Source Code TC12 Custom Certificate Order Form 1 Quantity See minimums contin by zqx15399


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									Source Code = TC12                                               Custom Certificate Order Form
1. Quantity:_______ (See minimums.)                                                              (continued)
                                                                                                 o Use PMS #_______ Color
2. o Please email proof before printing my order.*                                               o Use PMS #_______ Color
    Email Address:
    Attn:                                                                                   10. Format:
        *An extra $10.00(x) charge will apply. Additional time required to process order.        o Vertical (portrait) V          o Horizontal (landscape) H

    o Please fax proof before printing my order.*                                           11. Typestyle:
    Fax Number: (________)                                                                       o Use one from page 14:
    Attn:                                                                                        o More than one typestyle - specify on sketch
        *An extra $10.00(x) charge will apply. Additional time required to process order.
                                                                                            12. Stock Logos:
3. Choose 81/2" x 11" Paper Type Below:
                                                                                                 o Logo Number & Description:
    o No. B700 - 65lb. Cover-weight Parchtone Paper w/ Foil Corners                                - Please specify placement.
    o No. B209 - 65lb. Text-weight Parchtone Paper w/ Foil Border                                  - List additional logos needed - specify placement.
    o No. B300 - 24lb. Text-weight Paper w/ Scallop Border                                         (See Form G for logos.)
    o No. B204 - 65lb. Text-weight Parchtone Paper w/ Border
                                                                                            13. Custom Logos: (Extra charges apply.)
    o No. B201 - 24lb. Text-weight Bond Paper w/ Border & Title Bar
                                                                                                 o Use attached clean black and white artwork.
    o No. B900 - 70lb. Text-weight Paper w/ Colorful Border
                                                                                                   - Please specify placement.
    o No. B206 - 24lb. Text-weight Borderless Paper                                                - Submit additional logos - specify placement.
    o No. B206 - 60lb. Text-weight Borderless Parchtone Paper                                      (See Form G for instructions.)
    o No. B206 - 65lb. Cover-weight Borderless Parchtone Paper
    o No. B206 - 80lb. Cover-weight Borderless Paper                                        14. Screened Logos: (Extra charges apply.)
    o No. B7000 - 70lb. Text-weight Photo Image Paper                                            o Use the logo indicated above as a screen.
                                                                                                   Screened artwork is appropriately shaded and centered in the back-
    o No. B800 - 70lb. Text-weight Eggshell White Paper w/ Fibers
                                                                                                   ground of your certificate unless otherwise indicated on sketch.
    o No. BGFC - 70lb. Text-weight White Paper w/ Gold Foil Titles
                                                                                            15. Signatures: (Extra charges apply.)
4. Indicate Paper Color & Border Color:                                                          o Add the attached signature(s)
                                                                                                     Please specify placement of signature and any corresponding titles for
5. Indicate Item Number: (also provide title if available.)                                          signature lines. Signature samples should be written in black ink on
                                                                                                     unlined paper. See page 15 for instructions.

