their outbound trip; the Terengganu committee was also represented in the
initial session with the Malaysians who visited Iowa.
         Before the end of the year, a grant application to the US AID and the US Department of
Education will be prepared and submitted to fund, in part, an education exchange at the
graduate level between the college of education at Drake University and the College of Science
and Technology in Terenggannu (KUSTEM) In October Phil Latessa, ISS Executive Director,
Salina Shrofel, Dean of Education at Drake University, and I will visit Terengganu in order to
develop these plans.

In May 2003, the Taiwan Committee sponsored the Songs of Tsou Ceremonies. The dance
group, from Jade Mountain in Taiwan, performed
at the Iowa Historical Building in Des Moines.
They performed songs and dance from a program
entitled, "Mountain Worship." The Tsou are one of
eleven aboriginal groups in Taiwan. They speak
one of three languages, but the Tsou language is
the most unique. It has the least in common with
the other aboriginal languages. Through their
singing and dancing, they taught many Iowans
about our Sister State of Taiwan.

       Tsou Ceremonies at the Historical Building.
       (Photo Courtesy of Cyndi Chen)

Cyndi Chen, Committee Chair
        An Iowa Delegation participated in a Taiwan Trade Mission from September 12th to the
17th. The Iowa delegation consisted of Governor Tom Vilsack and First Lady Christie Vilsack;
Michael Blouin, Director, Iowa Dept. of Economic Development; Iowa Senate Majority Leader
Stewart Iverson and wife Vickie; Iowa House Majority Leader Chuck Gipp; Senate Minority
Leader Michael Gronstal; Senator Dennis Black; Representative Paul Bell; and Ms. May May Ng
of Waukee (special advisor to the Governor on Taiwan trade).
        This mission explored both trade and reverse investment opportunities for Iowa. The
Taiwan mission included a meeting with His Excellency, Chen Shui-bian, President of Taiwan.
Meetings with commodity groups and trade officials were held to stimulate the sale of Iowa
soybeans, corn, pork and beef. A reaffirmation resolution between Iowa and Taiwan, Iowa's
Sister State, was signed.
       November 8th through the 13th, I will represent the State of Iowa at the first Taiwan
United States Sister Alliance (TUSA) General Assembly in Taipei. The objectives of the TUSA is
to promote peace in the world by establishing closer friendships and understanding between the
people of the United States and the 23 million people of Taiwan through cultural exchange,
educational partnerships, and economic cooperation.

                                                           Over the past year, Iowa Sister
 It was wonderful to have the opportunity to host          States has been welcoming many
 such a professional and enthusiastic group.               different Russian groups as part of
 Burlington is pleased to have had this delegation         the Open World Program, which is
 come to our community so that we could show               sponsored by the US Library of
                                                           Congress. The delegations travel
 them how we identify and resolve community
                                                           here under one of two programs:
 problems.                                                 "Young Russian Leaders" or
               --Angela Oriano-Darnall, ISS member         "Women as Leaders." Iowa has
                                                           been host to more than 15

delegations of 145 Russians seeking to learn about social and health services. In turn, these
leaders, from implement the knowledge they have learned to improving the quality of life in
their hometowns. These leaders come from
municipal governments, education and social
services, as well as health care and business.
Many different cities in Iowa have hosted Open
World Programs. These cities provided a unique
look into the American systems of health, law,
environment, sports, domestic and substance
abuse      services,    and    non-governmental
organizations. In September 2002, Council Bluffs,
Harlan, Newton, Marshalltown, and Keosauqua
each hosted a delegation from the Samara
Oblast. In November 2002, Burlington, Pella,
and Mason City welcomed delegates from the         Open World Delegation in May 2003.
Tomsk Region of Siberia. Council Bluffs also       (Photo Courtesy of Allan Ciha)
hosted another group in May 2003. Des Moines
has hosted a plethora of groups, from August 2002 to May 2003. The Russian delegations not
only learned about American social services, but about American culture. Each group was
home hosted in the community they visited, with many memories made in the process.

