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									   Oshkosh Area United Way

Employee Campaign Coordinator
                                      Table of Contents

Contact Information                                       Page 3

Introduction                                              Page 4

Background Information                                    Page 5

Running the Campaign                                      Page 6

Campaign Schedule                                         Page 9

Setting a Goal                                            Page 10

Answering Questions                                       Page 12

Forms                                                     Page 16
   Pledge Cards
   Company Report Envelope

Campaign Resources                                        Page 19
   Sample CEO Letter
   Sample Labor Representative Letter
   Sample Email Notice
   Sample Thank You Letter
   LIVE UNITED Stories

Resources & Materials                                     Page 23

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                 2
                             Oshkosh Area United Way

Call the Oshkosh Area United Way Office for ideas, materials, or support. Our goal is to
help you make your campaign the best it can be!

Susan M. Panek, Executive Director

Denise VandenLangenberg-Coffman, Director of Fund Development & Marketing

Anne Hauch, Accounting Associate

Mary Chapin, Secretary/Receptionist

                        Oshkosh Area United Way

                                36 Broad Street, Suite 100
                                   Oshkosh, WI 54901
                                  Phone: 920-235-8560
                                    FAX: 920-235-8582
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                        3

The Oshkosh Area United Way conducts a fundraising campaign each year as its
commitment to improve lives by funding programs and services that are necessary to
many area residents.

       The United Way funds specific programs that make a measurable difference in
        our community, allowing you to see the results your contribution makes.

       By focusing on programs and results, the United Way acts as a means to target
        specific needs defined by our community.

       The United Way holds all of its agencies responsible for positive outcomes,
        ensuring that the funds raised in the community stay in the community to do the
        most good.

       "LIVE UNITED" is this year's theme. It reminds you that the key to solving
        problems and making a difference is in your hands. You have the power to:

            Nurture Children & Strengthen Families
            Build Self-Sufficiency
            Care for People in Crisis
            Promote Health & Wellness

As the needs in these areas increase, the success of the campaign becomes even
more important to those who benefit by the programs and services provided. When we
meet or exceed our campaign goal, we are able to help more people. Your role as an
Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) is extremely important. The campaign relies on
your ability to work within your company's policies and philosophy to motivate, activate,
educate, and solicit your colleagues.

The Oshkosh Area United Way depends on you to help meet the most urgent health
and human service needs in the Oshkosh community. Thank you for your commitment
to making our community a stronger, brighter place!

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                       4
                               Background Information

                             What is the Oshkosh Area United Way?

The Oshkosh Area United Way (OAUW) is a local non-profit organization that works to
support our local community by acting as a means for positive changes as well as a
fundraiser. The OAUW supports programs that address the critical needs in the
community. To do this, the OAUW raises and allocates funds through the work of
hundreds of volunteers from the community. The funds raised and distributed through
this volunteer-driven process stay right here in our community.

                                      The Employee Campaign
The Employee Campaign is a focused fundraising effort that takes place in companies
throughout our community. Each campaign generally lasts from one to two weeks, as
shorter campaigns tend to be more successful than lengthy ones. We encourage you to
schedule your campaign over a limited number of days. Funds raised through company-
based activities are the heart of our annual campaign. Each ECC is an important
partner in the United Way campaign team.

                          The Employee Campaign Coordinator

Role - With the support of your CEO/General Manager:

        Conduct the annual United Way Campaign within the company.
        Provide leadership and direction for the campaign and motivate others to
        become involved.
        Provide all employees the opportunity to contribute by sharing information and
        distributing campaign materials.
        Show the employees how their contribution directly affects their family and

        Read over United Way materials and information; become familiar with the
        Oshkosh Area United Way.
        Keep in contact with your United Way contact person or the United Way office in
        case you have questions or concerns.
        Obtain the necessary resources for the campaign (volunteers, time, etc.).
        Plan the necessary components of your campaign.
        Set challenging but realistic goals for participation and donation.
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                       5
        Establish a realistic beginning and ending date for the campaign. (We
        recommend 1 – 2 weeks, depending on your company’s business cycle.)
        Monitor and report your progress to your CEO/GM, volunteer campaign team and
        Stay in contact with United Way and company management about issues, plans,
        and the progress of the campaign.
        Complete and submit all necessary paperwork and reports to HR and the United
        Thank everyone involved for his or her support.

