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                      HEATING & COOLING, INC. 

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems 

Engineering and Design Services 

Solar Water Heating & Storage 

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Systems 

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Ventilation, Exhaust and Makeup Air 

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DDC Controls 
         HEATING & COOLING, INC.                                    ABOUT US

Climate Heating & Cooling is a full Service design-build Mechanical Contractor
 with in house Engineering and CAD designers. We design and install our own
 DDC controls, Ductwork, Mechanical Piping and Plumbing Systems. We also
offer HVAC service, including maintenance agreements. Our clients are mostly
 Commercial, Industrial, and high-end residential customers. We specialize in
Geothermal Heating & Cooling, including closed and open loop systems, for our
                    residential and commercial customers.

We have a deep level of knowledge and experience in designing and installing a
wide variety of projects, from small residential systems to the largest commercial
                              and industrial systems.

  Our company employs nearly 50 employees including a full time engineering
    group, HVAC and plumbing installers, startup crews and 24 hour service
   technicians. Our company personnel have worked on over 80 geothermal
                     installations over the past 25 years.

 More than half of the employees at Climate have been working together for ten
years or more. It is rare that anyone in the Core group leaves because we are so
                                  family oriented.

                        Climate Heating & Cooling, Inc
                                 146 Hubbard Ave.
                                Pittsfield, MA 01201

                               Phone (413) 684-5100
                                Fax (413) 684-4300
              HEATING & COOLING, INC.                              KEY PERSONNEL

Rick Laureyns, President
Rick has over 30 years experience working in the HVAC industry on projects ranging from
residential installations to industrial refrigeration. As owner of Climate Heating & Cooling he
brings the diversity and practicality of his experience into the design of new systems. He is a firm
believer in training for all employees and staying current with rapidly advancing technology.

Vincent E. Paris, Vice President
Vince has over 20 years experience with installation and project management. He has a depth of
knowledge of both design requirements and on-site practicality issues, and can balance both to
bring projects in on time, within design parameters, and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Michael Puntin, P.E., CGD, Engineering Manager
Mike graduated from UMASS Amherst in 1997 with a BSME degree and subsequently secured
his Professional Engineer’s License in the Mechanical Discipline in 2006. He has experience in
project management and has been with Climate Heating & Cooling for 7 years. Although he
oversees the design and sales group at Climate, Mike still regularly interacts with field personnel
and is out at job sites ensuring that designs are properly implemented in the field.

Donald K. Nugent, Master Plumber
Don has over 30 years plumbing design and installation experience and is licensed in both
Massachusetts and New York. He is an experienced site manager and supervisor who has a
can-do attitude and gets things done.

Scott Morley, Service Manager
Scott has over 20 years of DDC Controls design, installation and troubleshooting experience, as
well as an extensive background in basic system troubleshooting and maintenance. He is a
NATE certified technician who is focused on system performance and reliability and ensuring our
customers receive the highest level of service. He has been with Climate for 10 years and service
manager for the last 5 years.
             HEATING & COOLING, INC.                           GENERAL SERVICES

 Split Systems, Heating & Cooling   Packaged Rooftop Units
 Radiant Heat & Baseboard           Hydronic & Steam Boilers
 Ventilation Systems                Energy Recovery Units
 Geothermal Heat Pumps              Air Source Heat Pumps
 Hybrid Fuel Heating Systems        Exhaust Fans
 Fresh Air & Economizers            VAV systems
 Humidity Control Systems           Heat Exchangers
 Kitchen & Fume Exhaust Hoods       Direct Digital Controls

                                          Plumbing Fixtures
                                          Water Heaters & Storage Tanks
                                          Sanitary, Waste and Vent Systems
                                          Storm Drainage Systems

 Refrigeration & Walk-In Coolers
 Snow Melt Systems
 Solar Panels
 Code Review
 Building Energy Analysis/Payback
               HEATING & COOLING, INC.                         UNIQUE PROJECTS

Some of our more recent projects include:

Turners Falls Fire Department, Turners Falls MA
- commercial geothermal project: retrofit geothermal
system including water source heat pump, vertical wells,
forced-air ductwork and energy recovery ventilator.