Roger Nowadzky, Committee Chair
        The Iowa Sister State Stavropol Committee has had many exchanges since the
relationship between Iowa and the Stavropol Krai of Russia was formalized in 1988. Because
the Krai borders Chechnya, it has been the opinion at Iowa Sister States in recent years, that
sending delegations from Iowa to Stavropol would pose too great of a safety risk due to the high
profile of such visits. This has been an endless source of consternation for Stavropol Committee
members, including the present Chair of the Committee. The Stavropol-Iowa partnership, like all
of our sister state matches is a relationship. While the connection is political body-to political
body, the life-blood of any relationship is people-to-people. And there is no substitute for face-
to-face contact.
        While frustrated by the dangers of out-bound travel, activities for the Stavropol
Committee of Iowa Sister States are presently being planned. Incoming delegations from Russia
will continue under the Open World program, sponsored by the United States Library of
Congress. The communities of Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Burlington, Fort
Dodge, Independence, and Keosauqua have all expressed an interest in hosting delegations for
their eight-day stays. It is very likely that the delegations to Cedar Rapids and Independence will
be from Stavropol Krai. The Stavropol Committee is in the process of assessing which in-bound
Stavropol Committee exchange projects will be possible and practical to pursue with our
Stavropol Sister State counterparts. Lastly, the ISS-Stavropol Committee is discussing and
planning some form of formal Sister State contact with representatives of the Stavropol Krai to
maintain and strengthen the Sister State relationship at the official level.

   In 2002, Team Veneto arrived in Iowa for their 3rd ride in RAGBRAI. Twenty-two riders and
                                                 support personnel from the Veneto Region, along
                                                 with Amy Worthen of the Veneto Committee,
                                                 participated in RAGBRAI 2002, held from July 20th
                                                 through the 27th. This year, the route began in
                                                 Sioux Center and ended at the Mississippi River in
                                                 Bellevue. Team Veneto was hosted by many
                                                 gracious volunteers: Dordt College, Sioux Center;
                                                 Eveline and Dean Will, Cherokee; John and Ivetta
                                                 Kerber, Emmetsburg; Waldorf College, Forest City;
                                                 Charles City High School, Charles City; Anthony
                                                 and Joellen Leo, Oelwein; and Darcy Taylor,
                                                 Anamosa. The team consisted of twenty men and
                                                 three women ranging in age from 15 to 55. Nearly
                                                 all of the riders were from the Veneto towns of
                                                 Padova, Abano, and Montegrotto Terme. Team
                                               Veneto also participated in RAGBRAI 1998 and 2000.
Team Veneto members Roberto Cincotti and       Over the years the team has become a popular sight
Massimo Stecca gear up for RAGBRAI at the      on the ride. People appreciate their easy-going
home of hosts Chuck and Marilyn Farr.
                                               attitude and friendly competitiveness. They have
(Photo courtesy of Marilyn Farr.)
                                               even invited Iowans and the RAGBRAI Air Force
   team to Italy for a bike ride through Veneto.
   The team was hosted in Des Moines before and
   after the ride by Paolo Bartesaghi and Mark           The RAGBRAI project introduces
   Pritchard, Patricia Baldwin, Margaret and Luca        citizens of the Veneto Region to Iowa
   Berrone, Cyndi Chen and Frank Affannato,              and helps give wide publicity about
   Cheryl and David Dahlquist, Marilyn and Chuck         the Iowa-Veneto Sister State
   Farr, Lois and Lou Fingerman, Mary and Joel           relationship to citizens of Iowa.
   Gass, Elizabeth and David Hoak, and Amy and                                 --Amy Worthen
   Tom Worthen. Peggy Leonardo designed the
   Team Veneto T-shirt.

