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CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

Job Title:           CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

Responsible To:      Chairperson of Mission Australia Housing Board

Responsible For:     Leadership, strategic direction and operational and financial performance of Mission Australia Housing Ltd.

Founding             “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.
Purpose              So, we also ought to lay down our lives for others.” (1 John 3:16)
                     Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God.
Vision               Pathways for life
                     Our vision is to see a fairer Australia by enabling people in need find pathways to a better life
Organizations        Compassion Integrity          Respect Perseverance Celebration
’ Core Values
Organisation         Walking alongside those in need, we help people discover:
                        •    Pathways to strong families and healthy, happy children
                        •    Pathways through a successful youth
                        •    Pathways away from homelessness
                        •    Pathways to skills and qualifications
                        •    Pathways to sustainable employment
Position Purpose:    To provide vision and strategic direction for MA Housing
                     To ensure that housing services are high quality, meet all statutory requirements, represent value for money and fulfill
                     tenant/client expectations
                     To develop strong collaborative relationships with government departments, other community services providers and
                     property owners/developers to deliver sustainable housing outcomes for people in need
                     To ensure that the company is financially robust and future business growth provides appropriate return on investment
Key Challenges       The ability to effectively commence this business by creating stable systems, business models and strategic approach to
                     ensure its profitability and success.
Key Result Areas           Strategic Management
                           People Leadership
                           Financial Management
                           Compliance Management
                           Business Development
CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

A. ORGANISATION CHART (What are the key reporting relationships for the role?)
                                                                  Chair of Mission
                                                                 Australia Housing


                                                                Housing Operations

B. JOB REQUIREMENTS (What are the key activities for the role?)

Key Result Area 1                        Strategic Management
Key Tasks:                                                                           Job holder is successful when:
 Development of the national Housing Services Business Strategy                      Housing Services Business Strategy is developed and
  incorporating 1and 3 year Business Plans and 5 to 10 year Strategic Plans             endorsed by the MA Housing Board
                                                                                        KPI’s and business growth targets are endorsed by the

   Communicate and promote the MA Housing Services Business Strategy to                Effective communication channels and techniques are in
    staff and key stakeholders and foster staff and key stakeholder understanding        place to support the roll out of strategies across MA
    and commitment                                                                       Housing Services

   Develop a MA Housing Organisational Development Plan to ensure that MA              Organisational Development Plan is in place and being
    Housing Services has the core capabilities to deliver the Business Strategy          implemented

   Ensure that strategic management processes are in place to review and refine        Effective strategic management tools and processes are
    overall strategy, to measure and evaluate progress and performance including         in place and MA Housing can empirically validate the
    service outcomes, to promote best practice and innovation and to capture             outcomes of the business
    customer views and feedback

CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

   Provide advice to the Mission Australia Group CEO and Housing Services            MA Group CEO and the Housing Services Board receive
    Board on strategic direction, business performance, significant progress           regular reports on progress and performance and
    against Plans and KPI’s and contribution to MA Group strategic outcomes            potential strategies for outcomes optimization and
                                                                                       business growth.
   Provide advice to the Housing Services Board on how housing services will
    work with MA services, other service providers, and local communities to           Strategies and local partnerships are developed to
    achieve enhanced local outcomes for people in need                                 enhance service provision for housing services

Key Result Area 2                        People Leadership
Key Tasks:                                                                         Job holder is successful when:
 Set the Leadership standard through demonstration of values based                 The leadership standard is achieved and observed by
  leadership and actively promote values based behaviours within MA Housing           employees within MA Housing Services
                                                                                      Leadership positions are filled and key staff retained in
   Ensure that the right people are in place to manage and develop the business       the business
   Demonstrate and encourage a coaching style of management with direct              MA Housing Services leadership team has a blend of
    reports and MA Housing Services management.                                        service management and commercial skills
   Champion a culture of innovation and the implementation of change initiatives     MA Housing Services management support and engage
    throughout MA Housing Services and inspire staff to achieve company goals          in a coaching style of management and leadership.
    and outcomes
                                                                                      Change initiatives are implemented and supported
   Utilize effective communication plans and mediums to interact with MA              across MA Housing Services.
    Housing Services staff to disseminate information to motivate and encourage
                                                                                      Staff rate communication as effective resulting in
    performance and build employee culture and commitment within MA Housing
                                                                                       adequate visibility and access at all levels
                                                                                      Mechanisms for staff feedback and involvement are in
   Oversee and ensure the participation of MA Housing Services staff in effective
    people management practices including performance development, learning
    and development, OH & S and adherence to required HR policy and                   All MA Housing Services staff and management
    procedure.                                                                         participate in HR initiatives and comply with set policies
                                                                                       and procedures.
CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

Key Result Area 3                      Financial Management
Key Tasks:                                                                          Job holder is successful when:
 Develop and manage overall budgets for Housing Services.                           Financial plans are developed for Housing Services in
                                                                                       light of market conditions and internal capabilities.