How Do I Organize and Run an Employee Campaign?
    1. Getting Started:
                Agree to meet with the United Way representative/contact.
                Review United Way materials.
                Get answers to any questions – contact OAUW at 235-8560 or email Sue
                 Panek at

    2. Know your Organization:
                Talk with past ECC's. Find out what has worked during past campaigns.
                Review your company's giving history and look at potential donors.

    3. Set Your Goal:
          Work with your CEO/GM to set a challenging and realistic campaign goal
                 based on the number of employees, last year's campaign performance,
                 and your company's potential.

    4. Enlist Help:
          Your CEO's commitment and enthusiasm can be contagious. Ask him or
               her to write a personal letter of support to all employees. If applicable, ask
               organized labor representatives to write a letter as well.
              Get the support from other departments (such as HR) or your local union
               (if applicable).
              United Way office staff and volunteers are also here to help!!

    5. Pick a Solicitation Style:
                Decide on the best method of approaching fellow employees: group
                 meetings, one-on-one, or both!
                If appropriate, hold a separate meeting with management and professional
                 employees to set the pace of the campaign by pledging first and
                 challenging other employee groups to equal the level of participation
                 (number of people giving).

    6. Promote your Campaign:
          Use employee newsletters, e-mail, and other in-house tools.
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                             6
              Use United Way posters and brochures to build awareness of the
               campaign. Oshkosh Area United Way provides most materials at no cost!
              Create friendly competition between departments or branches. Prizes and
               incentives also create interest. (Holding contests and events after pledging
               are more effective.)

    7. Educate:
                Use the campaign video/DVD, United Way staff and volunteers, and/or
                 agency speakers to show your dollars at work.
                Schedule your campaign, inform the United Way office, and book your
                 speakers early!
                Leadership Giving: This program gives special recognition to those
                 individuals or couples who give at a level of $500 or more. Consider
                 asking key executives to make a more personal solicitation to their peers
                 in the top management group or to those who have the potential to make
                 this level of a donation.

    8. Implement a Campaign Plan:
                Make a gift yourself. It is easier to ask others when you are giving.
                Conduct an employee kickoff celebration.
                Ask every employee to give. Don't forget employees who work off-site,
                 travel extensively, or are on alternate shifts.
                If possible, provide incentives or hold contests for giving. (See the
                 Treasure Chest of Fund Raising Ideas).
                Ask each employee to return a pledge form whether they give or not…this
                 is your way of knowing everyone was solicited

    9. Report Results:
          Again, try to pick up pledge forms from each employee, whether they give
                 or not. Make sure each employee has signed his or her pledge form. (This
                 is helpful when keeping track of employees).
                Keep the top copy of the pledge forms. This is important because they
                 authorize the company to withhold pledges from payroll deductions. Have
                 employees keep the bottom, and return the middle to United Way.
                Return excess campaign materials to the United Way office with your
                 reports. (Please keep some extra pledge forms and brochures and give to
                 Human Resources for new hires throughout the year.)
                Call your United Way contact person or the United Way office for pick-up
                 as soon as the envelope is completed. You can also deliver it to the
                 United Way Office, 36 Broad Street, Suite 100, Oshkosh, WI 54901.
                Enclose the following in the Campaign Report Envelope:
                          1. Pledge forms for all contributions.
                          2. The completed designation report (include comments).
                          3. The completed employee summary report.
                          4. A corporate check or pledge.
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                          7
    10.          Evaluate:
              Thank those who contributed. (Remember: One can never say “thank
               you” too often)
                    1. Letter
                    2. Email
                    3. A "comfort" or "survival" kit
              Make recommendations for next year.
              Prepare a report for the CEO to share with the United Way.

                                Congratulations-You're Done!

