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					                                  City of Flagstaff
                 Sustainability & Environmental Management

                                                          13” high

                                       21.75” length
                   16” width

                            Indoor Recycling Bins
              available for purchase to businesses and residents.
              Green injection molded HDPE and recycled resin,
                      designed for strength and long life.
                                     $9.50 each
           For more information contact Tammy Bishop 213-3604
                      REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE
                                 Keep top portion for your records

                                    Indoor Recyce Bin
                                 Sales Form for Business’

Business: Please complete this order form. Bins will be delivered to businesses within 5
business days from receipt of order. You will receive a call with details and to schedule a
delivery date. Mail completed form with payment to: City of Flagstaff, Tammy Bishop, 211
W. Aspen Ave., Flagstaff AZ 86001.

Business Name _________________________________Contact______________________
Zip ______________________Phone ___________________Date____/____/_________
Quantity ordered _______ x $9.50 each = $______________Total of check (pay to the order
of City of Flagstaff), No credit cards please.

Residential: If you are a local resident of Flagstaff and would like to purchase a recycling
bin; Bins can be purchased during regular business hours at the Sustainability &
Environmental Management Office, 101 W. Cherry Ave. Please call 213-3604 in advance to
make arrangements for a purchase. No bin deliveries to residential homes.
                                           Thank you.

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