  In the fall of 2002, the first art exchange between Iowa and Veneto brought stunning works of
  Italian art to Iowa. "Italian Drawings and Prints from the Castelvecchio Museum, Verona" was
  presented this fall at the Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College. After two years of planning
  between Amy Worthen, Veneto Committee member and Des Moines Art Center Curator of
  Prints, Faulconer Gallery staff members Dan Strong and Milton Severe, and Giorgio Marini,
  Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, 100 prints and drawings
  arrived in Iowa with a fully illustrated English-language catalogue. Over 2200 people admired
  such pieces as the earliest known map of the city, made in 1540, landscapes, figure studies,
  and mythological and religious subjects.

  On October 11, 2002 an official delegation from the Veneto Regional Government arrived in
  Iowa, coinciding with the exhibition from Verona. Members of the delegation included Raffaele
  Grazia, an elected official responsible for employment, training, and local government issues;
  Gianlorenzo Martini, Director of Foreign Relations for the Veneto Regional Governmnet; Angelo
  Tabaro, Director of Cultural Affairs for the Veneto Regional Government and Paola Marini,
  Director of the Castelvecchio Museum. The trip was coordinated with the efforts of Amy

Worthen and Dave Vikturek. The delegation toured the Des Moines Farmers' Market, visited the
Des Moines Art Center, and the exhibition in Grinnell.

Paolo Bartesaghi, Committee Chair
         Our delegation has planned a trip for the end of September through the beginning of
October to visit Venice for establishing new contacts. One item of interest that we already have
confirmed is the arrival of the Italian bicyclists who will be participating in RAGBRAI in July
2004. I am pleased to announce that representatives from each of the 99 counties in Iowa will
be present at the Fiera Agricola (Agricultural Fair) held in Verona in early 2004.
         During our visit to Venice, we will be trying to establish relationships between a chef
association and DMACC. We will try to contact the opera company of Verona in order to create
a cooperation with the Des Moines Metro Opera company. We will contact some wine producers
and wine distributors to collaborate with Mr. and Mrs. Iverson and we will try to begin a
discussion for a Quilt Exhibit in the Museum of Castelvecchio di Verona. Amy Worthen will be in
charge of this. Eleanor Verwers will be traveling as head of our delegation. One of my highest
priorities will be to discuss the possibilities of business investments in Iowa from the Veneto
region. Our delegation consists of Eleanor Verwers, Phil Latessa, Elizabeth Hoak, Beverly and
Ross        Iverson,       Robert      Anderson,        Amy        Worthen,        and    myself.

International Family Planning and the Environment are some of the most important issues for
the Yucatán Committee. In July 2002, Robin Fortney, Jeremy Boley, Susan Newbury, and
Mariana Boley traveled to Yucatán to speak about family planning and population growth.
Partners for the Americas and Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa sponsored the trip. The
four Iowans observed refuse problems and recycling efforts in urban and rural communities.
The group traveled to many different towns in Yucatan and discovered the difficulty many
women have in obtaining contraceptive measures. However, the volunteers saw many positive
changes, such as local efforts to use recycled paper for housing materials and a rural
community children's program that teaches healthy lifestyle choices.

Ríaz Escobedo Graham and María C. Pérez del Valle participated in the World Food Prize Youth
Institute in October 2002. Through the cooperation of the Yucatán and Iowa Partners, with
support from Iowa Sister States, the two women traveled to Iowa as special envoys to the
Youth Institute. John Ruan and Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, a Nobel and World Food Prize
Larueate, founded the World Food Prize Youth Institute in 1994. The Youth Institute engages
young people in the topics of food security and worldwide cooperation to end hunger. Ríaz and
María actively participated in the discussions, along with Sorrel Brown, and ISS Board Member
and Iowa Partners' volunteer, who was invited as a discussion monitor. The two women also
traveled to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Regue with Robin Fortney, a refuge volunteer. Sara
Hollerich, a refuge ranger, spoke with Ríaz and María about the refuge's educational
programming. Ríaz also spoke to John Walkowiak of the Iowa Department of Natural
Resources about restoring trees in Yucatán, since so many had been blown away by Hurricane