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                               8
                                               Recommended Campaign Schedule

Four Weeks Before                                                     Person Responsible   Completion Date
Form campaign plan                                                    __________________   _______________
Request materials from United Way                                     __________________   _______________
Begin covering United Way in newsletter/ e-mails                      __________________   _______________
Recruit your campaign committee                                       __________________   _______________
Research past campaign results and meet with last year's ECC          __________________   _______________
Develop a campaign schedule                                           __________________   _______________
Other:                                                                __________________   _______________

Three Weeks Before
Hang posters                                                          __________________   _______________
Establish campaign goal and dates                                     __________________   _______________
Schedule meetings with United Way speakers and films                  __________________   _______________
Other:                                                                __________________   _______________

Two Weeks Before
Personalize pledge cards                                              __________________   _______________
Plan solicitation meetings with employees                             __________________   _______________
Other:                                                                __________________   _______________

One Week Before
Send CE O endorsement letter supporting Unit ed Way                   __________________   _______________
Send labor letter supporting United Way (if applicable)               __________________   _______________
Other:                                                                __________________   _______________

During Campaign:
Meetings: Have room, video, speak er, pledge forms, materials ready   __________________   _______________
Monitor progress including number of givers, pledges received, and    __________________   _______________
incomplet e forms
Follow up wit h employees who missed meetings                         __________________   _______________
Other:                                                                __________________   _______________

One Week After:
Collect any unret urned pledge forms                                  __________________   _______________
Return Report Envelope to United Way                                  __________________
Report results to CEO and employ ees                                  __________________   _______________
Thank volunteers and donors                                           __________________   _______________
Other:                                                                __________________   _______________

Two Weeks After:                                                      __________________   _______________
Conduct evaluation session wit h key staff                            __________________   _______________
Produce report for next year’s ECC & team                             __________________   _______________

                                                    Setting a Goal

         Selecting a challenging, but realistic goal, will give your team a focus. Goals also
         motivate and encourage participation. A good way to start is by looking at :
             The total amount of employee giving last year.
         camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                        9
     The percentage of participation from last year.
     The increased or decreased use of payroll deduction.
     The increase or decrease in the size of the average gift
If you have access to salary information, you can use the following formulas to estimate
you "employee giving potential."

                                  Employee Giving Potential

   Estimate your company's/organization's average salary:
   $____________________ /_________= $_____________
     gross payroll                          # of employees       average salary

   Multiply average salary by suggested giving guide percentage in box below:
   $_____________ X ______________________= $____________________
        average salary          suggested giving guide %          suggested gift per employee

    Multiply suggested contribution per employee by number of employees:
    $_____________________ X ____________________= ______________
    suggested gift per employee                 number of employees               full giving

                                  Suggested Giving Guide Levels:
                                      Average Salary         Suggested Level

                                      Up to $14, 999            .006

                                $15,000-$19,999                 .007

                                $20,000-$34,999                 .008

                                $35,000-$49,999                 .009

                                  Over $50,000                  .01

                                 Our Employee Goal is $_________

 Answering their Questions
In general, it is best to deal with objections when they arise. If you or members of your
team cannot answer a question, promise to get an answer and follow up with that
person later. United Way staff will be happy to help you find the information you need.

         Listen to the objection and be sure you understand it.

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                             10
       Encourage that person to be specific with their concerns.

       Use the objection/question as a way to offer several benefits of supporting the
        United Way.

       Use the questions to your advantage: offer a story about those who have been

       Do not take objections personally. People who raise objections have real
        concerns. As a voluntary representative of the United Way during campaign, part
        of your job will be to find honest answers to all questions and to respond in a
        positive and professional way.

To help you feel more comfortable handling a wide variety of questions, we have listed
some of the most frequently asked questions as well as corresponding answers.
Reviewing them in advance of your campaign can help you and your campaign team be
confident and well prepared.

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                       11
                                      Sample Questions

Employees need to feel that the money they donate is going to support
worthwhile programs in our community. Here are some answers to the
most commonly asked questions:


How do I know my dollars are helping the people who really need help?
Through collaborative efforts, the Oshkosh Area United Way (OAUW) works with other
human service agencies to understand and recognize the needs of those who really
want help in our community. These needs are cross referenced to the functions of
partnering OAUW agencies, so that dollars donated will actually get to the programs
that address any given need. For instance, for those who are hungry, specific programs
within the Salvation Army or the Meals on Wheels program are funded through the
annual OAUW campaign.

How much of my pledge actually gets to the programs?
The OAUW designates 89 cents of every dollar to go toward the funded programs. The
remaining 11 cents goes towards the cost of the OAUW operations and for community
building efforts such as staffing the Hunger Task Force, the Winnebagoland Focus
Needs Assessment Committee, the Day of Caring volunteer project, and special
projects like assisting with the annual National Association of Letter Carriers food drive.

