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					biomass boilers

   aN iNCreasiNG NUmber oF Farmers are TUrNiNG
   aWaY From oil aND Gas aND UsiNG biomass
   boilers iNsTeaD To HeaT Homes, oFFiCes aND
   oTHer Farm bUilDiNGs as THe CosT oF
   eNerGY soars. ROGER ABBOTT rePorTs
                                                                                                 A 145kW Gilles boiler provides the
                                                                                                  heating for these holiday cottages
                                                                                                            and barn conversions at
                                                                                                              Moor Farm in Norfolk

   Heating wherever
   you need it – and at less cost
           uffolk-based energy                                                             of woodchip, which costs about 10p
           innovations is working with a                                                   if produced yourself, or 20p if it is
           number of farmers to solve a                                                    bought in.
  range of heating needs – from homes                                                          “as far as grants are concerned, they
  and holiday cottages to barns,                                                           are available, but applications can be
  swimming pools and fish farms –                                                          quite complicated, however we can
                                                The purpose-built fuel store which can
  using biomass. “The advantage of                                                         provide all the necessary information
                                                  hold enough woodchip for winter
  these systems is that they will fit in                                                   and even make applications on behalf
                                                   needs at Moor Farm in Norfolk.
  where you need the heat and the fuel                                                     of our customers, if desired.” ❚
  is less than half the cost of gas, or oil,   include five holiday cottages and 11
  if you do have to buy it in,” says the       barn conversions, complete with a            ➲ For more information, log on to
  company’s india bacon.                       swimming pool.”
                                                                                                or call 0844 800 6805
      “However, as more and more                   she explained that the owner of
  farmers are now using the wood from          moor Farm, 20 miles from the North
  their own on-farm woodlands, which
  often used to be considered a bit of a
                                               Norfolk coast, was looking for an
                                               alternative to his conventional oil-based
                                                                                             Warning over
  pain and just have to pay somebody to
  come in and chip it, the costs can be
                                               heating system, which included four
                                               separate oil burners, ranging from 15
                                                                                             grant funds
  even less,” said mrs bacon, who grew         to 90kW and selected our Gilles 145kW        While welcoming the launch of the
  up on a farm in lincolnshire and has         automated woodfuel boiler.                   Defra biomass Capital Grant scheme
  worked on a game farm in south africa.           The boiler can be plumbed into           (round 4), anglia Woodfuels warns that
      The company, which she runs with         either a single property, or as in this      £4 million for the development of wood
  her husband, former suffolk farm             case into a series of underground            fuel and anaerobic digestion throughout
  manager matt, is the sole distributor for    district heating pipes that transport the    england over five years is not enough.
  Gilles biomass heating.                      heat to each separate area.                    The east anglia co-op pointed out
      “our 45kW boiler is probably the             “The system is fully automated and       that while many people were
  most popular among farmers at the            the purpose-built fuel store has been        interested in converting to woodchip
  moment and it can supply enough heat         sized to provide between three weeks         heating, “most are thwarted by the
  for a six-bedroom house, but we are          and a month’s storage of woodchip,”          upfront cost of installation”.
  also selling and installing a number of      explained mrs bacon.                           it believed the best way to ensure the
  100kW boilers, which can providing               asked about the energy value and         reduction of Co2 emissions and active
  heating for a farmhouse and, say, a          cost of woodchip and the availability        woodland management was to
  series of farm cottages,” said mrs bacon.    of grants for biomass installations, mrs     encourage the use of woodchip
      “in fact, we have just completed         bacon said: ”a rough guide is that a         through realistic and regular grant
  an installation in Norfolk, where the        litre of oil, costing about 60p provides     programmes. ❚
  farmer has diversified his business to       the same amount of energy as 3kg

18 EnErgy now                                                                                                      sEpt-oct 2008
                                                                                                               biomass boilers

                                                         Many hesitate
                                                         as credit crunch
                                                         pushes costs up
                                                           the pound has fallen against        which include biomass feasibility
                                                           the euro. The price of metal        studies and energy auditing.
                                                           used to make the boilers is            “Whether you want the complete
The popular 50kW                                           also rising, of course.             process managed for you or just want
Multistoke biomass                                             However, we have still          to purchase a biomass boiler for you
boiler, which is supplied                                  managed to sell a number of         to install yourself, asgard biomass
by Asgard Biomass                                          145kW boilers to farmers and        systems can more than meet your
                                                           landowners this year – and we       requirements,” said mr Donovan.

             hile an increasing number of      are still selling. but, i think it could be a      He was cautiously confident about
             farmers are asking questions      lot better, considering the recent rises        the sector’s future growth in the
             about biomass, they seem          in oil prices”                                  UK, but added: “i just hope the UK
reluctant to spend their money on the             asgard biomass systems grew from             government won’t interfere with the
new systems, says ross Donovan, of             r D associates to concentrate on the            market too much, or make it difficult to
asgard biomass.                                provision of biomass heating systems            access grant funding. “it is complicated
   “The initial capital costs are definitely   last year. it has close links with the          enough already, with many of our
a problem for some people, but our             Danish biomass boiler manufacturer              customers struggling to obtain grants.
sales are still up on last year,” said mr      Karby smede & maskinvaerkstod (Ksm)                it’s so different in ireland, where
Donovan.                                       and its remit is to provide biomass             they have a much easier grant system
   He admitted that the credit crunch          boiler solutions to a wide range of             and our business partners there say
and the weakness of sterling on                customers from domestic through                 that is actually encouraging farmers
the currency markets could also be             commercial and residential, up to and           to consider converting from fossil fuel
affecting farmers’ ability to invest in        including large industrial installations.       systems to biomass.” ❚
biomass systems.                                  in addition to the supply and
   “We import our machines from                installation of biomass boilers, the             ➲ For further details, log on to
Denmark and the price has gone up as           company offers consultancy services,