   Oversee the development of operational budgets and progress towards set            Set targets are achieved or exceeded in all cases.
    targets.                                                                           Financial analysis is undertaken and presented to the MA
   Ensure the development of financial performance reports and analysis for the        Group CEO and the Housing Services Board as
    Board as required.
                                                                                       Strategies are put in place to ensure achievement of
   Develop strategies to address financial and budgetary changes/ variances to
    achieve maximum positive outcomes for Housing Services.                             targets and maximum possible financial outcomes for
                                                                                        MA Housing Services.
   Develop long term asset management plans to ensure financial sustainability
                                                                                       Asset management plans are developed and financial
   Robust financial analysis and business cases are presented for new business         sustainability is demonstrated.
    opportunities to ensure that the Housing Services Board can make timely and
                                                                                       Business cases are presented to the Housing Services
    informed decisions on business opportunities and investment
                                                                                        Board for all new business opportunities and commercial

Key Result Area 4                         Compliance Management
Key Tasks:                                                                          Job holder is successful when:
 Manage the development and functioning of the MA Housing Services                  MA Housing Services complies with all required external
  business to ensure compliance with all required legislative, contractual, ASIC,      and internal regulations.
  risk and OHS requirements.
                                                                                       Registrations and accreditations are kept up to date.
   Obtain and maintain all necessary registrations and accreditations for MA
                                                                                       Compliance concerns or issues are addressed and
    Housing Services.
                                                                                        resolved resulting in minimal impact to the MA Housing
   Respond to high level compliance concerns and issues, and put in place              Services business.
CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

    strategies and plans to ensure ongoing observance.                                  The quality framework is consistently applied resulting in
   Manage the development of and adherence with a MA Housing Services                   maximum quality outcomes across all sites.
    quality framework to ensure consistency and quality of service across all sites.    Reports and statistics are prepared accurately and on
   Develop and maintain a range of reports and statistics for internal and
    external bodies including government departments and the Housing Services           MA Housing Services Risk Register/Action Plan is in
    Board.                                                                               place
   Undertake and document a risk assessment for the business and the
    development of risk mitigation strategies

Key Result Area 5                        Business Development
Key Tasks:                                                                          Job holder is successful when:
 Develop strong relationships with a range of current and potential business        External relationships result in improved strategic
  partners including government bodies, corporate organizations and                    positioning of MA Housing Services within the industry
  competitors to create business opportunities and influence improved                  and new business opportunities.
  outcomes for MA Housing Services.
   Participate in, and contribute to, national housing bodies and forums for the
                                                                                        MA Housing Services effectively influences the direction
    sharing of best practice, influencing of policy and regulation and the               of policy and regulation in the industry.
    promotion of Mission Australia.
                                                                                        MA Housing Services is acknowledged as an industry
   Develop a range of business proposal, presentations and tenders etc. for
    delivery to finance providers and partners.
                                                                                        Presentations result in financial support.
   Develop decision papers and supporting materials for presentation to the
    Board in order to support the development of new business opportunities.            Decision papers are presented to the Board which are
                                                                                         accurate and support informed decision making.
                                                                                        Opportunities are found to leverage current Mission
   Actively engage with current Mission Australia stakeholders to investigate
                                                                                         Australia business in Housing Services.
    opportunities for housing service delivery to improve outcomes for their
    clients.                                                                            MA Housing Services strategic and business plans clearly
                                                                                         demonstrate how local housing services will work with
                                                                                         MA and other local service providers to achieve
   Manage the overall promotion and external communication of MA Housing                enhanced outcome for tenants/clients in need
CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

    Services with external bodies and the media to ensure quality, consistency        MA Housing Services is actively promoted in the market
    and positivity of external messages.                                               and positive exposure is gained in all situations. . MA
                                                                                       housing Services market positioning plan is developed

   Develop and promote high levels of tenant participation and local community       Tenants and applicants have a say in the housing and
    involvement                                                                        additional services delivered by MA Housing Services
                                                                                      Community involvement mechanisms are in place


Core Area of Responsibility              Purpose and Values
Key Tasks
 Actively support Mission Australia’s purpose and values;
 Positively and constructively represent our organisation to external contacts at all opportunities;
 Behave in a way that contributes to a workplace that is free of discrimination, harassment and bullying behavior at all times;
 Operate in line with Mission Australia policies and practices (EG: financial, HR, etc);
 To help ensure the health, safety and welfare of self and others working in the business;
 Follow reasonable directions given by the company in relation to Occupational Health and Safety.

D. RECRUITMENT INFORMATION (The essential knowledge, experience, skills and personal attributes required for the job)
   Inspiring a Shared Vision
        Challenging the Process
        Enabling Others
        Encouraging the Heart
        Modeling the Way
Experience and Qualifications
        Relevant Degree/post graduate qualifications in Business/Commerce/Management or a related field to housing or social services

CEO Mission Australia Housing Ltd

   At least 10 years experience in a similar or related industry environment
       Working at a senior leadership level, with experience in managing a large geographic network of service locations.
       Experience in regulatory compliance and federal and state compliance frameworks
       High level financial management skills and experience
       High level commercial experience and a track record of delivering sustainable business growth


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