                                            Curme Residence, Lenox MA - retrofit of existing
                                            system in this historic house; water to water geothermal
                                            system utilizing 6 vertical bore holes and 5 heat pumps,
                                            with fan coils for zoning and distribution of conditioned

Besnoff Residence, Windsor, MA – 2000+ SF
home heated exclusively by 34 vacuum tube solar
collectors. System utilizes (6) 200 gallon storage
tanks, makes 100% domestic hot water and heats
small indoor pool with any excess generation.
Designed in coordination with Precision Decisions,
LLC and installed and commissioned by Climate
Heating & Cooling.

                                  Jiminy Peak Resort, Hancock, MA – new closed loop building
                                  heat pump system with boiler and cooling tower, automatically
                                  utilizing waste heat from the (2) 1250 HP snow making air
                                  compressors to fully heat (2) 15,000 SF buildings whenever
                                  snowmaking occurs.
                  HEATING & COOLING, INC.                     GEOTHERMAL PROJECTS

                         Sample Geothermal Projects 2008-2009

                                     Residential Under 2500 sq ft

Project Name:          Equipment Installed:      Equipment Type:   Geo Source:        Status:
Clark Residence        WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Vertical Bore      Under Construction

Barwig Residence       WaterFurnace Envision     Water to Air      Vertical Bore      Complete

Cooper Residence       WaterFurnace Premier      Water to Air      Vertical Bore      Complete

Race Residence         WaterFurnace Envision     Split (DX)        Vertical Bore      Complete

Anderson Residence     WaterFurnace Premier      Water to Air      Open Loop          Under Evaluation

                                       Residential Over 2500 sq ft
Project Name:          Equipment Installed:      Equipment Type:   Geo Source:        Status:
Briggs Residence       WaterFurnace Envision     Split (DX)        Vertical Bore      Under Construction

Ketron Residence       WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Horizontal Field   Under Construction

Curme Residence        WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Vertical Bore      Complete

Guntlow Residence      WaterFurnace Premier      Water to Air      Open Loop          Complete

Millington Residence   WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Vertical Bore      Completed Evaluation

Puntin Residence       WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Horizontal Field   Complete

Laureyns Residence     WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Standing Column    Complete

Bozbeckian Residence WaterFurnace Envision       Split (DX)        Vertical Bore      Under Construction

Suzman Residence       WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Standing Column    Complete

Schrom Residence       WaterFurnace EW Series    Water to Water    Pond Loop          Under Construction

                                           Commercial Projects
Project Name:          Equipment Installed:      Equipment Type:   Geo Source:        Status:
Turners Falls Fire Dept. WaterFurnace Envision   Water To Air      Vertical Bore      Complete
               LIMATE                                  COMMERCIAL PROJECTS
               HEATING & COOLING, INC. 

  Air Compressors and Piping                                       Building Energy Analysis
  Chiller Installations                                            Clean Rooms
  Commercial Kitchen Equipment                                     Computer Rooms
  Cooling Towers                                                   Dust Collection
  Exhaust Systems                                                  Fan Systems
  Fume Hoods                                                       Heat Exchangers
  Humidity Control Systems                                         Natatoriums
  Office Restructuring                                             VAV Systems
  Vehicle Repair Facilities                                        Ventilation Purge Systems
  and more!

Some of our more recent projects include:
Canyon Ranch Resort and Hotel, Lenox MA -
replacement of pool dehumidification and ventilation
equipment with new units.

Spice Restaurant, Pittsfield MA - installation of
complete HVAC system for entire restaurant consisting of
multiple heat pumps, chillers, boilers, kitchen exhaust hoods,
makeup air, distribution ductwork, and computerized control capabilities.

                                       Blantyre Castle Resort and Restaurant, Lenox MA -
                                       install new exhaust hood ductwork with fans and exhaust
                                       stacks, plus makeup air to the commercial kitchen.

                                       Jiminy Peak Ski Center and Resort, Hancock MA –
                                       closed loop heat pump system with refrigeration, fresh air,
                                       kitchen hoods and snowmelt for J.J. Lodge.

