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					                                      FHLBank Topeka
                                                                                                  2010 HSP DISASTER AREA REHAB
                                      866.571.8155 Fax 785.234.1765                                  DISBURSEMENT REQUEST
                                                                                  Use only for requests in rural, federally declared disaster areas. Shaded
                                                                                   cells are not applicable. Use the regular HSP form for reconstruction.

  A. FHLBank Member                                                                    B. Homeowner
  1. HSP Project #                                2010A1000                            1. Name
  2. Project Name (RFHP)                              RFHP                             2. Property Address
  3. Institution                                                                       3. City, State Zip
  4. Contact                                                                           4. Annual Income (current income)
  5. Phone                                                                             5. Monthly Income
  6. Fax                                                                               6. % of Area Median
  7. Email                                                                             7. Household Size
  C. Monthly Housing * if term or rate are outside of guidelines- must provide explanation
  1. Payment (P & I)
  2. Taxes                                                                             7. Loan Amount
  3. Insurance                                                                         8. Term *
  4. Mortgage Insurance                                                                                                               Attach explanation if >33 yrs
  5. Other: ____________                                                               9. Interest Rate *
  5. Other: ____________                                                                                     Cannot exceed Freddie Mac published rate plus 2.0%
  6. Total Housing Cost                                                  0.00          10. Front Ratio (C6/B5) *                             #DIV/0!
                                                                                                                                       Attach explanation if > 38%
  D. Uses of Funds                                                                     E. Sources of Funds
  1. Purchase Price *                                                                  1. First Mortgage Loan Lender Name
                                    Attach explanation if > maximum FHA limit
  2. Rehabilitation Costs                                                              2. First Mortgage Loan Amount
  3. Closing Costs                                                                     3. Second Mortgage Loan
  4. Homebuyer Counseling Fee *                                                        4. Borrower Down Payment *
                                                  Attach explanation if > $500                                                      Attach explanation if < $500
                                                                                                            Gift funds are not considered borrower down payment.
  5. Costs Outside of Closing                                                          5. Paid Outside of Closing: ____
  6. Other: ____________                                                               6. Other: __________________
  7. Other: ____________                                                               7. FHLBank HSP Funds Requested
  8. Total Uses [Sum Items 1 - 7]                                      $0.00           8. Total Sources [Sum Items 2 - 7]                                   $0.00
    Total Sources and Uses Must Be Equal and Should Agree With Rehab Documentation
  F. Required Documentation                                        Check if attached                                                                     Check if attached
  1. Loan Application Form signed by borrower or interviewer                           4. Invoices, Bids Estimates to support rehab costs
  2. Draft AHP set-aside Note and Mortgage/Deed of Trust                               5. Insurance Settlement documentation (if applicable)
  3. Verification of Income and Assets Documentation                                   6. Truth in Lending Statements for all loans requiring repayment (TIL)
                                                                                       7. FHLBank Income Calculation Worksheet
  G. Homeownership Set-aside Requirements
  Check each of the following to acknowledge member certification of compliance with each requirement for this borrower.
  1. Household Income < 80% of median                                           Check this box to certify that this household's income < 80% of median
  2. First-time homebuyer                                                              Check this box to certify that borrower is a first-time homebuyer.
  3. Homeownership Education/Counseling Certification                                  Check this box to certify that homebuyer education has been completed.
  Provided by: ________________                                                        Identify how the homebuyer education was provided.
  4. Rural (Disaster Area Rehab Only)                                                  Check this box to certify that the unit is located in a rural area.
  5. Closing Date (if applicable)
  6. Is the borrower a full time student?                                                   Yes      No      If "Yes" an explanation must be attached.
  7. Is the household's income eligibility based on a temporary condition?                  Yes      No      If "Yes" an explanation must be attached.
  8. Is there a cosigner required for the first mortgage loan?                              Yes      No      If "Yes" an explanation must be attached.
  9. Is any member of the household disabled? (TOP only)                                    Yes      No      If "Yes" documentation must be attached.
  10. Lender Fees (paid by buyer or seller) do not exceed 3.0% of the loan.                 Yes      No
  11. Discount points (paid by buyer or seller) do not exceed 2.0% of the loan.             Yes      No
  H. Member Certification:
Funds requested are being provided for eligible purposes to this household that meets the income and eligibility requirements of the set-aside programs.
The rates of interest, points, fees and any other charges by the member do not exceed a reasonable market rate of interest, points, fees and
other charges for a loan of similar maturity, terms and risk as determined by FHLBank Topeka.
The homebuyer will receive no more than $250 cash back at closing.
The member or first mortgage lender has not relied on any future income or prospective employment opportunities to qualify this household for financing.
Final AHP Note, Recorded AHP Mortgage/Deed of Trust and TIL will be submitted to FHLBank within 60 days of disbursement.
  The above information concerning this homeowner or buyer is correct to the best of my knowledge.

  Signature of Member Representative Authorized to Sign for FHLBank Topeka Transactions                                        Date

  Printed Name and Title

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