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									          MARCH 2008
                                                            National   Association of the Remodeling Industry
                                                       Eastern Massachusetts Chapter

                                                      EM-NARI NEWS
         Inside this issue:
    From the President                  3   April Dinner Meeting
    Membership                          4   Sustainability at our doorstep: The Green
    PR Committee Report                 4
                                            Movement and the Remodeling Industry
    Programs/Certification              5

    NEW! Bulletin Board                 6
                                            The Green movement is rapidly influencing the building industry. Commer-
                                            cial developers have already embraced green standards and now new con-
    Member Spotlight                    7
                                            struction and remodeling contractors are going “green” as well. Green
    Products & Services                 8   residential homes are sprouting up everywhere. Lawmakers are also push-
    Tax Tips                            9   ing for more environmentally sensitive processes and energy efficient re-
    Legal Corner                        9   sults. A growing consumer awareness is creating a “Green Shockwave” in
                                            the remodeling industry.
    April Dinner Meeting               11
    Registration Form
                                            Our dinner meeting on Wednesday, April 9, 2008 will feature a Green Panel
                                            Discussion focused on the relevance of green and sustainability. The panel-
Upcoming EM NARI Events                     ists will include Beth Daley, Environmental Reporter from The Boston Globe,
          April 2-3, 2008                   Clayton Schuller, Business Development Manager, Sterritt Lumber, who is
            RDC Boston                      also Chair of the Sustainability Building Committee, BAGB, and serves on
    Seaport World Trade Center              the committees of New England Housing Council and Build Green Massachu-
                                            setts and Paul Morse, CR, CLC, Morse Constructions, Inc. and is also the
       Wednesday, April 9                   Green Education instructor for EM NARI. Daniel
       Green Panel Discussion               Glickman, Sustainable Construction Services, Inc.
   Dinner Meeting, Crowne Plaza             will be the moderator.
               5:30 pm
                                            Come hear what our panelists have to say about
                                            the trends going on in Green building/remodeling
          Friday, April 11
                                            and how we can further educate ourselves to
     Community Service Project
                                            meet our customer’s needs.
       Bristol Lodge, Waltham
      Complete Roofing Project              This is a “hot” topic and pre-registration for this
  Contact Greg Antonioli for details        event is required. Please see page 11 of this          newsletter for the registration form. Any ques-
                                            tions, please contact Ann Dube’ at 508-907-6249
         Tuesday, April 15                  or Jay Carr, Programs Chair at 781-835-0087 for
      Membership Drive Event                more details.
      Stone Technologies, Inc.
      5 Draper Street, Woburn
      4-9 pm     Prizes, Raffles

        Wednesday, May 7
         Tim Faller, Author
                                             Our April Dinner Sponsor is:
   “The Lead Carpenter System”
        Crowne Plaza, Natick
               5:30 pm

       Wednesday, June 4
        Vendor Hosted Event
Metropolitian Cabinet & Countertops
  505 University Avenue, Norwood
     5:30 pm (Free Admission)
MARCH 2008                                                                                                     PAGE 3

From the President
Bill Farnsworth, CR, CLC
             Spring is almost upon us! We should see an abun-
             dance of flowers this spring with all the rain and snow
             we had over the winter. By the time you receive this
             newsletter we will be back from the annual NARI Na-
             tional Board meeting in St Petersburg, Florida. Ann
             Dube’, Phil Bates and I are going to represent our association. Scott
             Miller of Newbridge Construction is also traveling down to attend the Eve-                      Eastern
             ning of Excellence to receive their Regional CotY awards. We also had                        Massachusetts
             some other members win Regional CotY Awards; The Wiese Company and                             Chapter
             Gallagher Remodeling. Congratulations to all!
             Upon our return from the National Board meeting we will begin to plan                    2007-2008 OFFICERS
             our 2008 Golf Tournament and CotY Awards for this year. We will be                                  President
             looking for commitments earlier this year in an effort give the Board a few                 Bill Farnsworth, CR, CLC
             months off this summer. Please think about your participation in these
             events and send Ann an email so we can put you on the lists of players/                      First Vice President
                                                                                                               Philip Bates
             sponsors or CotY binder request list. This is the time to start thinking
             about the projects you may want to enter into the CotY awards; remem-                       Second Vice President
             ber you need before and after photos!                                                         Greg Antonioli, CR