Northern Berkshire YMCA, North Adams MA - replacement of
pneumatic control valves for offices and locker rooms, replacement of
rooftop heating/cooling units for pool, locker rooms, and front offices.

Camp Eisner, Great Barrington, MA- heating and cooling system
for the new Mallah Sports Center (gymnasium and weight/aerobics
rooms plus changing rooms).

Hugo Boss Store, Lee Prime Outlets, Lee, MA - replacement of
rooftop heating and cooling unit and connecting ductwork.
               HEATING & COOLING, INC.                              TESTIMONIALS

We have gotten some pretty good reviews from our customers over the years. We have included
here some sample testimonials, from residential customers, commercial customers, and other
companies and design firms we have worked with.

         David Belcher/ Berkshire Gas Chiller
    "The installation was seamless. Your supervisors are well organized and very knowledgeable."

         Jim Wright/ Spice Restaurant
                   "Climate went out of their way to keep areas clean and safe."
         "Climate was able to accommodate all changes with ease and in a timely manner"
         "Climate showed exemplary supervisory skills."

         Cynthia K. Curme/ Geothermal Installation
         “Design worked perfectly and the system is elegant."
        "There was a tight schedule and deadline which was met"
        "All workmen were extremely competent and skilled."
        "Climate Heating & Cooling is the most skilled and professional contractor we have ever used,
         extraordinary service."
        and Ollie Curme
        "Thanks for helping with Climate’s legendary support.”

         Joe Dahrouge/ Parish Center HVAC units

        "Climate was committed from the start to ensure that a quality installation was provided."
        "Climate provided timely updates on the progress of the job."
        "Climate’s personnel were very professional and extremely responsive to all of our inquiries."
        "The on-site personnel were very knowledgeable and their experience in the field was evident."

          Scott Green/ HVAC Heat Pumps with Radiant in-floor Heating Installation

   "I just want to say thank you for all your time and effort in my house. I really, really appreciate it."
   "Not only do you REALLY know your stuff, but you always seem willing to really explain things to me
   and make sure the job gets done right."
   "Your hard work does not go unnoticed."

         Laurie Fitzpatrick/ HVAC Service Call, Salco Construction main office in Pittsfield
         "I wanted to send thanks and appreciation for making the physical work environment
         here comfortable again, it means so much."
         "You rock!"
                   LIMATE                                                          TESTIMONIALS
                   HEATING & COOLING, INC. 

Interview with Ollie Curme
(from feature article in a national publication; portions omitted here)
“My name is Ollie Curme. My wife and I bought the Dormers, a Berkshire county cottage in 2006. The house
was built in 1868 by a civil war Colonel, Richard T. Auchmuty for his bride Ellen Schermerhorn, in the French
chateau style. It was in great condition, but needed an air conditioning system. We decided to go with a new
geothermal system for three reasons:

•   Geothermal offers up to 50% savings on cooling and heating costs
•   The installation was the best way to preserve the historic nature of the house
•   The system is totally silent, with no noisy outdoor condensers hammering away all summer.

I contacted several geothermal contractors in January of 2007. Climate Heating and Cooling of Pittsfield was
by far the most responsive and knowledgeable firm so in February we signed them up with the requirement
that the system be totally finished by June. The Climate people designed a liquid to liquid system.

Pumps circulate water from six 500 foot vertical wells drilled into the limestone bedrock. We circulate liquid
through the closed loop wells to provide a source of relatively constant 55 degree water. The water flows
through five three ton Water Furnace heat pumps which cool the water in the summer to 45 degrees and
store it in a reservoir of two 119 gallon tanks. As the zones in each room call for air conditioning, the cold 45
degree water is pumped to fan coil air handlers which blow room air across the coils, cooling it and
dehumidifying it. This system is much simpler than many conventional air conditioning systems which have a
                                                                 compressor for each zone and pump Freon from
                                                                 the condenser outside to the evaporator inside.
                                                                 Our heat pumps are decoupled from the zones:
                                                                 they cool the cold water tanks which can supply
                                                                 cooling to each individual room rather than each
                                                                 zone; that makes it easier to balance the
                                                                 temperature on a room to room basis. It also
                                                                 allows the full 15 tons of cooling to be supplied to
                                                                 any area of the house as needed.
                                                                  The historic nature of the house provided some
                                                                 challenges; we didn’t want any of the living space
                                                                 changed with air conditioning runs, and it was
                                                                 difficult to snake plumbing through the brick walls.
                                                                 Climate solved the challenge by putting all the fan
                                                                 coils for the first floor in the basement, blowing up
                                                                 through historically accurate register vents, and
putting the fan coils for the second floor in the attic. All the plumbing for the second floor fan coils went
through two chases into two attic spaces below the hipped slate roofs.

