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                               Tuesday, September 8, 2009 
      The Brookings County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday,
September 8, 2009 with the following members present: Donald Larson, Alan Gregg, Mary Negstad,
Deanna Santema, and Dennis Falken.

      Chairperson Larson called the meeting to order.


      The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


      The agenda for the September 8, 2009 commission meeting was approved without objection
from the board.

       The consent agenda was approved without objection from the board.
       The consent agenda consisted of the minutes from the September 1, 2009 commission
       Travel/Education Requests: Todd Struwe and Dave Swisher to attend the 2009 SDEMA Fall
Conference September 15-17, 2009 in Brookings; Robert Hill to attend the 24th Annual Regional
Road Conference and to participate on a wind energy panel October 20-22, 2009 in Rapid City, SD;
all Department Heads and Supervisors to attend a training on Performance Management Practices
September 16, 2009 in Brookings.

        Motion by Gregg, seconded by Negstad to approve the following claims. Roll call vote: Gregg
“aye,” Negstad “aye,” Santema “aye,” Falken “aye,” Larson “aye.” Motion carried.
        4-H Revolving Fund #3C6899, State Car Use, $300.44; A&B Business, Copier Maintenance,
$75.41, Copier Maintenance, $66.28, Copier Maintenance, $40.09, Ricoh Color Printer, $900.00,
Copier Maintenance, $40.57, Copier Maintenance, $246.30; Alltel, Juvenile Block Cell Phone Bill,
$121.83, Cell Phone Bill, $43.49; Andersen, Norma, INV MI Hearings, $45.00; Anderson Oil, Diesel,
$1,086.40; Anderson, Derek, Witness Fees, $27.66; Aragon, Martha A, Spanish Translation, $87.50;
ATCO International, Supplies, $148.40; Bozied Oil Co Inc, Investigation Clark County, $127.00;
Brehmer, Jacob, SDAAO Assessors School Meals, $130.00; Brkgs Area Chamber, 2009-2010
Leadership Class, $800.00; Brookings City Utilities, E911, $400.00, E911 Database, $309.46, E911
Utilities, $173.50, Phone Charges, $252.55, E911 Database, $3,195.64, Phone Service, $248.30, 10
MB Fiber & DSL Line Access, $1,842.50, Phones & Utilities, $2,081.16; Brookings County Finance,
Advance Tax, $1,097.75, Delinquent Taxes, $752.59; Brookings Health System, Blood Testing,
$2,507.00, PMD, $238.00; Brookings Medical Clinic, PMD, $394.31; Bruget, Lindsey, Witness Fees,
$20.00; Butler Machinery Co, Parts, $1,423.52; C&R Supply, Inc, Parts, $3,700.33; Central Business
Supply, Correction Tape, $17.75, Repair Typewriter Stand, $150.00, Office Supplies, $89.83;
Century Business Products, Copier Supplies/Maintenance, $56.36; City of Brookings, Brkgs FD Grill
Guard/Hitch, $940.05; Dakota Service, Investigation, $194.00; David M. Hosmer Law Office, CAA
INV MI Hearing, $117.00; Days Inn Brookings, LEPC Meeting Room & Meals, $84.34; Diesel Machinery
Inc, Broom Rental, $2,094.94; Donald McCarty, CAA CRI 09-206, $852.22, CAA CRI 09-220/331,
$1,204.08; Donna K Dietrich, INV MI Hearings, $300.88, INV MI Hearings, $412.17; Dragseth, Joyce,
SDAAO Assessors School Meals, $130.00; Einspahr Auto Plaza, Vehicle Maintenance, $466.60;
Englund, Dianne, COP Rent, $410.00; Estelline Community Oil, 1500 Gal Propane, $1,738.50;
Executive Management Finance Office, Technology Access Fee, $15.00, Technology Access Fee,
$20.00; Fishback Ins Agency, Notary Bond/Filing Fee/Stamp, $102.00; G&K Services, Laundry
Service, $326.14; G4S Justice Services, Inc, Electronic Monitoring July 09, $45.20; Graham Tire
North, Tires, $791.40; Grainger, Filters For Air Handlers, $130.08; Graybar Electric Co Inc, Electric
Lighting, $210.72; Great Plains Psych Service, Psych Eval, $2,605.00; Haider, Darin, Duty Belt,
$54.20; Harold's Printing, Letterhead, $187.20; Heldt, Gary, Weed Board Mtg Mileage, $9.00; Hieb,
Jere, SDAAO Assessors School Meals, $130.00; Hill, Pamela, Witness Fees, $22.61; Homestead Do-It
Center, Vertical Blinds, $279.00; Hostler, Shawn, Instructor Training Meals, $47.00; Hungerford
Chiropractic, Patient Records, $15.61; Huron Culvert & Tank, Culverts, $9,095.52; Inter-Lakes
Comm. Action, Community Service Worker, $750.00; Intoximeters Inc, PBT Mouthpiece FST,
$1,500.00; JCL Solutions, Jail Cleaning Supplies, $196.60; Jeromy J Pankratz, CAA 09-1360,
$287.00, CAA 09-0406, $762.60; Kabeiseman & Pollard, CAA INV MI Hearing, $170.00, CAA INV MI
Hearing, $170.00, CAA ECT Hearing, $249.00; Kieckhefer, Jon, August 2009 Travel Voucher, $93.98;
Kim E Callies, Transcripts, $275.00; Kingsbury County 4-H, ATV Safety School Training, $125.00;
Kittelson, Joan, INV MI Hearing, $15.00; KKQQ-FM, Achievement Days Remote, $100.00; Klingbile,
Larry, SDAAO Assessors School Meals, $130.00; Lewis & Clark Mental Health, BMI Hearings, $426.00;
Lilla, Christopher L., Proval Users Conf Meals, $174.00; M&T Fire & Safety Inc., Bruce FD
Equipment, $10,770.11; M.E. McCann, CAA JUV 09-0034, $538.81; McKeever's Vending, Jail
Supplies, $320.40; McLeod's Printing & Office Supply, Card Stock, $291.16; Melby Photography,
Commercial Photography Website, $325.00; Micro Computer, Wireless Router, Laptop Memory,
$160.49; Morphotrak, AFIS Maintenance Agreement, $445.83; Nancy J Nelson, CAA CRIM 09M-2166,
$303.40, CAA CRIM 09M-2033, $323.90; O'Day, Valarie, Hearing Transcript, $22.88; Office Systems
Inc, Office Supplies, $282.47; Perry Electric Inc, Maintenance on Entrance Box to Jail, $56.96;
Pitney-Bowes Inc., Red Ink Cartridge, $81.98; Rehfuss, Cathy, INV MI Hearings, $39.00, INV MI
Hearings, $45.00; RFD, Legal Publishing, $51.87, Ballot/Minutes/Budget Publish, $3,333.72; Rick
Ribstein, CAA 08-543, $852.96; Running's Supply Inc, Parts & Materials, $270.21; Russell, Dawn,
Transcript, $30.60; Schuneman Equipment Co, Supplies, $24.99; SD Continuing Legal, Dakota Disc
Qtly Subscription, $125.00; SD Dept of Revenue, SD Dept of Revenue Sept 2009, $268,840.86; SD
Dept of Transportation, Contracts, Prelim, Marking, $9,209.62; SDML Workers' Comp Fund,
Registration, $65.00; SDSU Work Study Acc't., Work Study Admin Fee, $528.21; SDVSOA, Annual
Dues, $50.00; Sinai Coop. Elevator, Diesel, $1,166.40; Sioux Falls Two Way Radio, Qtly Maintenance
Contract, $490.05, Replace Handset/Repair Console, $621.77; Sioux Valley Cleaners Inc, WIC Office
Cleaning, $385.00; Sioux Valley Energy, Electricity, $111.00; Smith, Steve, Weed Board Mtg
Mileage, $18.50; Sprint, Cell Phones, $607.46, Monthly Service Charge, $54.54; Stee, Rose Marie,
Aug 09 Travel Voucher/Supplies, $381.79; Steffensen, Stacy, Labels Reimbursement, $11.96; Susan
Brugger, CAA CR 09-370, $788.96, CAA REC02-374/375, $193.25; Swanda, Karen, INV MI Hearing,
$24.00; Tangen, Laurie, Aug 09 Travel Voucher/Supplies, $165.31; Terry D Wieczorek PC, CAA 09-
231, $317.34; Velvet Uniforms, Badge Holder, $58.14; Verizon Business, 6-1 Long Distance,
$312.40; Verizon Wireless, 2 Lines W/Blackberry, $291.95, Monthly Statement, $89.99, Cell Phone
Service, $89.77; Walmart Community, Coffee Maker, $24.88, Misc Office Supplies, $21.82, 16 GB
Flash Drive, $39.88, Office Supplies, $157.87; Wells Fargo Remittance Center, Credit Card Charges,
$1,887.13; West Payment Center, NW Reporter, $177.50; Wolf, Ione, Hearing Transcript, $15.75;
Yankton County Sheriff, Service of Process, $50.00; Yankton County Treasurer, MI Hearings,