             For those that may not be able to make it to the dinner meetings on a                        Third Vice President
             regular basis, we always have announcements and information about fu-                             John Puccio
             ture events. Many of the announcements have been emailed prior to the
             meetings and throughout the month. If you are not receiving emails from                     Andy Kofman, CPA, Esq.
             Ann then there is a problem. She is sending them out on a regular basis.
             You should also be receiving email from NARI National for all kinds of dif-                       Secretary
             ferent information including educational opportunities and general infor-                    Michael P. Sams, Esq.
             mation about the National association. Please let Ann know if you are not                  Chairman of the Board
             getting the EMNARI emails and or the National information. She will                        Raymond Wiese, CR, CLC
             make sure that National has your most current contact information. If
             you are not an email person let us know so we can make sure we stay in                              Directors
                                                                                                                William Avril
             contact.                                                                                          Jay Carr, CLC
             Finally, our volunteer Board of Directors has been working very hard to                        True T. Davis, CR
                                                                                                            Kevin Lister, CRA
             bring you the best NARI has to offer. It is always a work in progress.                         Tom Messier, CIC
             You can help us with your ideas, feedback and criticism. There are always                      Gary Morrison, CR
             differences of opinion in how to do things and our Board is no different.                   Patrick Perkins, CR, CLC
             The Board and I do agree on one thing; we can always get better and we                            Danny Puccio
                                                                                                             Christina Tassie
             are all committed to you, our general membership.                                                Glenn M. Travis
                                                                                                        Timothy P. Walsh, CR, CLC

             I look forward to seeing you at the next dinner meeting.                                      Executive Director
                                                                                                              Ann M. Dubé
             Bill Farnsworth, CR, CLC, CKBR
                                                                                                              EM NARI Offices
                                                                                                         831 Beacon Street, #186
   Action Initiates Membership                                                                           Newton Centre, MA 02459
                                                                                                             Tel: 508-907-6249
   Please invite a fellow remodeler, sub-contractor or professional associate to a dinner meeting           Fax: 617-663-6566
   today and support the industry that supports us all.                                     

   Member referrals is so critical to our growth, that NARI National is recognizing high performers
   in member recruitment through its Action Initiates Membership program. NARI National will           NARI Headquarters (National)
   reward the Chapter member who has recruited the most new members from January 1st                     780 Lee Street, Ste 200
   through December 31st each year.                                                                       Des Plaines, IL 60016
   Awards will be presented annually for top recruiters per Chapter, top                            
   recruiter nationally, and the most successful Chapter.
                                                                                                         The EM NARI NEWS is
   NARI will recognize and honor all winners at the National Board of
                                                                                                         dedicated to providing
   Director’s meeting. Sign up on page 11 and register your Guest for the                              education and information
   next EM-NARI Dinner meeting!                                                                         to NARI Members in the
                                                                                                      remodeling field and related
             PAGE 4                                                                                                       EM-NARI NEWS

                                  Philip Bates, First Vice President
     TUESDAY, APRIL 15                                    The bad news about the housing and banking industries and the economy in
                                                          general just keeps flooding the headlines every day. Even if you have a
 STONE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.                                 solid backlog of upcoming projects, times like these challenge our firms’
                                                          owners and managers to respond with strategies to not only survive but
 5 DRAPER STREET, WOBURN                                  create opportunities. Here are a few priorities we are emphasizing at our
   DOOR PRIZES, RAFFLES                                   Look first to your existing clients; satisfied clients will return to you for their
                                                          next project. They will be your best source of referrals and your best refer-
      REAL TEXAS BBQ                                      ences for new clients. Our firm offers ongoing maintenance services to
                                                          existing clients which keeps us fresh in their minds in a very positive way.
                                  Look to the circle of professionals with which you have done your best work. Over time we have
                                  developed a number project partners; subcontractors, vendors and tradesmen who time and again
                                  have done their work utilizing industry best practices. Though they may be a rare source for a refer-
                                  ral it is during times that you need it most that they may give your name to a potential client and
                                  something comes of it.
                                  Fortify your professional network. Introduce yourself to the professionals that can feed you
                                  work. Our firm constantly seeks out like minded architects and interior designers. Participate in the
                                  events sponsored by your professional associations like NARI. Seek advice and feedback from your
                                  peers. There are many members at EM-NARI that have weathered a downturn or two in the past
           Connections forged     and may have some valuable insight to share.
        between members are       Finally, you should approach every potential job aggressively. This does not mean lowering your
     progressively stronger as    standard client screening techniques, now more than ever you want to be working with good cli-
  we are able to share stories    ents. This is a time when you should use the full weight of your team to look at alternate ap-
                                  proaches for possible efficiencies in the cost of projects you present.
   and lessons learned. This is
        true to our mission —     As business owners and managers we should remember that the challenge presented to us by
                                  broader economic conditions is just another opportunity for us to make our businesses run bet-
    belonging and growing by      ter. As the old Chinese curse goes…”May you live in interesting times”.
   learning from one another.