                                                                                            16. Foil Stamping:        (Extra charges apply.)
6. Specify Type of Ink: (Extra charges apply.)
                                                                                                 o 3" x 5" or smaller area to be foil stamped.
    o Flat Ink (Offset Printed)
                                                                                                 o Oversized area to be foil stamped (call for quote).
    o Raised Letter Ink (Thermography)
                                                                                                   Please specify lettering or logo to be stamped on attached sketch.
7. Number of Ink Colors Desired: (Extra charges apply.)
                                                                                            17. Foil Color:
    o One ink color needed.
                                                                                                 o Gold             o Red                 o Black
    o ____ Colors needed - specify placement.
                                                                                                 o Silver           o Blue                o Green
8. Standard Ink Colors: (Extra charges may apply.)
                                                                                            18. Personalized Text Inserted: (Extra charges apply.)
    o Black                o 320 Teal                   o 485 Red
                                                                                                 o I am sending a Microsoft Word or Excel file that contains names
    o PMS Violet           o 357 Dark Green             o 185 Red                                  & information to be printed on certificates.
    o PMS Purple           o 347 Green                  o 201 Maroon                               (See Form G for more details.)
    o Reflex Blue          o PMS Yellow                 o 471 Brown                              o Personalization not required.
    o Process Blue         o 115 Yellow-Gold            o 873 Metallic Gold
    o 281 Navy             o 151 Orange                 o 877 Metallic Silver
                                                                                            MAkE A COPY OF THIS FORM FOR EACH CERTIFICATE ORDERED. YOU MAY
9. PMS Color Match: (Extra charges apply.)                                                  WANT TO SUBMIT A SkETCH OF THE CERTIFICATE LAYOUT. INDICATE INk
    o No match necessary - use color(s) indicated above.                                    COLORS, TYPESTYLES, LOGOS, FOIL STAMPING AND ANY SIGNATURES TO BE
    o Use PMS #_______ Color ________________________                                       USED ON YOUR CERTIFICATE.

Volume 12, 2008-2009                                                                                           Custom Certificate Order Form                            A
Custom Diploma Covers,                                                                                                        Source Code = TC12

Folders & Frames
1.    Quantity:     _________ (Minimum is 50.)                             9.    Wording: Space does not allow for both the city, state & logo -
                                                                                 choose one.
2.    Reorder:                                                                     1. Organization Name:
      o Yes         o No ($35.00 (x) die charge on first orders.)
                                                                                   2. City, State:

3.    Item No.
                                                                                   or o Use Logo No. __________ See Form G for standard logos.
      o No. 700P      - Presentation Folder
      o No. 700EP - Value Folder                                                   or o Use Attached Artwork. See Form G for artwork instructions.
      o No. DCP       - Diploma Cover
      o No. 2DCP      - Two-Sided Cover Hinged on 11" Side                 10. Color:
      o No. W2DCP - Two-Sided Cover Hinged on 8½" Side                             Presentation Folders
      o No. SMDCP - Small Diploma Cover                                            o Navy       Maroon o White
                                                                                               o	                        o Black   o Dark Green
      o No. VF700P - Value Diploma Cover
                                                                                   Value Folders
      o No. 1099P     - Leatherette Frame
                                                                                   o Navy            o Black     o Metallic Gold

4.    Format:       o Vertical V        o Horizontal H                             Diploma Covers 8½" x 11"
                                                                                   o Red       Navy
                                                                                              o	           o Maroon     o White      Black
                                                                                                                                    o	       o Green
5.    Style:        o Straight Text     oCurved Text
                                                                                   Two-Sided or Small Diploma Covers
6.    Position:      Centered
                    o	                  o Lower Left       o Lower Right           o Navy        o Black
                    o Other__________________________________                      Value Diploma Covers
                                                                                   o Navy        o Black        o Maroon
7.    Foil Color:   o Gold              o Silver           o Blue
                                                                                   Leatherette Frames
                    o Green             o Red               Black
                                                                           	 	o Blue           o Maroon        o Red   o Black     o Green   o Navy
8.    Typestyle:     o   STANDARD                      o   Old English

     Sketch your personalized item here, attach a
     copy, or email. Please use appropriate vertical
     or horizontal format.

 B Custom Diploma Covers and Presentation Folders                                                                            The Certificate Source
 Source Code = TC12                                        The Certificate Source
                                                                P.O. Box 3008 - Irmo, SC 29063 E-mail:
                                                                            Phone: 1-800-269-1066
                                                                      Local Phone: 1-803-407-4939
                                                                                                  Fax: 1-800-942-5421
                                                                                                  Local Fax: 1-803-749-1179                             .
                                                                                   ARA# 00002028              PPAI# 178501 ASI# 44507                                             UPIC# CERT0003

    SHIP TO:                                                                                                                                        BILL TO:
    Business Name                                                                                                                                   Business Name

    Attention of                                                                                                                                    Owner/Attention