      The board discussed the list of items for the County Surplus Sale. By consensus the board
agreed to remove the courthouse railing and marble pieces from the list.
       Motion by Santema, seconded by Negstad to declare the following items as surplus property
to be disposed of at public auction and/or transferred to another governmental entity. Roll call
vote: Negstad “aye,” Santema “aye,” Falken “aye,” Gregg “aye,” Larson “aye.” Motion carried.
       Commission/Human Resources: Dell tower SX270, Dell tower Optioplex SX280, Dell tower
Optioplex GX520, Brother black and white laser printer, Microsoft wireless keyboard-no
transmitter, 2-wired keyboards and mouses, 4 Dell laptop docking bays, Dell 16-point switch,
Addtron 8-port switch, HP external CDRW, SMC 5-port switch, miscellaneous cables,
broadband router. Emergency Management: UMAX UC1260 scanner. Equalization: HP LaserJet
2200D printer-transferred to City of Brookings. Extension: Risograph RC4500, Christmas garland,
JVC double cassette deck, Technics stereo receiver, microphone, speakers, Gateway Solo 2550
laptop, Canon printer, data transfer switch, 2 floppy disk drives, microphone cords, Kodak carousel
projector, Kodak Ektagrapher slide projector, Sharp computer projection panel, Panasonic Easy
Phone, AT&T three handset cordless telephone, portable microphone system, Camcorder, Apollo
multi media projector, 3M overhead projector, electric Sharp adding machine, chair rack. Finance
Office: 2 Dell towers, Lexmark dot-matrix printer, IBM dot-matrix printer, HP desk printer, 2-
Brother printers, miscellaneous computer cords, miscellaneous computer keyboards, miscellaneous
ribbons, VHS video cassette recorder, toaster oven. Highway: picnic table, miscellaneous chairs,
vise, safe, bridge decking, miscellaneous tires, Sharp copy machine, IBM Professional Wheel Writer
2 by Lexmark, Bridge truck-1975 Chevrolet C65 16-foot flatbed truck with hoist. Planning and
Zoning: Brother 2700CN laser printer. Register of Deeds: 2 desks-transferred to Swiftel
Communications, AT&T cordless phone, VTech cordless phone. Sheriff’s Office: 1997 Taurus, Onan
natural gas generator, Dodge Durango-transferred to the City of Brookings, 2 inside lobby doors, 2
outside lobby doors, 2 HP Deskjet 695C printers, 1 set Gateway computer speakers, HP Deskjet
5740 printer, Microsoft split keyboard, black keyboard, gray keyboard, HP keyboard, Okidata 520
printer, Okidata B3450 printer, CTX monitor, 3 computer towers, 2 mouses, Toshiba 13” color
television monitor, Olympus 35mm film camera, 5-gallon gas can, GE mini fridge, wood printer
table, 5 Nortel business phones, 2 Panasonic business phones, 2 Nortel business phones with add-
ons, 5 Panasonic laptop computers—transferred to the Brookings Fire Department, 4 Jetbook laptop
computers—transferred to the Brookings Fire Department. Weed: 1989 Mack truck, 1991 Chevy