When Hurricane Isidore hit Mexico in October 2002, the Government declared the state a
disaster area. However, as Iowa Partners from the Yucatán Committee found, the state had
only prepared short-term relief efforts. In March 2003, Brent Parker (Farmer to Farmer), Sorrel
Brown (Emergency Preparedness), George and Jan Beran (Veterinary Medicine), and Sara
Huddleston (Health) all traveled to Mérida, Yucatán to help create long-term programming.
Sorrel spoke with members of the Yucatan government and local Red Cross unit. They
discussed the possibility of wildfires being a concern for the next few years because of the large
amount of debris left after Hurricane Isidore. Brent Parker traveled to rural towns to help
distribute supplies for rebuilding family farms. Sara Huddleston met with doctors and health
officials to discuss public health services and disaster preparedness. George Beran worked with
veterinarians to plan programs for small scale gardens and help in restoring crops and livestock.
The highlight of the trip was the Yucatan Partners Annual Meeting, where more than 40 new
people came to explore projects for youth, culture, health, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.
Sorrel spoke on behalf of Iowa Sister States in thanking Jose Casares, the Yucatan Partners
President, for his hard work and dedication.

                                            During their trip to Yucatán, Doris Montgomery had
                                            spoken with Enrique Alcocer of the Yucatán Dept. of
                                            Civil Protection and Michelle Rodriguez, Director of
                                            the Yucatán Chapter of the Mexican Red Cross.
                                            Doris learned of their desires to provide better
                                            statewide emergency services. Back in Iowa, she
                                            organized a trip for Enrique and Michelle to come for
                                            training, meetings, and fun. They left with training

Michelle Rodriguez with Marvin Shultz of
the Iowa Chapter of the American Red
Cross. The Iowa Chapter donated these
and other items to Yucatan.
(Photo courtesy of Carol Grant.)

manuals, first aid training supplies,
computers, medical equipment, and offers
from many different Iowans to provide help
and contacts in the future. They were able
to donate new supplies for the Red Cross in
Yucatan and local fire departments. ISS would The Yucatan Fire Dept. distributing the gift
                                                 of used coats and hats from the Walcott
like to thank Iowa Chapter of the American       Fire Department.
Red Cross, Iowa National Guard, Iowa Dept.       (Photo courtesy of Jose Casares)
of    Public   Health,     Iowa    Emergency
Management Division, Davenport; Walcott and Des Moines Fire Departments, Mercy Cancer
Center, and the John Stoddard Cancer Center for their tremendous generosity.

After a full year of successful programming, the Yucatan committee still found time to
participate in the International Family Planning Education and Advocacy project funded by the
David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The project advocates for education about global
population issues. In June, eight youth ambassadors traveled to Washington, D.C. to receive

advocacy and media outreach training. From there, four women, Rocio Viveros, Sheyla Socorro
Osalde, Belem Mendez, and Amelia Gomez came to Iowa to discuss international family
planning issues. Two of them were from Yucatan. Their agenda included an interview on Talk
of Iowa with Katherine Perkins, a trip to Storm Lake with Sara Huddleston, and a visit to the
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge for "Iowa Buffalo Day." Their trip culminated in a
presentation and discussion at the Botanical Center in Des Moines.