    Street Address (no P.O. Box #s please)                                                                                                          Street Address

                                                                                                                                                    City                                                                      State                Zip

    City                                           State            Zip                                                                             Telephone                                                          Fax

    Would you like this order shipped blind?                         o…Yes             o…No
                                                                                                                                                    E-mail (We will only use your email address for questions regarding your order and reorder information.)
                                                                                                                                                    Account # (if known)
                                                           ASAP= Normal production time + shipping time                                             State Sales Tax ID #                                                                           Federal Tax ID #
         PuRChASE ORDER NumBER:
                                                           Purchase orders sent separately must be marked                                           ASI? (provide number)                      ARA? (provide number)                         PPAI? (provide number)
                                                           “confirming” or they may be duplicated at your cost.

                                                                                                               If ordering Custom Certificates, Custom Folders, or Custom Diploma Covers, use separate order
    PLEASE SHIP THE FOLLOwING ITEMS:                                                                           forms found on the following pages.

                        Quantity            Item No.                Color                                                                            Description                                                                       Price Each              Total Amount

        1                   1            SOuRCE CODE           5 FREE 802 Seals (No. FREB12T) if you fill in item number with Source Code (see above address block on back cover)










                      o… 5% of total order for shipping. ($3.75 minimum) for ground delivery
                        Add                                                                                                                                                           Subtotal ($20.00 net minimum)

                      o… my order 2nd Day Air - I will pay actual shipping costs
                        Ship                                                                                                                                                                                            Shipping Costs
                      o… my order Next Day Air - I will pay actual shipping costs
                        Ship                                                                                                                                                                                            Total Amount
                      o… my shipping account # ………………………… oFed EX
                        use                                                                               ouPS
                                                                                                                                                       Print Name/Cardholder
                                                                                                                          CREDIT CARD INFORMATION

                      o… business listed above has submitted a credit application and been
                        The                                                                                                                            Account #
                          approved. The customer number is ................................. - invoice me for my order.
                                                                                                                                                       Exp. Date
                      o… my order C.O.D. - add current uPS C.O.D. charges plus shipping
                          charges above to my invoice total. (Blind shipments cannot be shipped COD.)
                      o… my credit card (provide information on right)

Volume 12, 2008-2009                                                                                                                                                                                                          Order For m                                     C
Retail Price List
Stock certificateS
                                                                        prices good thru              8/31/09
                                                                            10% re-stocking fee applied to non-defective stock items returned.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Source Code = TC12
                                                                                                                                                                                    Price Each
 ITEM #              DESCRIPTION                                                                  1-99               100-499                500-999             1000-4999            5000+ A
 700’s               All Titles of No. 700 Stock Gold Foil Certificates                           $1.00                 $.96                  $.92                 $.84               $.78
 1-41                All Titles of Standard Stock Certificates                                     $.34                 $.32                  $.30                 $.28               $.26
 400’s               All Titles of No. 400 Stock Certificates                                      $.48                 $.46                  $.44                 $.42               $.38
 900’s               All Titles of Colorful Stock Certificates                                    $.30                  $.24                  $.22                 $.20               $.18
 1000’s              All Titles of Athletic Stock Certificates                                    $.30                  $.24                  $.22                 $.20               $.18
 7000’s              All Titles of No. 7000 Stock Photo Certificates                              $.30                  $.24                  $.22                 $.20               $.18
 SW’s                All Titles of Sweet Smell of Success Certificates                            $.68                  $.64                  $.56                 $.54               $.52

