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									Introduction to Developmental

    Instructor: Jose J. Gonzalez Jr.
    Welcome to my class
   Some information about myself
       I have taught for about 20 years
    in junior hi, high school and college.
     Currently, I teach developmental writing,
        academic English, college success, and
     I have a BA in Political Science and a MA in
        English. I am currently working on a Masters
        in music.
Purpose of Writing course
   To prepare students for the writing
    part of the THEA test
   To prepare students for academic
Class assignments . . .
   1. Six essays, most of which will be
   2. Many grammar exercises
   3. Notes on both grammar and essay
   4. Essay tests and grammar tests
   5. Quizzes on both grammar and essays
 How important do
you think writing is?
Whether you like it or not, you
are judged on how well you
   College

   Work
There is a world of
difference between . .

In fact, you may master
  spoken English, but

   your writing skills may
     need a lot of work!
How often do you
    write ?
Different careers that require
good writing skills . . .
   Nurse                    Social worker
   Policeman                Counselor
   Secretary                Scientist
   Journalist               Insurance salesman
   Teacher                  Business man
   Computer specialist      School administrator
   Manager                  Travel agent
   Paralegal                Mechanic
Different types of writing
 Poetic
 Literary
 Informative
 Advertising
 1463
A Route of Evanescence
With a revolving Wheel—
A Resonance of Emerald—
A Rush of Cochineal
And every Blossom on the Bush
Adjusts its tumbled Head—
The mail from Tunis, probably,
An easy Morning’s Ride—

Emily Dickinson, c.1879
            A cloudy day: do you know what that is in
     a town of iron-works? The sky sank down before
     dawn, muddy, flat, immovable. The air is thick,
     clammy with the breath of crowded human
     beings. It stifles me. I open the window, and
     looking out, can scarcely see through the rain the
     grocer’s shop opposite, where a crowd of
     drunken Irishmen are puffing Lynchburg tobacco
     in their pipes. I can detect the scent through all
     the foul smells ranging loose in the air.
  Life in the Iron-Mills, Rebecca Harding Davis
    Herman Melville began life with everything in
 his favor; heredity first of all, with two genuine
 Revolutionary heroes for grandfathers. The
 Melville family was solidly established in Boston
 and the Gannsevoorts were linked to the greatest
 Dutch patroon families of New York. Melville’s
 much traveled father, Allan Melville, a dry goods
 merchant in New York City, took inordinate
 pride in the genealogy of the Melvilles, tracing
 the line past Scottish renaissance courtiers to a
 queen of Hungary and tracing his mother’s
 family, the Scollays, to the king of Norway.
Advertsing . . .

  When you need a smoke, buy Camel’s.
I’d walk a mile for a Camel any day of the
What do you need to be
   a good writer?
To be a good writer you need to--
   Be logical                 Know grammar well
   Be organized               Have a well
   Have some idea of           developed vocabulary
    the world around you       Write often
   Read on a daily basis      Be determined
   Be able to take
Some general information about
the THEA Writing test
   It is composed of two parts

       Writing part, persuasive essay

       Grammar part, multiple choice questions
Writing Part
   Persuasive essay, minimum 350 words


What does persuasive mean?
Persuasive defined
   You are trying to convince some one of
    some certain view point on a controversial
   For example, are you for or against cell
    phone use in automobiles?
       Yes      or  No
       However, you have to decided one way or
How is the essay scored? And
who scores the essays?
   The essays are sent to Austin and are graded by
    two readers.
   These readers can either give you a score of 1,2,3,
    or 4.
   With the combination scores, you can have a
    minimum score of 2 to a maximum score of 8.
   2, 3, and 4 are failing
   6,7 and 8 are passing
But what about 5?
In other words, one person gives you a 3 and
   the other gives you a 2

In this case, and only in this case, they
   grade the grammar part of the essay. If you
   do well, you pass; if you do poorly, you
Tell me about a funny incident
that happen to you.

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