Does the United Way place any money in reserve funds?
Yes. Reserve funds have been established for specific reasons such as covering the
cost of un-collected pledges, for repair or replacement of partner agencies equipment,
to provide emergency financial or disaster assistance, for donor designations to other
United Ways, or for program innovation.


Why aren’t all agency programs funded by the United Way? And who decides
which ones are?
Some agencies choose not to apply for funds for their programs. For those
organizations that do apply, the programs are reviewed by local volunteers who work
with guidelines established through the allocations process for determining eligibility and
accountability. Agencies requesting funds of the OAUW are required to meet these
strict financial and program guidelines.

Local OAUW volunteers review agency budgets and program services annually. These
recommendations are reviewed by the OAUW volunteer board of directors for approval.
In addition, each agency must answer to their own volunteer board of directors whose
role includes insuring that the missions of the program are being met. Because the
OAUW has a responsibility to its donors, you can be sure that funded agencies meet
and maintain high program and financial standards.

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                       12
Why should I contribute to the Oshkosh Area United Way?
You, a family member, or a friend may have used the services of an OAUW funded
agency without realizing it. People from all backgrounds benefit from emergency or
disaster services, youth development programs, youth mentoring programs, assistance
with shopping or household chores for an older parent, or one of the many other
services made available because of United Way donors.

Our entire community benefits because more people have the skills they need to keep
jobs - and more families are able to find affordable, stable housing. More children are
succeeding in school and staying off the streets, and more seniors and people with
disabilities are remaining independent and in their own homes longer.

Why should I give to United Way instead of giving directly to an agency?
The OAUW reviews each program it funds to provide greater accountability for your
contribution and to provide the best service possible to the most people with your one

Agencies benefit from not having to do all the fund raising and determination of
community needs that the OAUW does. If each agency had to hire someone to do this
function the costs would be much greater. (Our United Way uses less than 10% of
pledges for administrative costs.)

Another reason to give through the OAUW is that you have the option of payroll
deduction provided through the workplace. This allows you to spread out your donation
over a year. Agencies also benefit from a payroll deduction concept because they have
a more solid base of funding for the programs they provide.


 I know someone who was charged a fee for a service.
Services can never be denied to those who cannot pay. However, people who can
afford to pay will be asked to pay for services. Some services are charged on a sliding
fee scale so that everyone gets the assistance they need. Agencies need to raise much
of their own operating fund dollars. This is done in a variety of ways including charging
for services. OAUW dollars are considered the last dollars used for a funded program,
and if reasonable fees weren’t charged, the OAUW would need to raise even more

I don’t like feeling pressured to give .
The OAUW believes that giving is a personal decision - one made freely by the donor.
The OAUW does not support coercion, or any undue pressure to give. We do not
endorse or support pressure, because pressure defeats the very idea of voluntary

United Way funds go to people who refuse to help themselves.
Not true. Hundreds of people in our area use OAUW funded programs and services if
and when they need help. Natural disaster, emotional and marital problems,
developmental disabilities and problems of aging can affect anyone. OAUW funded
services are available to those who need or want the programs without discrimination.
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                       13
One of the advantages of giving to the OAUW is the assurance to the donor that dollars
collected are allocated to agencies that serve the people with the greatest need.
Trained volunteers make the decisions - they may be your co-workers and neighbors -
so you know the dollars are being used wisely.

I don’t know how much to give.
Giving is an individual matter. Each person should decide what he or she can afford and
give accordingly. First time donors might consider a gift of 10 cents a day or $36.50 for
the entire year (through payroll deduction). Whatever the amount, you gift will be
appreciated and used wisely. Think of it this way: a donation of only $1 a week
provides 6 hours of after school care for a child with special needs - allowing their
parents to work a complete day.

I can’t afford to give right now.
Are you sure? Can you afford not to give? We all face the cost-of-living challenges.
Many services once provided by tax dollars have been eliminated, and nonprofit health
and human services agencies have been asked to assume the role. If not supported,
it’s possible that some necessary services will be discontinued. With costs continuing to
rise, your contribution, no matter the amount, is even more importa nt. Every dollar

You can make your pledge through payroll deduction. This way a little money will be
taken out of each check. Billing options are available that will spread out your pledge
payments. Your on-going pledge allows OAUW funded programs to provide a full year
of service for members of our community. Whatever the amount, your gift will be
appreciated and used wisely. Again, think of it this way, a donation of only $3 a week
provides the money needed to provide after-hours emergency coverage for a disaster
and armed forces emergency communication for one month.