 Blank BorderS and PaPerS                                                                                                                                                          Price Each
 ITEM #  DESCRIPTION                                                                            50-99           100-199           200-499            500-999           1000-1999     2000+ A
 B700’s             All Titles of No. 700 Gold Foil Borders                                     $.90              $.84              $.80               $.78               $.76          $.74
 B209’s             All Colors of No. 209 Foil Parchtone Borders                                $1.10             $1.00             $.96               $.94               $.92          $.90
 B800’s             Both Styles of No. 800 Two-Color Borders                                    $.36              $.34              $.32               $.30               $.28          $.26
 B300’s             All Colors of No. 300 Borders                                               $.38              $.36              $.34               $.32               $.30          $.28
 B204’s             All Colors of No. 204 Parchtone Borders                                     $.30              $.28              $.26               $.24               $.22          $.20
 B201’s             All Colors of No. 201 Bond Borders                                          $.30              $.28              $.26               $.24               $.22          $.20
 B900’s             All Styles of Colorful Borders                                              $.26              $.24              $.22               $.20               $.18          $.16
 B7000’s            All Styles of Photo Image Borders                                           $.26              $.24              $.22               $.20               $.18          $.16
 B206’s             All Colors of Borderless Papers                                             $.26              $.24              $.22               $.20               $.18          $.16
 BGFC’s             All Titles of BGFC Certificate Paper                                        $1.20             $1.10             $1.04              $.96               $.94          $.92

cuStom certificate oPtionS
To order custom certificates you must first pick the border or paper type. Find the price for that border in the quantity that you need. Add the price of the border to the custom certificate option
prices you want. For example: 500 of No. 209BG Beige Parchtone Gold Foil Borders with two ink colors and a screened logo = The 500 price for 209 borders is $.94 added to a 500 Quantity
Two Ink Color price of $.76. Your certificates will cost $1.70 each with a $15.00 one time charge for the screen.                                                                       Price Each
 ITEM #                DESCRIPTION                                                          50-99            100-199           200-499          500-999          1000-1999           2000+        A
 BLACK                 Black Ink                                                              $.94            $.52             $.30           $.18            $.14            $.10
 COLOR                 One Color Ink (not black)                                             $1.90           $1.12             $.60           $.30            $.20            $.14
 2COLOR                Two Ink Colors                                                          n/a           $2.94            $1.60          $.76             $.44            $.28
 3COLOR                Three Ink Colors                                                        n/a           $4.94            $2.60          $1.30            $.78            $.48
 4COLOR                Four Colors or 4 Color Process                                          n/a           $7.70            $3.96          $1.70            $.96            $.70
 THERM                 Black Thermography                                                    $1.10            $.66             $.40           $.26            $.18            $.14
 THRMCLR               One Color Thermography (not black)                                    $2.20           $1.26             $.70           $.38            $.24            $.18
 2THRMCLR              Two Thermography Colors                                                 n/a           $3.20            $1.76           $.80            $.46            $.28
 3THRMCLR              Three Thermography Colors                                               n/a           $6.40            $3.30          $1.50            $.80            $.50
 PMS                   PMS Color Matches                                                 ---------------------------------------------$15.00(x)----------------------------------------
 LOGO10*               Submitted Logo                                                    ---------------------------------------------$10.00(x)----------------------------------------
 SCREEN*               Screened Artwork                                                  ---------------------------------------------$15.00(x)----------------------------------------
 PROOF                 Proof                                                             ---------------------------------------------$10.00(x)----------------------------------------
 STAMP                 Foil Stamping up to 3˝ x 5˝ area                                        n/a           $1.28             $.80           $.50            $.40            $.32
 XLSTAMP               Foil Stamping 5" x 7" to 7 3∕8" x 9 7∕8" area                           n/a           $1.92            $1.30          $1.10            $.90            $.80
 DIE*                  3" x 5" Certificate Foil Stamping Die                             ---------------------------------------------$35.00(x)----------------------------------------
 XLDIE*                Oversized Foil Stamping Die                                       -----------------------------------------by quote only--------------------------------------
 ONELINE               One Line of Text Inserted                                         -----------------------------------$1.25(x) each certificate--------------------------------
 TWOLINES              Two Lines of Text Inserted                                        -----------------------------------$2.00(x) each certificate-------------------------------
 THREELINES            Three Lines of Text Inserted                                      -----------------------------------$2.75(x) each certificate-------------------------------