Doris Montgomery, Committee Chair
         You think it’s been hot in Iowa recently? Try fighting fires in Yucatán México. Sorrel
Brown (Iowa) and José Casares (Yucatán), chairs of the emergency preparedness committee
are coordinating wildfire training for firefighters and other emergency personnel in Yucatán.
The guest trainers are experts from Arizona, a state with lots of expertise and practice in the
management of wildfires. The request for the training came as a result of a hurricane that hit
Yucatan last year. There was massive destruction of trees that have become a tremendous fire
         Elías Alcocer and Wilbert Aguilar plan to attend the annual meeting of Iowa Partners on
October 11th and attend World Food Prize October 15- 18. Mr. Alcocer, an anthropologist,
hopes to promote eco-tourism at Yaxunah and other Mayan communities. Mr. Aguilar, a
veterinarian, is interested in sustainable agriculture practices for small farmers in Yucatan. He’ll
be touring small farms in Iowa. Ten years ago, Elías Alcocer participated as a teenager in a
youth conservation corps project and stayed in my home. I am looking forward to having Elías
back in my home and getting reacquainted with him now that he is a grown-up anthropologist!
         The hurricane not only stimulated our committee to think about wildfires, it caused Mike
Hoenig to think about how he could offer his expertise to our sister state in Mexico. Mike
Hoenig is from the University of Iowa and specializes in the needs of persons with disabilities.
He studied in Yucatan as a college student and has always wanted to visit again. He plans to
do so the first week of November to explore a joint project that will assess the services that are
offered to persons with disabilities in an emergency such as a natural disaster (like the
hurricane) or a man-made event such as terrorism.
         Roberta Graham has raised her family in Yucatan but has roots in the Midwest. Roberta
and her husband run an eco-tourism business out of Mérida, but she is also one of only five
certified lactation specialists in Mexico. The Iowa Department of Public Health has invited
Roberta to present information about breastfeeding in Mexico to public health professionals
during a statewide conference in Ames. Roberta will stay 10 days to visit several communities
in Iowa.
         Other projects under consideration:
         There is interest in developing a pet therapy program in Yucatan. A veterinarian from
Yucatan wishes to visit Iowa hospitals and senior care centers to observe how animals are used
to provide comfort and therapy to those who are ill or are living in an institutional setting.
         The Yucatan Committee is working with Central College to transport a photography
exhibit by Jann Freed, a professor at Central. During an extended stay in México, Jann
photographed and interviewed Yucatecan women. The display has traveled to various spots in
Iowa but has never been to Yucatan! The staff from the Central College campus in Mérida,
Yucatan will assist with this project.

Chuck Safris, Committee Chair
       World tensions and uncertainty caused the cancellation of two planned exchange visits
expected from Yamanashi in 2003. There are currently no exchanges planned from Iowa to
Japan. With this break in exchanges, the Committee has had discussions about reformulating
the goals and objectives of the various exchange programs with Japan. The retirement of
Governor Amano from service also indicates a possible change in the level and type of
exchange activity that will be supported by the Yamanashi Prefecture. Given these
uncertainties, inquiries have been made to the Prefecture and to the International Center. The
Yamanashi Committee expects this will lead to planning an activity. We look forward to
resuming the exchanges as a result of consultation with counterparts in Japan.
       Other activities associated with the Yamanashi Committee include the placement of an
Iowa student in the Yamanashi scholarship program, the visit of a nursing home director from
Kofu to Bishop Drumm in furtherance of their emerging sister relationship, and continuing work
on the “Sweet Corn and Sushi” project by Ms. Vilsack. At the recommendation of the
Committee, ISS became a contributor/sponsor of the International Horse Archery Festival that
featured visitors from Japan who demonstrated their skills.

Penny Dickey, Resource Development Committee
        During FY2003, ISS Resource Development Committee activities included efforts to gain
financial gifts from 100% of the members on our Board of Directors and our Advisor Board, to
retain and regain donors from recent years, and to get our mailing list accurate and up to date.
While we didn’t hit our 100% goal for Board and Advisors, we did make progress. Eighty-one
percent of our Board and 38% of our Advisors made a financial gifts totaling over $5700 for the
year. In a targeted mailing to recent donors we provided an update on ISS activities and
requested continued or renewed support. The mailing was followed-up with a phone call and
the two efforts brought in over $6300 and got us halfway to the budgeted goal for individual
fundraising. In the spring of 2003, a letter was sent to the more than 1100 names in the ISS
database. Several volunteers joined members of the Resource Development Committee in
making calls to those members. We updated their information, which sometimes included
removing them from the list, and we requested their financial support. This effort gained an
additional $1165 and a more accurate database.
        During the coming year we will continue with our commitment to secure financial gifts
from 100% of our Board and Advisors, we will repeat our fall mailing/phoning event, and we
will conduct a “special project” mailing for the spring. This year we also have some exciting
fundraising events planned which include opportunities for members of the Board, Advisors,
Country Committees, and other supporters to become involved. These events include “A Trip
Around the World”, “International Dining”, “Garage Sale and E-Sale” and “Phoning New Friends
and Old”.      Finally, we are making plans to tap into the corporate community for support of
specific activities that are planned by the Country Committees. Thanks to all of you for your
past support and don’t hesitate to join in the activities this year.