I’d give but I don’t like (xxx) program/agency.
There are 47 programs and services supported by the OAUW. If you feel strongly about
a certain agency or program you can designate your pledge to them. Withholding
support because of one agency or program only means that other programs that are
providing important services will be funded at a lower level.

I give to other charitable/religious organizations.
The fact that you are giving to an organization indicates that you have a desire to help
people. The point of contributing through the OAUW is that volunteers carefully screen
broad networks of local services so that your contribution can be used most effectively
in our community. You may be surprised to find that your charitable organization is a
part the OAUW family. If so, your contribution through the convenience of payroll
deduction can continue to benefit your favorite agency as well as others.

My spouse already gives.
We hope that both spouses would feel a responsibility to support their community. As
individuals, you each have the choice to give. If both spouses work, each has the
opportunity to give where they work, based on their own individual income. You may

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                    14
also combine your gift and become a part of the Leadership Giving program for
individuals or couples who give at a level of $500 or more.

I work for a living and pay my own way. I’m not going to use the services.
The services the OAUW programs provide are used by hundreds of people - perhaps a
family member, neighbor, or close friend. To enable our community to be made up of
strong families and individuals, successful children and youth, self-sufficient adults and
families, individuals living healthy lives, and people having access to the resources they
need, your giving helps insure your capacity to be independent and self sufficient. Plus,
you never know when a tragedy may strike and you can't help yourself. United Way
services need to be there for those emergency situations.

I only work in Oshkosh; I live in another community.
If you earn your living here, we hope you feel a certain amount of responsibility to see
that the greater Oshkosh area remains a great place to work and live. Your pledge can
help make that happen. You have some options:
         1. Full pledge to the Oshkosh Area United Way
         2. Splitting your pledge between the Oshkosh Area United Way and the
            United Way community in which you live;
         3. Full pledge to the United Way covering the area in which you live.
            Pledges to other communities will be honored.

I don’t want to be solicited all year just because I gave.
You’re only asked to give once a year when you pledge to the Oshkosh Area United
Way. Even through payroll deduction, your gift lasts all year. You won’t be solicited for
another year.

Can I still support the Boy Scouts through the United Way Campaign?
The Oshkosh Area United Way will continue to support the Boy Scouts through donor
designations. Donors may indicate their preference by filling in the blank at the bottom
of the pledge card.

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                         15

The following are forms important to the campaign. One is the employee pledge form
(3-parts) and the other is the company campaign report envelope.

Pledge forms: Keep the white (original) copy and give it to your payroll/HR department.
The employee should keep the bottom (pink) copy, and the middle (yellow) copy gets
returned to the United Way office. Again, please give the original copy to your payroll
department and the pink copy to the donor. Be sure to ask the employees to look at the
back of the pick copy for the programs we are funding this year. Also note: Donors
may choose to designate to a United Way in another community or to a specific United
Way funded agency using the pledge form.

If your company uses a one-to-one or “online pledging strategy, be sure that each
employee has had the opportunity to learn what they are being asked to support and
why it is important to them. You might combine an info rmative and motivational rally that
is followed by one-to-one solicitation or online pledging. United Way staff and
volunteers can help if you need us.

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                     16
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook   17
camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook   18
                               Sample Letter from the CEO/GM

  Dear Fellow Employee:

  What makes Oshkosh a great place to work and live? It’s the people. People like
  you who are there to share the successes and solve community problems. Each
  year, people who need help benefit by approximately 47 health and human
  service programs in our community that are supported by your gift to Oshkosh
  Area United Way.

  The employees of (company name) have long been recognized as leaders in
  Oshkosh. So, once again, we are proud to join local businesses in support of our
  community’s largest human service endeavor, the annual United Way Campaign.
  I urge you to participate in this year’s campaign.

  "LIVE UNITED"" is this year's theme. It reminds you that the key to solving
  problems and making a difference is in your hands. You have the power to:

               Nurture Children & Strengthen Families
               Build Self-Sufficiency
               Care for People in Crisis
               Promote Health & Wellness

  The money you give to the Oshkosh Area United Way stays right here, helping
  our community to grow stronger. You have the power to change lives and
  strengthen our community. Prove that you have the power of giving!