 laPel PinS                                                                                                                                                                        Price Each
 ITEM #                DESCRIPTION                                                                                1-24                 25-99                  100-499              500+           A
 --                    All Titles of the Award, Mascot, Gold, Round & Die Cut Pins                                $2.30                 $1.90                  $1.70               $1.56
 1200’s                All Titles of the Economy Lapel Pins                                                       $1.20                 $1.10                  $1.06                $.98
 SAP’s                 All Titles of the Sparkling Achievement Lapel Pins                                         $2.80                 $2.60                  $2.50               $2.40

 riBBonS                                                                                                                                                                            Price Each
 ITEM #                DESCRIPTION                                                                                     1-99                 100-499              500-999             1000+        A
 RR’s                  All Titles of the Red, White, & Blue Award Ribbons (Flat)                                       $.48                  $.44                  $.40               $.38
 RFC’s                 All Titles of the Color Max Ribbons (Flat)                                                      $.68                  $.64                  $.60               $.56

  D             Retail Pr ice Li st                                                                                                                                         The Certificate Source
Source Code = TC12                    prices good thru         8/31/09
                                                                                                                                       Retail Price List
  medalS                                                                                                                                          Price Each
  ITEM #                  DESCRIPTION                                                                 1-49                   50-99           100-499                500+          A
  3000’s                  All Titles of the 1¼" Colorful Etched Enamel Medals                         $3.00                $2.70               $2.40               $2.10
  6000’s                  All Titles of the 2" Value Medals                                           $1.90                $1.80               $1.70               $1.56
  CLASS09                 1¼" Class of 2009 Medals                                                    $3.00                $2.70               $2.40               $2.10
  CLASS09L                2" Class of 2009 Medals                                                     $5.50                $5.30               $4.70               $4.30
  ENGMEDL                 Laser Engraving                                                           ------------------------------- $1.25(x) per medal --------------------
  ENGMEDT                 Traditional Engraving                                                     ------------------------------- $2.00(x) per medal --------------------
  SAM’S                   All Titles of the Shining Achievements Medal Line                           $1.98                $1.90               $1.78               $1.70
  neck riBBonS and draPeS                                                                                                                                           Price Each
  ITEM #                  DESCRIPTION                                                                 1-9                   10-99           100-499                 500+          A
  5001’s                  13∕8" x 15∕8" Ribbon Drape w/ Safety Pin                                    $.72                   $.60              $.56                  $.50
  5002’s                  7∕8" x 30" Neck Ribbon                                                      $.72                   $.60              $.56                  $.50
  5003’s                  1½" x 30" Neck Ribbon                                                      $1.10                   $.90              $.80                  $.70
  5007’s                  1½" x 38" Neck Ribbon                                                      $1.60                  $1.40             $1.20                 $1.00
  PR’s                    7∕8" x 30" Printed Neck Ribbons                                            $1.20                  $1.00              $.90                  $.80
  CL’s                    Colorful Stock Lanyards                                                    $1.80                  $1.70             $1.60                 $1.40
  Pin BoxeS                                                                                                                                                         Price Each
  ITEM #                  DESCRIPTION                                                               1-9                     10-99           100-499                 500+          A
  5004D’s                 Classic Pin Presentation Box                                               $.70                    $.64             $.58                  $.46
  5004VBK’s               Velvet Pin Presentation Box                                               $3.98                   $3.80             $3.70                 $3.60
  diPloma cover taSSelS                                                                                                                                             Price Each
  ITEM #                  DESCRIPTION                                                                       1-49               50-99          100-249               250+          A
