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Candidature Project Funds

Research Centres and Schools are required to use part of their Research Training Scheme budget
for HDR Candidate Project Funds (CPF).

CPF is a pool of money that can be accessed for legitimate claims of up to $2000 per candidate per
full-time year in the humanities, business, law and social sciences. In consumable-intensive areas
such as the sciences, and where extensive fieldwork is undertaken, it is expected that the maximum
allocation would be $3000. It is also acknowledged that not all candidates require the full sum each
year. Schools should adopt a flexible approach that permits an allocation of more than the nominal
annual sum for an individual. Schools may consider the requirements of the candidature in its entirety
and find that one year may be more resource intensive than other years. CPF will be strategically
managed and may also be used for broader aspects of research culture development such as
workshops, symposia and guest speakers. Schools and Research Centres manage the disbursement
of funds based on the general advice of the Research Studies Committee contained in this document.

CPF may be made available, upon application, to assist candidates to meet the incidental costs of
their research and/or research training program.

CPF funds are available for a range of items including, but not only, skill development programmes,
research materials or equipment, field work, transcription costs, participant reimbursement, travel for
conference attendance, other travel, consumables, registration fees, writing skill development,
technical costs associated with exhibition, recording, filming, thesis binding, special software
purchases, access to external facilities, access to vehicles for field trips, specialist software, postage,
acquisition of data sets, photocopying, office materials and, in some areas of research endeavour,
editing services, software licenses, mandatory OH and S awareness and training.

Applications are made to the School or Research Centre and must be endorsed by the Principal

Research candidates will normally outline project needs as part of their Measures of Achievement
(MoA) and Confirmation of Candidature and the annual progress reports. CPF funds are not a direct
payment to candidates on the basis of their enrolment but should be carefully argued and agreed to
by the supervisory panel as part of the thesis proposal and its progress. Equipment purchased will
normally remain the property of UWS and is to be returned to the School or Research Centre upon
completion of study or withdrawal from candidature. Candidates should be aware that changes to the
direction of their work will not automatically guarantee additional resources and any changes to
estimated resource requirements must be negotiated within the School and, if applicable, within the

Scholarship holders may be entitled to access thesis production funds specifically described in their
Conditions of Award. Enquiries may be directed to the Scholarships Officer, Tracy Mills,

 Broad agreement in the establishment of the terms of the candidature between supervisor and
  candidate. At the time of admission the School or Centre will have attested that they can support
  the candidature based on a general overview of the proposed topic. After enrolment the Principal
  Supervisor and candidate must confer to determine specific requirements of the candidature. This
  may be done immediately after enrolment, as part of the Measures of Achievement and at relevant
  points during the candidature such as Confirmation of Candidature and when completing annual

 Principal Supervisor endorsement of claim as a legitimate expense related to the candidature. The
  Principal Supervisor should describe the relevance of the purchase to the candidate’s research.

 Payment upon production of receipts, or

 In some instances, where a large sum is sought, the candidate may negotiate to present an invoice
  for payment. The expenditure must be approved in principal before the candidate enters into an
  agreement with the provider.

 eTAN for travel must be attached, if required.

Completing an Application

 The candidate should complete the Candidate Project Funding Application Form, outlining the
  resources required, the purpose of the resources and the service provider (if necessary).

 The candidate must also complete any other relevant forms ie eTAN (Travel Authority Number);
  Payment Requisition form etc.

 The supervisor should include a statement confirming the need for the resources to be allocated for
  the candidate’s project work.

 The candidate should state how much they have already received in CPF for the current calendar

 Claims should comply with UWS travel policies;
  Travel (Domestic) Policy and Travel (Overseas) Policy:

 The application should be signed by the candidate and principal supervisor.

 The designated School or Research Centre signatory approves payment.

 Original receipts and/or invoices must be supplied to enable payment of the application. Applicant
  must also complete a Payment Requisition Form available on the Web from if providing receipts for reimbursement.
  Candidates should note that when any travel is undertaken they need to have a TAN form
  completed. Travel may be booked through UWS’ preferred travel agent (see School Administrative
  staff for details).

 All subsequent receipts (following approval process) for payment should be sent directly to the
  School or Research Centre Administrative Officer Research for payment.
       Candidate Project Funding

       Application Form


Candidate Name                                                Student ID

Degree                         Full-time/Part-time?

Candidate UWS email address                                   School/ Centre

Description of resources applied for and their purpose:

Details of service provider (if necessary):

Supervisor statement confirming the need for the resources:
Summary of items, date of provision and cost

Item                                                                   Date                Cost

Funds already received this calendar year

Date                              Total Amount Received




          Original receipts and/or invoices.

          Payment Requisition Form available on the Web from

          eTAN form. Candidates should note that they need to have an eTAN form completed if travel is to
           be undertaken. Travel should be booked through the UWS preferred travel agent; World Travel

Total amount requested                                    Candidates Signature

Principal Supervisors Signature                           Authorising Signature (School or Centre Research

Date                                                      Date

       Please forward the completed form to the designated School or Research Centre signatory.

                                    A list of signatories may be found at: