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									        VEHICLE REGISTRATION                                    WILLIAM WOODS UNIVERSITY
       Cost of permit is $50.00 per year
       Additional Parking tags $5.00                                 VEHICLE INFORMATION

Date________________                                       All students are allowed to have properly licensed
                                                           vehicles on campus while attending William Woods
ID#______________ SS#________________                      University. Vehicles must be registered with the Student
                                                           Information Center.
Student’s Name________________________
                                                           Vehicles brought on campus at the beginning of any
Home Address_________________________                      term must be registered within the first week of the
                                                           term. Cars brought on campus during the course of the
               _________________________                   term must be registered within a 24-hour period. If you
                                                           arrive on campus when the Student Information Center
Cell Phone __________________________                      is closed, you must secure a temporary permit from
                                                           security at no charge until the Student Information
Please Check One:                                          Center is open.

_____I will be a Resident student (living on campus)       An official registration decal will be issued to each
                                                           student when the car is registered. The registration fee
_____I will be a Commuter student                          for all students’ automobiles is $50.00 per year, which
                                                           will be billed to the student account. Decals are non-
VEHICLE INFORMATION                                        transferable, but additional cars can be registered for
                                                           $5.00 per car to students who have previously registered
Owner’s Name_________________________                      a car. All $5.00 tags must be paid for when received.
                                                           There is a $50.00 per month fine for non-registration.
Year                  Color______________
                                                           One two-week permit per semester is available at no
Make                  Style_______________                 cost to students. These can be obtained at the Student
(Olds, Ford, etc.)      (Escort, Accord)                   Information Center.

Insurance Company_____________________                     If you return this completed form prior to August 1,
                                                           your parking decal with information explaining vehicle
State & License Plate Number_____________                  responsibilities, designated parking areas, fines and the
(License Plate Number a must before tag will be issued.)   appeal process will be in your campus mail box when
                                                           you arrive on campus. If you are a commuter student
                                                           your parking tag will be mailed to your home address.
COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS FORM                              If you are unable to return this completed form by
BY AUGUST 1. THE FEE WILL BE                               August 1, you will still be able to register your car at the
CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.                                   Student Information Center.

DO NOT COMPLETE BELOW (OFFICE USE ONLY)                    Please mail information to:
                                                           William Woods University
                                                           Attention: Brenda McCray
Vehicles permit No.            Date________                One University Ave
                                                           Fulton, MO 65251

Year____ Semester____ Additional Tag_____

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