  DCT’s                   Diploma Cover Tassels                                                           $1.20                $1.16           $1.08                $.90
  Self-adHeSive SealS                                                                                                                                               Price Each
  ITEM #                  DESCRIPTION                                                                       10-90             100-490          500-990              1000+         A
  --                      All Titles of Embossed Recognition Seals*                                          $.16               $.14               $.12              $.10
  --                      All Colors of 2" & 1½" Specialty Foil Seals*                                       $.12               $.10               $.08              $.06
  800GOL’s                2½" Large Gold Specialty Foil Seals*                                               $.16               $.14               $.12              $.10
  *Only sold in multiples of 10.
  PencilS                                                                                                                                                           Price Each
  ITEM #                  DESCRIPTION                                                       1-287                   288-863              864-1439                   1440+         A
  P5000’s                 No. 2 Pencils                                                     $.36                     $.34                   $.32                    $.30
  certificate HolderS                                                                                                                                                Price Each
  ITEM #             DESCRIPTION                                                                          1-49              50-99       100-249           250-999      1000+      A
  DC’s               All Colors of Stock Diploma Covers                                                 $10.70           $10.50          $10.30           $9.90          $9.60
  ACETATE            Acetate Sheets                                                                       $.40             $.40            $.40            $.40           $.40
  2DC’s              Both Colors of Two-Sided Stock Diploma Covers                                      $11.50           $11.30          $11.10          $10.90         $10.80
  W2DC’s             Both Colors of Two-Sided Stock 8½" Hinged Covers                                   $15.50           $14.90          $14.50          $14.30         $13.90
  DCP’s              All Colors of Personalized Diploma Covers                                            n/a            $13.50          $11.90          $11.50         $11.00
  2DCP’s             Both Colors of Two-Sided Personalized Diploma Covers                                 n/a            $14.30          $13.20          $12.70         $11.90
  W2DCP’s            Both Colors of Two-Sided Personalized 8½" Hinged Covers                              n/a            $17.90          $16.50          $16.00         $15.60
  SMDC’s             Both Colors of Small Stock 6" x 8" Diploma Covers                                   $8.90            $8.30           $7.90           $7.70          $7.60
  SMDCP’s            Both Colors of Small Personalized 6" x 8" Diploma Covers                             n/a            $11.30          $10.30           $9.90          $9.50
  VF700’s            All Colors of Value Diploma Covers                                                  $6.50            $5.90           $5.80           $5.70          $5.50
  VF700P’s           All Colors of Personalized Value Diploma Covers                                      n/a             $9.00           $8.00           $7.50          $7.00
  1098’s             Both Colors of Certificate Mounts                                                   $6.20            $5.70           $5.40           $5.30          $5.20
  700’s              All Colors of No. 700 Stock Presentation Folders w/ foil star                       $3.00            $2.70           $2.60           $2.40          $1.90
  F700’s             All Colors of No. F700 Stock Presentation Folders blank                             $1.90            $1.80           $1.70           $1.56          $1.50
  700P’s             All Colors of No. 700P Personalized Presentation Folders                             n/a             $4.80           $3.80           $3.00          $2.50
  DIE*               Diploma Cover/Presentation Folder Foil Stamping Die Charge (3" x 5")              -------------------------------$35.00(x)--------------------------------
  1099’s             All Colors of Leatherette Frames                                                    $6.70            $6.40           $6.20           $6.00          $5.80
  1099P’s            All Colors of Personalized Leatherette Frames                                        n/a            $11.00          $10.50           $9.50          $9.00
  1080’s             Value Frames                                                                        $3.00            $2.90           $2.70           $2.50          $2.30
  702’s              Linen Folders with Gold Foil Ribbon Design                                          $3.90            $3.60           $3.30           $2.80          $2.70
  700E’s             All Colors of Value Folders                                                         $1.58            $1.40           $1.30           $1.18          $1.14
  700EP’s            All Colors of Personalized Value Folders                                             n/a             $3.80           $2.90           $2.20          $1.70
  *One Time Charge (no charge for reorders)

Volume 12, 2008-2009                                                                                                                Retail Pr ice Li st                               E
                      The Certificate Source                                                                  Source Code = TC12