            Helping others to stay warm could
                   mean new business
 Farmers near towns and villages               he realised that there was a demand             wood, as well as card and paper. They
 need to think more about providing            for robust, trouble-free equipment and          can also burn food waste and animal
 heating for local light industry sites        most of his early biomass boilers and           carcases and we have calculated that
 and other buildings as well as for their      heaters are still working 24 years later.       burning a tonne of waste saves 500
 own use, says Peter mowbray, who                mr. mowbray soon realised that with           litres of oil. i believe they have a pay-
 established Dragonheat – energy from          the increased cost of heating using             back period of just two years.”
 Waste in 1975.                                electricity, gas or oil, much energy              He added that his heaters were easy
   “There are opportunities for farmers        could be recovered from any waste.              to install, control and load and they
 to add the provision of heating to the        in other words, farmers and factories           were all built to last.
 range of things they can provide to the       could use their waste products to                 as far as size was concerned, mr
 public, said mr mowbray.                      produce energy– and save money both             mowbray said: “We have a Dragon
   When he set up his company in               by recovering energy and saving on              for all seasons and we will visit the
 lincolnshire, straw disposal was a            waste-disposal costs.                           site to advise on exactly what is
 problem for many farmers and with the           speaking to energy Now last month,            needed. all our work is guaranteed
 high cost of heating oil in those days,       he said: “my main market is still with          for three years.” ❚
 mr mowbray identified burning as an           farmers and the biomass boilers are
 obvious solution.                             selling well at the moment.                      ➲ For further details log onor call
   Coupled with his farming background           “They can be used to burn straw, or
                                                                                                     01205 363336.

sEpt-oct 2008                                                                                                             EnErgy now 19
                                                                                                          BIOMASS BOILERS

                                                                                                            The re-development of the
                                                                                                  former yard at Wisbridge Farm was
                                                                                                     carried out to a high standard to
                                                                                                  generate secure long-term revenues

      Energy conscious farmer
              invests for the future
                                              the prevailing price of oil. The recent      through the main circuit to that
                                              sharp rises in oil prices have, therefore,   contained in the heating system in
Tom Duke, with the
150kW woodchip burner at
                                              brought something of a windfall for          each property.
the heart of his community                    Tom, who based his original calculations       “Ten years ago, renewable energy
heating system                                on oil at 30p a litre.                       simply didn’t figure on anyone’s radar,
                                                The same system also heats the             but it certainly does now,” says Tom.
                                              farmhouse and, with woodchips made           “I believe that we are just at the start
                                              from re-cycled pallets costing around        of an extraordinary journey so far as
                                              10% of the price of oil on a kilowatt for    energy is concerned.”
                                              kilowatt basis, the savings in that area       The centralised heating system

        om Duke, of K D Duke &                alone have been considerable.                was a natural step forward in terms
        Partners at Wisbridge Farm in           Burning around four tonnes of              of Tom’s interest in co-operation.
        Reed, Hertfordshire, has always       woodchips in an average week,                Originally involved with Cambridge
had a bit of a thing about energy,            the 150kW woodchip burner,                   Farmers before it merged with West
specifically the future for fossil fuels and   manufactured by Herz in Austria,             Essex Farmers in 2004 to form Atlas
the need to develop sustainable options.      normally provides all the heat required      Agriculture, he is a great believer in
  Farming approximately 2,000 acres           by six of the new houses plus the five        the benefits of collaboration, which
in Hertfordshire, with land spread over       existing houses and farm office.              saves him a huge amount of time
three blocks and up to 14 miles, he
says: “I’ve been pessimistic about the
future of fossil fuels for a long time and
                                                    ‘Energy is on the way to becoming worth
believe we’re on the descent into a poor         what it really should be and I believe that what
situation in that respect.
  “Energy is on the way to becoming              we’ve seen recently is just the tip of the iceberg’
worth what it really should be and I
believe that what we’ve seen recently is        The system also incorporates a             and has enabled him to pursue more
just the tip of the iceberg. That is why      2,500-litre buffer tank to store hot water   productive avenues.
I viewed my latest development as an          generated at times of low heat off-take        Purchasing all his farming inputs
opportunity to use the farm’s resources       to enable it to meet normal peaks in         through Atlas Agriculture, Tom
more efficiently, for our own long-term        demand, while ensuring that the burner       believes that in a world which is
benefit and those of our tenants.”             always operates at optimum efficiency.        characterized by tightening supplies
  His “latest project” is the                   On the rare occasions when demand          of inputs and spiralling costs, greater
redevelopment of the former farmyard          for heat is greater than the main system     co-operation and collaboration is the
at Wisbridge Farm into residential            can supply, and to provide cover             only way forward, even in a country
rental properties designed to create a        should there be a problem with it, a         whose farmers are notable for their
long-term rental stream for the family        conventional 130kW oil-fired boiler cuts      independence. ❚
farming business.                             in automatically.
  What’s unusual about it is that all the       Hot water generated by either system        ➲ For more information about the
                                                                                              Wisbridge Farm project and
properties are heated from a central          is fed through insulated underground
biomass system owned and operated             pipes to individual compact heat                  AtlasFram Group log on to
                                                                                                www.framfarmers.co.uk, or call
by the farm, the tenants being charged        exchangers in each of the houses
                                                                                                01728 727770
for the heat they draw from it based on       that transfer heat from water flowing

SEPT OCT 2008                                                                                                        ENERGY NOW 21

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