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					                              Computer Programming

                                                                                                                                      Computer Programming - Certificate
  The Computer Programming Certificate program prepares                                  Curriculum
students who want the essential technical competency required                         Certificate Program
for entry-level employment in the computer field.
  The objective of this program is to develop an understanding     Course                                       Credits
of basic concepts and tools of data processing and skills needed   ENGL-111       English I                            3
in present-day computer operations and programming                 CISY-103       Computer Concepts and Programming3 4
languages. Operations and programming are studied.                                Programming Elective1              3-4
                                                                                  Programming Elective1              3-4
  Graduates are able to:                                           CISY-132       Systems Analysis and Design          3
  • contribute to the analyses of problems of data format needed   CISY-217       Operating Systems                    3
    for processing and required for user results                   CISY-285       Data Base Development & Design       3
  • work effectively as a member of a team                         CISY-211       Systems Development & Implementation 3
                                                                                  General Education2                   3
  • use a problem or object oriented programming language for                     General Education2                   3
    application development
                                                                                                        Total Credits 31 - 33
                                                                     See Computer Science (CISY) Programming Elective list in the
                                                                   College Catalog.
                                                                     Select a course from the General Education list. Computer
                                                                   Literacy (CISY-102) cannot be used as a general education course
                                                                   in this program.
                                                                    Elementary Algebra (MATH-020) is a prerequisite/corequisite for
                                                                   this course.

   Admission requirement(s): High School Diploma or High School Equivalency Certificate (not through
   correspondence). Please refer to the Admissions section of this catalog.
   Students may enroll: full-time, part-time, day or evening.

                       RVCC 2010-2011 Catalog • For updated information, visit                               67

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