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               Focus Unit

                            Christina Johnson
Unit Plan
 Students will study Space and the
  components that make up the Solar System.
 The week long focus unit will integrate
  Language Arts with Math, Science, Social
  Studies, Music, Art, and P.E.
 During the week the students will learn
  characteristics of the Solar System, along with
  facts and history about the Solar System.
 Students will develop a better understanding
  of the Solar System by writing, reading,
  activities, and class discussions.
Cross Curricular                      Weight                                           of the
                                          on         Planetarium                       moon
Ideas                                 different
                        Space         planets
                         word                                                   Characteristics
                       problems                                                   of planets
                                                     Science                                             Planet
and study                  Venn                                                Art                 Rockets

                                                                                 Saturn           Constellation
     NASA                                         SYSTEM
    websites            Social                                                    CD                Project
     about                                                                                                Space
   people in
     space                                                                           Language             Vocab
                                     Music                     P.E.                       Arts

                                                  Man                                                        Poems
            History of the
            constellations          Listen        Mars
                                      to                               Ring
                                    space                             around            Read
                                    music                             Saturn            Space        Journal
                                                       Moon                                          Writing
Literature Selection
   The Planets in Our Solar System          by Franklyn M. Branely
   Don’t Know Much About the Solar System by Kenneth C. Davis
   The Solar System by Christina Malloy
   The Planet Gods; The Truth About the Solar System by Jacqueline Mitton
   Exploring The Solar System by Bruce LaFontaine
   Postcards From Pluto by Loreen Leedy
   There’s No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe
   The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole and Bruce
 What’s Out There? A Book About Space by Lynn Wilson
 The Planet Hunter: The Story Behind What Happened to Pluto           by
    Elizabeth Risch and Guy Francis
 What Makes Day and Night? By Franklyn M. Branely and Arthur Dorros
 Voyage to the Bunny Planet by Rosemary Wells
 Stars! Stars! Stars! By Bob Barner
Language Arts Strategies
   Brainstorming
     Students will brainstorm many different thought and ideas when
       writing poetry, and completing KWL chart
   Predicting
     Students will make predictions about weight and distances of the
   Revising
     Students will revise their writings about the solar system
   Visualizing
     Students will draw images in their minds of the stars as
       constellations while visiting the planetarium
   Playing With Language
     Students will use creative language when writing poems,
       observations, and postcards
Language Art Skills
   Print
     Students will recognize words on student information board
   Comprehension
     Students will compare and contrast characteristics of planets when
        measuring, weighing, and completing Venn diagrams
     Students will note details about astronauts during the astronaut interview
   Language
     Students will appreciate rhyme and other poetic devices when writing
     Students will use similes and metaphors when completing simile worksheet
   Reference
     Students will read and make Venn diagrams on the characteristics of each
     Students will use a dictionary to find definitions
   Study
     Students will take notes on the space video
   Amazing Space                             Telescopes for
              viewing space
   Astronomy for Kids
                                              Radio for listening
   Planet Surfin’
                                               to music
                     Photographs of
   Planetary Fact Sheets                      Space
   Star Child: A Learning Center for
                                              Audiotapes of
    Young Astrologers                          Astronauts
                                              Video
                                                  The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in
Language Arts Modes
 Language Arts Listening                Language Arts Visually
 • Audio versions of planets            Representing Activities
 • Information                           Create a planet model
 • Teacher lecture on information        Display poems
 • Listening to peers during discussion  Observation

 Language Arts Viewing Activities     Language Arts Reading
 • View models created                Activities
 • Video on the solar system           Read both non-fiction and
 • Class information board               fiction material
 • Planetarium                         Poems
 • Photographs of planets              Share journals with peers
 • Viewing the moon nightly            Read daily facts and statistics
                                         from class bulletin board
Language Arts Modes
Language Arts Writing Activities           Language Arts Speaking Activities
 Journal Entries                           Discussion
 Write a story about traveling in space    Planet Persuasion
 KWL chart on the moon                     Read Stories about planets
 Solar System similes worksheet
 Acrostic Poem
 Data/daily moon observation
 Planet Postcard to a friend
 Riddles
Grouping Patterns
Large Group
  Discussions, field trip, class projects, videos,
  gym activities
Small Group
  reading materials, writing assignments, peer
  conferences, art projects
  audiotapes, graphing, measuring, observations,
  writing, reading
                       Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday         Thursday           Friday

