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									CPA Renegade, a New Formula for Success
By Kenneth Ford/EliKen Marketing

I know that a lot of you have been struggling to make a profit in online marketing. Affiliate Marketing
is one of the most attractive opportunities available in the online marketing world today, that is until
you actually try to go ahead and make some money at it. First of all, you are bombarded with affiliate
make money offers, from every corner of the globe, once you start your active search for how to make
money online. Next, you open up your wallet, and pull out that credit card, to purchase that wondrous,
“Automated Income” product, the one that promises the dream of the internet lifestyle, and the ability
to finally fire your boss. Only the truth of the matter is once you download the product, and set out to
implement it, you discover, that you have been duped. While there is actually valuable information in
the “system”, what you didn’t realize, and what the “guru” didn’t tell you, is that there are only a
couple of pieces of the puzzle available in this “automatic” process, and you are going to need to find
the rest, on your own. So off you go, back to your desk, searching through a thousand emails, going to
Google, and reading a hundred “reviews” locating another likely prospect, and repeating all of the
above. Where does it end, you begin to ask yourself, how can I find something that actually works. Its
not your fault, you are doing your diligence, but most product creators, will not allow you the full view
of their product, until you have spent your money, and joined them on the “inside”. Where once again,
you find that some part of the puzzle is just not there.
It takes some people years, and hundreds, or even thousands of dollars of their hard earned money, to
finally put all the pieces together, from all of the “turnkey” systems that promise to deliver boatloads of
cash to their ClickBank accounts. The process of integrating all of the information can be very daunting
indeed. But it doesn’t have to be. Lately, more of the product creators have grown a conscience, and
begun to at least touch on, the other parts of the process that are required for you to be able to
accomplish your online money making goals. Several Marketers have recently put together programs
that come close to combining all of the ingredients for success, but very few have. Saj P, with his new
program CPA Renegade, is one of the few. The process of integrating the required components into a
successful marketing program is not difficult to comprehend, but it is multifaceted, and it does require a
serious investment of time and effort, in order to finally bring these components together, into a fully
operational profit making machine. What Saj has done, is provide a product, that can take a veritable
newbie, from zero to success, in a short period of time, providing he/she has the gumption to dig in and
follow the process to the letter, without diverging into a self delusional improvisational haze.
So what am I talking about? And what is CPA, and can the lessons divulged in this CPA Renegade
program be used in affiliate marketing? First of all CPA networks are a form of Affiliate marketing, the
term CPA stands for Cost per action. Unlike the more traditional forms of affiliate marketing, in a CPA
network, the affiliate can be paid, simply for driving a prospect to a site, and getting them to input some
information, like their email address, or maybe even just their zip code. The CPA vendor will offer
sometimes as much as $25 pr $30 just for the input of the requested information, the prospect never
even has to take his credit card out of his pocket, and the affiliate has earned a paycheck. So for some
people, while the CPA networks may be somewhat riskier than the Clickbanks and Commission
Junctions of the World, the process can be easier to work than the completion of a digital or hard good
transaction, as required by other affiliate programs. And while the concept is somewhat foreign to some
affiliate marketers, it really is not very much different the prospect must be driven to the offer, and
complete an action, so the concepts contained in CPA renegade, cross the market place, and work in
either form of affiliate marketing. So what is Saj P actually offering.
While my arrangement with Saj does not include revealing all of the secrets of the CPA Renegade
program, I am able to provide a look at what is contained inside. First of all the system covers 10
separate modules, each designed to give you a great deal of insight into a part of the system. He gets
into the basics to include the selection of niches, both in the CPA networks and traditional affiliate
networks, from the broad niches, such as make money, down to the obscure, such as dating a person of
from particular astrological sign. There are 13 hours in instructional videos in all, with a down loadable
PDF guide, and a PPT presentation designed to assist you in your learning process, included with each
video. He teaches how to set up and optimize your WordPress blog, both on page and externally, how
to identify your CPA or affiliate offers, each video has examples that you can simply copy and paste
and put into action, in order to truncate the time period that is required to begin earning money. Copy,
paste and Earn!! He teaches how to drive insane amounts of traffic, using both paid and free methods,
how to drive offers viral with just a few simple techniques, earning more money, with less work. He
teaches you the easiest way to ramp up your business to the next level without working more, in fact,
you may work less. And finally, he includes his secret profit pulling software, the exact software that he
had developed for himself, guaranteed to pull in profits, a truly exclusive offer. So if you are tired of
spinning your wheels, and are ready to finally make your living online, go and listen to the Free Video,
where you can begin to reap the rewards that are waiting for you, with CPA Renegade.

About EliKen Marketing:
EliKen is a company formed by Husband/wife team, Kenneth Ford and Eliene Teixeira dos Santos.
They became involved in internet marketing, through the process of learning to drive traffic to
Kenneth's Insurance sites. They have expanded their areas of interest to other Niche's and are available
for consultation in various areas of interest. Kenneth's Education includes a BS in History, from
Northeastern University, A Master of Business Administration, from Boston University, and 21 years
practical business and marketing experience. Eliene, has an IT and biology degree from Brazil and 20
years medical/surgical experience. For further information, contact them ""

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