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Sub : Custom Business Card Script License

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for showing interest in our product and for your inclination to start a custom
business card script.

2daybiz Custom Business Card design is a featured custom business card designing
software. This powerful PHP script enables user to design simple to complex business
card designs with a predefined amount charged. Custom business card design script
offers great range of designer tools that enables user to create an identity for the pre-
made business card templates. Modify or import image, shape, color, font etc, produces
unique results thereby even a non professional can design as an expert. Billing is handled
automatically and seamlessly through payment gateways.

We are enclosing our Business Proposal with the following objectives in mind:
          A corporate, useful and profitable custom business card portal
          A truly global reach to complement your custom business card Portal business
          An increase in efficient electronic communication
          A navigation style that facilitates maximum information transfer to the Internet

Hope the enclosed proposal is in line with your requirement. We have kept in mind your
trust on by forwarding your requirement and we have provided our cost-
effective rates. For any further clarification please feel free to get in touch with us or visit
us at

Looking forward for your valuable order and assuring you of our best services.

Yours truly,

Jayan V.S

Email:             Custom Business Card Script            Voice: 91 98416 33884

Custom Business Card Script Package

Custom business card design, amazing software developed using PHP script has wide number of design
tools with a predefined amount charged.

The design options available in custom business software are color, font type, text decoration, alignment
and other images. The design wizard allows changing the background color, bounding box for the image
and dimension alterations including height, weight, vertical and horizontal outline. There are a number of
font types and design templates to choose from the gallery editor which handles the image options like
change, add and delete privileges for all JPG images. Both sides of the card are viewed by PDF and the Z-
order object’s design interface includes options to send to front, send to back, send backward and send

          User Register with Login Id (Email), Password and Personal Information.

          Check Username availability in Ajax module.
          After Register send email verification link to email account.
          User Active account by using send mail link.


          Registered Member Login with Email and Password.
          Login details are correct user can allow welcoming page.

          If Login Information Incorrect, User Redirect to Forgot Password / Register Link.

Forgot Password

          Enter email address send login information to Registered Mail Account.
          If entered email not correct error display also link for register.

Email:                     Custom Business Card Script              Voice: 91 98416 33884


      After Login user redirect to My Home Page
      This page display Profile Information.

      Link for Update Information.
      Link for View Order List.
      Link for Update Login Information.

      Link for Update Contact Information.

Update Personal Information
      Change Personal Information.

Update Login Information
      Change Password.

      Enter Old Password, New Password and Confirm Password.

      All are valid only all to change.
      After change send mail to User mail id.
Update Contact Information

      Change Billing address and contact numbers.
      Change Shipping address and contact numbers.
Secure Upload

      Users upload photos.

      Users upload Signature Image.
      Every Upload use watermark in uploaded photo.
Order Information

      View User Order Information.
      User Can View Order Details and Order Status.
Custom Card

      User Design Card by Using Flash Tool.
      After completion save that design.

      Also send mail to admin and customer.

Checkout Process

      After complete design user should pay amount.
      User Pay amount by using Online Payment Process.
      PayPal.

Email:                    Custom Business Card Script   Voice: 91 98416 33884

Order Confirm
      After complete payment process.
      Verify payment process.

ADMIN (Backend)
Login & signup

      Home
      Change password
      Mail activation

View orders
      Able to view, delete, activate or deactivate orders.

      Able to view full details of the ordered products.
Manage Users
      Active/Deactivate
      View profile

      Delete

      Search user by user name, user id, location, city, zip code, phone, etc.

Admin Login

      Able to manage admin users.
      Able to change admin login username / password.

Our SEO Version
      Creating SEO Friendly URLs

      Optimizing all coding

      Optimizing your web pages using better HTML and JavaScript

      ALL PAGES dynamic Unique Meta Keywords & Description

Email:                Custom Business Card Script                Voice: 91 98416 33884

         H1 Breadcrumbs ' tag optimize according to keyword strength

         Keyword String Removal

         Building keyword-rich URLs using PHP, Apache, and mod_rewrite

         Using the HTTP headers to properly indicate the status of web documents

Using search engine and traditional site maps effectively

Business Card License Option
               Product                               Description                         Total Price

                                           Single domain license with encrypt
         Basic Version with
                                               ( you can’t edit or modify )              $ 176 USD
                                          one month support but no update

         Source Code Version
                                              Single domain Source code
        Custom Business Card                                                             $ 286 USD
                                       10 yeas support and 5 years update include

                                        Single domain license with SEO Version +
        SEO Version + Source
                                       10 yeas support and 5 years update include        $ 440 USD

                                  a.   Free Installation
                                  b.  Multilanguage Support
                                  c.  SEO Friendly Version
        Professional script for   d.  24 Hr Support for next one year
                                                                                          $ 760USD
            Entrepreneur          e.  Free iNet Email sender software 1.0.4 version
                                      ( )
                                  f. Brand remove

                                   Installation, Setup, Configuration Business Card        US $ 30
        For Script Installation
                                   (Front-end module and Backend ADMIN Module)

Email:                    Custom Business Card Script                Voice: 91 98416 33884

           Service Tax             Service tax are applicable for all our products          12.36%

          If you need logo creation and simple site look customization, we can do it for you for $100

Others                                                                       Chargeable extra depending
                                                                             upon the
Custom Requirements                                                          module/requirements


   100% advance on Domain & Hosting
   100% advance before files being uploaded in your domain/server.


If the payment is made during Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM IST, product will be delivered
within 24 hours. If payment is made during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) or during any Indian National
Holidays, the same will be delivered within 48 hours of payment.


Online Wire Transfer

Account name               : I net solution, current account.
Account Number             : 602705039028
Branch                     : Anna Nagar,
City                        : Chennai
Pin code                    : 600 030
State                       : Tamil Nadu
Country                     : India
Bank code                   : ICIC0006027

Email:                 Custom Business Card Script                   Voice: 91 98416 33884

Swift address - ICICINBBCPS


(contact us for details)

First name                 :   Jayan
Last name                  :   Subba Reddiyar
Address                    :   No. 1, Iyyavoo Street,
Address                    :   Shenoy Nagar, Aminijikarai,
City                       :   Chennai
Pin code                   :   600030
State                      :   TamilNadu
Country                    :   India
Mobile                     :   9841633884

If you have anymore clarification please,   Mail us   :

Skype ID              : vsjayan
Cell number         : 91 9841633884/ 91 9841301280

Email:              Custom Business Card Script           Voice: 91 98416 33884

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