 Revenues                              $
        Contributions                    14,848
        State Appropriations           100,000              Grants
        In-Kind Donations                42,756              51%
        AIHA-Open World                  57,288
        World Services-Open World        34,748                                         Appropriations
        Ukraine Student Exchange Grant   73,981                                             31%
        Interest Income                    1,097
          Total Unrestricted Income    324,718
Expenses                                                                     Expenses
 Program Services
        International Exchanges        239,286
        Communications                    5,378             Administration
        Administration                    3,783                 14%
 Supporting Services
        Administration                   29,743
          Total Expenses               278,190

INCREASE IN NET ASSETS                   46,528

                                 FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU
       Trip Around the World: Plan a unique adventure through this (without leaving Des Moines).
       Guests reserve their passage and travel via pre-planned itinerary (by motor coach) to a variety
       of locations representing other countries and cultures--and all in the Des Moines area. Sights,
       sounds, foods and beverages are part of the cultural experience. Special emphasis will be
       on partners of Iowa Sister States.
       International Dining: Near or far you can whip-up the opportunity for current and
       prospective ISS supporters to pleasure their palate with a 5 star international dining experience.
       Superb ambience combined with great food and interesting dinner partners will be your claim to
       fame when you help plan the ISS International Dining experience!
       Garage Sale and E-Auction: “One person’s junk is another’s treasure!” “Leave this globe a
       better place than it was when you arrived!” “Save our environment – recycle!” “Garner a tax
       deduction!” “Pass a smile to your fellow human!” “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to make some more
       space in my: a) garage b) living room c) basement d) office and/or e) other?” Make the
       day of a treasure hunter, display your technological savvy, and help make these dreams a
       reality by volunteering to work on the ISS Garage Sale or virtual auction!
       Talk-Talk-Talk: Connect with old friends, new friends and people who ought to be your
       friends! Help follow-up our fall fundraising mailing with some “personal chat time” all for the
       good of Iowa Sister States! Phoning is scheduled for November 3 & 4. Food, beverage and
       telephones provided.
       Contact Penny (Pdickey@ppgi.org) or Laura Zaper to Sign up TODAY!!!

Corporate Donors                    Michael Delaney                             Mary Sula Linney
Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc.     Penny Dickey                                Jerilee Mace
Dorsey & Whitney Foundation         Steven and Sandra Dickinson                 Jack McClelland
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation,     Dorcas Dorow                                Dorothy Monahan
Inc.                                Mary Dotson                                 Doris Montgomery
Monsanto Fund Matching Gift         Betty Emrich                                Laura Nathlich
Center                              Lori Erickson                               Anne S. Olson
Standard Bearings                   Brian Farrell                               Angela Oriano-Darnall
Wheeler Consolidated, Inc.          Wayne Fox                                   Jerry and Kathleen Perpich
                                    David Garst                                 Montie Redenius
                                    Michael Gorton                              Doris Rembold
Individual Donors                   Chuch Grassley                              Chuck and Kathy Safris
Gary Aitchison                      Marty Gross                                 Peter Schenck
Ed and Ethel Barker                 Iris C. Hall                                Ann Schodde
William J. Bestmann                 Randy and Sarah Hart                        Sharon Simmons
Robert and Roberta Boeke            Rose Hayne                                  Richard and Mary Jo Stanley
Judith Bolton                       Ray and Janet Heinicke                      Rod and Eileen Swoboda
Tim and Jeannette Borich            Linda Hodges                                Ernie Tippie
Nancy Briggs                        David Hurd                                  Frank Trumpy
Sorrel Brown                        Willard Jenkins                             Lawrence and Eleanor Verwers
Dan Brown                           Winifred Kelley                             Magdalena E. Mujica Voy
Elmer Buhler                        Joseph Kremer                               Jo Wetherell
Cyndi Chen                          Ed Kropa                                    Bob White
Ken Choquette                       Eileen Kruse                                Jean Williams
Allan and Christine Milligan-Ciha   Sarah Lande                                 Amy and Tom Worthen
Pat Civitate                        Everett and Ruth Laning                     Glenn Ytzen
Joy Corning                         Philip Latessa                              Will Zhang
Lori Day                            John Liepa

