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									                                                                                                   MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMME IN EGYPT

                                                                                                                                                                                November 2007
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3.1. Research Methodology , Basic Medical Statistics using SPSS software                                 El-Abbassia Hospital

3.2. Seclusion and Restraints in mantel Health                                                           El-Abbassia Hospital
3.3. Psychiatric patients’ rights ( Doctors )                                                            Psychiatric Hospitals
3.4. Psychiatric patients’ rights                                                                        El-Abbassia Hospital
3.5.Training on schizophrenia Guidelines (General Secretariat of Mental Health)                          El-Abbassia Hospital
3.6.Training on schizophrenia Guidelines (Mental Health Hospitals)                                       El-Abbassia Hospital
3.7.Training on depression Guidelines (General Secretariat of Mental Health)                             El-Abbassia Hospital
3.8.Training on depression Guidelines (Mental Health Hospitals)                                          El-Abbassia Hospital
3.9. Basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ( Doctars / Nurses )                                     National Training Institute
3.10.Advanced cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ( Doctors )                                           National Training Institute
3.11.Emergence in psychiatry                                                                             El-Abbassia Hospital
3.12.Emergence in psychiatry                                                                             El-Abbassia Hospital
3.13.Rehabilitation in psychiatric Hospitals                                                             El-Abbassia Hospital
3.14.Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy                                                                 El-Abbassia Hospital
3.15. Legal responsibility in psychiatric disorders and new Mental Health Act                            El-Abbassia Hospital
3.16. Clinical training and interview skills for nurses                                                  El-Abbassia Hospital
3.17. TOT for child and adolescent psychiatry                                                            El-Abbassia Hospital
3.18. Psychiatrists Capacity Building Training about drug addiction                                           El-Abbassia
3.19. Training of Trainers for drug addiction                                                        Heliopolis\Ma'amoura\Assuit
3.20. Internet addiction service training                                                                El-Abbassia Hospital
3.21. Addiction Training for nurses                                                                  Heliopolis\Ma'amoura\Assuit
3.22. Medical Coding using ICD10
                                                                                                    El-Abbassia Hospital\Ma'amoura
3.23. Medical & Psychiatric Terminology for Data Entry Staff                                                    MHS
3.24. Confidentiality of Patient’s Data                                                                  El-Abbassia Hospital
3.25. Uses of Internet for a PSYCHIATRIST                                                                El-Abbassia Hospital
3.26. ICDL Certificate                                                                                      NHMIS Center
3.27. Training for NGOs about mental health services
                                                                                                    El-Abbassia Hospital\Ma'amoura
3.28. Psychological welfare of school-children                                                          10 Schools in dieffernt
3.29.IT for Mental Health Hospitals Administrative Staff                                                         NTI
3.30.Clinical Refreshing Course for Psychiatrist on Psychopathology                                      El-Abbassia Hospital
3.31.Uses of Internet for a Psychologists                                                                        NTI
3.32.Uses of Internet for a Social Workers                                                                       NTI

                                                                                                                             1                                                                                         Annual Work Plan April - December 2007

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