                                                       Public Relations
                                                       Greg Antonioli, Second Vice President
Community Service Project
      October, 2007                                    So what happens in a “down economy?” With the lesser of our remod-
                                                       eling brethren (those unprofessional, non-NARI remodelers) a hair’s
                                                       breathe from going under, many unsuspecting homeowners are head-
                                                       ing down a very dark tunnel. When the Bubba Contractors go bank-
                                                       rupt in the middle of those projects, the consumer reporters will have
                                                       plenty of fodder to further tear our industry’s reputation to shreds.
                                  Is this a problem or an opportunity? I hope you answered “opportunity.”
                                  The golden opportunity lies in presenting yourself as the NARI professional you are, advo-
                                  cating for your prospective clients, tactfully educating them as to the realities and risks in
                                  choosing a remodeler these days.
                                  Another opportunity lies in “spreading the love” to those contractors and professionals who
                                  are facing challenges but have yet to discover the benefits of NARI membership.
                                  Our work as NARI members is more cut-out for us than
                                  ever, helping homeowners and troubled remodeling
                                  professionals navigate this “downturn”. It’s a lot to
                                  bite-off, but the rewards will be worth it. NARI will
                                  shine even brighter as the beacon of professionalism.
                                  Let’s get to work.
                                  Please join us in completing the roofing project at Bris-
                                  tol Lodge in Waltham on Friday, April 11th. Contact
                                  Ann Dube’ at, 508-907-6249 or Greg
                                  Antonioli, 781-
                                  641-3332 or details.
MARCH 2008                                                                                                            PAGE 5

Programs and Certification
Jay Carr, CLC
                        As Chairman and part of the Programs/Education committee we look to
                        bring up to date topics and speakers to address the issues that face us as
                        remodelers. We are always open to your suggestions and I ask you to let
                        me know what’s on your mind and what topics you would like to see ad-
                        dressed at our dinner meetings. The Programs Committee is going to be
                        looking to plan ahead for 2009 and your ideas will be welcomed so that we
                        can look to include them in our plan for next year. It is our hope to have
                        the schedule for January—December 2009 planned out by October of this
                        year. This way you are able to plan ahead. It’s also going to help our ven-    Want to get more involved?
                        dor /supplier members see what’s on the agenda and if there is a dinner         Join one of our committees
                        meeting topic that’s of interested and they would like to be a dinner spon-
sor, they can also plan ahead.
                                                                                                            Membership Committee
Our new Green education program looks to be a great success and there is a growing enthusiasm
                                                                                                                 Phil Bates, Chair
behind it with those that are participating in it now. There is quite a bit of information out there
with Green Building and this is a great course to get yourself moving in the right direction. Again,             The Classic Group
I look to you as members to get feedback on the education courses so that we can be sure that we
are offering the right things to you, our members.
I am really looking forward to our April dinner meeting, “Sustainability at our Doorstep: The Green
Movement and the Remodeling Industry”. Our panel of green experts will help give us look at a                     PR Committee
few different views on Green Building, how we can get involved and help our customers get more                 Greg Antonioli, Chair
educated in Green Building as well. Please remember to pre-register for this event—it will fill up
                                                                                                        Out of the Woods Construction and
I look forward to seeing you on the 9th of April.

WELCOME OUR NEWEST MEMBERS!                                                                                   Programs/Education
                                                                                                                   Jay Carr, CLC
x    Greg Stock, Bradco Supply, Stoughton, MA
x    Sheri Ryan, PayChoice, Danvers, MA
                                                                                                           Special Thanks to our
                   Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities                                                    March Meeting
                                                                                                             Appetizer Sponsor
x    Be a Dinner Meeting Sponsor—available meetings are May, September and
x    Place an ad in the Newsletter
x    Upgrade your listing on the Website – Go Platinum for only $150 per year
x    Golf Tournament Sponsorships (this event is always a sell out!)
x    CotY Awards Sponsorships (great opportunity to be a part of the best of
     the best!)
x    Better Yet—put together a “One Stop” Package and include as many or as
                                                                                                         Don’t forget to send in your up-
     little sponsorships/ads as you like.                                                                dated web directory information
         Contact Ann Dube’ for details 508-907-6249;                                      and web enhancements. For
                                                                                                         more hits to your website go
                                                                                                         from a (free) basic listing to a
    Membership Renewal Reminder…..                                                                       GOLD or PLATINUM listing!
                                                                                                         Forms are sent out with renewal
    Is your membership renewal invoice sitting on your desk under piles of paper?
                                                                                                         invoices. You can also download
    Have you seen the emails that your membership is currently due or has lapsed?
                                                                                                         it from the website. Questions?
    Look at your NARI certificate that’s hanging on your wall, what’s the date?
                                                                                                         Call Ann Dube’ at 508-907-6249
    Please take a minute to renew your membership so that you can continue to receive the benefits       or email at
    of being an EM NARI member.
           PAGE 6                                                                                                EM-NARI NEWS