Board of Directors                                     David Vikturek, Mason City
                                                       Bob White, West Des Moines
Eleanor Verwers, Altoona, President                    Will Zhang, Ankeny
Cyndi Chen, Des Moines, Vice President
Marty Gross, Des Moines, Secretary
Frank Trumpy, Ames, Treasurer                          Advisors
                                                       Linda Becker, Algona
                                                       Col. Russ Bierl, Johnston
Bill Aossey, Cedar Rapids
                                                       Carol Brown, Des Moines
Paolo Bartesaghi, Des Moines
                                                       Joy Corning, Des Moines
Terri Bonar, Burlington
                                                       Dorcas Dorow, Osage
Sorrel Brown, Urbandale
                                                       Carey Downs Gibson, Cedar Rapids
Ken Choquette, Des Moines
                                                       Valentina Fominykh, Des Moines
Pat Civitate, Des Moines
                                                       Linda Hodges, Ames
Diana Davies, Iowa City
                                                       Kanan Kappelman, West Des Moines
Lori Day, Des Moines
                                                       Richard Landis, Dubuque
Penny Dickey, Pleasant Hill
                                                       Mary Sula Linney, Fort Dodge
Steven Dickinson, Des Moines
                                                       Jean Lloyd-Jones, Iowa City
Mary Dotson, Des Moines
                                                       Ken Quinn, Des Moines
Monty Freeman, Indianola
                                                       Magdalena E. Mujica Voy, Ankeny
Jeanine Gazzo, Urbandale
                                                       Amy Worthen, Des Moines
Sandy Haines, Newton
                                                       Lian Xie, Ankeny
Janet Heinicke, Indianola
                                                       Glenn Ytzen, Marshalltown
Allan Hoffman, Des Moines
John Liepa, Indianola
Doris Montgomery, Des Moines
Roger Nowadzky, Des Moines                             Liaisons
Chuck Safris, Urbandale                                Dennis Black, IA State Senate
Jane Schadle, Des Moines                               Nancy Boettger, IA State Senate
Sharon Simmons, Des Moines                             Kathy Hill, IDED International
David Skidmore, Des Moines                             Julie Livers, Legislative Information Office
Beverly H. Trost, Waterloo                             Patricia Ohlerking, IA Dept of Cultural Affairs
Robert Utter, Des Moines                               Carmen Sosa, IA Dept of Education

Phil Latessa, Executive Director
phil.latessa@ided.state.ia.us                                     OUR VISION
515-242-4914                                         To help integrate Iowa into the world
                                                                 OUR MISSION
Laura Zaper, Program Associate                  To create programs that promote the interests
laura.zaper@ided.state.ia.us                      of Iowa and its citizens through volunteer,
515-242-4915                                                public, and private action
                                                                  OUR GOALS
                                                • To support the State of Iowa in achieving
Cindy Schultz, ISS Accountant                      its international goals
                                                • To enhance global understanding by
Sara Graham, Intern for Special Projects           Iowans
sara.graham@ided.state.ia.us                    • To manage the eight partner state
Iowa Sister States                              • To increase the number of volunteers
200 East Grand Avenue                              involved in our programs
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1827                     • To expand our activities statewide
515-242-4795 (Fax)

Iowa Sister States
200 E. Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50309


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