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									                                    TONY MICHAEL O'DRISCOLL, Ed.D.
                                          103 Windy Point Lane
                                           Raleigh, NC 27518
                                             (919) 816-9955

Ed.D. Organization Learning, May ‘98
College of Education and Psychology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Dissertation: Knowledge Based High Performance Work Systems: A Case Study in Innovation
Primary Research Focus: Human Performance Technology, Performance Support and Knowledge Management

M.S. Management (MBA), August ‘94
College of Management, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Thesis: Quality Function Deployment: A Service Application in Human Resource Developmen t
Primary Research Focus: Innovation, New Product Development and Quality Function Deployment

B.S. Electrical Engineering, May ‘91
College of Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
Primary Research Focus: ASIC Development and Design Optimization of Switch-Mode Power-Supplies

Professor of the Practice, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University (7/08-Present)
     Teach Strategic Management, Management of Innovation, Services Management and Management Consulting

Professor of the Practice, NCSU Jenkins Graduate School of Management (7/07-6/08)
     Teach Strategic Management, Management of Innovation, Services Management and Management Consulting

Performance Architecture Lead, IBM Sales Learning - (1/06-7/07)
     Lead the development of breakthrough performance analysis techniques that drive sales productivity and performance

Consultant and Researcher, IBM Almaden Services Research (Rotational Assignment) - (1/05-12/05)
     Perform exploratory human systems research in the social, organizational, and behavioral sciences to better understand
     people in socio-technical systems, improve service offerings and delivery and align innovation with business strategy.

Lead Learning Strategist, IBM On-Demand Learning, Armonk, NY- (9/02-12/04)
    Developed IBM‟s corporate-wide business-focused learning strategy and implemented innovative pedagogical and
    technological interventions to support the acceleration IBM‟s On Demand transformation.

IBM Executive in Residence, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC - (8/01-9/02)
    Taught and conducted research on the use of emerging internet technologies to enhance individual and organizational
    performance. Focus on e-learning strategy formulation and implementation and Knowledge Based Work Systems.

Executive Consultant, e-Business Strategy and Design, IBM White Plains, NY - (1/01-8/01)
    Led e-business engagements with clients in the areas of e-Business Strategy, e-business Management Systems,
    e-Learning, Knowledge Management and e-business Design across a number of industry sectors

Senior Consultant, e-Business Strategy and Design, IBM White Plains, NY - (1/00-1/01)
    Conducted e-business engagements with clients in the areas of e-Business Strategy, e-business Management Systems,
    e-Learning, Knowledge Management and e-business Design across a number of industry sectors

Consultant and Researcher, Institute for Knowledge Management, IBM, Boston, MA - (1/99-1/00)
    Conducted engagements with clients to develop Learning Strategies, Knowledge Management Strategies, Change
    Management interventions and Competency Models
Executive Advisor, Employee & Organizational Learning, Nortel, RTP, NC - (8/97-12/98)
   Provided strategic consultation and operational support to the Vice-President in the areas of Training Operations
   Effectiveness, Learning Strategy and Knowledge Management Infrastructure deployment

Advisor, New Services Integration, Nortel Technology, RTP, NC - (3/96-8/97)
   Led the design, development and implementation of a best-in-class New Product Development Process and provided
   strategic consultation to Nortel‟s Internal Ventures group on evaluating viability of business plans for spin -out

Manager, Customer Interaction, BNR, RTP, NC - (7/95-3/96)
   Managed rapid prototype development of software simulations to showcase emerging technologies and thought
   leadership capabilities of the lab‟s scientific staff to visiting customers

Manager, Sales and Marketing Training, Nortel, RTP - (8/94-7/95)
   Developed technology based learning strategy to meet sales personnel information needs and led the development of
   high-quality blended Sales and Marketing CBT courseware and leader-led instruction

Bell Northern Research Bursary Scholar, North Carolina State University, Raleigh - (8/93-8/94)
   Recipient of BNR Bursary Scholarship, completed Masters Degree on a full-time basis.

