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									What kind of pain do we             Where are the procedures              What about cost?
treat?                              done?                                 Most health insurance plans
New England Pain Management         All procedures are done within        are accepted. However,
Consultants at Faulkner             the Pain Clinic at Faulkner           if you have any questions
Hospital treat many kinds of        Hospital. Fluoroscopy is available    regarding insurance coverage
pain, including lower back pain,    within the clinic for those           for pain management therapy
neck pain, musculoskeletal          procedures that require the use       at Faulkner Hospital, please
pain syndromes, joint pain,         of x-ray. All procedures are done     call the Precertification
headaches, facial pain, spinal      by our physicians who are board       Department at 617-983-7399.
pain syndromes, complex             certified in anesthesia as well as    For billing questions, please
regional pain syndromes (RSD),      pain management, and patients         call 617-983-7401.
shingles and post herpetic          have complete cardiovascular
neuralgia, post surgical pain,      monitoring during procedures.         Where is the Pain Clinic
cancer pain and fibromyalgia.       Sedation is also available during     located?
                                    your procedure if needed.             The Pain Clinic is located
How do we treat pain?                                                     at Faulkner Hospital on the
New England Pain Management         How soon can I expect                 seventh floor. Faulkner
Consultants at Faulkner Hospital    relief?                               Hospital is handicap
use a multispecialty approach       The relief of pain varies according   accessible.
to treat pain, which may include    to each individual’s condition and
steroid injections, various         procedure. The relief is rarely       Where can I park?
nerve blocks, infusions, synvisc    immediate and it may take a few       Faulkner Hospital offers
injections, Botox, radiofrequency   days up to a few weeks until you      convenient and easily
lesioning and medications.          begin to feel relief.                 accessible parking. In
                                                                          addition, valet parking is
Other specialties commonly
incorporated into treatment         How do I make an                      available in the back of the
                                    appointment for the Pain              hospital at no additional cost.
plans include physical therapy,
aqua therapy, massage therapy,      Clinic?
psychological therapy, stress       In order to be seen at Faulkner
management, acupuncture,            Hospital’s Pain Clinic, you will
coping skills, biofeedback or       need a referral from a physician.
hypnosis.                           As soon as we have a referral,
                                    we will call to arrange an initial
How long is a visit?                appointment.
Your visit may last anywhere from   The Pain Clinic is open for patient
30 minutes to two hours.            care Monday - Friday from 8
                                    am to 4 pm. To schedule an
                                    appointment, please call 617-983-
                                    7080. Our fax number is 617-983-
Who are we?
                                                                                  Patient Guide
The physicians at New England
                                                                                  Faulkner Hospital
Pain Management Consultants at
Faulkner Hospital are board certified
                                                                                  Pain Clinic
specialists in both pain management
and anesthesiology. Our registered
nurses are specially trained in caring
for patients with pain.
                                         About Faulkner Hospital
By offering a comprehensive
approach to pain management, we          Faulkner Hospital is a 150 bed, non-
seek to relieve symptoms, provide        profit, community teaching hospital
functional restoration and encourage     located in southwest Boston. Founded
emotional health.                        in 1900, Faulkner Hospital offers
                                         comprehensive medical, surgical and
By incorporating the most advanced
                                         psychiatric care as well as emergency,
developments and proven techniques
                                         ambulatory and diagnostic services.
in pain management, our staff is
highly qualified to offer a multi-       For more information, please call
disciplinary approach to treating        Faulkner Hospital’s Pain Clinic at
chronic pain. We will develop a          617-983-7080 or visit
program to treat your individual
needs with pain management.

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