Morning   Reading      •Introduce         •Read space         •Have peer        •Buddy Book        •Independent
                       planet order-      vocabulary          conferences on    Reading            reading
                       using acronym      words               planet
                       •Read story/       • use dictionary    persuasion        •Review similes    •Read acrostic
                       Don’t Know         to find                               and metaphors      poems to peers
                       Much About the     definitions to      •Independent      • Work on          •Fun Facts
                       Solar System       words               reading           simile
                                          •Fun Facts          •Fun Facts        worksheet
                       •characteristics                                         •Fun Facts
                       of solar system
                       flipchart on
                       Active board

          Writing      In Journal         •Write planet       In Journal        •Read              In Journal
                       Writing            persuasion in       Writing           Postcards from     Writing
                       Prompt: If you     journal using       Prompt:           Pluto              Prompt:
                       were an            new vocabulary      •Three things                        •If you created
                       astronaut where    words               you would take    •Planet            your own
                       would you go?                          with to the       postcard           constellation;
                                                              moon and why      •Finish acrostic   describe it and
                       •KWL chart on                          Acrostic poetry   poetry             draw what it
                       solar system                                             •Space word        would look like
                                                                                scramble           •KWL chart

          Music/P.E.   P.E                Music/Art           P.E.              Music/Art          P.E.
                       • Moon Jumping     • listen to space   • Star Shooting   •Listen to space   • Solar System
          Art          • Man From         music               •Ring around      music              Shuffle
                       Mars               •Create planet      Saturn            •Constellation     • Man From
                                          model                                 project            Mars
                      Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday          Thursday          Friday

Afternoon   Math      •Discuss how      Problem            •Review the        Create Venn       Star Math-
                      much humans       solving:           distance           diagrams          internet
                      weigh on each     distances in the   between            comparing two     number game
                      planet…           solar system       planets/sun        planets

                      •Create bar                          •Measure the
                      graphs of how                        distance one
                      much students                        can jump from
                      would weigh on                       planet to planet
                      each planet

            Science   •Review on        •Draw and          •Planetarium       • Discussion on   •follow up on
                      characteristics   discuss phases                        weather in the    moon
                      of planets        of the moon        •intro to          solar system      observation
                      •View                                constellations                       sheets
                      photographs of    •Hand out                             •Rocket project
                      solar system      moon               •Websites on       •Read story       •Magic School
                      •Create murals    observation        stars and                            Bus Video
                      of planets        sheets             constellations
                                                                                                •Make Saturn
                                                                                                CD project

            Social    •Discuss          •Discuss NASA      discussion on      Make and eat      Journal about
                      people in space   •Browse NASA       history of         space food        three people in
            Studies   •Listen to        websites and       constellations                       space
                      astronaut         gather space                          Create Planet
                      interview         information        Students           Model
 Observation of Journal Entries
 6+1 Writing Traits Assessment on poem
 Class Observations
 Participation in discussion
 Graphs and Measuring Exercises
 Portfolio of completed work on unit
 Rubric on Planet Persuasion
 Moon observation sheet
 KWL chart
Lesson Plan
Grade 2
Subjects: Language Arts – Reading and Writing
•   List of Vocabulary Words
•   Students Journals
•   Dictionaries
•   Paper for Planet Persuasion
•   Rubric for peer conferences
Standards:    2.1.3 Use a variety of reference tools to access information; i.e., tables of
    contents, dictionaries, Internet
              2.3.6 Incorporate vocabulary into writing
              2.3.15 Share final work with peers, teachers, and/or family members
           The students will know how to use new vocabulary words in their planet
           The students will be able to understand the definitions of words using a
           The students will write a planet persuasion and hold peer conferences to
    discuss their writing.
Learning Activities:

•The students will come up with a list of as many space words as they can in their journal. As
a class we will read the words aloud and the students may add additional words to their list
that they may not have.
• Then I will give the students a list of 5 new vocabulary words dealing with space. As I write
them on the board the students will copy them into their journal.
• When the new words are written the students will get a dictionary and look up the
definitions to the words.
• In their journals they will complete the definitions for the words. As a class we will go over
each word and discuss the definition.
• Then I will explain the planet persuasion. Each student will pick one planet to visit. They
are to persuade one person to come to their planet. The students will write their reasons as to
why someone should visit them. The student must use three of the five vocabulary words in
their persuasions. When the students are finished the students will hold peer conferences to
discuss their writing. The students will use a sample copy of the rubric to go by.

    For the assessment I will use a rubric. The rubric will be used to see if the students used correct
    grammar and punctuation. The rubric will also score the students on the vocabulary words
    used and if the overall writing makes sense and flows together. The rubric will contain a 1-5
    rating scale in each area. 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

What went well?

What did not go well?

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