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									               Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 CTIA quote sheet

Avanade: ““Microsoft’s Systems Center plays a key role in making Windows a superior technology
platform for increasingly mobile businesses – we hear this from many customers that have turned to
Avanade for expert advice when deploying Systems Center solutions. The launch of Systems Center
Mobile Device Manager 2008 means we can deliver an easier-to-use, low-cost solution for managing
and securing Windows Mobile devices. Mobile Device Manager extends existing IT infrastructure to
deliver increased worker productivity, new device management capabilities and enhanced security
measures for mobile devices.” Larry LeSueur, vice president of technology infrastructure solutions

Computer Science Corporation: “Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 enhances
freedom and functionality for mobile users,” said Kent Eriksson, Solutions Architect, Computer Sciences
Corporation. “Having an end-to-end, policy-driven solution on a secure mobile platform that leverages
existing infrastructure investments, completely integrated with Active Directory, will be an important
new option for clients. We’re pleased to work with Microsoft to test and develop new managed
solutions such as this that further increase the value of what we bring to our enterprise customers."

EDS: "Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 will help EDS increase our clients'
productivity by providing their IT departments with an end-to-end solution for managing handheld
devices, while providing users with access to critical applications and data they need," said Patricia
Wilkey, EDS director of global desktop & mobility. "With the implementation of Mobile Device Manager,
EDS Mobile Workplace Services can better serve our clients and give them the flexibility to take
advantage of the rapid changes of new technology."

Flowfinity: "Our customers have been seeking capabilities that better manage security, devices and
application access," said Dmitry Mikhailov, CEO of Flowfinity Wireless. "With System Center Mobile
Device Manager, we can now provide these customers with an end-to-end solution that offers these
capabilities reliably and cost-effectively. We expect this to accelerate adoption of our mobile forms
automation products in enterprise line-of-business applications."

Formotus, Inc.: “There’s tremendous demand from our distributors and their customers to be able to
access critical business data from Windows Mobile devices; in fact, we created our business to leverage
that rapidly growing market,” said Joseph Verschueren, Formotus co-founder/CEO. “We’ve been laser-
focused on making it easy for information workers to create and deploy rich data applications, and it’s
equally important that IT departments find it easy to maintain control and visibility of the mobile device
infrastructure. We think Mobile Device Manager will deliver the mobile integration and security that
these joint customers require.”

Getronics: “About four years ago, Getronics had exclusively chosen for Windows Mobile as platform for
our Mobile proposition of our Managed Workspace offering. We are thrilled with the release of System
Center Mobile Device Manager, which enables our remote support organisation to remotely manage
and secure mobile devices with one toolset, reducing operational costs and enabling new features for
our customers.”
i-mate: “We believe System Center Mobile Device Manager will appeal to our enterprise customers
allowing them to easily leverage their Microsoft IT infrastructure to secure and manage their Windows
Mobile devices on their networks,” said Jim Morrison, i-mate’s CEO and founder.”Going forward, i-
mate’s Ultimate range of devices will be upgradeable to support Mobile Device Manager.”

Intermec: “Intermec’s CN3 and CN3e support of Microsoft’s System Center Mobile Device Manager
means that our customers will be among the first to have seamless unification of management, security
and messaging systems on industrial strength mobile devices,” said Tom Dowd, Intermec’s senior
director of strategic marketing. “Our teamwork with Microsoft continues to bring our customers the
very best.”

Mobitor: “It is critical for a field force to be able to meet with customers and have immediate access to
information that enhances the interaction – up to date pricing, current inventory, order history, and
previous customer issues,” said Jerry Goedicke, CEO, Mobitor. “While our mobile application platform
can deliver this business data to Windows Mobile devices, a hurdle we often face is explaining to IT
professionals how this information will be managed and secured. Microsoft’s System Center Mobile
Device Manager will not only give us the mechanism to enforce and manage device security from a
centralized location, it will withstand the test of scrutiny from our customer’s IT departments.”

Motorola: “As a long-standing partner with Microsoft and a leading provider of mobile productivity
devices and solutions, Motorola is pleased to provide choice for our customers by supporting the new
System Center Mobile Device Manager,” said Juergen Stark, corporate vice president, Productivity
Devices, Motorola. “We look forward to working with Microsoft and our operator partners to offer
Motorola Windows Mobile phones that will leverage this solution.”

Palm: "Mobile Device Manager makes the Treo even more appealing for our business customers, letting
them deploy in greater numbers and delivering the productivity of mobile email to more people,” said
Brent Remai, Palm vice president of business and consumer. “With the addition of the mobile VPN, both
commercial and internal developers are free to build even better business applications that really drive
competitive advantage."

Pyxis Mobile: “Data security from the mobile device is the number one concern of our customers,” said
Todd Christy, CTO of Pyxis Mobile. “Our customers want to be sure their needs around mobile security
and management are met when they deploy our enterprise-class applications. Microsoft’s System
Center Mobile Device Manager provides the security, device management, and mobile infrastructure
companies are looking for to maximize their end-to-end mobile infrastructures.”

Samsung: “Samsung is proud to the launch the BlackJack II, our first System Center Mobile Device
Manager compatible device, upgradeable in 2008, and we are committed to developing and enhancing
future compatible products,” said Muzib Khan, vice president, product management and engineering.
“This comprehensive solution will benefit Samsung customers with the BlackJack II and future Windows
Mobile devices with an upgraded security management platform, device management solution and
secured network access.”
SAT: “We believe Microsoft’s mobile platform will prevail as the preferred Multi-Channel Access
Gateway for customers seeking enterprise wide mobile deployments with applications such as our
IntelaTrac Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System,” said SAT Corp CEO Don Frieden. “Our
selection criteria was clear – SAT customers have standardized on Microsoft’s network infrastructure, so
mobile device management and integrated security should be part of their enterprise infrastructure
stack. Microsoft is the leader when it comes to network infrastructure, and SAT is standardizing on
Microsoft’s System Center Mobile Device Manager for mobile device management in order to provide a
unified computing foundation for our enterprise customers.”

Sprint: “Sprint is excited to support Microsoft’s System Center Mobile Device Manager and help the
increase end point security and low-cost manageability it will bring to business customers looking to get
the most from Sprint’s 2008 smartphone portfolio,” said Kevin Packingham, vice president of wireless
product management and usability, Sprint.

TCS: "Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been involved in the design, development and maintenance
of several mobility solutions for our customers,” said Babla Sharan, global head of Wireless & Pervasive
Technologies Practice, TCS. “One of the major challenges that a mobile organization faces is to ensure
manageability of mobile devices and security of enterprise data when the information is exposed to
those devices. Microsoft's System Center Mobile Device Manager product will help remedy many of
those challenges. Working with Microsoft, we plan to create competencies on the new system that
enhance the value to our customers and will ensure that our own wireless offerings like WiDashboard
and mSales are compatible with this new system."

Telecom New Zealand: “Our business customers are asking for a wider variety of phones that offer
capabilities for managing and accessing applications behind the corporate firewall and more control
over mobile deployments,” said Martin Butler, GM Business Products, Telecom New Zealand. “We are
excited to support the new offering, and we are hoping to make phones available from our portfolio in

TrueContext: “System Center Mobile Device Manager provides a great mobile application infrastructure
for TrueContext,” said Ted Gauld, VP Marketing, TrueContext. “It enables us to focus on developing
great solutions for our customers without having to worry about managing devices, users, or intranet

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