Senior Member of Scientific Staff, Technical Training, BNR, RTP - (6/92-8/93)
   Served as technical subject matter expert to group members and managed all Hardware, Software Development and
   Verification courses

Member of Scientific Staff, Operator Services Software Verification, BNR, RTP - (6/91-6/92)
  Developed and executed Feature and Product Test Plans for new software releases and provided assistance to Design,
  Technical Assistance, Verification Office and Training groups on assigned features and product

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   Professor of the Practice, Jenkins Graduate School of Management, North Carolina State University,
   Raleigh, NC - Ongoing
    Lecture at College of Management and sit on dissertation committees at the Colleges of Education and Psychology.
       Have consistently received excellent ratings from students on factors such as: Course Preparedness, Teaching
       Enthusiasm, Intellectual Stimulation, Use of Technology and Effective Instruction for the following graduate -level
        Strategic Management
        Management of Innovation and Technology
        Management Consulting
        Services Management
        Organization Learning and Performance Improvement

       IBM Global Services Method Lead Trainer, IBM, Palisades, NY – (8/00-12/02)
       Responsible for design and delivery of profess ional education to IGS Consulting professionals and the delivery of
       Executive Briefings to clients. Taught over 20 courses in IBM‟s Executive Learning Centers in Palisades, NY and La
       Hulpe, Belgium as well as custom deliveries for consultants and clients in Boston, Houston, London, Southampton,
       Stockholm, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, New-Delhi, Seoul, and Sydney. Consistently received excellent ratings from both
       clients and consultants for quality of content and delivery. Courses taught include:
        e-business Strategy Formulation Methodology
        e-business Management Systems Implementation Methodology
        Fundamentals of Change Management and Organization Design

Invited Presentations:
         2008 Training Leadership Summit (Featured Speaker: Can Learning Get a Second Life
         2008 Stanford Research Institute (Keynote Speaker): Virtual Worlds for New Hires and Sales
         2008 Human Resources Planning Society (Keynote Speaker): Second Life: What‟s the Business Case?
         2008 Training Conference (Featured Speaker): Can Learning Get a Second Life
         2007 e-Learn Conference (Keynote Speaker): Welcome to the Era of the Free Range Learner
         2007 Training Leadership Summit (Featured Speaker): Webvolution: The Emergence of the 3D Internet
         2007 Virtual Worlds II Summit (Invited Speaker): Virtual World Technology Meets Enterprise Learning
         2007 Virtual Worlds I Summit (Invited Speaker): The Application of 3Di Technology to Enterprise
         2007 BC Ed Online Conference (Keynote Speaker): How Web 2.0 and Web 3Di are Changing the Game in Learning
         2006 ASTD International Conference and Expo: The Strategic Value of Learning (Keynote Speaker)
         2006 Conference Board on Learning: The Strategic Value of Learning
         2005 Online Educa Berlin: Examining Learning‟s Strategic Value
         2005 Training Fall Conference (Featured Speaker): Earning a Seat at the Table: The Strategic Value of Learning
         2004 ASTD International Conference: Present analysis done to develop the ASTD Research Agenda
         2003 Training Directors Forum: The Emergence of Work Based Learning
         2003 ISPI Conference: Distinguished HPT Practitioner Panel
         2003 Organization Science Conference (Featured Speaker): The Role of Technology in Organization Effectiveness
         2002 Linkage Performance Conference (Featured Speaker): Linking Trainin g and Performance
         2002 Creating a Learning Culture (Panelist): Darden School of Business University of Virginia
         2001 NCSU e-Commerce Seminar Series (Keynote): The Promise and Peril of Wireless e-business
         2001 NCSU College of Management Graduate Symposium (Moderator): Corporate Strategy Panel Moderator
         2001 Business Week CEO Breakthrough Conference (Panelist): The Impact of Wireless Technology on Industries
         2001 Training Director‟s Forum (Keynote): Knowledge Management: An Information Age Paradox
         2001 On-Line Learning Conference (Featured Speaker): What is the Optimal e-Learning Strategy