                         P.O. Box 3008 - Irmo, SC 29063 E-mail:
                                     Phone: 1-800-269-1066      .
                                                           Fax: 1-800-942-5421
                               Local Phone: 1-803-407-4939      .
                                                           Local Fax: 1-803-749-1179
                                    ARA# 00002028   PPAI# 178501 ASI# 44507   UPIC# CERT0003

The Certificate Source is a wholesaler -- we can only sell to retail businesses that resell our products. Before we can quote
prices, send a sample, etc., we need to verify that you qualify for this business relationship. You will need to provide your ASI,
ARA, or PPAI number. If you do not belong to one of these associations, we need a faxed copy of your retail sales license and
a signed statement that your items are for resale, not personal use. If you are unable to meet the above requirements, let us
know, and we will refer you to someone who should be able to help you meet your needs.

Remove these black and white pages from the center of your catalog before presenting it to your customer. By doing so, you
remove all means by which a customer may try to contact us directly. Be sure to save the information so that you can place
your order. Please note that the price list is suggested retail pricing, not your pricing.

Normal terms are Net 30 days if credit is approved. C.O.D. shipments are available at current C.O.D. rates. VISA, MasterCard,
Discover and American Express orders are accepted. Submit credit references to apply for open account status. If you prefer,
we can fax a credit application to you.

Regular Ground Delivery - Our regular shipping charge is a low 5% of your order with a $3.75 minimum for ground
shipment. Orders for in-stock items ship within 24 hours.

Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico - Shipments to these locations will be shipped 2nd Day Air and invoiced for
5% of order total plus $12.50 with a $15.00 minimum.

Other locations outside the Continental U.S. - Shipments outside of the Continental U.S. and APO/FPO addresses are
shipped by United States Postal Service Priority Mail and charged at actual cost with a $3.75 minimum.

Next Day Air & 2nd Day Air - We offer Next Day and 2nd Day alternatives for faster delivery. The shipping charges are
determined by the package weight. Please call for actual shipping costs.

If you need extra catalogs (more than three), they are available for $2.50 each.

When calling for a quote, please ask for your quote number to guarantee your pricing for 30 days.
                                                                                                  Prices good thru 8/31/09
F     In st r uc t ion s and Polic ie s                                                                      The Certificate Source
 Source Code = TCS12                                                                                             Emailing Artwork
  For the best results, email us your artwork for custom items following these guidelines.                     If you are submitting a logo, mail or e-mail the
  1. Make sure the picture is at least 300 dpi. Low resolution pictures and those taken from                  artwork. Faxed logos may not reproduce clearly.
  websites do not print clearly on products.
  2. The best formats to use for pictures are .tif, .eps, .bmp, .cdr, .ai. (PowerPoint files will not
  work. Microsoft Word files are good for text only.)
  3. Some files may require a cleanup charge. Call if you have any questions regarding file
  format or if a logo will reproduce properly on the item you are ordering.
  email:                                                                                 FAXED LOGO                    MAILED LOGO

                                                                                                                           Standard Logos
  Please include your contact information and order number.

 Our Standard Logos can be used free of charge* on your custom
 certificates. Please specify placement. Full logo selection can be found at on page 4 of the downloadable Order Form.
                                                                                                   No.4977      No.16070      No.4994    No.17879     No.48       No.16160

     No.20400        No.4975           No.2886       No.33          No.16090       No.17881        No.16080     No.20401      No.16120    No.52      No.18801     No.20402

     No.18812         No.7506         No.6015      No.16110         No.4989        No.16130        No.4955      No.2956       No.4957    No.5540     No.18130      No.5013

     No.4959         No.3103          No.4962      No.16020        No.3794        No.16060         No.6002      No.564        No.16050    No.442     No.3659      No.18810

     No.16000         No.1134         No.1121       No.16100        No.3451         No.1133       No.16030      No.5795      No.16040    No.1148     No.3551      No.2518

     No.3017         No.794           No.2980      No.18811         No.1113        No.16010       No.1125       No.18806     No.18809    No.6249      No.6008     No.6005

