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                 SaveOnEnergy.com CONTINUES NATIONAL EXPANSION
   Leading Energy Marketing Firm Launches in Six Additional States; More Markets to Follow

DALLAS — A ug. 14, 2007 – Dallas-based SaveOnEnergy.com, a leading energy marketing firm,
announced the company has launched the next phase of their national ex pansion campaign offering its
energy-relat ed services to residential customers in six additional states including Massachusetts, Maryland,
Michigan, Connecticut, Georgia and Indiana. SaveOnEnergy.com, the market leader in Texas’ competitive
energy mark et, launched their national expansion in June and initially int roduced their service in New York,
New Jersey, Illinois and Ohio.

Now customers in Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Connecticut, Georgia and Indiana can access
SaveOnEnergy.com which allows consumers to shop for lower energy rates, similar to the services offered
by Travelocity and Expedia in the travel industry. SaveOnEnergy.com is the leading online marketplac e
empowering cons umers to shop, compare and save on competitive electricity and natural gas services by
connecting them to pre-qualified energy suppliers.

The initial progress of SaveOnEnergy.com’ s expansion in the first four markets has been successful and
well received, wit h a very good response in New York from the commercial customer. Residential customers
and businesses of all sizes visit SaveOnEnergy.com to shop for lower rates and savings on electricity and
natural gas. The company’s expansion includes SaveOnEnergy.com entering into the natural gas arena
allowing customers in the expanded states the option to s witch their electricity and/or natural gas providers,
based on the laws of their area.

―With the success of launching our service in the first four states, the company’s goal continues to be
aggressive expansion while becoming t he leading Internet -based site in every deregulated market,‖ said
Brent Moore, founder and CEO of SaveOnEnergy.com. ―W e know customers want choices when it comes
to their energy service providers. SaveOnEnergy.com aims to be t he leading clearinghouse connecting
customers to the energy companies competing fo r their business.‖

Direct Energy, one of North America’s largest energy and energy -related services providers, is one of
several suppliers listed on SaveOnEnergy.com, and believes there are numerous benefits to the marketing
firm’s ―one-stop-shop‖ location for competitive energy services.

―SaveOnEnergy.com’ s servic es help make a consumer’s ability to choose a competitive energy supplier
more efficient, allowing consumers to take advant age of a key benefit of energy competition - the ability to
gain more control over their energy costs,‖ said Mike Beck, Direct Energy’s Vice President and General
Manager. ―The firm’s web-based convenience supports Direct Energy’s philosophy of being a simple and
friendly retailer for consumers who are looking to take advantage of their ability to choose. It is also an
excellent example of how competitive markets foster innovation.‖

SaveOnEnergy.com is actively in discussion with suppliers in the newly expanded states to offer numerous
options and exclusive servic es to the customer shopping for competitive energy rates. Over the next 12 to
18 months, SaveOnEnergy.com will continue the company’s aggressive expansion targeting additional U.S.
markets, as well as Canada and potentially Europe.

Since 2003, SaveOnEnergy.com customers have been taking advantage of the free online service that
allows them to quickly find, compare and order competitive energy services. A unique and industry -changing
company, SaveOnEnergy.com customers realize significant savings by switching to lower cost energy

About SaveOnEnergy.com
SaveOnEnergy.com, the leading source for energy information and solutions, is a free online servic e
providing consumers with the tools to easily find, compare and order competitive energy se rvices.
SaveOnEnergy.com is the result of a unique synergy bet ween the convenience of online capabilities and
the numerous choices available from emerging energy competition.             A ―one-stop-shop‖ destination for
competitive rates and energy saving solutions, SaveOnEnergy.com connects residents and businesses to a
select group of pre-qualified energy providers. Independent and unbiased, SaveOnEnergy.com’s highly
trained staff of business-to-business experts recommend only those providers meeting a rigorous criteria,
offering competitive rates and savings and delivering excellent customer service.             Founded in 2003,
SaveOnEnergy.com, a division of Save On Energy, LTD., is headquart ered in Dallas.                 For additional
information, please visit SaveOnEnergy.com or call (800) 296-5107.


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