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									             Entrepreneurship@Cornell Celebration 2007
              The Johnson Graduate School of Management Symposium
                                Investing in the Future
                                       April 20, 2007

Creating a Sustainable Future: Trends in Energy & Climate Change

With energy and climate change issues emerging as a major concern for businesses and
governments throughout the world, investments in clean technologies and alternative
energy drastically grew to $63 billion in 2006. Recent innovations in areas such as wind,
solar and bio-fuel raise the question of if and when alternative energies will replace fossil
fuels. As emission trading in capital markets gains a stronger place in financial instruments,
what type of incentive will it provide towards industry development? How will these
advancements affect business leaders and investors? Panelists will discuss the impact of
carbon trading on business, where venture capitalists are investing, the role of government,
and the future of these markets.

Featured Speakers:
Paula DiPerna                        Executive Vice President, Chicago Climate Exchange
Ken Newcombe                         Head of Origination, Carbon Markets, Climate Change Capital
Eric Young                           General Partner, Canaan Partners
Amol Deshpande                       Associate, Cargill Ventures
Moderator (TBD)

Adapting to Industry Change: The Convergence of Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Over the past year, high profile hedge funds have initiated long-term investment strategies
traditionally the practice of private equity funds. Composed of leading private equity and
hedge fund senior professionals, the panel will discuss the recent trends in the
“convergence” of these 2 alternative asset classes. What advantages and disadvantages
will this hybrid fund structure create internally for the private equity industry and externally
for investors? Is there room in the leveraged buyout industry for other industries beside
traditional private equity firms? Discussions will emphasis the technical implications this
could potentially lead too as well as valuation, accounting and liquidity issues.

Featured Speakers:
Jim McNair                           Senior Managing Director, Corinthian Capital
Michael Karangelen                   Principal, TowerBrook Capital Partners
Stephen Mong                         Managing Director, Orien Capital Management
Jeff Hanson                          Consultant, C-BASS
Henry O’Connor, Moderator            Principal, Orix USA

Advancing Innovation as an Entrepreneur: Transforming Sustainable Industries

The clean technology industry, in particular the water and power segments, has gathered
considerable momentum over the last decade, bolstered by technological improvements,
rising energy prices, and public interest. How has this shift affected entrepreneurs

operating in this space? Is the current interest in the industry sustainable or simply a
“green bubble” driven by publicity and a favorable regulatory environment? Our panelists
will address these issues as well as the current risks and opportunities facing today’s clean
technology entrepreneur, such as technology trends, access to capital, competition from
new entrants as well as large traditional players, the regulatory environment, and
movement into new markets.

Featured Speakers:
Kevin McGovern                       Principal, McGovern Capital
Pinaki Bhattacharyya                 Director, New Energy Capital
Ejnar Knudsen                        Executive VP/Business Development, Cilion, Inc
Jeffrey Wolfe                        CEO, GroSolar
Stuart L. Hart, Moderator            S.C. Johnson Chair in Sustainable Global Enterprise

Revolutionizing the Life Sciences: Venture Capital Investment Strategies

In 2006 venture capital investments in the life sciences reached a record high and again
lead the growth in venture investments with $7.2 billion invested in 731 deals. The
proliferation of new biotechnology and medical devices is expected to continue and with it
new challenges and opportunities will emerge. Our panel of leading venture capital
investors in life sciences will explore strategies for navigating this rapidly growing industry,
from opportunity screening to successful exit. Particular emphasis will be placed on
identifying key emerging technologies, regulatory obstacles, intellectual property and stage
investment strategies within the sector.

Featured Speakers:
David Berry                          Principal, Flagship Venture Partners
John Brooks                          Founding Partner, Prism VentureWorks
James Garvey                         Managing Partner, SV Life Sciences
Anupendra Sharma                     Investment Partner, Siemens Venture Capital
Dean Banks, Moderator                Vice President, Highland Capital Partners


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