    * Screen charges still apply for Standard
      Logos screened on certificates.
                                                   No.17876        No.17877       No.17875        No.18804       No.839       No.6001    No.18803    No.18807     No.3554

 For an additional charge, we can fill in your 8½" x 11" text-                         Adding Names and Other Text
 weight** certificates for you.
                                                                                      ITEM NUMBERS
 Send your text in a Microsoft® Word table or a Microsoft® Excel                      ONELINE    - One line of text added
 file, and we will fill in the blanks with your choice of two typestyles.             TWOLINES - Two lines of text added
 E-mail your file to Include your                       THREELINES - Three lines of text added
 contact information and order number in your email. Names will be
 formatted exactly as they are provided. (If you send a file in all capital
 letters, the names will be applied in all capital letters.) All inserted             Recommended Typestyles:
 text is in flat black ink, and we cannot add names to certificates with              Standard or Old English
 thermography (raised ink). Production time is 3 days.                                                                      Line One
                                                                                      Allow 3 days of additional produc-
 ** For best quality, we recommend avoiding cover-weight papers such as our                                                 Line Two
                                                                                      tion time to add text.
    206HB Series and thermography. Please call if you have questions.

Volume 12, 2008-2009                                                                                             Custom Certificate Information G
Free Samples                                                                     If you want to see any of our stock items before you place an order, then
                                                                                 check out this great deal. You can’t beat FREE!


                            The Certificate Source
                    Pick Your Own FREE Samples!
                     That’s right folks, we are going to let you decide what samples you need. Simply list
                    up to 3 different items below and we’ll send you a free sample. If ordering by phone,
                                         mention source code TC12CPN to redeem offer.

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Value Diploma Covers
                                                 Y  ou can think of this item as an
                                                 extra heavy-duty folder that preserves                    Medal Engraving
                                                                                                           Get your medals engraved! You choose the style – laser or
                                                 your award without the bulk of a
                                                 diploma cover. This lightly textured                      traditional – and we’ll engrave up to three lines for the backs of
                                                                                                           your medals. Laser engraved medals ship in just 6 business days!
                                                 coated folder is constructed of a stiff                   Traditional engraving requires additional time.
                                                 heavyboard cover with satin corners.
                                                 Each cover is designed for use with                                                  ENGMEDL              Laser Engraving
                                                 8½"x 11" documents horizontally or
                                                 vertically. We’ve got blue, maroon and                                               ENGMEDT           Traditional Engraving
                                                 classic black. The choice is yours.
                                                                                                                                     WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:
                                                Personalized Value Diploma Covers                                                     • Laser engraving is attached to medal backs via
                                                                                                                                       a thin, flexible black plate that engraves gold
                                                Minimum Order: 50 Personalized Value Covers                    Laser Engraving
 ITEM NUMBERS                                                                                                                          for improved legibility. Shipped in 5 business
                                                Foil Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Black                                  days after receipt of order.
 No. VF700BK - Black Value Diploma Cover
                                                Orientation: Vertical v or Horizontal h
 No. VF700BL - Blue Value Diploma Cover                                                                                              • Traditional engraving is etched directly onto
                                                (please specify)
 No. VF700MA - Maroon Value Diploma Cover                                                                                              the back of the medal. Shipped in 10 business
                                                Wording Styles: Text on Straight or Curved Line                                        days after receipt of order.
 No. VF700PBK - Black Personalized Value
                Diploma Cover                   Recommended Typestyles:
                                                Old English or STANDARD                                                                WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW:
 No. VF700PBL - Blue Personalized Value
                Diploma Cover                   Die Charge: Applicable on first-time orders                                          • Quantity, item number and engraving
                                                Standard Die Size: 3"x 5" Maximum Area - larger              Traditional Engraving
 No. VF700PMA- Maroon Personalized Value
                Diploma Cover                   die available at additional cost.

H     Free Samples / Value Diploma Covers                                                                                                             The Certificate Source

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