EM NARI Bulletin Board
        RDC April 2-3, 2008                 EM NARI Membership Drive                EM NARI June Event
    Seaport World Trade Center                            Event                     Vendor Hosted Event at                     Tuesday, April 15, 2008             Metropolitian Cabinet &
  Volunteers still needed to help cover
                                                  Stone Technologies                           Countertops
  the booth. Contact Ann Dube’ if you          5 Draper Street, Woburn               505 University Ave, Norwood
           would like to help.                           4-9 pm                                5:30—8 pm
                                          Free event—Door Prizes and other          Come tour their showroom and
  EM NARI Community Service                    prizes to be given away!            learn about their cabinet making
                Project                                                             process as well as their Granite,

            Friday, April 11               EM NARI May Dinner Meeting                Marble and Engineered Stone
                                                  Wednesday, May 7                         finishing processes.
          The Bristol Lodge
                                                                                   This is a free event for EM MARI Members
                                                 Crowne Plaza, Natick
     205 Bacon Street, Waltham
                                                        5:30 pm
 Project: To finish the roof repairs
                                                 Tim Faller, Author of
      Contact Greg Antonioli at
                                             The Lead Carpenter System
   781-956-7695 for details or to
           volunteer to help

Please send bulletin board notices to Ann Dube’ at by the 5th of each month and they will be included in
that month’s newsletter. All notices will be reviewed and approved by the PR committee.
MARCH 2008                                                                                                         PAGE 7

Member Spotlight: Glen Lodovico
Lodobe Custom Building, Renovation & Development
Glen “Vito” Lodovico traces his love for building back to        “Building techniques and technologies change and evolve
days spent working alongside his grandfather, a master           rapidly,” says Vito. “I’m a firm believer in the need to
craftsman who ran the finishing department at Seth Tho-          continually study, learn and live on that leading edge. I’ve
mas Clocks in Thomaston, CT.                                     taken NARI’s Green Remodeling Education program, and
                                                                 I’m currently enrolled in the Certified Remodeler course
Vito founded LODOBE, CO. on the premise that there are
                                                                 and the Green Certified Professional program. With help
better, healthier and more environmentally friendly ways
                                                                 from NARI and its members, I’ve gained tremendous in-
to build.   LODOBE incorporates green-building products
                                                                 sight into the industry, how to develop the best practices
and practices into all of its projects. The goal is to salvage
                                                                 that are defining my business, and the future standards of
the best pieces of current structures, recycle elements that
are unusable, and rebuild with sustainable materials, tech-
nologically advanced features and more efficient systems.        LODOBE, based in Somerville, Mass., is committed to de-
                                                                 livering the utmost respect for Clients’ lives and Earth’s
“I believe it’s important for us to try and present more
                                                                 resources. Vito has a bachelor’s degree from the Univer-
ecologically sound alternatives to clients,” says Vito. “I’m
                                                                 sity of Connecticut and a master’s in business administra-
all for breaking traditions and trying new things in building
                                                                 tion from Northeastern University. He is a member of EM-
and remodeling, especially if it means uncovering strate-
                                                                 NARI, the Green Roundtable, the United States Green
gies and processes that will be yield a healthier, more
                                                                 Building Council and Beta Gamma Sigma, the international
comfortable, sustainable home for our clients.    I’m also
                                                                 honors society recognizing
well aware that our employees and I are doing this work
                                                                 business excellence.
because we LOVE what we do. We want to be around to
see our great-grandkids AND be in good health to enjoy
     PAGE 8                                       EM-NARI NEWS

                          Products & Services Directory

Interested in advertising your Product, Service
  or Employment Opportunity in this space?