  (CEO/Respected Employee)

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                  19
                                      Sample Labor Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Labor’s history of supporting the Oshkosh Area United Way dates back to the beginning of
the United Way in 1962. Never has it been more important than this year to demonstrate
our support of this annual campaign.

As a Union member, you know that you always have the strength and support of your
brothers and sisters when you need it. Just as union members join together for each
other, we also have a responsibility to support our community through the United Way.

Oshkosh is affected by a variety of community needs involving child care, serving the
disabled, youth development, family counseling, emergency assistance, shelter against
domestic violence, blood collection, health care, and food and clothing. Those needs
keep growing. Oshkosh citizens are not alone when programs supported by you and the
United Way are there to help them.

Our local United Way is still the most efficient way to help. Through the use of hundreds
of volunteers, the United Way keeps its expenses low. For every dollar raised, 89 cents is
returned to community agencies for programs and services. That means that your money
helps people right here in our area.

As in the past, the employee payroll deduction plan makes it easier for each of us to
contribute our fair share. This year, let’s support the United Way. Let’s be a union that
cares. You have the power to change lives and strengthen our community. Prove that you
can “Do What Matters”!


(Labor Representative)

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                   20
                                 Sample Company Kick-off Memo
                                 Emailed, Posted or Payroll Stuffer

  Date: (one-two weeks prior to kick-off event)
  To:   XYZ Employee
  From: ECC or CEO/GM
  Re: (Company) United Way Campaign

  Please mark (DATE) on your calendar as the kick-off for (COMPANY’S) United
  Way fund-raising effort. This year’s campaign will run from (DATE TO DATE) and
  our Campaign Coordinator (NAME), has put together a series of exciting events
  for us to participate in and support.

  (COMPANY NAME) cares deeply about our community and the quality of life that
  makes the Oshkosh a great place to live and work. United Way focuses
  resources to provide solutions for our community’s most critical needs.

  Through our contributions, we can make sure help is there for families, co-workers
  and friends. United Way assures that a broad range of services are available to
  help local people become independent and self-sufficient. I believe that
  supporting United Way is a sound investment. We will have a chance to learn
  more about how United Way is working in our community during our upcoming

  (COMPANY NAME) is proud to support Oshkosh Area United Way. See you all at
  the kick-off.

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                    21
                                      Sample Thank You Letter

     Dear (Personalized),

     As another United Way campaign comes to a close, I/we would like to thank you for
     your contribution and participation in (COMPANY NAME) United Way campaign.
     Through support from companies like ours, Oshkosh Area United Way is able to
     provide continued support to over 47 health and human service programs.

     I/we are pleased to announce (COMPANY NAME) was able to raise $(AMOUNT)
     and that we increased participation by (X)% for this year’s United Way campaign.
     We are very proud to be able to make such a generous contribution to our

     Thank you for your continued generosity. Together with Oshkosh Area United Way
     we are LIVING UNITED by changing lives and building a stronger community for all.


     (CEO signature)

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                     22
                                      Resources & Materials

           2009 Campaign Video – “LIVE UNITED” (approximately 3 minutes, please
                reserve through United Way Office 235-8560) – Available after OAUW Campaign
                Kick Off September 17, 2009.

           Speakers for Employee Meetings (contact United Way Office to schedule speakers)

           Treasure Chest of Fundraising Ideas – Visit our website

           Campaign pins and Stickers (contact United Way Office)

           “I dress this way for United Way” Stickers, “Jeans Day for United Way” Stickers
                  (available from United Way Office)

           Campaign Thermometers

           Campaign Posters

           Campaign Brochures and Pledge Forms

           Leadership Giving Brochure

           What Else?

camp 09\training in fo\ecc handbook                                                           23
              Please Accept our Thanks!
Without the work of caring volunteers like you, we couldn't
    serve the people of the Oshkosh Community who
        truly need the programs supported by the
                Oshkosh Area United Way

          Oshkosh Area United Way

                36 Broad Street, Suite 100
                   Oshkosh, WI 54901
                  Phone: 920-235-8560
                    FAX: 920-235-8582

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