       Commission Assistant and Human Resources Director Stephanie Vogel presented the
Commission/HR report.
       Vogel discussed the decision by Equalization Director Joyce Dragseth to hold off for the 2010
assessment year on implementing any changes to the 20 acre minimum amount currently being
used to assess agricultural property. She also discussed correspondence received regarding the
Requests for Proposals for the I-29 Corridor Regional Economic Growth Analysis, a thank you from
the Boys and Girls Club Teen Court Program, and an invitation for an accessibility review of the
current Brookings County Courthouse parking and path of travel from the Brookings Committee for
People who have Disabilities. Vogel also discussed letters of concern from citizens regarding the
CapX2020 proposed transmission line project, and she provided the board with a copy of the permit
application for a restricted use storage and disposal facility at the South Dakota Soybean
Processor’s plant in Volga. She also reported on format changes for the Leadership Brookings

      Deputy State’s Attorney Mark Kratochvil reminded the board that he will not be at next
Tuesday’s meeting.


     Commissioner Falken reported on the Planning and Zoning meeting, the local review
committee meeting for Basin Electric’s Deer Creek project and the Innovation Campus dedication.
       Commissioner Santema updated the rest of the board on the $2.25 million grant to the state
of South Dakota for prison recidivism. She also reported on the Juvenile Detention Center planning
meeting, the Innovation Campus dedication and a letter from a concerned citizen regarding the
CapX2020 transmission line project.

       Commissioner Gregg reported on the Innovation Campus dedication.

       Commissioner Negstad reported on the Innovation Campus dedication.

       Commissioner Larson reported on the Basin Electric local review committee meeting, the
Innovation Campus dedication and letter from South Dakota’s Supreme Court Chief Justice David
Gilbertson regarding Judicial System grant funding.

      Commissioner Falken discussed the letters of concern the board has been receiving
concerning the CapX2020 transmission line project. He said that this is really a Public Utilities
Commission issue and that this board cannot stop that project. Falken said that they should inform
the public about the PUC process that will take place, but that the county commission doesn’t have
the power to pull the plug on the project.

       Commissioner Santema asked if there is a report that the board could receive from the Teen
Court program to see how the money that they’ve given them is being spent. Deputy State’s
Attorney Mark Kratochvil said that they are affiliated with a national program that they report to,
so they could supply that report to the board. He said he would follow up with that request.

      Chairperson Larson reminded the board of the 4:00 p.m. joint city/county meeting in the


       There being no further business, Chairperson Larson declared the meeting adjourned until
8:30 a.m. Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

       It is the policy of Brookings County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the
Handicapped in Employment or the Provision of Service. The County of Brookings is responsive to
requests for communication aids and the need to provide appropriate access, and will provide
alternative formats and accessible locations consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
                                                     Stacy Steffensen
                                                     Deputy Finance Officer
                                                     Brookings County Finance Office

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