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					    EDIFACT, ISBN-13,
PromptCat and the Growing
Pains of Electronic Ordering

  Les Lynam, Director of Technical
    Services, Kirkpatrick Library,
  Central Missouri State University
The Overview
•   Preparing with the vendor
•   Requesting books from a vendor
•   Creating the export record
•   FTPing the export record
•   The drop-off at MCO
•   Prepping the order file
•   Sending the order file
•   The PromptCat connection
Overview, continued

• Tracking the package
• Loading the Invoice file
• Examining, massaging the records
• Payment
• There is no way to explain this all in an
• Questions?
Preparing with the Vendor
•   Contact you favorite book vendor
•   Tell them you are ready to EDIFACT
•   And that you want them to help you
•   Please…. please… please
•   Get their document on “Everything you need to
    know about EDIFACT”
•   Have them set up their end
•   Set up (or adjust) your vendor record
Ordinary (print) vendor file
  BISAC (email) vendor file

                        VCODE3 is set to
                         “e” Electronic

Email address for the
   BISAC Order
EDIFACT (FTP) vendor file

                   VCODE3 is set
                   to “d” EDIFACT

      code must            Vendor will set up an
       be set up           FTP site for you, and
                            tell you your logon
                               and password
                         (and other stuff you may
                              need to know)
Requesting books online

• Major vendors all have online ordering
• Invite your sales rep to show you theirs.
• Have them back several times
• Ask them questions
• Promise them money
• Ask them more questions
Choose your path

• You can Order on the Vendor’s website
• or
• You can “Request” on the Vendor’s site
• Then export the file to III
• Then use III to make the order
• How you “do business” makes the choice
• Here’s how CMSU does it:
The Request

• All of the Librarians at CMSU buy books
• Some still send order cards to ACQ
• Some request their own titles on YBP’s
  GOBI or BNA’s Collection Manager
• Acquisitions then picks up the request
• And puts it in an EXPORT file
• Hang on while we go through this
FTP to vendor

        Vendor will set you up with
         FTP site and password
Locate file to transfer
Edit file as needed

             Text being edited
                in freeware
File ready to send to MOBIUS
MCO informed of file via email
MCO loads file, emails report

                    Bib and Order record start/stop #s
Purchase Orders ready to send

                   Did you know that
                     there are files
                   beyond your last
                      review file?
Order files copied for review
Close-up of brief bib and order records
Close-up of just brief bib record

                         Each vendor’s
                          brief bibs will
                          have Author,
                            Title and
                         ISBN… some
                        have other data
Control-H checks for unique fields
Someone requested a duplicate

       “B” next to a MARC
      field means it already
           exists in your
         database, almost
        certainly a problem
        when it’s the ISBN
Title search finds the duplicate
Duplicate Bibs… side by side
Transfer order record to 1st Bib.

                        When both bib records are
                            open, the target will
                        automatically be displayed,
                             ready for transfer

    Be sure that the
   order record to be
   moved is checked
Transfer choices: Retain / Delete
      Transfer complete

Both Order records
 Now on the same
    Bib. record
Cancel the duplicate order
Orders ready for EDIFACT FTP

               Since each vendor has
               a different IP Address,
               we need to narrow the
                  list down to one
                  vendor at a time

                Just click this button
Type in the vendor code
These 8 go to the same place
      I thought we canceled #4???

                    Canceling the order
                record does NOT remove
                   it from the Purchase
So be sure to    Orders that are already    … and
 check it…                queued           Delete it!
These 7 are ready to hit the net


                           … and then
Be sure you have the right Host

                            Now click the

                    If you have more than
                    one vendor, there will
                     be a pull down menu
                        of choices here
Contact has been made

                Fill in User and
                Password and
                     click OK
     Ready to transfer the file

                                          Your vendor may
                                           have a special
                                          naming functions
                                            to keep files
… if so, then
 check the
Rename files
upon transfer                                            …and
   box…                                               THEN you
                                                     are ready to
                                                      click “Put”

                …Be sure you have the correct
                transfer type: Binary or ASCII…
Rename checked, ASCII chosen, and “Put” clicked

               This pop up box allows
               you to enter the name
                of the file as it will be
               on the vendor’s server
  Internet Majik! It’s there!

The filename we gave it, as
it appears on THEIR server

                    More confirmations!
FTP finished, time to clean up at Home
Signed, sealed, delivered….