           Contact Ann Dube’, or 508-907-6249
MARCH 2008                                                                                                          PAGE 9

Here’s What the Experts Say
Tax Tips
As you prepare to file your 2007 income tax returns do not forget about the Domestic Production
Activities Deduction. In a nutshell, the deduction is equal to the lesser of 6% of taxable income
or 50% of W-2 wages paid during the year.      The deduction gets better in the future as it gradu-
ally increases to 9% in 2010.
Who is eligible for the deduction?
Construction contractors, electrical contractors, plumbers, HVAC contractors, landscapers, paint- Andrew T. Kofman, CPA, Esq.
                                                                                                      Tel: 781-784-3662
ers, roofers, etc.
The deduction is available to any taxpayer engaged in a trade or business on a regular and on-
going basis that is classified as construction. If work performed is not in connection with the
building or substantial renovation of a building, then the gross receipts from that job do not
qualify for the deduction.
How is the deduction computed?
For 2007, the deduction equals 6% of the lesser of: (a) qualified production activities income
(income after expenses); or (b) taxable income for the taxable year (AGI for sole proprietors).
However, the deduction for a taxable year is limited to 50 percent of the W-2 wages allocable
to construction activities paid during the calendar year.
Does the deduction apply to you?
The deduction is available to any taxpayer that is either a C Corporation, S Corporation,
Partnership, Sole proprietorship, LLC, Trust or Estate. Multiple companies with qualified
production activities income may be entitled to a deduction for construction work on the same
This article gives general information and not specific advice. Please consult with a qualified
professional tax advisor on how this information applies to your specific situation.

Legal Corner

There are two endorsements to most standard general liability policies that are added to ex-
clude coverage for certain events. Specifically, the pollution exclusion and mold exclusion
endorsements are intended to prevent coverage for pollution and mold related damages re-              Michael P. Sams, Esq.
spectively. Although mold related cases are more frequent in California, Texas, and Florida,          Kenney & Sams, P.C.
                                                                                                      Tel: 508-665-4299
they occur here in Massachusetts too and, therefore, it is important to understand how the  
mold exclusion endorsement works and whether you need to make sure that such an en-
dorsement is not added to your policy. Likewise, pollution related damages claims occur here
in Massachusetts and it is important to understand how that endorsement works to properly
assess your risk so that you know whether to address this endorsement with your insurer.

In the next few articles, we will discuss the tests being applied to assess coverage for mold
related claims and how those tests are applied differently to first party policies than third
party general liability policies. We will also discuss how the courts are handling the pollution
exclusion endorsement.

We hope that after you review these upcoming articles, you will take a look at your general
liability policies and then meet with your insurance agent. More than ever, it is important that
your insurance professional be familiar with the construction industry so that you can be sure
he/she understands the risk with which you are faced. Your insurance professional can then
work with you as a risk management partner to ensure you are making educated decisions
concerning your policy and what risks you are willing to carry.
MARCH 2008                                                                                PAGE 11

  Sustainability at our doorstep: The Green Movement and the
            Remodeling Industry, A Panel Discussion
Pre-registration deadline is Monday, April 7; cost is $50 per person
  ANY registrations received Tuesday, Wednesday or at the door, cost is
                                      $60 per person*

  Wednesday, April 9 2008, 5:30—9 pm z Pre-registration $50 z $60 after deadline/at the door*
       ‰ I will be attending the Natick Meeting on April 9, 2008
 Member Company:_____________________________________ Email Address: _____________________________

 Contact Name: ________________________________________ Designations: _________________

 Also Attending: ________________________________________ ‰ Guest*

               ________________________________________ ‰ Guest*

               ________________________________________ ‰ Guest*

 *Check “Guest” for individuals not employed by a member company. Guest registrations require company name, ad-
 dress, and phone. Guests who are prospective NARI members pay $25 for the dinner (advance registration only)

                PAYMENT INFORMATION                   Check Enclosed VISA MC AMX
                Card Number: ____________________________ Exp. Date________
                Name on Card: ______________________________ Total _________
                Signature: ________________________________________________

                Crowne Plaza is conveniently located on Route 9 Eastbound across from
                the Natick (Mall) Collection.

                Return registration form to Ann Dube’, EM NARI,
                831 Beacon Street, #186, Newton Centre, MA 02459
                Or by Fax: 617-663-6566
                Questions: 508-907-6249;

 Our April Dinner Sponsor:
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Eastern Massachusetts Chapter

831 Beacon Street, #186
Newton Centre, MA 02459
Tel: 508-907-6249
Fax: 617-663-6566

                                                     Join Us For Our April Dinner Meeting
                                                           Wednesday, April 9, 2008
                                                               Crowne Plaza, Natick
                                                  5:30 pm Networking; 7 pm Dinner; 8 pm Presentation
                                                           See Page 11 for Reservation form

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