Conference Presentations, Panel Discussions and Workshops:
         2005 Training Conference: Examining the Strategic Value of Learning
         2004 Training Conference: Learning and HPT: Blending the Best to Beat the Rest
         2003 Training Conference: Blending e-Learning, Knowledge Management and Performance Technology
         2003 Training Conference: Challenging Conventional Wisdom: A Manifesto for Learning in the Digital Enterprise
         2002 Training Conference: Creating a Business Focused Learning Strategy
         2002 Training Directors Forum: Implementing an Integrated Learning Architecture
         2002 On-Line Learning Conference: Performance and Learning: Blending the Best to Beat the Rest
         2001 TechKnowledge Conference: The Top Ten Myths of e-learning
      2001 Society for Competitive Intelligence Conference: The Role of Strategic Intelligence in Consulting
      2000 On-Line Learning Conference (Workshop): Applying Human Performance Technology to Innovation
      2000 On-Line Learning Conference: Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Management Learning Models
      2000 TechKnowledge Conference: Applying e-Business Strategies to the Human Resources Function
      1999 Training Conference: Push, Pull, Connect, Ignore: What‟s Your Intranet Based Learning Strategy?
      1999 ASTD Conference: Push, Pull, Connect, Ignore: What‟s Your Intranet Based Learning Strategy?
      1998 EPSS Conference: Examining Intranet Based Learning Strategies
      1998 EPSS Conference (Workshop): Workshop: Enhancing Your Corporation‟s Ability to Innovate
      1998 IFTDO Conference: Technology: Friend or Foe in the Quest to Create a Learning Organization?
      1998 IQPC Conference: Intranet Based Organizational Learning Strategies and How to Use Them
      1997 PDMA Frontier Dialogue: Facilitated Dialogue on Fuzzy Front End Marketing Techniques
      1997 ASTD Conference: A Practical Application of Performance Support in New Product Development
      1997 EPSS Conference: EPSS Design and Development Considerations in New Product Development

      2008: NCSU College of Education Outstanding Alumnus Award.
      2005: Human Resources Development Quarterly (HRDQ) Editorial Board
      2001: First Place. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) - Best Paper Award
      1999: Second Place. Society for Information Management (SIM) - International Paper Award Competition
      1999: Academy of Human Resources Development (AHRD) Finalist - Outstanding Dissertation Award
      1994: NCSU Mosley Award Finalist - Outstanding Thesis Research Award
      1994: Phi Beta Phi Honor Society
      1994: Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society - Founding Member

      2001: Appointment as first IBM Executive in Residence at NCSU
      1998: Nortel Technology Award of Excellence in Innovation - Electronic Performance Support
      1996: Nortel Technology Award of Excellence In Innovation - New Product Development
      1994-1997: Member of Nortel Networks Marketing Executive Development Program
      1993: BNR Bursary Scholarship Recipient (Only two scholarships per year granted across the organization)

      2005: American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Research Fellow
      2003-2004: NCSU College of Management Strategic Planning Committee
      2003: ASTD Research-to-Practice Committee, Chair of Membership Sub-Committee
      2002: NCSU MBA Alumni Committee
      2002: Defense Acquisition University e-Learning and Performance Support Board Member

      IBM Certified Consulting Professional (Executive Consultant Level)
      Covey 7-Habits and Time Management Certified Facilitator
      Certified in ODR Change Management Toolset
      Certified in Kepner-Tregoe Project Management Methodology

      American Society for Human Resource Development (AHRD)
      American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
      International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)
      Product Development Management Association (PDMA)

      Patent # 6466928: Method and Apparatus for Idea Development and Evaluation
      Patent # 7281219: Blended Learning Experience Tool and Method
      Patent # 7371070: Operationalizing a Learning Solution

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