                               Still need some
                                  Check the
                                 order record

        Hurrah! An order Date/Time Stamp!
Time passes…
…and then an Email from OCLC

                       I need to go
                      HERE to pick up
                          the file

                          …and it’s a
                          BIG one!!!

          It’s from
Getting to the PromptCat File

                   Click here…
Still getting to the PromptCat File…

                    And then click
Halt! Who goes there?

                               Enter your
                             Authorization #
                             and Password

        You can get a new
        “PromptCat” login,
         or… I just use my
           cataloging ID
Files listed, newest first

              I want to download
                   THIS file

                            We profiled for
                           Yankee first, then
                          BNA, so they aren’t
Scroll down to get the reports

                    I want THIS one
                    (it has the same
                     date as the file)

             Two choices,
             download or
             view. I view,
             since it’s just
Viewing the report

                      Four invoices in this
                     PromptCat shipment…

           Details of the first invoice starts
           here… scroll down to view each
           individual invoice as processed

            Detail is at the record level, with
             title, source of cataloging, etc.
Time passes…
When will those packages arrive?

                          BNA sends me
                          UPS Tracking
                         Numbers in Email

                     For YBP I use “Reference
                      Number Tracking” which
                      happens to be the YBP
                     Invoice number that I get
                      from the PromptCat file
Detail of Reference # tracking

                          YBP Invoice Number

                    Date it was shipped (a range,
                       so you can be “close”)

                          And my ZipCode
Tracking Information

                   On Time, and the
                   estimated delivery
Detail of a single package

                        Most recent
                     activity is show at
                           the top
Checking again, two days later…

                     It’s arriving today! Time
                         to load the invoice!
Loading the file in MilAcq

 Click on Import Invoices
Click “Get Shipment”
 Make sure you
  have the right
 button checked

Select your vendor

               And know
               where your
                 file is
I keep my files
on the desktop
 when loading

  Yankee files start with
   YDX, then have the
  date, and are .bin files.
  Click this file to select

             Then click OPEN
Check this   Then fill out
  box…       these data
 Vendor and
invoice date

         Check                    MCO will create
        this box                   Load Profiles
                   And select a       for you
                    review file
 Find an
review file

              Then click OK
Use cluster rules to name your file
 Click each
  of these
three boxes,

         I compare the title of
          the first record with
             my PromptCat
        printout to make sure
        I’m in the right invoice

        This is one of those
        “do it just because”
        things. If you don’t
         often the reports
             are empty

MCO told
me to just
say “No”
 Now let’s    Four invoices
look at the    successfully
  reports       loaded…
The Summary Report
The “Report” report
The MARC Log report

    And next we
   click to go Up
     One Level

                      Brief Bibs overlaid with
                        full catalog records

                    Item records are created
Examine the files just loaded

                        Double click on
                         a line to get a
                         closer look at
 Go to Create             the records
   Lists and                 loaded
 select the file
  just loaded
Let’s click to
View the Bib

                 No changes to the
                   Order Record
  A Shiny new
record replaces
  the old brief
An Item record is also created
Full cataloguing not always available
Brief Bib is still Brief

                        Brief Bibs
Item record still created

                   We change
                      to “in
Sorting Brief from Full Bibs

              Sorting by
            MARC Tag 300
           puts all the brief
           bibs together (no
Sorted list

              YBP brief
              bibs easily
              spotted by
               ALL CAP
Rapid Update TLOC from “p” to “-”
You can create a Bib review file

     Create a review       …based on
      file for bibs…        order file
Jumping back to the Invoice

• Almost finished, time to pay
• The Invoice is loaded, ready to examine
• Each item can be accepted or rejected
• Normally, none need rejected
• Sometimes a damaged book is rejected
• At CMSU the invoice not handled by the
 same person who receives the books
We’ve been here before…
                  We’re back at Import Invoices

  Highlight an                                    Then click
invoice to pay…                                    Select
Compare to the     Default is
printed invoice,   “Accept”
 and what’s in
hand… if all is
 OK, then click
Are you REALLY sure?

Each order record is now PAID
And that invoice is finished…

             Only six more on
               THIS list for
             today…. <sigh>
The Wrap-up

• Yes, there are more tiny details
• It will take weeks or months to get this all
  set up and working
• But once you do, it makes the daily
  routine go sooooo much faster.
The Wrap-up
• Questions?

• I thank you for coming, staying awake,
 and puzzling your brains about this

• Be sure to get this PPT presentation when
 you get back home, and watch it all over

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