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Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden


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									  Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close with this reusable, collapsible
habitat. Fine, transparent mesh lets you see butterfly metamorphosis up close. Product includes
easy-to-use feeder and complete instructions for habitat. Butterfly larvae with food shipped directly to
your home. The habitat collapses for storage when not in use. You can adopt and raise a handful of
caterpillars, watch them transform into painted lady butterflies, then lift the garden cover to release
your beautiful specimens into the wild. This exciting habitat makes a fabulous introduction to the
miracles of nature. The larvae and food available round the year.
Did you know that painted ladies (the butterflies, that is) taste with their feet and have 10,000 eyes?
You and your kids will be fascinated by all you learn about these beautiful creatures with the Butterfly
Garden from Insect Lore. The kit comes with a relatively easy-to-assemble observation chamber;
supplies for feeding the butterflies (you provide only sugar and water); an informative booklet of clear
instructions and butterfly facts; and a certificate for three to five free painted lady caterpillars. The
metamorphosis from larva to butterfly takes about three weeks from when you receive the caterpillar
larvae (which arrive in a small container with all the nutrients they need). Your children can watch the
larvae increase dramatically in size, form chrysalides, and finally emerge into full-fledged painted ladies
(it's suggested that they release the butterflies after a few days of observation). This would make a
wonderful activity for families with kids of any age, but younger children will need help assembling the
observation chamber and reading the instruction booklet. (Note: The manufacturer recommends that
butterflies should not be set free in temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.) --Rachel Radway

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