There is a small room in the basement in which we put the heat pumps; it looks like a submarine. We framed
the room out with 2x4’s and put special soundproof insulation in it; however, the heat pumps are so quiet that
I don’t think we needed to do that. You can see the two pipes coming from and going to the geo field on the
upper left. The five heat pumps are in the middle, and the two cooling tanks are to the right. On the ceiling is
the fan coil which blows air into the library above it. Scott Morley, an engineer at Climate, designed the
control system to have the heat pumps operate in round robin fashion so that no heat pump works harder
than the others. Each of the first floor, second floor and finished basement areas are around 3000 square
feet. The 15 total tons of cooling capacity are probably overkill for the house; most days we don’t have more
than two heat pumps working at any time. But we wanted to make sure the house would stay cool for parties;
we’ve had 150 people over on a hot summer night and everything stayed cool and dry.
                  HEATING & COOLING, INC.                                      TESTIMONIALS
                                                          Each room has its own thermostat with a
                                                          temperature display and a slider control to make it
                                                          warmer or cooler. Scott Morley designed a
                                                          computer control program which makes it easy to
                                                          monitor and control the system from one page of a
                                                          computer screen (see picture at right). This screen
                                                          is available over the internet, so I can access it
                                                          remotely from anywhere in the world and check
                                                          temperatures and heat pump activity. I can also
                                                          change the setpoints for each floor remotely, to save
                                                          energy when we’re away, or to cool the house down
                                                          before we arrive for the weekend. I’ve also got the
                                                          ability to monitor the temperature of the geofield
                                                          wells, but despite the load we put on the system, it
                                                          stays pretty much 55-65 degrees in the summer and
45-55 degrees in the summer.

The geothermal system is also the primary heating system during the winter. We previously had two huge
(and expensive) natural gas boilers which heated the house with radiators and provided radiant heat in the
floors. Climate kept the natural gas boilers for radiant heat (which can be switched on or off) and as heating
backup in case of heat pump failure or extremely cold days. As it turned out, the heat pumps were more than
adequate to heat the house on the coldest days of the winter. We’re now planning to take the boilers out and
replace them with one heat pump that provides hot water year round, heats the swimming pool, and provides
radiant floor heat during the winter.

 Installation went very well. Climate was the primary contractor and brought in all the plumbers and
electricians. Mike Puntin was my primary contact and gave me weekly status reports and managed and
coordinated all the work. There were numerous changes
and adjustments along the way but the house was ready in
four months and the project came in exactly on budget.
The most exciting part of the installation was the drilling of
the six 500 foot wells. The picture at right shows the
geofield during drilling. Each well has a closed plastic pipe
going down and back up. The six wells are attached to a
supply and return header which is located eight feet
underground; well below the frost line. The headers are
attached to supply and return pipes which enter the house
through the house foundation into the basement. The
geofield installation tore up the side yard pretty well, but
after it was filled in and reseeded, the geofield became
completely invisible.

We’re pretty thrilled with the system. It is hard to cost justify our geothermal system based on operating cost
savings; the expected payback for the expensive installation is around 20 years. However, I’m of the opinion
that electricity and natural gas costs will follow oil prices inexorably higher so that in five years time, the
geothermal system looks like a bargain. Even if I’m wrong, and it takes many years to pay back, I still love
the system; the house can be as cold or as warm as we want, the impact on our historic house has been
negligible, and I can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Berkshires without the racket of air conditioners all
summer long.”

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